Translation time

Exciting times around here! My first novel, Karmínový Dvojdolár, was released in mid-October in Slovakia, and now I'm busy being involved with the book's translation into other languages, including English!

As I've mentioned before, the book is a crime thriller, but I tried to write it for a wide audience and make it appeal both to people who like crime novels and other kinds of readers, too. It's a good book to relax with -- kind of a page-turner that might be good to read for fun or on vacation. But there's more to it than that. In fact, I'd like to think the book works on at least three different levels.


It's a detective story that starts with a murder. There are a couple of detectives, their boss, the judge, and others involved in the official investigation of the crime. That's how the book begins.

It's also story that focuses on relationships. The main detective, Gus Larsen, is a man of wealth -- kind of a playboy, and very intellectual. The other, Rob, is a family man. Then there are others, including a sexy hacker named Kristen, who are helping Gus with the unofficial investigation. All these characters have relationships with each other and with other people, and so that's a focus of the book as well.

Finally there's a third level to the story that involves ideas about the meaning of life and the different values people possess. For example, there are discussions about having respect for others, about marriage and fidelity, about consumerism and the effects of corporate culture, and other issues raised and considered in the characters' conversations and interactions.

In other words, while the book has a lot of what you might call "surface-level" entertainment -- there's sex, action, violence, and other sensational aspects that should keep the pages turning -- there's more to it, I hope, in terms of the ideas that lie beneath the story.

It should be an entertaining read, but also should make readers think, too, about what is important to them. My hope it is the kind of book that readers will get a lot from -- and what they get from it will depend a lot on what they seek from novels and reading, generally speaking.

The English version should be coming out soon, hopefully before Christmas as an e-book on iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles.

Stay tuned!

Dag Palovic
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