March 2015

31 March

Narcis "Narcisus90" Nedelcu nabs 3/31/15 Super Tuesday title, $118K

This week's Super Tuesday -- the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars that always draws a huge field and many of poker's top players -- saw 658 come out to play. That marked the largest field of 2015 and sixth time this year more than 600 have taken part....more

Highlights of the Sunday Million, March 29, 2015


Re-live EPT Malta from start to finish

Joe Stapleton on presenter duties It might be that you've only just recovered from EPT Malta. That certainly goes for many people behind the scenes on EPT Live, and no doubt anyone who watched it all through to the end (for the record that "end" came at 5.07am CET)....more

30 March

Weekend Review: High stakes, mid stakes, and micro stakes make the headlines

This past weekend was one of the busiest on PokerStars for a while. If the headlines weren't being made at EPT Malta, it was the regular Sunday Majors, or MicroMillions, which came to an end yesterday. So I suppose we ought to start at the beginning. EPT Malta EPT Malta...more

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29 March

Sunday Million: Legadzo locks up $182k after three-way deal

With seven players left, Legadzo held pocket aces against pocket queens for half the chips in play--only two cards away from potentially cruising to the finish of this Sunday Million final table. Then, like a boulder hurled into in his once-clear path, a heart landed on the turn, four-flushing his...more

Sunday Warm-Up: AnyGameSir cruises to $92K win, DaWarsaw takes 9th

It's not unusual for a heads-up match to feature the player who came to the final table with the chip lead, facing off against somebody who started off with a less impressive stack. What is unusual is for the player who started with fewer chips to be in a dominant...more

Manila Megastack 2: Mike Kim Wins Main Event

Written by Triccia David Without a doubt, the sweetest hand we saw all day was "just a straight flush", as stated by South Korean native Mike Kim after revealing his dominating jack-to-seven hearts winning hand against Filipino player Raymi Sanchez. Although this wasn't how Kim took down the Main Event...more

Chris Yong wins £10,986 and UKIPT5 Series 1 Title

Day 2 of the UKIPT5 Series1 has played to a winner and it is Chris Yong who claimed dominion over his fellow players by blitzing his way to the title in quicksmart fashion here at The Hippodrome Casino. "Well I feel great!" he said with a beaming smile following his...more

UKIPT5 Series 1 Final Table Levels 20-23(12,000/24,000/3,000)

7:05pm: Chris Yong is UKIPT5 Series 1 Champion! That's it then. Chris Yong has bested his 160 competitors to reach the summit and become champion. He's been in rich form in recent times - his 5th place finish at UKIPT two months ago a taster of what was to come....more

UKIPT5 Series 1 Day 2 - Levels 13-19(5,000/10,000/1,000)

(The final table blog will continue on a separate page, click here to view.) 3:50pm: Stylianou perishes in 9th, Final table set! With less than ten big blinds and a relatively premium holding in Q♠J♦ given the situation, Nicholas Stylianou made an obligatory shove on the button when it was...more

28 March

EPT11 Malta: Vive la France as Jean Montury sees off Panka et al to win in the early hours

For two days towards the beginning of the inaugural EPT Malta festival, the facilities at Casino Portomaso, St Julians, were shared with a team poker event that played out following a World Cup format. The idea was to determine which of the eight highest-ranked poker countries in the world was...more

EPT11 Malta: David Peters beats Ivan Luca to High Roller title and €597,000

EPT Malta High Roller winner David Peters There were four players left after the dinner break in the high roller event. But only two of them were ever going to win. The only questions remaining were which one, and when? It would be between Ivan Luca, the sleepy looking and...more

EPT Malta: Buddiga wins stacked €2k ; Gobbin, Wicen, Fred also win

Pratyush Buddiga has won the incredibly tough-looking €2k Turbo 6-Handed event for €65,650. The American beat EPT8 Madrid champion Frederik Jensen (€44,730) heads-up in a short battle after Antonio Monteiro Ramalho was knocked out in third (€29,550). In the final hand Jensen got his chips in ahead with A♠4♣ but...more

EPT Malta: Ihar Soika wins the €5k Turbo 6-Handed for €97,400

Ihar Soika has secured the €5k Turbo 6-Handed title for €97,400 after a short heads-up battle against Benjamin Pollak. Soika, who previously won the EPT11 Barcelona High Roller for €747,200, started the heads-up battle with over 70% of the chips in play after knocking out Zhapar Sultanov in 3rd place...more

EPT11 Malta: Panka's fold - sick or standard?

Panka and Montury face off in that hand We've seen some pretty amazing folds at EPT final tables down the years. At the EPT7 PCA final table Galen Hall made a brilliant lay down against Chris Oliver when they were heads up. On a 5♦3♦2♣2♥A♠ board, Hall bet the...more

UKIPT5 Series 1: Day 1B Levels 7-12(1,000/2,000/300)

8:50pm: Rachael Costa Leads chip counts at close of play The final counts have been tallied and it is Rachael Costa who finishes atop them by the smallest whisker of a margin - her 176,600 pipping Dutchman Jan-Joost Van Den Bogert's 176,500. "My table was crazy!" she said of what...more

EPT11 Malta: So, which country has the best players?

There are all the usual methods of transport available for those wishing to come to Malta There were 73 countries represented in Malta over the past ten days, from which nearly 1,500 players came to play at least one event over the course of the festival. As any good politician...more

EPT Malta: Final table set in the €5k; last event of the festival begins

The €5,000 Turbo 6-Handed is down to just 7 players with Andrey Shatilov, Shannon Shorr, Stephen Chidwick, Oleksii Khoroshenin and Benjamin Pollak involved. There were a total of 73 players in this event creating a prize pool of €354,050. The winner is going to take home €97,400 and all remaining...more

EPT11 Malta: Down to the elite eight in the High Roller

The Main Event isn't the only huge field, big buy-in event reaching its conclusion today as the €10,000 High Roller will also be playing to a finish. At the start of play Nick Petrangelo was leading the 18 players who returned to action and there was no budging him from...more

EPT11 Malta: A tournament six months in the making

Only after six months of work does an event of this size come together The inaugural EPT Malta festival is gradually coming to a close, 12 days after the first players walked through the door at Portomaso Casino in St Julians to play a €200 super-satellite to the IPT main...more

EPT11 Malta: Geilich goes down fighting (quietly)

Ludovic Geilich, taken yesterday, playing a short stack like the chip lead The job was not an easy one for Ludovic Geilich this afternoon. Coming back for the final day's play he had 33 big blinds. Not the shortest stack, but not one of the biggest either. He'd have...more

UKIPT5 Series 1 Day 1B - Level 1-6 (200/400/50)

6:02pm: Prizepool Information The numbers are in! 160 players have contributed to a prizepool of £38,800. 18 places will be paid and the first prize will be a juicy £12,210. A link to the full prizepool can be found here LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400-800-100 5:51pm: A Waterfall of Eliminations What...more

EPT11 Malta: The final 18 in the High Roller aka the inbetweeners

McDonald's a veteran but far from over the hill Trends come and go in poker. At one point under-the-gun was the new button, at another point in time it was thought you should defend your big blind very tightly and now it's the presumed wisdom that you should defend...more

Manila Megastack 2: Raymi Sanchez leads Main Event Day 1

Written by Triccia David The PHP25,000 Main Event of the PokerStars LIVE Manila Megastack 2 kicked off at the City of Dreams Manila early this afternoon with lots of muscle looking to get a big chunk of the bumped up PHP2,000,000 guaranteed prize pool. With a total of 76 players...more

EPT Malta: The final day of side-events

It's the last day of the EPT Malta Festival but there's just enough time for five new events to start today. The €5k NL Turbo and €2k NL Turbo events always attract a stacked field and EPT Malta is no exception. Adrian Mateos won both these events (in one day)...more

27 March

EPT Malta: Wins for Sivagnanam, Zhigalov and Tsanev; Petrangelo leads the HR

It was third time the charm for Andrey Zhigalov in the €1k EPT Championships Triple Stud event. He had previously finished 2nd in the Razz event for €7,500 and third in the Stud High for €4,250 but he managed to beat Rikard Aaberg heads-up in a long but good-natured battle...more

Manila Megastack 2: A Winning Memory for Takaaki Umemori

Written by Triccia David We've all had those serendipitous moments of being at the right place at the right time. Some people coin it as being lucky, some say blessed, some believe it is karma working on our side. Well, whatever you call it, those moments strike unexpectedly, and they...more

EPT Malta: Vamplew bubbles the €1,500; Schlumpf wins the Super Holdem

The bubble has burst in the €1,500 6-handed event, EPT champion David Vamplew was the unlucky bubble pushing with K♣J♠ into A♦8♦. Stephen Chidwick and Petr Jelinek are among those who have since busted inside the money. Other players still in include Jack Salter, Dermot Blain, Michele Dattani, Konstantin Puchkov,...more

EPT11 Malta: High rollers dangling on cliffhanger bubble break

George Danzer among those hanging on for the bubble Earlier today Mike McDonald said that high roller events were fun, because in them everyone was happy to talk and the atmosphere was always cordial rather than tense. He was right, but maybe it depended also on how well you were...more

EPT11 Malta: Valentin Messina leads French duo into final at Malta

Valentin Messina: Leading the final six in Malta The weather in Malta is changeable. It's an island, it's in the middle of the Mediterranean and weather is weather. But when, last night, we predicted a storm on Day 5 of the EPT Malta main event, we could say it with...more

EPT11 Malta: An orbit with Loosli, Silver, Gruissem et al

Table one in the €10,000 High Roller is first in more ways than one for it currently plays host to the chip leader and what's more four of the top six stacks in the entire tournament. That seemed like more than enough reason to follow the progress of its inhabitants...more

AMAYA welcomes online gaming recommendations outlined in Quebec budget

We read the budget address with great interest and are happy to see the government seeking ways to work with the private sector to contribute to Loto-Quebec's growth in online gaming, for the benefit of taxpayers and the protection of consumers. Amaya has been a long time licensed partner of...more

EPT Malta: Urbanovich wins record fourth event

Dzmitry Urbanovich has become the first person to win four events at an EPT festival. The €200 Crazy Pineapple final table came down to Urbanovich and PokerStars Team Pro Marcin Horecki. The former was making his sixth final table appearance, with three victories already as well as one second place...more

Pssst! 2015 SCOOP satellites are now available

Hey, you. You looking for some satellites? Maybe some, you know, qualifiers into some ridiculously big events? Step over here. We've got what you're looking for. If you'd blinked, you might have missed it just now, but without fanfare or pomp, a selection of satellites for the 2015 Spring Championship...more

Eureka Poker Tour headed for Hamburg

Look back some 50 years to a time when somebody stood in a little club in Hamburg and first saw John, Paul, George, and Ringo belt out a song. That person must have thought something akin to "Eureka!" (Although, being fair here, the words were probably a little more profane...more

EPT11 Malta: The best thing about a high roller event

The best part of a big buy in event is not really the payday at the end of it (although that's hardly a bad thing), it's something else entirely according to Mike McDonald. The best part is that everybody is at a level in the game where they're not afraid...more

EPT11 Malta: The nine bidding for glory

Dominik Panka: Headlining another final table The final nine at the EPT Malta Main Event represents a showcase for some of the most in-form players in the game today. All eyes at this stage are naturally on Dominik Panka (2,780,000 chips), who, in the past 14 months, has risen from...more

Are you PokerStars' next millionaire?

