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Let's face it, some poker hands can leave us with a lot to chew on. Have you ever felt you misplayed Ace, King? Do you lose money playing in the blind positions or have you ever found yourself in a tricky spot playing a small pocket pair? If the answer is yes then Poker Bites is just for you!

In these short interactive videos you will see how some of PokerStars Team Online and Team Pro players play those tough spots and approach those difficult decisions. Learn with tips from the Pros and improve your poker game today!

3 Betting Weak Hands Preflop
Without a good 3 betting strategy you are destined to lose in todays No-limit Hold'em cash games! Take just a couple of minutes and learn in this episode how to exploit players that fold too many hands versus a reraise. Tyler 'frosty012'Frost shows you how it's done the right way!


Playing Better With Ace King
Ace King is one of those starting hands that wins you a lot of pots but can also cost a lot of money when are behind! This edition of Poker Bites teaches you 6 different scenarios with commentary by our Pros Felix Schneiders, Tyler Frost and Raymond Wu.

Winning Plays with Top Pair
Top Pair hands always put a smile on a Poker player's face. But they can also produce lots of headaches when getting into difficult situations! Team Pro member Matthias De Meulder helps you improve the way you play Top Pair in this edition.

How to Play Small Pairs
Playing small pairs is easy, just call a raise and try to flop a set, right? Well, not exactly. In this edition of Poker Bites the Pros Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders and Tyler 'frosty012' Frost show you some of the best strategies to win with small pairs!

Playing the Blinds
Most players have problems playing in the position of the Small or Big Blind. Everybody knows that position is critical in poker and in the Blinds your position is the worst. The good news is that you can still make money! In this edition of Poker Bites, the Pros Raymond Wu and Tyler 'frosty012' Frost explain their secrets about winning from the Blinds.

Profitable Check-Raises
In this edition we look at check-raising - a strategy where you are checking with the intention to raise once your opponent bets behind you. It's a lot of fun, but can it be profitable? In this edition of Poker Bites, the Pros Christophe De Meulder and Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders give us their thoughts about check-raising.

Each week at PokerSchoolOnline you will find a new episode of Poker Bites so check back regularly for the latest edition.

Paul Jones, aka 'royalraise85' is a moderator at PokerSchoolOnline and winner of the PokerStars World Blogging Championship (WBCOOP) of 2012

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