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Mr.SlavaPro outlasts 225,000 players to win World Record Tournament and $25,000

Records are made to be broken, and PokerStars players do just that with astounding regularity. Eighteen months ago, PokerStars celebrated its tenth anniversary and the surrounding festivities included its fourth World Record tournament, where 200,000 players played for a $250,000 prize pool. But after Thursday's bombastic 100 Billionth Hand celebration (don't think about how big 100 billion is, it will either trigger an existential crisis or make your head explode) did you really think we weren't gonna take the opportunity to smash that record again?

By game time, a capacity crowd of 225,000 players had gathered, officially breaking the record for the largest poker tournament ever played. Their $1 buyins contributed $225,000 to the $300,000 guaranteed prize pool, PokerStars kicking in a $75k overlay to sweeten the pot even further. 60,000 players earned a share of it with first place set to earn $25,000.

After only an hour of play, the crowd thinned to 28,000 and another hour later only 2,595 remained. Hour three saw the field reduced to 190, and with five minutes left before the fourth break, the final table bubble hit and play went hand for hand. With the blinds up to 3M/6M with a 750k ante, chip leader Mr.SlavaPro opened for a min-raise to 12 million. With 3.75 milllion of his remaining 4.1 million already committed in the small blind, MattDooms called all-in and Ravic77 folded his big blind. MattDooms' 5♥T♠ was already drawing thin against Mr.SlavaPro's K♦K♣, but went completely dead on the K♥K♠5♣ flop. Mr.SlavaPro raked in the 19 million pot with quad kings and sent us to the final table, while MattDooms exited in eleventh place.


Final table chip counts

Blinds: 3,000,000/6,000,000, ante 750,000

Seat 1: johnnykara75 (17,560,748 in chips)
Seat 2: SOY PATO355 (14,065,727 in chips)
Seat 3: Evgeniy33377 (3,729,288 in chips)
Seat 4: Mr.SlavaPro (87,268,525 in chips)
Seat 5: KARI#9 (64,386,794 in chips)
Seat 6: Ravic77 (17,422,024 in chips)
Seat 7: jpstef06 (13,712,929 in chips)
Seat 8: 1star09 (52,884,148 in chips)
Seat 9: Tormenter85 (34,974,394 in chips)
Seat 10: jmmetra (31,495,423 in chips)

johnnykara75 doubles with aces, Evgeniy33377 eliminated in tenth

It took 11 minutes and only 20 hands to distribute the $73,000 in remaining prize money. The jumps were huge and the stacks extremely shallow, the chip average only 6.25 big blinds as the final table began.

On Hand #1, jmmetra picked up 9♥9♣ and moved all-in for 30.7 million on the button, only to have johnnykara75 wake up with A♣A♥ in the small blind. Johnnykara75's aces held and he doubled to 47.1 million, leaving jmmetra on only 14.5 million (2.5 bb). However, jmmetra's situation wasn't quite as dire as Evgeniy33377's. On Hand #2, Evgeniy33377 was all-in for 1.97 million in the big blind while SOY PATO355 had 4 of his remaining 7.3 million committed in the small blind. Johnnykara75 limped in for 8 million on the button, SOY PATO355 called all-in and the cards went on their backs.

SOY PATO355 Q♣9♥
Evgeniy33377 3♣3♥
johnnykara75 T♦4♥

SOY PATO355 snagged the lead on the A♠9♠6♣ flop and held onto it, the turn and river falling the J♣ and the A♣ to send Evgeniy33377 to the rail in tenth place ($1,000).

Ravic77 out in ninth, jmmetra exits eighth

Evgeniy33377's elimination left jpstef06 as the table short stack. On Hand #3, jpstef06 moved all-in for 11 million from UTG+1 and KARI#9 called the 3 million balance from the big blind. Jpstef06's A♠Q♥ held up aganist 6♣7♥ and he doubled to 35 million, only to move all-in from UTG on the next deal. Ravic77 called all-in for 5.67 million more with Q♠J♠ in the big blind, but did not improve against jpstef06's 7♠7♣. For ninth place, Ravic77 took home $1,500.

