Love on the cards

Poker-wise I haven't been doing too much lately, but I have been keeping busy: I got married! Actually, my wife, Vanessa, and I have been legally married for about three years already, and we even have a family started with a couple of children, Emma and Madita. But a few weeks ago we finally had a big formal church wedding with a party afterwards, and it was a wonderful time.

We spent the last year or so preparing for it, and it turned out beautifully. It was an unbelievable day in so many ways. We were very happy to have our families with us. We both have very big families, and are both very close with our cousins and aunts and uncles, so there were a lot of people there who are very special to us.


Going heads-up

We were a little worried at one point about whether or not we'd have any entertainment, but it turned out there was something planned. In fact, it was pulled together in secret, which isn't such an easy thing to do with my wife! Some our friends and a few family members put on some fantastic performances; some music and choreography, as well as some sketches. They'd taken a lot of time to prepare and they were just brilliant.

We also were able to be involved in a lot of the details such as with the invitations and other items, and we ended up incorporating a theme of playing cards throughout.


Love on the cards

I used to be a card magician and now, of course, I'm a poker player. So, playing cards are kind of important in our lives, and it was fun to make cards part of our day.

As funny as it sounds, you don't really get to enjoy your own wedding party as much as others. You're so busy meeting and talking to everyone, and it really seemed like the entire day sped by in 20 minutes. We had about 170 people there and talked to just about everyone at some point, and then with the pictures and speeches and everything else, the day just flew by.

There was additional entertainment at the party, including a band and some friends who did card tricks for several hours, but we were so busy we didn't see too much of those performances.

But the whole day was fantastic, especially getting our big families together and interacting with one another. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. We had a photo booth set up where everyone could have pictures taken of themselves, and we're going to have all of those pictures to help us remember the day.

Speaking of pictures, here's one of us during the ceremony:


Jan's poker face crumbles

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