#PetsPlayingPoker winner albert_2010 goes to the dogs

I've never staked a dog in a poker game, so this is all new to me.

"Steak?" said my dog."I like steak." She wasn't really talking. I think. It had been a long day.

Nonetheless, a couple of weeks back, PokerStars announced it was hosting an Instagram competition in which some people in the back office really wanted to see pictures of your pets playing poker.

Eighty of you turned on your pets and put them into the game. One of you--and I'm not going to name names--set up a death match between a dog and a rabbit. You know who you are, and you should be ashamed. Everybody knows rabbits are underhanded cheats.

But after some serious review, kibble, and voting in the #PetsPlayingPoker office, the judging panel decided on its winner. It's a disgusting hand of poker between two very adorable animals.

I mean, what a cooler. Such a ruff way to go out, you know?

Winner albert_2010.jpg

Winner albert_2010

Dogs were a big favorite this year. They got more entries than any other (I mean, where is the love for the ferrets and other marmots?). But albert_2010's pooches won the grand prize, a custom pet caricature courtesy of www.sketchyourpet.co.uk.

Congratulations to our winner.

Here were a few of the runner-up entries.

Runner up alex13414.jpg

Runner up alex13414

Runner up danazhelanova.jpg

Runner up danazhelanova

Runner up rajko1973.jpg

Runner up rajko

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