The race to Supernova Elite gets dirty

There's a stink hanging around this Herculean race to Supernova Elite. It's an acrid yet musty, Gallic smell. It's.. mouldy onions.

Yes, MouldyOnions aka Ryan Bell, is well out in front in the 2013 race to Supernova Elite. Alex 'AWice' Wice may well have struck the first blow by making Supernova in less than 40 hours but Bell's long game is proving to be more resilient (and he also claimed that a software malfunction crippled his chances of making it to the initial milestone first).


Wice made into 100,000 first but is 1m too much?

Since Wice took the first title just two days into the year Bell's creep has been inexorable. After 16.5 days Bell had hit the half-a-million VPP mark and today (24 January) he's clocked in at 714,387 pulling almost 200,000 ahead of Wice's 522,590, which is absolutely phenomenal in of itself.

On the current trajectory the Brit should break the million mark by the end of the month, which we're going to commemorate with a couple of little extras (on top of everything else those good guys at the PokerStars VIP Club give you). Not only will Bell get a double VPP/FPP day - which can mean a lot when you're grinding to that level and volume - but he'll also be commemorated on a special 2013 PokerStars Collectible Card Deck.

You can keep an eye on how tight the race is by checking on the Race to Supernova Elite leader board here. Will Bell have another software failure? Will Wice grind himself back into contention? Will either need to have the emergency services prize their mouse from a claw-like grip?

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