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VIP Club Live hits Sao Paulo, London next up (23 November)

Brazilians are well known to be among the happiest and hardest party animals out there. Leave a bunch of Europeans in a bar by themselves and they'll likely drink the place dry, but do the same with Brazilians and they'll deck the place out in green and gold, and spend the night dancing on the bar. And then drink it dry.

VIP Club Live nights are great fun. There's loads of entertainment, games and mingling. You get to meet and hangout with some of the guys and gals you've been tangling with over the tables - no bad beat stories, please! - and basically have an awesome time. And all that for just a splurge of some FPPs. Not bad.

The Brazilian leg took place recently and looked like a blast, as you'd expect, and London is up next (23 November).

If you're interested in joining the party for VIP Club Live in London then click here. You can buy tickets in the VIP store with the cost depending on what VIP level you're currently packing. Your ticket allows you to bring a +1.

VIP Club Live ticket
BronzeStar: 10,000 FPP
ChromeStar: 8,000 FPP
SilverStar: 1,500 FPP
GoldStar: 1,350 FPP
PlatinumStar: 1,200 FPP
Supernova: 1,000 FPP
Supernova Elite: FREE


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