Team Pro vs. The Professionals: Head-to-head

"Was that question designed to point out I am a scrawny little vegan? Guilty as charged."

That was Team Pro Daniel Negreanu responding this week to how he thought his body would hold up in an honest-to-goodness fight against Gus Hansen. For the good of poker, it's probably best that never happens. Fortunately, the pair has found another way to duke it out.

By now, you have heard about the Team Pro vs. The Professionals battle that will go off this weekend at EPT London. Daniel Negreanu, Ike Haxton, and ElkY will face off against Full Tilt Poker's Gus Hansen, Viktor Blom, and Tom Dwan for $50,000 apiece and some $10,000 in online tourney entries.

Negreanu and Hansen have been at odds for some time. In fact, their poker battles are older than the PCA. At the very first PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, both men were at the final table. Hansen won. Negreanu took third.

"That was the coldest final table in history," Hansen said. "We were playing on a boat on a ice rink."

Hansen dressed lightly and kept warm by doing push-ups during the breaks.

"I wanted to be wearing a parka. He was wearing a t-shirt," Negreanu remembered.

That's a long way of saying, these guys have some history. With that in mind, we thought we'd take a look at how Team Pro stacks up against Full Tilt's Professionals.


Our guys

Here's the raw data for your weekend analysis.

WSOP bracelets
PokerStars: 5
FTP: 1

PCA titles
PokerStars: 2
FTP: 2

EPT final tables
PokerStars: 3
FTP: 1

Live tournament winnings
PokerStars: $30 million
FTP: $15 million

Online tournament winnings
PokerStars: $3.1 million
FTP: $813,000

Professional gamers (excluding poker)
PokerStars: 1 (Grospellier: StarCraft)
FTP: 1 (Hansen: Backgammon)

Heads-up poker specialists
PokerStars: 1 (Haxton)
FTP: 2 (Dwan, Blom)


PokerStars: 1 (Negreanu)
FTP: 1 (Hansen)

PokerStars: 1 (Negreanu)
FTP: 0

Players born in 1970s:
PokerStars: 1 (Negreanu)
FTP: 1 (Hansen)

Players born in 1980s:
PokerStars: 2 (Grospellier, Haxton)
FTP: 1 (Dwan)

Players born in 1990s:
PokerStars: 0
FTP: 1 (Blom)

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging. He was born in the 70s.

Brad Willis
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