Win a $100,000 this weekend (for the cost of a couple of beers)

Okay, we don't know how much a round of beers costs in your neck of the woods but we're going to have a stab at an average $6. Seems reasonable enough. Double that and you've got your entry into this weekend's $11 second anniversary Sunday Storm. It's got an enormous $1,000,000 guarantee attached which will make the first place payout a staggering $100,000.* That's the kind of round we'd like to be involved in.

*Or 16,666 beers if you want to continue that point of foamy comparison.


The details
Date: Sunday, 7 April
Time: 13:30 ET
ID: 714010003

You can qualify from as little as 1 FPP or just a few dollars, which is even less than a beer. Head to the tournament lobby (by clicking 'Find a tournament' and pasting this number in: 714010003) and take a look at the satellite information provided.

Check the straight-talking info here.

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Rick Dacey
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