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Watch TheManM win $126,000 as Brazil stakes its claim to the MicroMillions

This month's MicroMillions festival was another huge success with 1,420,306 entrants getting a shot at $8,823,501 in prizes. That's no surprise, but something that did raise an eyebrow at PokerStars Blog HQ was quite how well the Brazilians performed.

The FIFA World Cup is coming up next summer and perhaps inspired by that Brazilians showed great creativity and flair to notch up eight MicroMillions titles. Only Russia, which by far and away puts forward the most players for this micro stakes series, managed to score more titles (12). Brazil's haul of eight wins makes up a third of the 24 they've won across all six MicroMillions festivals. If their dominance on the football pitch is anything to go by then we've all got something to worry about. I, for one, welcome our new Brazilian MicroMillions overlords.

Events won by country (top ten)
Russia 12
Brazil 8
Germany 8
Canada 7
United Kingdom 6
Australia 5
Austria 4
Portugal 4
Romania 4
Sweden 4

Click here to see all the MicroMillions stats.

Top of the pile sits Clovis "TheManM" Vulczak, a 48-year-old Brazilian who won the MicroMillions Main Event for $126,000 (following a three-way deal). Watch the MicroMillions final table below and how he turned $22 into $126,000.

Watch $22 turn into $126,000

We caught up with Vulczak to find out a little more about the new MicroMillions champ. Vulczak lives in Blumenau, a city in Santa Catarina which was founded by a bunch of German immigrants headed up by Dr. Hermann Bruno Otto Blumenau in the middle of the 19th Century Brazil. Brazilian flair combined with the German work ethic? No wonder Brazil's starting to pick up some big wins.

The business owner, who's been married for 27 years and has four sons, told us, "It was an amazing feeling, I and my family are very happy. I'll leave it until the holidays year-end and then think about how to spend it."

The huge tournament had 65,397 runners, which is an enormous field to get through but there was one hand in particular which stood out. One hand that changed a great payout to an astronomical one (it's hand 8 which starts at 6:30).

"When I saw the AA and 99 I was sure that I would be out of the tournament at the end of the hand, but with the flop giving a flush draw I felt it was my time and I started screaming for a club. She came and the celebration was similar to last hand of the tournament," he said.

Thumbnail image for MM6_Ev98_FT.jpg

The big money final table

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