The grind to Supernova Elite

I've been continuing to grind a lot on my way to earning Supernova Elite, and so thought I'd write a little about what I've been learning along the way.

In order to earn FPPs for Supernova Elite, I've been playing a lot of heads-up sit-n-gos and heads-up cash games, and in fact doing that has helped me remember just how much I love heads-up poker. It's my favorite variety of poker -- my passion, really. I never get bored, and it's always fun and challenging to figure out an opponent's style. I really consider it the purest form of poker -- one player versus another, with only one winner.

Meanwhile, I'm also playing regular sit-n-gos and multi-table tournaments, and I feel like with MTTs especially I've been learning a lot recently.


PokerStars has a "step" promotion which are essentially a series of satellites in which you can win seats and move up one "step" at a time. I've been playing a lot of these, and they've been very helpful for me as far as learning how to be patient again and also playing tight when necessary. Indeed, I would say patience is the key to MTTs -- more important than anything else, really.

In MTTs I have found myself spending more time focusing on my opponents and picking up their patterns. I actually played in about 25-30 of these Step 6 tournaments and won six of them, which was very good for getting back my self-confidence in tournaments. I'm now very much looking forward to the various EPT events that are coming up. I can't wait to take some of what I've been learning online to those events and make a final table there, too.

I'm getting close, actually, to Supernova Elite, and in fact will probably get there just about the time I start playing in the EPT events later in the spring. I will also likely be back at the World Series of Poker this summer where I will play the Main Event for sure and also a few preliminary events, too. I definitely have to think about my WSOP schedule carefully, though, because I want to have the best mindset when I do play those tournaments.

Meanwhile, this road to Supernova Elite has been terrific for working on my game, building confidence, and also enjoying poker again!

Dario Minieri is a member of Team PokerStars Pro

Dario Minieri
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