With only one more hand to go before he'd be committed in the 8 million big blind, jmmetra pulled the trigger with Q♣T♦ and moved all-in for 9.9 million from UTG+1. 1star09 called with A♣K♥ in the big blind and flopped a king, ending jmmetra's run in 8th place ($2,000).

johnnykara75 eliminates SOY PATO355 in seventh

On Hand #8, the action folded to johnnykara75 in the small blind. Holding A♥2♥, he moved all-in for 23.3 million and SOY PATO355 called off his remaining 8.1 million from the big. SOY PATO355's K♥8♥ took the lead with top two pair on the K♣6♠6♥ flop, but johnnykara75 picked up the nut flush draw on the turn when the 3♥ fell. The 7♥ river completed it and SOY PATO355 was out in seventh place, earning $2,500.

KARI#9 flips out in sixth, Tormenter85 falls in fifth

Six players remained as the tournament went to it's regularly scheduled synch break. With stacks ranging from 41 million (4.1 bb) to 75 million (7.5 bb), it was really anyone's game, and surprisingly no one had uttered a word about making a deal.

Hand #9 saw 1star09 open-shove for 59.8 million and KARI#9 call all-in for 29.9 million from the big blind. KARI#9's A♥K♥ lost a coinflip against 1star09's pocket threes, the board falling T♥7♣4♠T♦3♦ to end his run in sixth place ($3,500).

1star09 took the chip lead with 112.2 million, but six hands later doubled johnnykara75 to 108 million when his Q♦7♦ fell to K♦J♦. On the next deal, 1star09 opened for a 3x raise to 36 million from the small blind and Tormenter85 called all-in for 13.7 million more from the big. 1star09's Q♠8♠ hit middle pair on the 9♥8♦2♣ flop, but Tormenter85's K♥5♣ made top pair on the turn when the K♦ fell. However, 1star09 wrested victory away on the river, the Q♥ landing to make him queens up.Tormenter85 was eliminated in fifth place, earning $5,000 for his efforts.

Mr.SlavaPro KOs two

With four players remaining, blinds were up to 7M/14M. Mr.SlavaPro was at the top of the counts with 115.5 million, johnnykara75 was right behind him with 107 million, 1star09 held 97 million and jpstef06 was the short stack with 17.6 million. Facing the big blind on the next deal, jpstef06 moved all-in from UTG. 1star09 reshoved for 95 million on the button, but Mr.SlavaPro woke up with A♠A♣ in the big blind and called an additional 81.3 million. Mr.SlavaPro's aces held up against 1star09's A♥9♣ and jpstef06's 9♦T♦ to win the 220 million pot and score a double knockout. Jpstef06 took fourth place ($7,500) while 1star09 finished third ($10,000).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: johnnykara75 (98,583,022 in chips)
Seat 4: Mr.SlavaPro (238,916,978 in chips)

Johnnykara75 has his work cut out for him arriving to heads-up play at a 2.4 to 1 chip defecit. However, the gap between them only grew wider on the second hand of their match. In a limped pot, johnnykara75 and Mr.SlavaPro saw a 4♥2♥2♣ flop. Johnnykara75 checked, Mr.SlavaPro bet 14 million, and johnnykara75 came in with a check-raise to 42 million. Mr.SlavaPro responded with a shove and johnnykara75 gave up his hand, saving his remaining 56.5 million in chips.

It was all over on the next hand. All the marbles went in on the flop, Mr.SlavaPro's flopped two pair besting johnnykara75's top pair.

Congratulations to Russia's Mr.SlavaPro on winning the largest poker tournament ever held! He banked $25,000 while runner-up johnnykara75 earned $15,000.

PokerStars Road to 100 Billion World Record Attempt results

Players: 225,000
Prizepool: $300,000 ($75k added)
Places paid: 60,000

1. Mr.SlavaPro (Russia) $25,000.00
2. johnnykara75 (Greece) $15,000.00
3. 1star09 (Russia) $10,000.00
4. jpstef06 (Germany) $7,500.00
5. Tormenter85 (Australia) $5,000.00
6. KARI#9 (Slovenia) $3,500.00
7. SOY PATO355 (Argentina) $2,500.00
8. jmmetra (Argentina) $2,000.00
9. Ravic77 (Estonia) $1,500.00
10. Evgeniy33377 (Ukraine) $1,000.00

We may have dealt 100 Billion hands and broken a World Record, but the party isn't over yet. The $1M Golden Sit-N-Goes begin tomorrow and run through June 23rd, and one week from today we're debuting the Zoom 100, a $1M guaranteed Zoom Poker tournament with a $100+9 buyin. For a look at all the celebrations still to come, check out the 100 Billiion Hands page.

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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