Win with your 'Stars Protector' from Saturday

Keep your eyes on the @PokerStars Twitter account and PokerStars Facebook page. A fun new promotion kicks off this Saturday (8 June) where you can win 1,000 FPP simply by posting a picture of your card protector*. "Why?" we hear you cry. Because every edge counts, so they say, and stopping a dealer who has worked 14-hour shifts for 12 days straight will occasionally try to muck your hand, and - mainly, in fact - because we're giving away millions of dollars in prizes and cash as part of our 100 Billion Hand Celebration.

So what can you get with 1,000 FPPs? Well, 700 would get you into the $11 Sunday Storm, where winners regularly pick up more than $20,000! Points really do make prizes.

*Or lucky charm or poker knick-knack.

Do you have a lucky duckie?

How do I take part?
Take a photo of your lucky card protector, or in fact anything that you consider your lucky charm, and post it using Instagram using '#StarsProtector' in your caption. You can see the competition at this Instagram site.

How long does the competition run for?
Submissions are open from 8-14 June. That's Saturday to Friday, which is very likely the period within which the 100 Billion Hand Celebration will take place.

When will I know if I've won?
The winners will be announced on 17 June after a PokerStars panel has picked the three best entries: 1,000 FPPs will be winging their way to your account if you win. It's that's simple: point, shoot and caption!

is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

Rick Dacey
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