Since Chris Moneymaker first pumped his fist at the World Series of Poker Main Event, the question was never whether PokerStars could make another millionaire. The question was: who will be the next one? It's been nearly 12 years since Moneymaker's PokerStars satellite win sent him to the WSOP and...more

EPT Malta: The exciting Crazy Pineapple; Tough field in the €1,500 6-Max

Crazy Pineapple. For those situations where regular pineapple just won't cut it. The difference between the two is pretty simple, in regular Pineapple you are dealt three cards and discard one before the flop, in Crazy Pineapple the discard comes after the flop. On the surface of things, that isn't...more

EPT11 Malta: Winner of High Roller to collect €597,000

Yet again the High Roller field at an EPT has broken the 300 player barrier, there were 393 entries in Barcelona, 309 in Prague and a total of 304 here in Malta, consisting of 235 unique players and 69 re-entries. When play ended yesterday there were only 288 entries, but...more

UKIPT5 Series 1 Day 1A - Levels 1-12 (1,000/2,000/300)

9:15pm: Pateman Heads Day 1A field What a day it has been and with the players finished for the day, it is Joseph Pateman who heads the field- his stack a fulsome 165,000. Pateman finishes the day clear of the pack but he had time for some regrets. "I had...more

EPT11 Malta: Zapatero and Aido keeping it in house

Sergio Aido: Head of the household in London If you want to know where the party is in London next week, you should stand in the middle of Hammersmith High Street and say, "Donde está la fiesta?" Assuming you can also understand what someone then tells you, you'll likely end...more

Highlights of EPT11 Barcelona, Main Event, Episode 1


EPT11 Malta: Smit and Wintel, two of the last 23

There's nowhere to hide when you're down to the last 23 players and on the penultimate day of a European Poker Tour Main Event. But for Dennis Kaj Smit, he won't be panicking despite a 13 big blind stack. The one word he uses to describe his tournament so...more

26 March

EPT Malta: Titles for Heath, Samuelsson and Abmayr; Ferreira leads the €10k

The €10k High Roller event has finished for the night with a total of 283 entries so far. Registration is open until the start of Day 2 so it's entirely possible that this monstrous field could increase still further. At the moment just 152 players remain, led by Rui Ferreira...more

Manila Megastack 2: Wolf Seizes Event 2 Trophy

Written by Triccia David Unlike big fields where many familiar faces are scattered throughout the room, small fields that are filled with poker pros are quite a treat for fans and newbies because they get to witness what poker is all about. That is, no friends at the poker table,...more

EPT11 Malta: Antonin Duda sees out tempestuous day to lead

Antonin Duda takes the biggest stack into the penultimate day There's a storm brewing at EPT Malta as the €5,000 Main Event heads in to its penultimate day. After five levels this afternoon, some of the European game's most volatile talents emerged largely intact from a wreckage of their own...more

EPT11 Malta: Everyone has a favourite Artem Litvinov moment

Brynn Kenney has the best memory in poker. He knows it and everyone else should know it too. He was grinning mind, so he might have been exaggerating. But the point he was making was this: he could never forget an Artem Litvinov celebration. Over the years these little moments...more

EPT11 Malta: Silver going for gold again as high roller field reaches 240 players

Max Silver leads the €10,000 High Roller It's no exaggeration to say that Malta has made a sparkling début on the EPT. Off the felt players have loved the 'fair' price of hotels, food, drink and the, mostly, decent weather. Meanwhile, on the felt the festival was kick started by...more

EPT Malta: Troyanovskiy misses the €1k final; Stacked field in the €2k Turbo

The unofficial final table of the €1k Single Re-Entry is just getting under way with nine players remaining. Simeon Naydenov, Georgios Zisimopoulos and Erwann Pecheux are still involved but Vladimir Troyanovskiy was knocked out just before the final table in 11th place for €5,550. Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki finished...more

EPT11: Nir Levy, the latest graduate from the Israeli Poker Academy

Nir Levy, earning his EPT stripes We've written before about how PokerStars' slate of regional tours are a great way for players to get experience of deepstacked, well-structured poker tournaments at a price point that's a lot lower than the EPT. They're also a fertile breeding ground for players...more

EPT11 Malta: My dad's bigger than your dad. Fact.

John Citrone, standing, keeps watchful eye on his son, Carlo You absolutely wouldn't know it to look at him today, but there's a superstar inside the EPT Malta tournament room this afternoon. John Citrone has come to watch his son play poker. The British family have a holiday home on...more

EPT Malta: Side event news; Staszko and Sotiropoulos in the Stud Hi/Lo

Less than 100 players remain in the €500 event that started at midday, Petr Jelinek, Ronan Monfort and Konstantin Puchkov are all still involved. This event is one of seven events scheduled to finish today. Konstantin Puchkov In the EPT Limit Stud Hi/Lo Championships, there's a total of 28 players...more

EPT11 Malta: Ensan charges to the top as mid-point hits

Hossein Ensan: Barcelona finalist crushing in Malta too Day 4 at EPT Malta is about halfway through -- assuming, that is, you reckon this is going to last the five scheduled levels. Remember, today is the day that will also end if we reach 16 players, a relative long shot,...more

MicroMillions 10: Can anyone stop the psycho

As each day passes in the 100-event MicroMillions 10 series, thousands more people sign up to play, several new winners pop up every couple of hours, and the millions keep flowing. But one thing seems to remain unchanged. If you head over to the MicroMillions Player of the Series leaderboard,...more

EPT Malta: Side event news; 19 left in the €1k Single Re-Entry

The €10k High Roller has rightly taken up the majority of the space of upper tournament room with the EPT Main Event tucked away in the far right corner. The rest of the space has been saved for the final three tables of the €1k Single Re-Entry where just 19...more

EPT11 Malta: (More) seats open in the high roller

Jonathan Duhamel registers for the High Roller with Kate Badurek Nobody really thought the number 40 posted on the high roller tournament clock this morning was going to be accurate. But then I suppose they had to start somewhere. High roller events don't really contract on Day 1, they evolve....more

Value of pro coaching? Priceless! (And free)

Way back in the dark and distant days before poker exploded all over TV and the internet, if you wanted to learn how to play you had just a few choices. You could try to find a mentor, someone who was a proven winner and you could ask for some...more

EPT11 Malta: The high rollers just keep on coming

Whilst the numbers in the Main Event are slowly dwindling - there are now 35 players left from the 56 who came back today - the numbers in the €10,000 High Roller have been rocketing upwards since play began at 1pm local time. Roughly 60 players were in their seats...more

EPT11 Malta: Can you hear me knocking?

Marius Pospiech is one of several players who fit the profile of potential EPT champion Three former champions among the final 48 is about par for the course at a European Poker Tour main event. Dominik Panka, Robin Ylitalo and Jannick Wrang have both the reputation and the abilities to...more

EPT11 Malta: Tableswin getting the little things right

Ever played on one of those tables that drives you nuts? You may have encountered one. Either the felt is so worn that the cards don't stop until they reach the floor, or there's an inexplicable stain from something, or someone, causing you to get a little too friendly with...more

EPT Malta: Torsti Kettula first out, everybody ladders up

Malta is not the most expensive destination on the European Poker Tour, but neither is it the cheapest. And for one unfortunate soul this afternoon, one additional night's accommodation is going to have felt especially costly. We reconvened today with 56 players, meaning the next person out would win €12,800....more

EPT11 Malta: Danzer, Boeree, EPT Vienna, Saumont and Convey all win awards

The awards season is well and truly upon us and after success at the British Poker Awards and American Poker Awards, there was more trophy collecting for Team PokerStars at the Global Poker Index European Poker Awards, which took place at The Hilton hotel in Malta last night. At the...more

25 March

EPT Malta: Chidwick and Katchalov chop the €2k; Urbanovich falls just short

Stephen Chidwick has won the €2k event after he and Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov chopped the event heads-up. Chidwick took €102,100 while Katchalov got €92,400, the two then agreed to a flip for the title. "One card face up?" asked Katchalov. Chidwick turned over the 5♥ - not the...more

Manila Megastack 2: Longabela claims Opening Event

Written by Triccia David Welcome to the PokerStars LIVE Manila Megastack 2! As soon as the sun tucked itself behind the horizon, the PokerStars LIVE Manila Megastack 2 took to its heels at the City of Dreams Manila with the first of its six events, the PHP2,500 No Limit Holdem...more

EPT Malta: Urbanovich leading Stud final; Big numbers in the Turbo Deepstack

There's just seven players left in the €1k EPT Limit Stud Championships and leading the way? Dzmitry Urbanovich. The Polish player has already won three events at the EPT Malta Festival and is looking to add a fourth. He also has another motive - the three victories have put him...more

EPT Malta: Over 300 in the €1k; PLO titles for Germany and Austria

There's an (unconfirmed) total of 340 players in the €1k Single Re-Entry event with a substantial number of players choosing to enter during the dinner break. Late entries included Konstantinos Nanos, IPT Malta winner Georgios Zisimopoulos, Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Morten Mortensen, Louis Salter, Petr Jelinek as well as EPT champions Ruben...more

EPT11 Malta: Javier Gomez Zapatero raises Spanish hopes after glory day in Malta

Javier Gomez, chip leader at the end of Day 3 at EPT Malta There has never been a Spanish winner on the European Poker Tour, and we are still three days away from learning if the drought will be ended here this week. But whatever the outcome, today in the...more

EPT11 Malta: On the occasion of Ori Miller's birthday

It's not always obvious, but poker is sometimes a team game. I don't mean the type where countries go up against each other, or when a group of players band together. I mean in a different way. For sometimes it's the people behind the player who make the player. Being...more

EPT Malta: Big field for €1k Re-Entry; PLO final table news

A huge field so far in the €1k Single Re-Entry with 290 players having registered (or re-entered). Registration is open until 8.55pm tonight (the end of the dinner break after level 4). Those involved so far include Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki, Christopher Frank, Heinz Kamutzki, Hugo Lemaire, Balazs Botond,...more

EPT11 Malta: Mitch Johnson hoping to make mockery of min-cash moniker

Mitch Johnson at least had position on Sam Trickett What started as a bit of a joke at the frequency of Mitch Johnson's ability to make the money in tournaments but only ever record a relatively small cash has now turned into a nickname that Johnson, or 'min-cash Mitch'...more

