Push the second nuts, check stone nuts?

This blog post is going to be a little different from the normal. In this one, you are going to be tested! Are you ready for it? Do you like quizzes? I love them! You can try me, but I'm very good in riddles, quizzes, and trivia.

I always loved math. Almost no one knows, but when I was 14, I made to the national mathematic finals after two or three regional rounds where I got everything right. I didn't prepare myself very well for the final and didn't get a medal. This background helped a lot in my poker career. Lots of poker concepts that aren't easy to understand were instantly understandable because I knew the math behind them. I always loved the practicality of it. Math makes sense for me when I can see it in real life. In poker you can see lots of math.

If you put together all of this together, you can conclude that I love a good math/poker challenge. But today the challenge is up to you. I created a poker riddle! When you get the correct answer you will learn a little more about poker. Are you ready?

Some days ago, I was playing at PokerStars. I was on the button, and it was checked to me on the river. I had the second nut flush, and I went all-in. I'm sure that this is the best way to play that particular hand.

In that same play, if I had the stone nuts flush (it was impossible to have better), I'm sure that the best play was to check.

Why? What is the solution? What was I playing ?


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Henrique Pinho
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