Packed schedule at PokerSchoolOnline

You know, it's not all about the poker training at PokerSchoolOnline. Sure you'll find tons of daily live training sessions, videos, hand analysis questions and other such learning material available to you for free courtesy of PokerStars, but there's a lot of fun stuff and some cool promotions going on too that you should really check out.

So let's take a glimpse of just some of the events happening at PokerSchoolOnline this coming week. The start of a new month means that the leader-boards are reset for the Monthly Skill Leagues and every member has a chance to win their share of the $44,000 prize pool on offer each month. At PokerSchoolOnline you can keep track of your progress on our league page where the leader-board is there to view in all its splendid glory. Many of the members also keep a record of their progress in the leagues by writing a blog or posting their success or failures in the Forum where they are encouraged by other members of this vibrant community. If you want to find out more about the leagues check out the 'Promotions' page at PokerSchoolOnline where you find out all you need to know about the Monthly Leagues as well as all the other featured promotions happening there right now.

We've got some quality live training sessions coming your way this week covering a wide variety of topics that you can see on the schedule below. On Sunday we will also be joined by Team PokerStars Online player Tyler 'frosty012' Frost where he will be offering some great advice on how to be successful at the cash game tables.


Tyler Frost of Team PokerStars Online

Where else on the web can you find such a mouth-watering selection of FREE live training sessions each week? You're welcome to come along and join in the fun by registering each day on the 'Live Training' page at PokerSchoolOnline. Here's a taste of what's in store for you this week.

Monday - Final Table Chronicles (Short Stacked)
Tuesday - Member Review $4.50 180-Man
Wednesday - Bet Sizing
Thursday - Final Table Chronicles (Shallow Money)
Friday - The Daily Game
Saturday - How Cool Is Your Head?
Sunday - Full Ring Action with Frost012

As always if you have a question about anything that's happening at PokerSchoolOnline just drop by and ask us in the Forum, we're happy to help!

Till' next week.

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