What's your holiday wish? Win it with the #StarsWishList

It's time for the holidays, and if you still have a little child in your heart, you might be pining for some sort of fancy gift. Here's your chance to get it.

Take a nice little picture or video of what you want and post it on Twitter or Instagram. If you tag it with the #StarsWishList hashtag, the little elves at PokerStars' HQ will see it.

On December 23nd, one of those elves (let's call him Timmy) will randomly select one of the entries and buy it for you (as long as it costs $500 or less...Timmy's money doesn't grow on holly bushes, people).

Check back here on December 23rd to see who won.

Team Pro David Williams knows what he wants (although I feel fairly certain $500 isn't going to buy the second hand on that bad boy).

David Williams Wish.jpeg

There are rules. First, if you have a little child in your heart, let him out!

But seriously...

  • The deadline for entries is December 22 at 23:59ET.
  • The value of the prize cannot exceed $500, and there must be a reasonable expectation PokerStars can purchase it.
  • You must be 18 years old or older to participate.
  • Your pictures can't contain nudity, the image of anyone under the age of 18, illegal substances, or the the use of any of any other company's intellectual property.
  • If you win, you can't re-gift the gift, which is to say, it's non-transferable.
  • If you submit a picture, you are agreeing that PokerStars can use it in subsequent promotional material.
  • Got it? Good.

    Happy holidays.

    Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

    Brad Willis
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