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We all know that what makes any poker community great are the people that share their stories with one another and encourage each other along the way. At PokerSchoolOnline there is a vibrant community of regular forum posters and bloggers who regularly share their experiences with one another and each day you will see new posts and blogs from our members.

So it was no great shock that when PokerStars recently announced details about this year's World Blogging Championship of Online Poker (WBCOOP) the folks at PokerSchoolOnline got pretty excited. There's a great blogging section at the school and it's been pretty busy over the last few days as members scramble to get their WBCOOP entries submitted in time.

Here's a few tips from the team on how to write a great blog:

1. Blogs shouldn't be too short. Take a couple of minutes before you start writing to think about what you are going to write about. Also think about the title as it's the eye-catcher, a short and snappy title grabs attention.

2. Blogs should be entertaining. Remember that other people will be reading your blogs and will share it and comment if they like it so give them plenty of reasons to like it.

3. Bling your blog with a photo or video. This will help to make your blog stand out and give it a bit of colour. The great thing about the blog section at PSO is that it allows you to insert an image or you-tube video which is ideal for video bloggers.

4. Take some time to read and comment on other members blogs. This will be time well spent as you'll pick up some great ideas along the way. Leave a nice comment on another player's blogs and they might just return the favour someday.

Check out some of the 'Star Blogs' at PokerSchoolOnline. Any member of the school who gets their blog featured there wins a ticket to a monthly $5,000 GTD tournament which is another great incentive to start blogging at PokerSchoolOnline today!

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