RichB17 super binks the 95 billionth hand for 149,500 big blinds

Monday mornings aren't often people's favourite time of the week, but I think it's safe to say that that RichB17 might now look at them that much fonder after today. Just moments ago RichB17 won the 95 billionth hand dealt on PokerStars to bank a bonus $23,920, some 149,500 big blinds at their table limits (out of $122,030 spread around the table). That's a good chunk of the $892,718 that was given out during the most recent burst of the Road to 100 Billion promotion.

RichB17 was just one of nine players sat at $0.08/$0.16 No-Limit Hold'em table 'Pasiphae' when the action froze with an on-screen announcement that the 95 billionth hand had hit. One of them would win the the huge Mega Milestone payout, the rest would still get a minimum payout of $10,000 each. Not bad for a $16 investment, beating the other 202,761 players that were logged on at the time to the Mega Milestone.


Getting it in on hand #95,000,000,000

The initial surprise and excitement turned into high drama as Hungarian player MenFedlak disconnected, just about the same time as Lee Jones appeared to congratulate and explain what was taking place. A few minutes and some desperate phone calls later, MenFedlak's connection kicked back in. But not for long. The connection went again.

The errant player was given some time, then some time more. And then longer still as a 30-minute window was provided for Hungarian Internet service providers to sort their house out or, if not, surely more than enough time for MenFedlak to get to a friend's house? Apparently not. Still, $10,240 for free isn't too bad when you bought in for $16.

Aside from MenFedlak, all the money quickly went in.


How do you fancy your chances?

Click through to watch the 95 billionth hand play out

As the side pots were played out it looked for a long time that Dum07 had taken it all. Stack after stack of chips were pushed to the bottom left of the screen, right up until the last one one. The main pot, courtesy of a gutshot straight, went to RichB17. That win doubled his tally (check out the explanation of the Mega Milestone below) to help him clock up $23,920 in bonus Mega Milestone money.


RichB17's naked four won the eight-way all-in

'Super bink,' said RichB17.

We couldn't have said it better.

The Mega Milestone winners
RichB17: $23,920
pacheko23980: $14,800
yanno: $13,070
soya_aware: $12,400
SAURO1980: $12,240
popp00: $12,000
Dummkobb: $11,700
Dom07: $11,660
MenFedlak: $10,240

The Road to 100 Billion promotion has been celebrating the run in to every 5 billionth hand for, you know, just about the last 40 billion hands with literally millions given out in bonus windfalls. For the 95 billionth hand the normal integer was dropped in favour of the Mega Milestone formula:

* Dealt into Mega Milestone: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $1,000) + $10,000 = $'s won
* Win Mega Milestone: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $1,000 + $10,000) x 2 = $'s won


Stay with us all the way to the 100 billionth hand. It's going to be a big one. Really big.

Check all the winners here (well, everyone up until this morning).

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