VIP Club Live making four stops in 2013

How does an open bar, non-stop food, games, prizes, and entertainment while rubbing shoulders with Team PokerStars members and fellow grinders sound? That's what the PokerStars VIP Club is proposing this year this year with its second round of VIP Club Live parties. The parties take place at prestigious venues around the world, starting July 13th in Vancouver. Berlin, São Paulo, and London will follow in August, October, and November respectively.

If you're looking for another reason to come (in case the open bar wasn't enough), players will have the chance to personally badger chat with PokerStars senior staff members, including Lee Jones, who promises to perform MC duties and may or may not break into story-telling mode about the yonder days of PokerStars past.


Lee Jones, Head of Poker Communications at PokerStars, at VIP Club Live: London in 2012

The party also gives players a chance take a break from the virtual felt to participate in some non-poker activities for prizes. And everyone at the end of the night will go home with a gift.


Putting Marcel Luske to work at VIP Club Live: Amsterdam

You can buy your ticket to attend in the VIP Store; ticket prices depend on VIP status (and Supernova Elite VIPs get in free). Check out the VIP Club Live webpage for updates on upcoming events and video recaps of previous parties.

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