Onwards and upwards

The end of 2013 is approaching and it is this time of the year when you start looking backwards to analyze the last few months. I'm the kind of person that prefers to look forward all the time, but I do acknowledge the importance of reflecting on the past - especially the immediate past, because being aware of the path you have been following can help you ensure the direction you want for your future is well headed.

2013 has not been the best year for me, I have been though some health issues that unfortunately have also had an impact on me professionally, and I have been going through a bit of personal stress as well. As a result I found myself travelling less and having to be more careful about my overall health. For someone that is not used to being ill I have to say it hasn't been pleasant to have to take it so easy. However, this kind of grey period instead of making me sad has given me huge strength to look forward to my future plans. I am so eager now to start all the goals I couldn't do this year that I feel full of energy!


Onwards and upwards!

Now that I am starting to feel that I have my batteries fully charged I want to focus on playing a lot more again. I am in fact very 'hungry' for poker, which I believe it is a great sign if you know how to manage and properly control this impulse. Next in my list of live events is Sao Paolo for the BSOP, a great chance to play lots of events in a city I still don't know. I will also jump to Prague for the EPT, and then take a few weeks off with the entire Christmas buzz. In January I'm going to go to the Bahamas for the first time and I'm already so excited! The PCA is the only major tournament I have yet to play; everybody says so many good things I just can't wait to experience it myself! Besides that, I also have a personal project happening right after that: I am attending an emotional intelligence and NLP course in Manchester for 10 days. It is a Paul Ekman training that you can use to become a licensed trainer if you decide to undertake a further one week long course and pass an exam later on. My plan is to become a qualified trainer to be able to combine playing poker with teaching NLP and emotional intelligence, an area of knowledge I have always been super interested in exploring further.


Eyes on the prize in 2014!

People go through ups and downs, we poker players know that from our game, but life is no different and, as it happens in poker, is more about how you handle those life swings than about the swings themselves. I'm a very optimistic person, someone that knows how to turn an apparent failure or bad run into motivation. Instead of getting frustrated when things don't go my way, it just makes me stronger! 2014, here we go!

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Leo Margets
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