PokerStars weekend review (06-03-2013)

It's that wonderful time of year for dedicated online grinders and recreational poker players alike: the World Series of Poker. Thanks to the WSOP, a whole swathe of poker's best and brightest players are sucked out of PokerStars waters. That, some would argue, makes for softer tournaments. Not that we're taking anything away from all the winners (and they'll be more than happy with their winnings anyway).

There were huge scores for ATHIED87 ($88,157.25), Donkab0mber ($168,157.25) and Diego "Die Ventura" Ventura ($107,728) in the Sunday Million, a report on which you can read here.

There were also big scores for Päffchen ($94,514), bakajagub ($70,434) and Team PokerStars Pro Matthias "mattidm" De Meulder ($49,978.04) in the Sunday Warm-Up. Check out how that final table played out here.


Big final table for De Meulder

Of course, they were not the only players pocketing big wads of online dollars. The likes of Marty 'TheLipoFund' Mathis won the $215 Sunday Supersonic for $46,803.41, while EPT champ Frederik 'Fred_Brink' Jensen chipped up further with a 4th place finish in the $109+R Sunday Rebuy for $20,865. Jensen won EPT Madrid in Season 8 for €495,000.

Check out all the big winners of our Sunday Majors and weekly regulars by clicking here.

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Frederik Jensen

And in other news...

Lean and mean George Lind
George 'jorj95' Lind III completed a month-long challenge that would have thwarted a lesser man. Not only did he have to rack up 1,000,000 VPP and stay in pre-rakeback profit, but he also had to lose weight. Read about it here.

Son of Hachem crowned
And by that we mean that Joe Hachem's son won an ANZPT title, he was not made the sovereign head of state of Australia. Anthony Hachem won A$181,460 just this morning.

Spading it for the win
Team PokerStars Online's Grzegorz 'DaWarsaw' Mikielewicz made his graphs public - and everyone loves a graph - showing how dedication to the online grind can work out well. Read his blog about it here.


DaWarsaw, a man of winning graphs

Greatest Hand?
Brad Willis revealed how the Daniel Negreanu and the Greatest Hand promotion could put some extra bucks in your pocket. Check out this post about that.

Nadal still going strong
Team PokerStars SportStar Rafa Nadal was on the court playing hundreds, which hardly seems fair even if you are the King of Clay. But this was poker... Nadal is still going strong in the French Open heading into Round 4.

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