EPT11 Malta: No delay as Sergio Aido flies up the leader board

Sergio Aido and Sam Chartier: Big stacks tangling at EPT Malta Once again in recent weeks, the issue of tanking in poker has been much discussed and Dan Smith, the American pro, managed to summarise one reasonable line in the argument in an efficient tweet: "It's not that hard. If...more

EPT11 Malta: Benger on the bubble

Griffin Benger relaxing on the bubble at EPT Malta You wouldn't think Griffin Benger would be terrible at anything poker related, what with that Shark Cage thing and those tournament wins. But it turns out he's terrible at stalling. Then again in this case I think that was the...more

EPT Malta: €3k PLO down to three tables; €1k Single Re-Entry begins

The €3k Turbo PLO event is down to the final three tables with Team PokerStars Pro Theo Jorgensen, EPT winner Frederik Jensen, Barny Boatman, Jorryt van Hoof, Bryn Kenney and Dzmitry Urbanovich among those aiming for the title in the biggest PLO event of the festival. There's €59,700 for the...more

MicroMillions 10: Russia, Russia, Russia

If you spend any amount of time playing on PokerStars, you have seen the new PokerStars 7 software displays a player's national flag in the payouts list. If you've paid close attention, you have probably see this flag more than others. It belongs to Mother Russia, and it's the flag...more

EPT11 Malta: Poker: A cross between sailing and rally driving

Sam Trickett navigating choppy waters to chip lead If poker is a sport -- and one must always acknowledge deep uncertainty about that -- then it is a very strange one, defying persuasive analogy. There is almost nothing about the likes of football, basketball, hockey, cricket, or even the pub...more

EPT Malta: Naydenov and Selbst ahead in the €2k; €3k PLO Turbo begins

Bracelet winner Simeon Naydenov and Team PokerStars Pro Vanesa Selbt are among those leading the €2k event as they reach the bubble. There are 48 players remaining but only 47 will get paid a minimum of €3,490 with €119,000 for the winner. Simeon Naydenov Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov, Team...more

EPT11 Malta: Ten big blinds and a dream

When Ismail Kalkan went to bed last night you suspect he was dreaming of more than just making the money here in Malta. The 41-year-old from Germany bagged up a hefty 426,900 and when told at the end of day that he might be chip leader he was astonished at...more

Sunday Million highlights, March 22, 2015


24 March

DWoods19 tops tough final table, takes 3/24/15 Super Tuesday title, $105K

This week's Super Tuesday again drew a large, tough field that included many of online poker's very best, and after almost 10-and-a-half hours of poker DWoods19 of Vietnam was the last one standing, having collected all of the chips and a nifty $105,070 first prize. DWoods19 topped a strong final...more

EPT Malta: Korochenskiy leads the €2k; big field for the Midnight Bounty

A three-way all-in during the last hand of the night saw Anatoly Korochenskiy leapfrog into the lead in the two-day €2k event with 80 players remaining out of the initial 315. Korochenskiy held K♥K♣ against A♠K♦ and J♥9♥ only for the board to come 3♦3♠8♠T♠K♠ - the Russian making a...more

EPT Malta: €119,000 for the winner of the €2k; Ladislav Mika wins the Turbo

It's six figures for whoever wins the €2k event. With registration shutting after the dinner break, there were a total of 315 entries in the end including EPT winners Davidi Kitai, Dimitar Danchev, Martin Finger, Martin Schleich and Toby Lewis. Mike Watson, Fabian Quoss, Ami Barer, Joni Jouhkimainen, Andrew Chen...more

EPT11 Malta: Sam Chartier plots course to top of Day 2 counts

Sam Chartier's 465,500 leads the way on Day 2 It is tough to make a career out of tournament poker. Just ask the likes of Vanessa Selbst and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, who each have more than $10.5 million in live tournament winnings, but who sat on the feature table today...more

EPT11 Malta: The things going on right now

The end of Day 2 is in sight. If players aren't yawning their shoring up their stacks or trying to make the most of anyone taking their foot off the peddle. There's plenty going on, if you sit and watch for a little while. For instance: Kitty Kuo taking a...more

EPT Malta: €2k gets even bigger; Zisimopoulos joins the Razz

The numbers have continued to flood into tonight's €2k event with the number of runners having increased to 288 so far with registration open until 8.55pm tonight. It's a veritable who's who of European poker with several representatives from 'over the pond'. Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree has joined, as...more

Monster Pot Report: Biggest play money pot in history

Boom! From nowhere the Play Money nosebleeds stakes came to life this week with five new entries into the all-time Top 10. That includes a record smashing biggest-ever pot worth over 6B chips! The hand in question took place at the new 10M/20M stakes in a game of No Limit...more

EPT11 Malta: A chinwag with Wrang

With two levels left on Day 2 of the Main Event, EPT8 Campione champion Jannick Wrang sits comfortably inside the top 10 in the chip counts. At a time when the average is just under 103,000, Wrang has a veritable monstrous 275,000 or 144.5 big blinds in new money. He...more

MicroMillions 10: Psycho going crazy in Player of Series race

The 10th running of the PokerStars MicroMillions has a small issue. With nearly half the events already finished, the leader in the Player of the Series race is a psycho. Seriously, he is a remorseless Ukrainian psycho. There is less than a week left in this MicroMillions and the Ukraine's...more

EPT11 Malta: Home hopes fade, but brighten for another day

About five minutes before the break at the end of Level 12, Malta's hope of crowning its first EPT champion evaporated when Alan Brincat was sent to the rail. Brincat, the only one of five Maltese players who made it to Day 2, started today with 34,000 chips and earned...more

EPT11 Malta: Breaking records at the Portomaso Casino

Much has been written this week about the European Poker Tour's arrival in Malta. Not only was it the biggest EPT festival to date with 69 tournaments on the schedule (this will be a short lived record already set to be undone during the Grand Final), but it seems we've...more

EPT Malta: A star-studded €2k event in the making

Event #41, the two-day €2,000 NL Hold'em event got under way today at 4pm with what can only be described as a 'ridiculously stacked field'. "How stacked?" you might well be asking. To give you an idea of just how pro-heavy this tournament is, here's just a few of the...more

EPT11 Malta: A round with...aka the Sebastian Pauli show

As we alluded to earlier there are some tasty looking table line-ups here on Day 2 of the EPT11 Malta Main Event. Whilst the table of Cody, ElkY, Selbst et al has got top billing the under card is none too shabby either. You can stand between any section of...more

EPT11 Malta: Last chance to enter the Skrill EPT Freeroll

As the EPT Season edges ever closer to its finale so too does the Skrill EPT Freeroll campaign, guaranteed to make the end of the season one to remember for one lucky winner when it's all decided later this month. More on that prize in a moment; first let's bring...more

EPT11 Malta: A cosmopolitan field in the centre of the Mediterranean

Six players registered at the start of Day 2 and although they have been scattered through the tournament field, it's hard not to look at the list and think, "Yeah, that would make a pretty good sit and go." Olivier Busquet, Sorel Mizzi, Johan van Til, Ambrose Ng and Shaan...more

VIP Club Live: Amsterdam

What if Fatima Moreira de Melo threw a party and no one came? Trick question. That would never, ever happen. Now, what would happen if Fatima Moreira de Melo threw a party with free drinks, free video games, a casino floor, DJs, and invited some of the world's top poker...more

EPT11 Malta: Delivering a table for the ages, and a muffin for a snapper

If the entrance policy for Portomaso Casino was a bit more lenient, Danny Maxwell wouldn't have a birthday muffin. In the chaos theory that dictates what happens at poker tournaments -- namely, that if a butterfly flaps its wings in Indonesia, you get one-outered sitting in your pants in your...more

23 March

EPT11 Malta: Max Silver seeks elusive gold in bumper Maltese debut

A conservative prediction made last night suggested this inaugural EPT Malta Main Event would likely get about 600 runners. The line was set after watching 260 players show up for Day 1A and adding another 50 per cent to the projected tally for the second opening flight. Not for the...more

EPT Malta: Johnson wins the €2k IPT High Roller; Juniors/Seniors news

Eureka1 Prague champion Keith Johnson has won the Italian Poker Tour €2k High Roller at the EPT Malta Poker Festival after cutting a heads-up deal with German player Oliver Weis. The British player snagged €144,500 for his victory after carving his way through a very tough field on the final...more

Bonus Cut: Who has the best poker face?


EPT11 Malta: Matt Adams, part of the Malta family

If you bump into someone in Malta and the subject turns to poker chances are they either play poker for a living or work for a company who are in the poker industry. Matt Adams is someone who'd be in the centre of that Venn diagram. "I've lived in Malta...more

EPT11 Malta: EPT Live is back!

By now there are a few of you out there thinking "that's enough about field sizes, sliced apple and re-buy events, where there hell are Joe and James?" Rest easy people, you're now only one more sleep away from the first day of EPT Live, which kicks off on Day...more

EPT11 Malta: Dzmitry Urbanovich's remarkable hat-trick

Whatever happens in the remaining five days of the inaugural EPT Malta festival, there's almost no chance it is going to shift a man named Dzmitry Urbanovich out of headlines. And with a name like that, we've really got to want to write about him to give him coverage. This...more

IPT Malta: Georgios Zisimopoulos wins IPT Malta and €142,205!

The final table of IPT Malta had it all, crazy bluffs, big suck-outs, and above all, some wonderfully skilful displays from those involved. Greek PokerStars player Georgios Zisimopoulos deservedly took the title after playing nearly perfectly, particularly after the tournament went short-handed. Georgios Zisimopoulos Zimsimopoulos, an Economics graduate from Athens...more

IPT Malta: Level 33-34 updates (125,000/250,000/25,000)

For updates from level 29 to 32 please click here 8.34pm: Georgios Zisimopoulos wins IPT Malta for €142,205; Jaroslaw Sikora eliminated in 2nd place (€97,975) Jaroslaw Sikora moved in for 3 million preflop and Georgios Zisimopoulos asked for a count. "Ok, I call," said the Greek player. Zisimopoulos: A♥4♦ Sikora:...more

EPT11 Malta: The inimitable Kitty Kuo

Not many people sit with a McDonalds bag in arm's reach and pull from it only sliced apple. No sign of a cheeseburger. No fries. No six pack of chicken McNuggets. Was it possible that Kitty Kuo had become the first person in history to walk into a McDonalds restaurant...more

EPT11 Malta: Re-buy!

