Play PokerSchoolOnline's Big Bang Tournament

Before the beginning of time there was nothing on the felt only empty space. Then an event happened that was so explosive, so consequential that the poker universe as we know it would change forever. The Big Bang Tournament was born.

The Big Bang Tournament is a brand new monthly tournament boasting a $5,000 guaranteed prize pool and is exclusive to members of PokerStars poker schools. Each Big Bang tournament will be held on the second Saturday of every Month and can in found in the PokerStars client under the 'Tourney' > 'Private' tab.

You'll need a ticket in order to play in these games. For details on how you can earn your ticket check out 'The Big Bang' at PokerSchoolOnline.


As this new era begins we also look back at another very popular event that just came to completion at the school recently. The PokerSchoolOnline 'Million Club' promotion went down a treat and 10 lucky members each bagged themselves a Sunday Million ticket worth $215! A full list of winners can be found in our Forum and from all the team at the school we would not only like to congratulate the winners but also say thank you to everyone else who took part.

Finally don't forget that there are some quality live training sessions coming your way this week. All are welcome to our Live Training sessions and it's completely FREE to attend so you've no excuse to start brushing up your poker skills. We look forward to seeing you there.

Good luck at the tables.

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