Micro-heroes: Meet Adam 'adski1982' Marsden

Adam 'adski1982' Marsden is not a name that you're likely to have heard of. He's not a sponsored pro or a tour regular. He's not a nosebleed cash game player or a multi-table wizard. The 31-year-old is a cinema manager from Nottingham in the United Kingdom who this weekend achieved something that deserves a shout out here at the PokerStars Blog: Marsden won the same tournament three days on the bounce. They'll be plenty of similar heroics in the upcoming MicroMillions 5 (18-28 July).


Adam 'adski1982' Marsden

The $4.40 Pot Limit Omaha hi-lo tournament may not be a blue ribbon event for PokerStars or large enough to be written about normally, but Marsden's achievement of beating 350-plus players three days on the bounce is impressive (not to mention highly statistically improbable).

29 June
358 players: 1st for $242

30 June
432 players: 1st for $268

1 July
355 players: 1st for $235

Marsden's brother, Justin, contacted us through our @PokerStarsBlog Twitter account to let us know about that winning run.

It was certainly worth a shout and, once we'd checked it was actually true, we got in touch.

Marsden, who lives with his brother in Sneinton, Nottingham, has been playing for about 10 years and particularly enjoys "the thrill of making the right decisions and the rewards for winning."

"I have played the tourney a lot, cashed in it a few times and I was due a win as I'd got close a few times so the first one wasn't a surprise. The second one I played pretty similar to the first one by gambling a bit early on to get a stack. The third one was the biggest surprise as I wasn't expecting to win three in a row. I had a decent stack all the way through, but then had a rush of winning hands when it mattered with about 30 players left."

A three MTT spin of $13.20 into $745 is an impressive ROI in anyone's book. Surely there needs to be a celebration of sorts, even if it's just buying a long stick and a glove with which to pat himself on the back.

"I think I will cash a bit out as I'm going on holiday soon where I'll have a few beers but will keep a bit on the bankroll," said Marsden.

Probably a better idea than the stick in hindsight.


Justin 'marsbar1976' Marsden

Unfortunately for Adam he couldn't keep the run going for four days straight, however the Marsden clan almost did. Justin, his brother who first brought all of this to our attention, managed a 4th place finish. There's some low stakes PLO hi/lo skills in that family.

"My big tip is to try and get a stack early on go big or go home and punish anyone chasing the low draws with pot bets," said (Adam) Marsden.

Whatever it is they're doing, it seems to be working.

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