The website of The Times of Malta hosts a regular feature named "Quake Watch". The Maltese archipelago, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is seen as especially vulnerable to seismic activity: any significant quiver across a region quite well known for its volcanoes will likely be felt here. It...more

EPT11 Malta: Italy win Global Poker Masters

Phil Hellmuth once famously said, "If there weren't luck involved, I would win every time," and it's a throwaway comment worth remembering as we look back at the inaugural Global Poker Masters which last night was won by Italy after they defeated Russia heads-up to win the title. Nearly 1...more

Weekend review: Around the world in two days

For most of the last decade writers in the poker industry--myself included--have relied on the phrase "poker world" as an all-encompassing envelope to describe poker's players, business people, and fans. We have almost certainly ground that phrase down to its nub. But today as we look over what happened over...more

EPT11 Malta: Slowly does it as Day 1B field climbs past 400

You can never be quite sure what to expect if you arrive early to an opening flight on the European Poker Tour. You might, for instance, find David Baker at your table already -- "Bakes" was one of the first arrive today -- or you might end up with six...more

IPT Malta: Level 29-32 updates (80,000/160,000/20,000)

5.01pm: Break time Players are now on a 20-minute break. The remainder of the final table update will take place on a new thread here. 4.56pm: Di Carlo finds aces Georgios Zisimopoulos raised to 360,000 from under-the-gun with 6♣6♥. Nicolini di Carlo made it 875,000 holding A♦A♣ from the small...more

IPT Malta: Final table profiles

Seat 1: Michael Feil, 27, Munich, Germany - PokerStars player - 3,305,000 Feil considers himself as an "interim" professional player. He finished University last year and is now trying to get a job in engineering. In the meantime, he is playing poker full time, mainly online. Feil plays cash games...more

EPT11 Malta: Charlie Carrel, the youngster singing from a different hymn sheet

Charlie Carrel is one of those people who anyone who's ever taken a bad beat, or who had a rough ride when they first started playing poker, should hate. You see Carrel is another of those poker phenoms who deposited small and won big. In his case he's turned a...more

ANZPT7 Sydney: Psaros reigns supreme

Our ANZPT champion has been crowned with Jim Psaros overcoming Emanuel "Curly" Seal to win the trophy and top prize of $183,000. The prize was adjusted after two separate deals. The first would come during three-handed play between Denis Sekuloski, Emanuel Seal and Jim Psaros. They quickly agreed to terms...more

22 March

ANZPT7 Sydney Final Table: Hsu and Roach fall

After the early carnage of the ANZPT Sydney final table, play started to settle down five-handed as the remaining players enjoyed the deeper stacks and the chance to move some chips around the table. At various times each of the five players had moments in the spotlight. Denis Sekuloski got...more

Sunday Million: lapiksyk secures win, $161K after deal; WalmartCNXN bargains for $165K

After last Sunday's big anniversary event drew over 50,000 entries, the Sunday Million reverted to its regular form this week with a $1 million guarantee for the $215 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament. A total of 6,717 took part this week, building a guarantee-besting prize pool of $1,343,400, and after almost...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Final Table: Early fireworks

After the slow finish to the day last night, we expected this final table to move pretty quickly in the early stages. With the blinds kicking off at 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000-chip ante, we had six of our nine players starting off with around twenty big blinds or less. Basically...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Final Table: It's go time!

The stage has been set for the ANZPT Sydney Main Event to reach an exciting conclusion. 445 players have toiled on the felt of The Star for three days and now the final nine remain. Sekuloski. Chand. Rafferty. Psaros. Hsu. Seal. Roach. Liew. Ma. One if these guys will be...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Hit of the week, proh1t claims title and $81K

It is said that a poker table becomes a space of neutrality. There's no difference between you and the person sitting across the felt except for the amount of chips they have acquired and your desire to find a new home for those chips. At home games famous radio personality...more

EPT11 Malta: Evangelos Tsairis becomes first day-end leader of Main Event in Malta

Whatever happened in the Grand Masters Suite of the Portomaso Casino today, it would earn the distinction of occurring for the first time ever. So it was that Michael Tureniec became the first person ever to be eliminated from an EPT Main Event in Malta, when his set lost to...more

EPT11 Malta: A win for Adams and Reixach (and Barcelona)

You can only imagine how devastated the player in seat 2 of table 2 was when he was eliminated. All that work to get here, the travel, and let alone the expense. Today all that came to nothing, and he was in and out in just a few hours. Not...more

EPT11 Malta: Ticking the boxes as a newcomer hopes for a regular gig

The European Poker Tour is in Malta for the first time in its 11-year history and, what's more, this is the first time in three years since we have visited an entirely new destination. Back in the mid seasons of the EPT, after the first tentative, establishing jaunts around the...more

IPT Malta: PokerStars player Jaroslaw Sikora leads the final table

The final table for IPT Malta is set with PokerStars player Jaroslaw Sikora leading with 7.6 million in chips. The Polish player finished 70th for €4,220 in the Eureka High Roller event in Prague in December. Sikora moved clearly into the lead after winning a big three-bet pot towards the...more

EPT11 Malta: Sorrow? Shame? Nah, just multi-tabling

All right, this is all going to sound a bit complicated, but bear with me and try to make sense of it as we go along. The action is by Jiri Horak, a young Czech player in a hurry, who folds two face cards and then raises to 8,100 from...more

EPT11 Malta: Well that escalated quickly

It could just be variance, but despite the blinds still being very small in relation to the stacks (100/200/25 average stack is 32,000) there's seemingly a lot of big pots being played. Everywhere the PokerStars Blog went we witnessed players putting piles of chips into the middle. What's more, a...more

EPT11 Malta: Wash your mouth out and show some respect for Malta's 'Poker Mama'

A new destination on the European Poker Tour means new stars to discover, and it doesn't take long mixing in Maltese poker circles until the name Jackie Cachia comes up. To rephrase that slightly: you'll hear people referring to someone called "Poker Mama" in Malta, and that'll be when they're...more

IPT Malta: Level 27-29 updates (40,000/80,000/10,000)

For level 23-26 updates, please click here 8.22pm: Flaviano Cammisuli eliminated in 9th place (€16,390) Flaviano Cammisuli moved all in for just over a million in chips from late position. Frederik Reusch got a count in the small blind then made the call. Cammisuli: A♦9♥ Reusch: A♣T♦ The board came...more

EPT11 Malta: So, is your wife pretty or not?

How much talking at the table is too much? I suppose you could say it depends. Nevertheless Marcin Horecki and Fatima Moreira De Melo set out to find out by deciding whether Horecki's wife was pretty or not. Actually that's not strictly true, but I'll get to that in a...more

ANZPT7 Sydney: Final Table Player Profiles

After three days of play, the ANZPT Sydney Main Event is down to a final table of nine. One of these men will capture the title of champion and top prize of $225,000. Let's learn a little more about our final table line up! Seat 1: Shaneel Chand (Sydney, New...more

EPT11 Malta: Lies, damn lies

"I've heard rumours of an exit," said a member of the press to the PokerStars Blog just 10 minutes into play. In the opening level of a deepstacked tournament such as the EPT Main Event news doesn't get much bigger than this. At a time when witnessing a chunky pot...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 3: Slow day ends with big lead for Psaros

We were supposed to make it to the Player's Party. There was probably some really nice food, plenty of free drinks and lots of fun to be had. But sadly, while the party was pumping we were stuck at the blogging desk several hours longer than expected as the players...more

EPT11 Malta: The second beginning

It sure sounds strange to say this, but welcome to Day 1A of the EPT Malta main event. The reason this salutation feels so peculiar is that this festival has already crowned a winner of more than half a million euros, has already hosted a tournament with 1,285 players and...more

IPT Malta: Level 23-26 updates (20,000/40,000/5,000)

4.57pm: Break time Players are now on a 15-minute break. The rest of the tournament update will take place on a new page here. 4.50pm: Huge turn for Abuladze Georgi Abuladze had led for 165,000 on a 4♥3♠7♥ flop before Nandor Solyom made it 394,000. Abuladze moved all in and...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 3: The Toothpick

There's one player on the Australian poker scene whose name I refuse to type. Only one. And he's still alive with just 17 players remaining ANZPT Sydney Main Event. It's not that I don't like the guy. And I do sometime copy and paste. But the fact is the poker...more

21 March

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 3: In the zone

I was recently talking to a mate about a bet he had riding on a golf tournament. He'd backed a long shot and after the first three rounds, his chosen player was two strokes in front with one more round to play. "Why don't you lay it off and lock...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 3: Lookout for Liu

Entering Day 3 of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event there was one player who stood out from surviving field of 54 players. Perhaps it was her platinum blonde hair. Or perhaps it was the fact that she was the only female player to reach the money stage of this event....more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 3: Good news, bad news

We have some good news and bad news. For our 54 remaining players in the ANZPT Sydney Main Event, they start Day 3 comforted in the knowledge that they are safely in the money. That's $3,650 in cash safely secured in their back pocket. No matter what bad beats are...more

IPT Malta: Cammisuli secures Day 4 lead

Flaviano Cammisuli, an Italian waiter who lives here in Malta, managed a late rush at the end of the day to secure the chip lead, finishing with 2,362,000 - the only player over the 2 million mark. Cammisuli knocked out Markus Kuhnen right at the end of play with J♠J♦...more

IPT Malta: Level 21-22 updates (8,000/16,000/2,000)

6.55pm:Play has ended A full recap of the day is here. 6.25pm: Last six hands The remaining 46 players are playing six more hands then finishing for the night. 6.09pm: Von Perger eliminated Jamila Von Perger, short-stacked, moved all in for her last 200,000 preflop and found Pierre Milan making...more

Global Poker Masters takes center stage

At some point a 'brainchild' has to grow up, and so it goes with the Global Poker Masters. After a short period of uncharacteristically tranquil adolescence, during which preparations were finalized, the GPM will kick off at the Portomaso Casino today, next to the Hilton Hotel in St Julian's, Malta....more

IPT Malta: Level 17-20 updates (5,000/10,000/1,000)

4.24pm: Break time Players are now on their second break of the day. The remaining two levels of the day will be in anew update here. 4.20pm: Bad beat for Jeschke Jonas Jeschke just suffered a nasty exit. He was all-in with A♣K♦ against Jaroslaw Sikora's A♥J♣ but the board...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 2: Bubble pops with Park on top

The bags have been sealed and the chips stowed away as another day at the ANZPT Sydney Main Event has come to a close. For many, the dream of poker glory ended today. They'll be off to one of the many watering holes in Sydney to drown their sorrows, but...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 2: Finding a two-time champ

We've seen some incredible poker feats in recent times involving players winning multiple major tournaments. First there was Ant Zinno winning back-to-back World Poker Tour titles which was an amazing feat. Then just last week we witnessed Yuguang Li from China win two major titles in two days at the...more

20 March

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 2: Huang chasing POY honours

Written by Callum McGregor The Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour attracts a lot of professionals from around Asia and the world. One of the most established players regularly found on the ANZPT circuit is Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang. Fresh off of his ninth-place finish in the ANZPT Perth...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 2: Nino's adventure

Adelaide's Nino Qualita has had one hell of an adventure at the ANZPT Sydney. In fact, it's one of the more bizarre stories we have ever heard at a poker tournament. It started out when Qualita won an online satellite at PokerStars to win his way into the Main Event....more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 2: The race is on!

