Too juicy to leave

The cash games in Mexico City have never been better and I've been putting in some crazy hours at the tables. Some sessions I've played for 14, 17, even 20 hours at a time. I'm exhausted, but these games are too juicy to miss. I still play online on Sundays, but during the week it's actually more valuable for me to play live. We play four days a week and have been trying to start the game pretty early, but the last time we got it going by 11am we still ended up playing until 7am the next day! Sometimes I want to skip out on the late nights, but that's usually when the games are the most profitable. For some reason, the action players and gamblers come out at night so we have to stay awake.

I like to play in these cash games from the very beginning of the day for a couple of reasons. First of all, if you arrive too late, you can miss out on getting a seat and end up waiting around for several hours. But more importantly, if I'm in the game from the start, I'll know everything that's happened at the table. I'll know who's winning, who's losing, who's on tilt, and who's playing very tight. Even if some good players join the table later on, they won't have a sense of the table dynamics the way I do. Good players can pick up information quickly, but they'll never know what I've already been watching for hours.


Christian de Leon in the centre of the bubble storm

The game has an interesting mix of players. Some are businessmen who work during the day and love to gamble it up at night. Others are semi-pros, guys who don't make their living from poker but play very often. A few are really good professional poker players, but those are always the same four or five guys. The regulars in this game have been playing together for years, but right now the action is better than it's ever been.

Now it's time for the World Series. Can you believe it? This will be my fourth year at the WSOP and I've found that every year is a totally different experience for me. I'm really enthusiastic about going to Las Vegas and hope to have some great results to report. Let's see if all those long hours pay off with a bracelet.

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