Poker Anywhere: Play on your tablet or phone to win wherever you are

You don't know how lucky you are. No, we're not talking about that back door flush you caught, we're talking about PokerStars Mobile. It's brilliant. Not only can you play on PokerStars with it anywhere you want, but in whatever way you want. Beachside bar? Tick. Hanging upside in an ice hotel or just hanging out at home? Tick. Waiting for your friend who is always late? Tick. As long as you've got Wi-Fi or reception then you're good to go. But have you really thought through some of the benefits and possibilities? Lay back, read on and get ready to fire up.

Find out how to download to your phone or tablet now. It's quick, free and easy.


Liv Boeree: can play poker anywhere, just don't expect much pedalling

Lie back, chill out
A survey that the PokerStars Mobile folks conducted in May found out that the number one reason you love playing on your tablet or phone was for comfort. You don't always want to be upright when grinding, we understand that. Sure, you might have a sick set-up like Russell Carson, but the closest you'll probably get to that is by stretching out on your couch (and it's a lot less nuts, bolts and effort). If you're not Nanonoko-ing it to the max with 20-odd tables then why not play handheld from your sofa, bed or beanbag, free from cables, mouse pads and thigh-roasting batteries? Some 86% of PokerStars players play on the app at home and two-thirds say they also play on it outside. It's really not just your go-to option for playing when you're not at home, commuting, at the coffee shop or during breaks at work (although it is that, too).


Russell Carson: sickest setup winner

Get the same top quality PokerStars service
The PokerStars Mobile app was purpose built to perfectly fit a wide range of screen sizes; iPad, iPhone, and a handful of Android phones and tablets. PokerStars have brought the same quality of their desktop lobby and play to mobile. When you play on the app you are connected to exactly the same player pool and wide selection of games as if you were playing on a fixed line at home. There is no special mobile segregation at PokerStars. This is real top-quality PokerStars action. You want to play the tournaments, sit & go's, ring games or Zoom? You can. We don't accept second-best and neither should you.*

*PokerStars Mobile was voted the best mobile operator by industry experts at the 2013 mGaming Awards.

Never be bored again
Remember all those times you've spent sat waiting for a train, friend or phone call? Tapping your fingers, reading billboards or idly flipping through days old newspapers need not be your only way to pass the time now, you could be winning flips instead. You can play Zoom poker on your phone and thank us later.

Get your groove on
When we first released the PokerStars Mobile app, you said that you wanted to listen to music and play poker. PokerStars listened to you and got that sorted. Now you grind on the go and listen to your tunes. Whether you admit to anyone else that you've been listening to Justin Bieber is another matter...


Leo Margets: chilling, winning

Box sets and set bets
You told us that almost half of you (42%) play on PokerStars Mobile while watching TV. Just make sure that you've always got a decent back up box set ready for those times that you run deep in an online tournament. That or take yourself off somewhere else. You can.

Play anywhere
And, of course, you can play anywhere. We could start making a long list here but basically it's pretty much anywhere you can think of. The cafe? Sure. Bus stop? Of course. Outside the changing room you've been forced to stand at with bags of shopping? Absolutely.

Find out how to download to your phone or tablet now. It's quick, free and easy.

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