"Can't we put the races on the TV? It's Golden Slipper Day!" came the cry from local larrikin Sam Khouiss as he was unbagging his chips before play on Day 2 of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. "Are you here to watch the races or play poker?" came the response...more

IPT Malta: Lemaire ahead after Day 2

Day 2 of IPT Malta was short, sharp and left several hundred players languishing on the rail. It took just five and a half hours for the field of 513 to be reduced to just 191 with the final 30 minutes of day seeing that number drop further to less...more

MicroMillions kicks of world's biggest little tournament series

When it began a few years back, the MicroMillions series could have been forgiven for having a complex. I mean, who wants to go around all these big COOPs with the word "Micro" in your name? But now, the MicroMillions series is in its tenth running, and the only thing...more

EPT11 Malta: Dzmitry Urbanovich tears through High Rollers to wrap up first major title

The EPT Special High Roller champion: Dzmitry Urbanovich At around about 5pm today, with only two players left at a rapid-fire final table of the €25,000 Special High Roller at EPT Malta, Dominik Panka stood on the rail to watch Dzmitry Urbanovich go heads up with Connor Drinan for more...more

IPT Malta: Level 16 updates (2,000/4,000/500)

7.00pm: Last three hands Mike Neuens, Hugo Lemaire, Guy Bachar, JC Alvarado and Balazs Botond are all vying for the chip lead as the players play the final three hands of the day. To find out who finished the day as chip leader, please check out the recap. 6.40pm: Last...more

IPT Malta: Leading the way to the money

With the bubble not too far away, it's becoming easier to identify the chip leaders at this point. With aroud 225 players remaining it's JC Alvarado who looks to be on top. Alvarado has over $2.2 million in cashes including a 2nd place in the €50k Super High Roller at...more

APPT9 Seoul: Nothing is impossible

If there's one thing I've learned over the past 12 months it's that nothing is impossible on the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT). Just last week, the APPT completed its third event of Season 9, Macau Poker Cup 22, and we witnessed history as Yuguang Li won the HK$80,000 High...more

IPT Malta: A round with Matthias De Meulder and Martin Jacobson

Table 15 is currently looking very tasty, Team PokerStars Pro Matthias De Meulder (125,000) and WSOP Main Event champion Martin Jacobson (190,000) are both firmly ensconced here on a seven-handed table. Seat 1: Alessi Donato Seat 2: Matthias De Meulder, Team PokerStars Pro Seat 3: Olgun Ercan Seat 4: Antonio...more

EPT11 Malta: Place your bets on the battling De Meulders

The Italian Poker Tour Main Event is down to its final 380 players. Ha! Its "final" 380. This is a monster and even though the field is still bigger than most tournament held around the world on a regular basis, it means that 900 people have already gone broke. That's...more

IPT Malta: The short but glittering reign of Berardino Palmieri

There's a rule in the British Parliament that states Members of Parliament cannot formally accuse each of being drunk. It's only been broken once in recent memory, in 1983. Back then the late Alan Clark MP, a maverick parliamentarian and diarist, arrived at the dispatch box to give a late...more

How to Bink a MicroMillions Tournament

Does this sound familiar to you? Enthusiastic anticipation - you're looking forward to that special online poker tournament that caught your eye. There'll be thousands of players, nice deep starting stacks, blind increases on the slower side and a mouth-watering guaranteed prize pool. You plan your day around it, allowing...more

EPT11 Malta: Does the first exit loosen things up?

No one wants to bust first at a final table, of that fact we can be sure. That point leads on to a second statement one often said as fact but with no real basis other than a hunch. That being that the first exit at the final table makes...more

IPT Malta: Heitmann doubles; De Meulder triples

An excellent start for Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann who won a huge flip with ace-queen against Andrea Izzo's pocket tens for a 120,000 chip pot. Heitmann has since added another 30,000 to his stack and is going rather well, sharing a table with Eureka4 Prague champion Balazs Botond. Team...more

EPT11 Malta: Daniel Dvoress at the top of the class

If you're serious about playing poker -- either as a profession or a lucrative pastime -- you cannot afford to pause for even a moment. As Fabian Quoss and Dani Stern discussed on day one of this €25,000 Special High Roller event (a conversation recorded in the standout article from...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 1B: Ruha rounds up the lead

The sun has set and the lights of Sydney's beautiful city consume the night skyline as our ANZPT players head out to enjoy a beautiful autumn evening. Another big day has come to a close at the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. When we started out this afternoon there were expectations...more

IPT Malta: Over 500 return for Day 2

There's a total of 513 players returning for Day 2 of IPT Malta today including Team PokerStars Pros Jan Heitmann (66,100) and the twins Christophe (61,600) and Matthias (18,800) De Meulder. Just 191 spots will be paid a minimum of €1,740 with €221,200 for the winner. The tournament has suffered...more

19 March

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 1B: The stars come out to play

One of the great things about coming to an ANZPT event in Sydney is how it always pulls such a star-studded field. We're not just talking locals either. It seems that this event regularly attracts international players from around the Asia-Pacific and beyond. A few may fly in especially for...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 1B: Double dare

Poker players are known for enjoying the thrill of the gamble. If there's not enough action going down on the poker table, then they'll create some side action to spice things up a bit. Sometimes it's sports betting, sometime they'll swap percentages, and other times they'll make silly prop bets...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 1B: Tollgate's wave of success

Poker is a game of such variance that with the Earth-shattering lows can sometimes come highs beyond your wildest imagination. Winning a poker tournament is not easy. But how about winning two on the very same day? How about doing it against fields of thousands of players on the biggest...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 1B: Overcoming inequalities

There's an inequality in poker. It's a problem that has been around since the modern-era boom of big-field poker tournaments. Why is the last flight of any poker tournament always the largest? It happens at the Macau Poker Cup, the Aussie Millions and even the World Series of Poker. The...more

IPT Malta: Tran leads Day 1b; Palmieri leads overall

Do Chung Tran began today as one of over 900 players hoping to make it past the first of several hurdles to what was likely to be the biggest prize in IPT history. Roughly 12 hours later, the Germa player was the chip leader of Day 1b finishing off with...more

EPT11 Malta: Connor Drinan leads final day after cruise

It has edged close to 1a.m. on this hunk of rock in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, but the news to be broadcast beyond the rugged cliffs is that the first major final table of the inaugural EPT Malta is set. A field of 88 entries (68 players; 20...more

IPT Malta: Early introductions

Earlier today it was mentioned that due to the sheer number of late entries, the floor staff had had to bring in extra yellow 1k chips from a different set due to the 900+ players who entered today. During the last break when the 25 chips were being coloured up,...more

EPT Malta: Some fox are given as Sorel Mizzi bursts epic bubble

As a general rule, the bubble period in high roller events tends not to last as long as it does in other tournaments. There are fewer players and they are more accustomed to big sums, meaning they are less focused on the significance of a min-cash. But at the €25,000...more

IPT Malta: The 100 Club

With over 600 players coming back from the dinner break, finding an indisputable chip leader at this point increases the difficulty factor, compared to a regular tournament, from "mildy tricky" to "Dark Souls 2". With that in mind, the ol' rule of thumb is being used for people with stacks...more

EPT11 Malta: You don't know who I am?

It's a bit crass but we're going to broadly categorise the 13 players who've made the money in the €25,000 High Roller into two distinct groups. It's not as extreme as household names and unknowns but broadly speaking there's one group of players who most poker fans will know and...more

EPT11 Malta: How to remain the center of attention

It's amazing what you see on your commute. We've seen the lot on the EPT. Political protests, scuffles, a failed suicide bid. We once nearly came to blows with a Monegasque taxi driver who got picky about where he wanted to drive. But none of this really compares to stumbling...more

EPT11 Malta: Mid-day update: the bubble arrives early

We're halfway through the second of three scheduled days in the €25,000 Special Added High Roller and earlier than expected we're very close to the bubble. As level 16 started - blinds 3,000/6,000 ante 1,000 just 15 players remained, 13 of whom will make the money. The average stack is...more

IPT Malta: This is a €1,000 event, right?

Mike McDonald sitting next to Steve O'Dwyer, Anton Wigg next to Dominik Nitsche. Joni Jouhkimainen across from Bryan Paris. You'd be forgiven for thinking this was part of the High Roller event but many of the players, having busted the €25,000 tournament, have decided to add to the circa 1,200...more

EPT11 Malta: How to fill a scheduled yet unscheduled break

Redraws when there are 24 players and 16 players left in EPT tournaments are part of the fabric of the rules and are in place to 'even out the luck' according to tournament staff. The theory goes that if there wasn't a complete redraw at that stage of a tournament...more

EPT11 Malta: Re-entry? No thanks

All the beans have been counted at this week's €25,000 High Roller event, and all that now remains is to determine how they are going to be spilled. The prize pool information reached us a little while ago, and here it is in easy-to-read form: Players: 68 Re-entries: 20 Total...more

IPT Malta: Heitmann making his Maltese debut

The EPT Malta festival marks Jan Heitmann's first ever trip to the island in the centre of the Mediterranean. During the last break, the ever-smiling Team PokerStars Pro took a few minutes to discuss his day so far and his plans for 2015. So, how is the tournament so far...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 1A: Jabbour has more

It's a busy season for poker in Australasia. It seems that every week there is a new tournament series popping up somewhere in the Asia-Pacific, and fresh off the back of a hugely successful Macau Poker Cup, we hopped on a plane and jetted back to Australia just in time...more

IPT Malta: When the chips are down

Like the escalators used to get between the three floors of poker, things are escalating quickly here in Malta. Over 800 players have now been registered for Day 1b, a huge number as everyone wants to get in on the action. "How long do you reckon it'll be?" asked Mike...more

After a break, the view changes

It's been a while since you heard from me, especially on the actual tables. I've been going through some family stuff and didn't have the time to play at all. I'm not one to half-ass things, so I figured a complete break would be better to get stuff done and...more

Manila Megastack 2: Bigger and better

When I first came to PokerStars LIVE Macau in 2008 the Macau Poker Cup (MPC) began with a modest 33 players in the Red Dragon main event. Six years later, that same tournament draws nearly a thousand players. The team at PokerStars LIVE Manila has plans to replicate that same...more

Chess tips for poker players

Next year's Isle of Man UKIPT stop from October 1-4 will again overlap with the PokerStars Chess International from October 2-12. I can't wait to return to the PokerStars headquarters for a week of chess, poker and getting to know staffers over beers, turbos and dramatic walks. The overlap of...more

EPT11 Malta: An opening orbit on a new day

You know when you're first into a train carriage, or on to a plane, and you look around at rows of empty seats and think, "Great, I've got it all to myself." You know when you do that, and then wait ten minutes, you'll end up thinking, "What a bloody...more

IPT Malta: An odd number of alternates

Gazooks! There's now over 700 players involved and the alternates board says "85". That seems like an awful lot, but in fact, there's only half that number waiting in line to play - the reason being that the PS Live system has become a bit, er, temperamental. I'll let tournament...more

EPT11 Malta: Coffee housing

There's something you should know about Ike Haxton. He likes coffee. A lot. Shortly after play started today he played the main role in coordinating the ordering of a round of coffees for the players at his table in the €25,000 High Roller. Before they arrived two players had lost...more

EPT11 Malta: Clock ticking on poker's "old guard"?

