Moving forward, looking back

I think many poker players are dreamers. I certainly am, and it's not just because I'm a Pisces. Poker players are trained to look at the bigger picture, the long run, and are always setting goals. Without goals, we are lost and I'm always trying to reach a higher level when it comes to my own game. After taking so much time to evaluate my play, adapt to the changing conditions of the game, and experiment with a new style, I feel like all that work paid off when I won two side events at the PCA-- $1,000 H.O.R.S.E. and $1,000 8-Game.

My confidence got such a boost from winning. Although the fields were small in both events, they were both mixed game events, which are a harder challenge. I remember in the 8-Game, we were down to five players and I had very few chips left, maybe two big blinds. We were discussing a deal, mainly because in order to play out the rest of the tournament, Jeanne David needed to change her flight home to the next day. I wanted to do Jeanne a favor and be a good sport, but I told the table I wanted to play it out. Even though I had only a couple of big blinds, I felt I still had a chance to win. The chip leader also wanted to keep playing, so Jeanne ended up changing her flight and I ended up winning the whole thing!


I believe a lot of things in life have to do with karma. I always hope for the best for others and try to find beauty, even in bad beats. If I'm knocked out of a tournament on a bad beat, it does me no good to mope around and think about how much of a favorite I was to win. Instead, I think about how happy my opponent must be. Maybe he got lucky to win that pot and knock me out, but next time I'll be the lucky one. I was certainly when I won the Sunday Warm-Up last December. It's always easy to forget about all the good luck you've had when the bad luck is staring you in the face.

My success at the PCA has made me even more excited and eager to play the bigger events on my tournament calendar over the next few months. To me, the EPT Monte Carlo is the most prestigious event of the year and I'd love to win an EPT title. However, I think it's really about time I won a WSOP bracelet. I feel like I should have one by now! I've been so close so many times only to have the win just pass me by. I've prepared myself well this year by playing more online, studying my opponents, and adapting to the new generation of players. I keep thinking this will be the year it will finally come together for me and the way I'm playing at the moment, I'll have a great opportunity to get it.

Marcel Luske is a member of Team PokerStars Pro

Marcel Luske
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