Moored in Moscow

2012 has been a trying year for me. As you know, back in April when I turned in my documents to apply for a U.S. visa to come out for the World Series of Poker, the U.S. embassy lost my passport. Not only was I forced to skip the WSOP, but I had to miss almost every EPT event this season except for Sanremo due to my visa problems. I thought I had everything resolved and was almost certain I'd be able to play the EPT Prague, but disaster struck again. A few weeks before the tournament, I went back to the embassy to get a visa so I'd be free to travel. However, I was once again refused a visa and wasn't able to make it to Prague. So the saga continues, as does the waiting game.

Right now, I'm just relaxing at home and playing a lot of online tournaments. I am also eager for snowboarding season to start. The first chance I get I'm going to head for the mountains outside Moscow. I was turned on to snowboarding about five years ago. For the first three years, I was just terrible at it. Not only was I trying to learn on my own, but I didn't practice consistently, taking really long breaks between snowboarding trips. However, last year, I finally got a teacher who showed me really how to ride and turn properly. Now I'm actually pretty good. Snowboarding is actually not a difficult sport to learn. You really just have to love it and commit to it. Probably the best way to learn is to go up to the mountains and go at it every day for maybe a month, month and a half straight.

My next tournament, though, will be at the PCA. I'm really itching to go because it's been a while since I was able to play in a live event. Live games aren't legal in Moscow, so I'm confined to playing online while I'm home. I really look forward to traveling for poker again. Hopefully I can play EPT London and EPT Berlin next year. They are both my favorite EPT events and my favorite cities to visit.

So until I get on the plane for the Bahamas, I'll be grinding on PokerStars every day. Lately, I've made some decent cashes, but no big scores to report yet. Hopefully I'll find one soon in a Sunday Major.


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Max Lykov
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