A high stakes poker tournament is not the first place you expect conversation to turn to career anxiety (seat and optional re-buy only €25,000). If there are players worried about their prospects in this game they're more likely to be found standing on the rail, rather than sitting on the...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 1A: Home game coolers

We're into Level 4 here on Day 1A of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event and a clear chip leader has emerged. He's a familiar face on the ANZPT, but a face we don't see as often as we once used to. It's none other than former ANZPT Adelaide champion Octavian...more

IPT Malta: Huge Day 1b field makes Malta the biggest ever IPT event

Day 1b has begun here in the Portomaso Casino with the field surpassing 650 players meaning the event is already the biggest ever for an IPT, larger than the 1,010 at IPT San Remo back in Season 6. Today the tournament is already split between two floors on levels five...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 1A: A real grinder

There's one player in the Poker Room at The Star who stands out from the other players in the ANZPT Sydney Day 1A field. Mostly because of the way his blue and purple hair shines in the dimly-lit poker room. After all, he tells us he did shampoo and blow...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 1A: Something in the air

There's something in the air tonight. We're not talking about the odours emanating from the blogging desk, but an immeasurable quality of excitement and anticipation that can't be easily defined. Most opening days of tournament have that same quality, but here in Sydney at the start of the ANZPT Main...more

18 March

EPT11 Malta: Oleksii Khoroshenin is the leader in the special added thrill-ride

The inaugural EPT Malta Poker Festival is one day old and like the greedy dreams of a billionaire's favourite daughter, everything we hoped for has come true. We knew just by looking at the promotional photographs that there would be sun and there would be a sea view, but the...more

EPT11 Malta: What do high rollers do when there's an all in?

Editor's note: this hand took place during level eight when blinds were 500/1,000 100 ante A big pot was brewing between two of the German wunderkinds. A chunky 29,000 was already in the middle and there was a complete board of K♥4♣A♠5♠9♣ on the table. Action was on Martin Finger,...more

IPT Malta: Palmieri is the happiest man in the room

There's nothing more entertaining to watch than a player who is clearly loving every single second of the day and Berardino Palmieri is definitely that man. The Italian, who has been the chip leader since the dinner break, has been fantastically animated during important hands and the very last hand...more

IPT Malta: It's good to be king

Perhaps being a chip leader has its perks? I was checking up on the chip leader Berardino Palmieri on table 1, the Italian player now has 320,000 and looks almost a lock to be the chip leader at the end of the day. Palmieri is desperate to converse with someone...more

EPT11 Malta: Bedtime for Badziakouski

We've all been there. We're in the midst of what already feels like a long day, but it's still going and we just can't keep our eyes open for another second. The eyes close, the head nods downwards, jolting us awake for the briefest second before the eyes close again,...more

IPT Malta: No change in leaders as side events begin

Berardino Palmieri continues to hold the chip lead as play heads into the final level. The Italian player, who has no live results to speak of, has 220,000 and is just ahead of Kilian Kramer - the German has 165,000 and is still in second place. Team PokerStars Pro Liv...more

IPT Malta: Questing for a chip leader

With their bellies full of food , the remaining players have returned to play out the final four levels of the day and have begun in very much in earnest. With six levels already under their belts (or in their pockets, should the trousers fit perfectly without said belts) players...more

Satellites, and the tactical advantage of a cheeseburger

The first casualty of poker success is inhibition. You rarely see a winner of anything remain shy and retiring the next time you see them. So long meekness and that timid nature, hello bright green sunglasses, a Bloody Mary, maybe even a balloon. There's something of this in the lower...more

EPT11 Malta: How on earth is Martin Jacobson good*?

*in this specific situation How is it possible that at the same time, in a four-way all in pot, one player wins the absolute maximum while the others lose the minimum? Don't be expecting this post to give a satisfactory answer to that, because I don't really know. But I've...more

Yuiko Matsukawa joins PokerStars as brand ambassador

The world's largest poker site PokerStars has announced the sponsorship of Japanese model Yuiko Matsukawa. Matsukawa will join a roster of PokerStars-sponsored celebrities including Spanish tennis superstar Rafael Nadal, Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldo, and number one poker professional Daniel Negreanu. PokerStars is committed to support the growth of poker in...more

EPT11 Malta: The deafening silence

Even when you're not looking for him your eyes are still often drawn towards Ole Schemion when gazing around a poker room. On this occasion there was a reason though, he was moving tables. That wasn't the only reason though, his attire also demanded your attention. He's dressed in the...more

Rafa takes on Selbst and more at Indian Wells

Today, Rafa Nadal will be looking to make it into the quarterfinals at Indian Wells. That is his job, after all. But over the weekend, Nadal took a little time off to battle without a racket in his hand. As Rafa readied himself for the big moments at Indian Wells,...more

EPT11 Malta: Build it and they will (probably) come

I don't think I'll be revealing many inside secrets if I say there was some trepidation inside PokerStars HQ ahead of this event. It wasn't that they thought Malta couldn't handle a European Poker Tour event (it clearly could) but there will always be apprehension at a new venture. Despite...more

IPT Malta: Botond takes early lead

The players are heading into level 6 with 370 players on the board so far with a final number still to be confirmed. The field is already fairly well-stacked with a mixture of PokerStars qualifiers and well-known pros, eaching chancing their arm in the hope of a massive payout. Eureka4...more

Highlights of the Ninth Anniversary Sunday Million, March 15, 2015


IPT Malta: Aiming for the biggest ever

Over 350 players are now involved on Day 1a, but there will need to be a big field tomorrow if it's to break IPT records. The IPT's main event buy-in has changed several times over the seven years of the tour having been €630, €700, €1,000 and €2,000 at different...more

Frosty's MicroMillions last longer

The Micro Millions is back again starting on March 19th, and once again I've got your Main Event tickets! I'll be holding last longer competitions out of my Facebook page for various events, and the winner of each last longer will score themselves a free ticket to the $22 Main...more

IPT Malta: Panka in the hunt

Level 3 has just begin with over 340 players having now entered the tournament including PokerStars sponsored player (and PCA champion) Dominik Panka. Also in their seats are EPT champions David Vamplew and Arnaud Mattern plus EPT regulars Jonathan Little, Yann Dion,Yury Gulyy, Jonas Lauck, Konstantin Puchkov as well as...more

EPT11 Malta: New stop, familiar faces

Before a player can be dealt into a hand in the €25,000 High Roller they have to go through a process that goes a bit like this. Step 1: Register. Step 2: Collect their seat assignment. Step 3: Sit down in said seat assignment, then produce identification to prove they...more

EPT11 Malta: A new dawn in the Mediterranean

Good afternoon (and/or morning) everybody and for the first time may we welcome you to EPT Malta. These are exciting times. For many years, Malta has become a bit of a go-to destination for the various professional poker players of the world. Even before the events of Black Friday made...more

ANZPT7 Sydney Day 1A: Sydney's time to shine

Season 7 of the Australia New Zealand Poker continues this week as we find ourselves in the harbour city for the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. Traditionally, Sydney has been home for some of the biggest ANZPT Main Events in the tour's history. Way back in Season 1 we saw Paren...more

IPT Malta: The EPT Malta Festival kicks off!

The EPT Malta Festival is getting underway with IPT Malta, the first event of Season 7 of the Italian Poker Tour, leading the way. This is the first time the IPT has linked up with the EPT festival and the first time the IPT has been in Malta since Season...more

17 March

Juan Manuel "proggrezive" Copani captures 3/17/15 Super Tuesday, $104K

Another Tuesday. Another big field in the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament known as the the Super Tuesday. And another tough final table with Paul "paulgees81" Volpe, Anthony "D1rtyR1v3r" Nardi, and Mateus "pimenta7" Pimenta among those making it to this week's endgame. Ultimately, however, it was Argentina's Juan Manuel "proggrezive"...more

Quest for PLO Glory: February Review

During January I played $0.01-$0.02/$0.02-$0.05 in order to learn the basics and get used to Pot-Limit Omaha. I think that it was very important because making silly mistakes at mid-stakes while I can do those at micro-stakes would be stupid... I'm not talking about mistakes where my ranges are unbalanced,...more

Monster Pot Report: Big bounce for LucKeeBalls

Activity at the very highest stakes was thin on the ground this week, but the action at the next tier was sufficiently juicy to produce some truly monstrous pots - including our biggest ever hand in terms of big blinds! First off though, the biggest pot of the week in...more

Vanuatu Cyclone Emergency Appeal launched

As you may have seen in the news, a powerful cyclone has hit the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu leaving families in desperate life-threatening situations. With winds of up to 260kph, Cyclone Pam tore across one of the poorest nations on Earth leaving thousands of families homeless, hungry and terrified...more

16 March

When a dream becomes real

I would've played poker anonymously for the rest of my life, and I could've been happy doing it. That didn't stop me from dreaming, however. I dreamt of what it would be like to get the call that I was going to become a member of Team Online. At 22-years-old,...more

Daily #50Giveaway on Instagram

If you ran a survey of the most popular words in the Oxford English dictionary then I suspect "giveaway" would be right up there. Throw in the chance to turn that freebie into thousands of dollars and you've got a pretty awesome combo. So it might pique your interest to...more

Lock it up for Nicki Vestergaard at ESPT Madrid

After a weekend of big battles, Denmark's Nicki Vestergaard has won ESPT Madrid for €106,400 after beating Spanish player Andrés Viñas head sup. Nearly 600 players from 34 countries competed in the Main Event. They fought for a prize pool worth €555,840. Vestergaard finished on top for of €106,400. 1....more

Ike's Guide to Where and What to Eat in St. Julian's

EPT Malta starts in a few days and I'm quite excited. Not only is the European Poker Tour coming to Malta, but it is coming literally to my front door, not even 5 minutes from my apartment. I'm going to get to play tons of great live poker and spend...more

A weekend that was all about big numbers, and a big win for BRAYDEN93

I just saw the first 800,000 ante in my life. I wasn't alone. At least 17,000 other people saw it too. How many chips do you think that is exactly? How many men would be required to help you push it forward prior to each deal? How many wheel barrows...more

Sunday Million: BRAYDEN93 wins 9th Anniversary event, nearly $600K; kelly_koulis 2nd, $725K after 7-way deal

Nine years of Sunday Millions -- PokerStars' $215 no-limit hold'em tournament that has long proven the most popular weekly online event around the world -- were marked this week with a special $9 million guaranteed version of the SM. The turnout was predictably huge, and after an especially long day...more

