Win with 7-2 suited for extra big blinds

The ol' seven-deuce may well be the worst starting hand in poker but starting from tomorrow a special 7-2 Boom! week (October 1-7) will reward anyone who wins with that maverick hand (just so long as it's suited and you remember to Boom! it).

How to win with 7-2 Boom!
Win a hand with 7-2 suited at a real money Hold'em ring game table, including Zoom, from October 1-7 and Boom! it using the Boom! hand replayer. You don't need to go to showdown, you just need to share it.

You can win up to three times per day. Heads-up games do not count.


What do you win?
You win as many big blinds as there are active opponents at your table. If you're playing a full six-max table and you win with a cheeky little button raise then you'll pick up an additional five big blinds, which will be credited to your account later.

Check the official 7-2 Boom! page by clicking here.

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Rick Dacey
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