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Win a $215 WCOOP Main Event satellite ticket for free!

Do you want a ticket into the WCOOP Main Event? We're giving away a $215 satellite ticket into a tournament that has a minimum payout of $1,250,000 for first place. Of course, you want a free ticket!

It's easy. Do this now.

Tweet us a picture of yourself with your lucky haircut. Do you have crazy hair? Great. Can you stick some cards in your hair? That will do, too. It's really not that hard. Five minutes could win you a free $215 WCOOP ticket that could turn into more than a million dollars!


This would take some beating! (Dag Palovic at EPT7 Prague)

How to enter
1) Take a photo of yourself with your 'lucky' haircut (and a piece of paper that has your PokerStars User ID and '#WCOOPLuckyHaircut' written on it).

2) Upload the photo to Twitter and post it with this phrase: "This is my #WCOOPLuckyHaircut @PokerStarsBlog"

3) After that, our team will be keeping tabs on all the entries. The best haircut pictures will be re-tweeted from our PokerStars Blog account. The best will get a $215 WCOOP satellite ticket and the runner-up witll get a $109 Main Event satellite ticket. Just make sure you send them before the competition shuts on September 23!


And this would probably do it, too.

What's all this 'lucky haircut' stuff? Check out this article to find out and to see the terms and conditions.

is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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