15 March

Sunday Warm-Up: pay the toll, tollgate scores $87K after three-way deal

Thanks to the overflow of players flocking to the ninth anniversary of the Sunday Million 3,494 players would pump up the prize pool to $698,800.00 for this week's Sunday Warm-Up. Our champ, tollgate, showed the practice makes perfect having been at the Sunday Warm-Up final table before and claiming $87,000.00...more

14 March

MPC22 High Roller: Yuguang Li makes it two titles in two days

Sometimes it's a difficult task for a poker blogger to communicate the emotions and meaning behind a tournament victory. Honestly, there are simply tournaments where the conclusion isn't all that riveting and even the victor isn't all that excited. Then there are those times when a result is so astonishing...more

13 March

MPC22 High Roller: Final day updates

Stephen Chidwick eliminated in 2nd place (HK$1,048,000), Yuguang Li wins... Again! Champion of the High Roller & the Red Dragon Main Event! Wow! It's all over and there is a sense of deja vu at PokerStars LIVE Macau as for the second time in two days Yuguang Li has been...more

MPC22: Give the Red Dragon trophy to China's Yuguang Li

"From the beginning of heads-up to the end, I always thought I would win," China's Yugiang Li said after being crowned the MPC22 Red Dragon champion. Li felt this confidence despite beginning heads-up with a huge chip disadvantage. And it was this self-assured attitude and an overall cool demeanour that...more

$9 million Sunday Million this Sunday

This Sunday will be one of the biggest days in Sunday Million history. In celebration of the event's 9th anniversary as the world's biggest weekly poker tournament, PokerStars is guaranteeing a $9 million prize pool with at least $1 million of that going to the winner. This is not the...more

Red Bull energy drink fuels PokerStars Live Macau

It's official! Red Bull, the world's best-selling energy drink, has become the Official Energy Drink Provider of PokerStars LIVE Macau. The iconic drink will give wings to poker players who will get complimentary cans of Red Bull when they compete in PokerStars LIVE Macau's four major main events of 2015:...more

12 March

MPC22: Final table live updates

Congratulations to Yuguang Li, winner of the MPC22 Red Dragon (HK$1,848,000)! After seven days of tough poker and 986 eliminations, China's Yuguang Li has been crowned the champion of the MPC22 Red Dragon. As per a heads-up deal with runner-up Yunye Lu, Li picked up HK$1,848,000 which includes an ACOP...more

MPC22: Introducing the final table

What started as 987 players six days ago is now just nine as the final table of the MPC22 Red Dragon Main Event has been set! The penultimate day of action saw 116 players return to the felt, all looking to fill a spot at the final table. In the...more

ZOOM strategy with Randy "nanonoko" Lew

If you want to do something special or unusual and achieve an ambitious goal that really sets you on fire when you think about it, you have to be prepared to change. Otherwise just look back at the last five years of your life and... well, expect more of the...more

ROMDOM on Sunday success and making the most of a little heart

For ROMDOM, poker, much as with life, is about getting on with things. It's about identifying what's important, what needs to be done, and doing it. To do anything different would be to simply give up. Winning an event such as the Sunday Warm-Up is some achievement. But while the...more

Highlights of the Sunday Million March 8, 2015


11 March

MPC22: Day 3 live updates

Just nine remain in contention for MPC22 Red Dragon title After a gruelling 11 hour day the final table of the MPC22 Red Dragon is set! Day 3 started with 116 hopefuls and only nine remain. Leading the way is Yunye Lu with 3,780,000 in chips. Japan's Takuya Yamashita is...more

MPC22: Lee leads after dramatic bubble day

Macau is an addict for the dramatic. Everything about the city is over the top. The lights, the buildings, the casinos, the poker, the players. This isn't a negative thing, it just happens to be eye opening for westerners who may have never experienced the craziness of the 'Vegas of...more

Debating online poker table organization

I was standing in the bathroom brushing my teeth when André shouted at me from the corridor "I think you should play stacked instead of tile!" First of all, who wants to talk about poker that early in the morning? I don't do well at any sort of conversation without...more

PokerStars statement on Italian audit

PokerStars has been working with Italian tax authorities since they launched an audit several years ago. We have operated in compliance with the applicable local tax regulations and have paid €120 million in local taxes over the period covered by the audit. Like many other global e-commerce companies, we vigorously...more

Keeping poker in the family or "Dad, what are you doing here?"

You're in a major poker tournament when you look down at your cards, find a winning hand, only to look up again and find that the player you're up against is your father. This is the scenario faced by faced by Rodrigo Quezada in the LAPT Main Event in Chile...more

MPC22: Day 2 live updates

Epic bubble ends with double elimination after 14 short-stack doubles After more than 90 minutes of hand-for-hand play the most dramatic bubble we have ever been part of has burst and with that, Day 2 of the MPC22 Red Dragon is all over. There were no less than 14 double...more

10 March

89rhino89 rolls to 3/10/15 Super Tuesday win, $90K; Somerville finishes 5th

Last week new Team PokerStars Pro Jason "jcarverpoker" Somerville noted how the Super Tuesday was going to be a "tentpole" event for him on the weekly schedule amid his 70-day marathon of streaming his play on Twitch. Just two weeks in Somerville made it all of the way to the...more

LAPT8 Chile: Oscar Alache captures second LAPT Main Event title in six months

We knew from the start of the potential for great storylines for today's final table of the Latin American Poker Tour Chile Main Event. We noted as much early on when introducing the final eight who had made it. A relatively quick six-and-a-half hours later, that potential was realized and...more

LAPT8 Chile: Teixeira terrific, takes second; Alache earns title #2

Renata Teixeira maintaned the chip lead during the first half-hour of heads-up play versus Oscar Alache as the pair kept the pots small. Two players, one trophy Then came a hand in which Alache manage to draw out a full house, aces full of fours, and earned some value with...more

LAPT8 Chile: Teixeira knocks out Venegas; heads-up with Alache for title

The pace to start Level 29 slowed somewhat, with Oscar Alache maintaining his lead, Renata Teixeira remaining second, and Javier Venegas third. Teixera used a six-high straight to beat Venegas's five-high straight to close the gap with Alache and make Venegas a shorter stack. Then came a hand in which...more

MPC22: Largest Day 1 flight sets field at 987 unique entrants

Poker tournaments around the world seem to follow the trend that the final Day 1 flight is always the largest. That is certainly true at PokerStars LIVE Macau and it was definitely the case on Day 1d of the MPC22 Red Dragon Main Event. Packed PokerStars LIVE Macau The day...more

LAPT8 Chile: Barbero busts in fourth; third-title quest thwarted

After the excitement resulting in the elimination of Justo Esquivel in fifth, the remaining four players paused proceedings to talk about a deal. Here were the counts at that point: Renata Teixeira (Brazil) -- 2,875,000 Oscar Alache (Chile) -- 2,725,000 Nacho Barbero (Argentina) -- 1,325,000 Javier Venegas (Argentina) -- 1,040,000...more

Monster Pot Report: viziato1991 tops biggest play money pots

This week saw action across all the stakes but without any stand out clashes and not necessarily in the games we've come to expect. Once again sitting at the top of the list for the week's Monster Pots is regular contributor 'viziato1991'. The Italian claimed a pot of 1.8B chips...more

LAPT8 Chile: Esquivel eliminated in fifth; Teixeira takes chip lead

The first 15 minutes of Level 28 were drama-filled as the blinds and antes have increased to a point -- 30,000/60,000 and 10,000 -- where the short stacks were forced to act. The action started just as the level began. After an Oscar Alache opening raise, Javier Venegas pushed all...more

LAPT8 Chile: Chauriye stopped in sixth; Alache still in front

Three of the five players from Chile at this final table have been eliminated, leaving two more (Oscar Alache and Justo Esquivel), two Argentinians (Javier Venegas and Nacho Barbero), and one from Brazil (Renata Teixeira). The first hand of Level 27 saw Esquivel reraise-shoving and collecting. Then in the second...more

LAPT8 Chile: Quezada crushed in seventh, Teixeira taking from table

Renata Teixeira's last name is pronounced tay-SHARE-ah. Far from sharing, though, she's taking and taking so far at today's LAPT Chile Main Event final table, and in fact has catapulted all of the way up to second position after starting the day as the table's short stack. Renata Teixeira We...more

LAPT8 Chile: Oliver ousted in eighth, Alache ascends

Cards are in the air -- and one player has already left his chair -- at the LAPT Chile Main Event final table. On just the third hand of the day, Rodrigo Oliver opened with a raise for the second time, making it 65,000 to go from under the gun....more

Give Hippodrome Theory a try as UKIPT Series returns this month

I have a theory to try out, so you might just have to indulge me for a second. I don't have a name for it yet, but it goes something like this. When it comes to picking the poker title you most want to win, it's not the EPT Grand...more

LAPT8 Chile: Meet the final eight

Welcome to the fourth and final day of the LAPT Chile Main Event. From 410 total entries just eight players remain, with one of them today destined to join LAPT Bahamas winner Josh Kay as a Season 8 LAPT champion. With five Chileans, two Argentinians, and one representative from Brazil,...more

Watch great performances all round from last weekend's Sunday Million

Somehow you can cram 7,193 players, a prize pool of more than $1.4 million, hours and hours of play, not to mention some fantastic performances, into a little more than half an hour of compelling viewing. So say the people behind, who have produced another half hour show packed...more

MPC22: Day 1D live updates

Bring on Day 2 of the MPC22 Red Dragon The fourth and final Day 1 flight of the MPC22 Red Dragon is all over! Right now all the players are bagging up chips and heading out of PokerStars LIVE Macau ready to get some rest before returning for Day 2...more

9 March

LAPT8 Chile: Fabian Chauriye carries chip lead to final table

Day 3 is done at the Latin American Poker Tour Chile Main Event, with the 32 survivors of a 410-entry field having played down to just eight, and the Chilean Fabian Chauriye the one earning the distinction as chip leader heading into the final table. Fabian Chauriye When we last...more

LAPT8 Chile: Schafer sunk, Chauriye leads final nine

Shortly after the dinner break concluded, the final 10 players in the LAPT Chile Main Event reassembled around two five-handed tables once again. Soon a hand at the feature table saw everyone fold around to Nacho Barbero who shoved from the small blind, and after some thought Oscar Alache called...more

LAPT8 Chile: Big bounce for Barbero; Quezada leads after Morbiducci exit

Another hour has passed on Day 3 of the LAPT Chile Main Event, and with it the elimination of just one player to shrink the field to 10. During Season 4 of the LAPT, Felipe Morbiducci finished fourth in the Grand Final Main Event in Sao Paulo, one of several...more

LAPT8 Chile: Schafer setting the pace with 11 left

They've played through another hour at the LAPT Chile Main Event, during which the field reduced from 15 to 11. Claudio Schafer of Chile remains the pace-setter at the moment, having maintained his stack of 1.1 million during the last level. Claudio Schafer An American living and playing online in...more

