Smell the roses

The beginning of the summer was incredibly busy. I went to Vegas at the start of the World Series of Poker to drop off my luggage, my golf clubs, and my other stuff. I played four events, and I cashed one just before leaving for the GuangDong Ltd. Asia Millions in Macau.

It's definitely not easy to fly for 12 or 14 hours into a place like that for just a few days, then turn around and fly 12 or 14 hours somewhere else. You've got to be able to sleep on the plane. Myself, I just need a window seat and I'm able to sleep as much as I want. It's not going to be a good sleep obviously. It's not going to be a deep sleep. It's going to be just enough so that when you get there, you take a cold shower and then you're good to go for a few hours at least.

The GDAM event was my second-ever trip to Macau. Unfortunately I absolutely didn't get a chance to see anything outside of City of Dreams. Ordinarily that would be disappointing, but City of Dreams is amazing. It's a big, convenient casino with so many good restaurants all around. During the dinner break we went to some awesome Japanese place in the casino.


And of course the poker room is top-notch. It's really big and much, much better than the other room that PokerStars used to have in Macau. It's a place that PokerStars can host big, marquee events, that a place that every poker player will enjoy.

I'd love to have explored Macau and Hong Kong a little bit. The previous time I was in Macau, I was only there for a day-and-a-half to meet some PokerStars freeroll winners. It seems like a shame to travel to such an exotic place and not really see much of it.

The same thing happened when I went to Australia for WSOP APAC a few months ago. I came back home right after APAC was over because I just wanted to be home. I didn't take any time to visit Australia.

At least I never have that problem in Vegas. With the WSOP being almost seven weeks long, you almost have to take a break at some point. I usually like to play golf a few times each summer. I'm not the best, but I love to golf. Last year I played twice during the summer. It's a great way to chillax and enjoy some parts of Vegas that aren't in the Amazon Room.

I think I need to try to take some more time to visit the cities I travel to, especially cities that are very far away and that I don't get too often. At least with Macau and Melbourne, I know I'll be back in those two places again soon for poker. Hopefully next time my personal poker calendar won't be so crowded so I can spend more time in each place and enjoy them a little more.

Jonathan Duhamel is a member of Team PokerStars Pro

Jonathan Duhamel
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