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Red Spade Open returns April 28

I don't know about you, but I find some measure of comfort in the big red spade. I mean, red spades don't occur in nature, and yet somehow when I see the PokerStars flag flying, it makes me feel at home. With that in mind, you probably won't be surprised to know how happy I am to report the return of the Red Spade Open.

With $1 million in the guaranteed prize pool, the Red Spade Open costs but $55 to play alongside some of the top Team Pros and Team Online members who wear the red spade on their arm. Bust one of them and you will earn $100. From there, you will be freerolling your way to a first prize in he neighborhood of $200,000 (NURLAN81 won $244,000 during the last running of the Red Spade Open).

Hee are the details:

Date: Sunday, April 28, at 15:00 ET
Buy-in: $55
Guarantee: $1,000,000
First Place: $200,000 minimum

Thumbnail image for PS_Spade_logo88.jpg

But, wait! What if you don't have $55?

Fear not, my fellow red spade lovers. PokerStars is running satellites all the time. What's more, you can buy a seat in the VIP store.

For entry and satellite information, visit the Red Spade Open homepage.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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