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PokerStars: Best Mobile Poker Operator

We knew it was good. We've played it. We love it. We'd play on it all day if we could. Now, the PokerStars Mobile app is getting even more recognition from the gaming industry.

The mGaming Awards put together by iGaming Business just named PokerStars Best Mobile Poker Operator of 2013.

If you're not yet caught up on the PokerStars Mobile app, you should be. It rolled out early last year and has spent the past 15 months wowing both iOS and Android users.

"Poker is one of the most-loved games in the world and in recent years has become one of the most popular online games," said Jeffrey Haas, PokerStars Director of New Platforms. "Our mobile app allows more people to discover the game, while providing more opportunities for existing fans to play wherever they want and whenever they want."

NEIL9527_PCA2013_Zoom_Neil Stoddart.jpg

PokerStars Mobile offers more than just the ability to play on PokerStars. Inside the app suite, you'll also find access to PokerStars TV, the PokerStars Clock, and the European Poker Tour Guide. You can also watch live events as they happen.

For more information, visit the PokerStars Mobile homepage.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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