Win $1,000,000 in The Shark Cage!

Do you want to win $1,000,000 on TV? Well, you can. You really, really can. The Shark Cage is a brand new TV show which pits online qualifiers against big name pros for a winner-take-all first prize of one million dollars. One. Million. Dollars.

And the freeroll online qualifiers start today.

You could win your way into televised heats which take place at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas this January, as well as EPT Monaco and EPT Barcelona after that. You don't even need to win your heat, you just need to finish in the top 50. More on that below. Not only do you win in the tournament and get a shot at $1,000,000, but you also get an incredible trip!


Come on in. The water's warm...

How do I get in the Shark Cage?
First of all you need to make a deposit using one of the following bonus codes (depending on how many shots you want to take), then you need to finish in the top 50 of one of the freerolls and submit a video audition. Read on.

The Shark Cage Bonus codes and tickets
(Minimum Deposit, Use Bonus Code, Number of tickets, Bonus offer valid to:)
$20, SHARKCAGE1, 1 ticket, 15:00 ET, November 30
$40, SHARKCAGE2, 2 tickets, 15:00 ET, November 29
$60, SHARKCAGE3, 3 tickets, 15:00 ET, November 28
$80, SHARKCAGE4, 4 tickets, 15:00 ET, November 27
$100, SHARKCAGE5, 5 tickets, 15:00 ET, November 26
$120, SHARKCAGE6, 6 tickets, 15:00 ET, November 25
(For a clearer view click here)

Free money!
Each qualifying freeroll tournament has $5,000 added and the top 50 players from each of the six qualifiers also gets the chance to submit an audition to join The Shark Cage. If you finish in the top 50 you need to record a video audition in English, upload it to YouTube and then email the link to no later than 23.59 ET, 8 December. The PokerStars Team will judge the entries based on personality, enthusiasm, humour and talent. The top finalists will be contacted for phone interview before the winners are announced on 17 December. Check out the official Shark Cage page here.

Find the tournaments in the lobby by clicking Tourney > All and typing "Shark" in the search box. The first tournament starts at 15:000 ET today.

Check out the full terms and conditions here.

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