PokerStars weekend review (4-28-13)

I'll never cease to be amazed at the Red Spade Open. It's one of those events that has a reasonable buy-in of $55 but draws huge crowds. It's not so little that it can guarantee every punter in the world show up, but it's not so large that it fails to bust the $1 million guarantee every time.

That's what happened again this week as the Red Spade Open hosted more than 20,000 people and paid out more than $1.4 million in prize money. When it was all said and done, there was a seven-way deal at the final table. Here are the final results:

4-28-13 $55 Red Spade Open

1. Nutshuh? (Norway) $87,282.66
2. thanks_m8 (Finland) $135,470.94
3. EMPTY1SEAT (Germany) $119,850.19
4. SWFAZ (United Kingdom) $110,825.64
5. pengpengtot (Germany) $92,920.95
6. danutpeddler (Ireland) $83,643.32
7. joaof09 (Brazil) $90,727.71
8. mitchizzil (Canada) $20,099.10
9. simbir (Norway) $14,356.50

While the Red Spade Open might have been the headline online this weekend, there were tons of other huge events happening. Here's a rundown of what you might have missed.

  • EPT9 Berlin: Daniel Pidun makes it a first for Germany, winning title and €880,000
  • Terry Fan wins largest ever Red Dragon
  • Rafa Nadal notches eighth Barcelona win
  • Sunday Million: Rozar1o Agro grabs win, $198K after chop; $201K for pasha I986
  • Sunday Warm-Up: hbx13902 boxes out the field landing the win and $93K
  • Battle of the Planets: WOO WOO for woosewoo taking down April's freeroll for $12K
  • Women's Sunday: At long last, pkrbadgirl takes top honors
  • All told, the weekend was out of this world. Though the bulk of it may have passed, the LAPT Brazil event continues today with its godfather, Nacho Barbero, once again threatening to make a final table. You can follow all that coverage on our LAPT Brazil coverage page.

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    For a complete rundown of the final tables from more than 40 PokerStars weekend majors, see our 4-28-13 PokerStars weekend majors results page.

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