LAPT8 Chile: Luca unlucky, Reis run down; 15 left

After a wild Level 20 in which 11 players were eliminated, just two went out during Level 21 at the Latin American Poker Tour Chile Main Event. Things went relatively well for Ivan Luca early on today, with the Argentinian picking up pocket kings twice -- each instance resulting in...more

UKIPT confirms 2015 Season 5 stops

If you've been waiting for the UK & Ireland Poker Tour to lock up its 2015 Season 5 dates before planning out the rest of the year, your wait is finished. Today, the UKIPT announced the rest of its stops for this year. Here is the nitty-gritty: • Nottingham, April...more

LAPT8 Chile: A son felts a father; Venegas thriving; 17 remain

They've reached the end of Level 20 in the LAPT Chile Main Event, an hour marked by a blitzkrieg of busts -- 11 altogether in that level alone. We reported the first couple of them last post. Here's a quick rundown of how the other nine were run down. Ivan...more

Coming soon: $5 million MicroMillions 10

Skip your morning latte. Rummage in the divan for loose change. Turn your little brother upside down and see what falls out of his pockets.* Why? It's MicroMillions time. It's the biggest little tournament series in the world capped off with a $1 million guaranteed Main Event. Beginning March 19...more

LAPT8 Chile: Venegas moves near a milly as a half-dozen fall

There was just over a half-hour left in Level 19 to start Day 3, and during that time four players fell. Then two more were swiftly knocked from the feature table by leader Javier Venegas, who has increased his chip edge over the field considerably with 26 left. Javier Venegas...more

MPC22: Wu hunting second dragon on Day 1C

"It looks like we might get more than the combined entrants from Day 1a and 1b today," APPT President Danny McDonagh announced to the PokerStars LIVE Macau poker room early on Day 1c of the MPC22 Red Dragon. And oh how close McDonagh was to being correct. In the end...more

LAPT8 Chile: Working towards a final table; 32 return for Day 3

It's Monday. Time to go to work. For the 32 players still remaining from the 410-entry Latin American Poker Tour Chile Main Event field, each has put in plenty of hours already. But the most important -- and potentially rewarding -- work remains to be completed. Of those 32, Javier...more

Weekend Review: Two days of big wins and small wins

While the Sunday Million and Warm Up represent the high point of the weekend's online activities, it's often down in the foothills that you spot some of the stand out performances. So while we'll get to the Million and the Warm-Up in a moment, first a word about what else...more

8 March

Sunday Million: xKoSSSx surges, scores $215k; Gomes takes 7th

Over half a million dollars hung in the balance as tonight's final four players attempted to hammer out a deal. The final table's biggest threat, WSOP and WPT champion Alex "Allingomes" Gomes, had already been neutralized, and only 90 big blinds remained in play. An ICM chop guaranteed all four...more

MPC22: Day 1C live updates

Familiar Wu leading Day 1c of the Red Dragon Day 1c of the MPC22 Red Dragon is all over! What started as 271 entrants has now been whittled down to around 70 and it looks like Taiwanese pro Raymond Wu is going to be the end-of-day chip leader with...more

LAPT8 Chile: Javier Venegas leads final 32 to end Day 2

Day 2 of the Latin American Poker Tour Chile Main Event is done, a day that aria-like followed a fast-slow-fast structure featuring many eliminations early, a slow run up to the cash bubble bursting, and a hasty conclusion. Just 32 remain from the 139 who began the day, with Javier...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Read Only Magic, ROMDOM dominates in $80K win

Imagine opening a basket containing fermented pig feet, corn flakes, flat grape soda, and jicama and being asked to create a dessert in less than 20 minutes while playing for $10,000. Well, the $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up is not hosted by Ted Allen and does not require its contestants to...more

LAPT8 Chile: The cashouts commence

After taking more than an hour-and-a-half of playing time for those last two eliminations to come and the money bubble to burst, over the next hour there would be 16 more to fall, all of whom earned the minimum-cash of $4,440. One of the first to go was the Brazilian...more

LAPT8 Chile: That time Team PokerStars burst the bubble

Two Team PokerStars Pros entered this event -- Christian de Leon of Mexico and Andre Akkari of Brazil. When players returned from the dinner break, 57 remained, meaning after two more eliminations the money bubble would at last be burst in this 410-entry event. It would take about 40 more...more

LAPT8 Chile: Counting it down

Let us catch you up, dear reader, on what has happened since we last conferred. We travel back in time a little over an hour to pick up our narrative, left off last time as the money bubble was starting to come into view. With 10 minutes left in Level...more

LAPT8 Chile: Crushing and crashing

They're down under 70 players now -- just over a dozen eliminations away from the cash -- in the LAPT Chile Main Event, with some thriving, some just surviving, and some driving home. Both Christian de Leon and Nicolas Fierro had leading stacks earlier, but now find themselves back down...more

LAPT8 Chile: March comes in like de Leon

"It's w-a-a-a-ay more fun when you have 100 big blinds." So said Christian de Leon just now, alluding to the fact that he's built up a stack of about 240,000 -- about 120 big blinds, actually -- as the tournament nears the end of Level 13. Like a strong gust...more

LAPT8 Chile: Talking evolution and growth for the LAPT

The LAPT Player Lounge has been a busy place this week, and it saw more action prior to the start of play this morning with a special "Breakfast with the Pros" featuring food, drink, and conversation with LAPT President David Carrion and Team PokerStars Pro Christian de Leon. Tour talk...more

MPC22: Yi the lone six-figure warrior on Day 1B

Sunday. It's generally a day that people around the world see as a chance to wind down and get ready for a dreaded Monday morning and a busy working week. For 162 poker players in Macau, however, Sunday meant it was time for Day 1b of the MPC22 Red Dragon...more

LAPT8 Chile: A great way to spend International Women's Day

Around the world many nations are today observing International Women's Day. While not a national holiday here in Chile, it is nonetheless widely observed as many are taking the occasion to celebrate the ladies in their lives with appreciation and love. Four women remain part of the field here at...more

LAPT8 Chile: 139 return for Day 2 with Fierro in first

Today marked the beginning of Daylight Savings Time in various locations around the world, and so for many, having to "spring forward" an hour perhaps introduced a feeling of losing something. But after observing DST for many years, Chile abolished it this year, meaning all of the clocks stayed right...more

7 March

MPC22: Day 1B live updates

10:50pm: Day 1b done with Min looking the leader Day 1b of the MPC22 Red Dragon Main Event is done! After 11 levels of play it looks like just under 50 players have secured a Day 2 berth. These players will now have a couple of days off before returning...more

LAPT8 Chile: Felipe Costa collects most on Day 1B; Fierro leads overall

A second and final Day 1 flight has safely landed, and after 10 one-hour levels of poker Felipe Costa of Brazil appears to have bagged the most chips of those flying Day 1B. Costa finished with 142,700, the best of today's group although Day 1A leader Nicholas Fierro will start...more

LAPT8 Chile: One from 410

Late registration has ended, as has any final opportunities for players to reenter the LAPT Chile Main Event. Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari was one of the last to reenter just before dinner, having lost his initial stack just before. Counting a few no-shows, there were 255 entries total today,...more

LAPT8 Chile: While the home country defends, Argentina's at it again

During the first seven seasons of the Latin American Poker Tour, Chile produced four Main Event champions. Alex Manzano was the first, winning in Sao Paulo at the start of Season 4. Alirio Diaz followed him to the winner's circle after winning here in Viña del Mar at the beginning...more

LAPT8 Chile: Caution the word

The pace has been notably slower today compared to yesterday. There's a larger field for this second and last of the Day 1 flights, but we've seen fewer bustouts and reentries and no super-sized stacks as yet. The buy-in for LAPT Main Events is larger this year ($2,500) compared to...more

LAPT8 Chile: Fun and games on the side

Yesterday we shared how a celebrity cash game running alongside the Main Event had added a little something extra to the usual proceedings for an LAPT. There are other side attractions continuing today and throughout the five days of the Main Event and 12 side events. This afternoon Intellipoker, PokerStars'...more

MPC22: Dutch Danny dominates Day 1A

All great stories must have a beginning and on Saturday the latest Macau poker saga kicked off with the first of four Day 1 flights of the MPC22: Red Dragon Main Event. In the end there were 110 total players who ponied up the HK$12,000 (~US$1,550) buy-in to take part...more

LAPT8 Chile: A day of great expectations

Level 3 of Day 1B began with 179 entries thus far for today's second and final Day 1 flight, already ahead of the 155 of yesterday. Late registration remains open through the dinner break and the start of Level 7, and so we fully expect the overall field size to...more

LAPT8 Chile: Mountains and tunnels, chips and cards

You fly to Santiago first, located just about at the center of the long, narrow coastal strip that is Chile. Then you travel by car westward to get to Viña del Mar, a trip of about an hour-and-a-half. Chile's capital sits in a valley, meaning the ride takes you through...more

LAPT8 Chile: Chasing Fierro on Day 1B

Newcomers to the coastal city of Viña del Mar are greeted with a variety of agreeable sights and sounds, with the seafood-centered cuisine adding still more considerable pleasures to the palate. Spending time outdoors is highly recommended, especially when the temperatures are mild as they have been thus far this...more

MPC22: Day 1A live updates

1:50am: Day 1a over with Danny van Zijp likely leader After 11 levels, Day 1a of the MPC22: Red Dragon Main Event is all over! Approximately 25 players have made it through the night and it looks like Danny van Zijp is the chip leader with a 137,500 stack. We...more

6 March

LAPT8 Chile: Nicolas Fierro fires in front to conclude Day 1A

That sun we were enjoying about 12 hours ago has long disappeared, replaced by a clear, star-dotted sky and a pleasant cool. During the interim 10 one-hour levels' worth of tournament poker have played out here on the third floor of the Enjoy Viña del Mar casino, completing Day 1A...more

LAPT8 Chile: More of what we saw

It's getting late. Main Event players are just returning from what will be the final break of the day, with 78 of the day's 155 entrants still with chips to try to continue the battle for the night's final two levels. Among the group not returning to finish out Day...more

LAPT8 Chile: Fearsome foes among the fellows

Dinner is over, and with the start of Level 7 there'll be no más re-entradas today. Tomorrow's Day 1B, however, offers continued hope for those who subsequently bust. Shortly after players returned, a table broke scattering a handful around the tournament area, among them Ariel "ArielBahia" Celestino who carried a...more

LAPT8 Chile: Tracking the travails of Team Try-Try Again

Like all LAPT Main Events, this one allows reentries, meaning those who fall prior to the start of Level 7 can buy back in today if they wish, with tomorrow's Day 1B an option as well. We've seen many players get felted already during the first five-and-a-half hours of play....more

LAPT8 Chile: Celebrities cashing in

Common poker wisdom describes the early pre-ante levels of a tournament as playing "like a cash game." Indeed, here in Level 4 the antes have just been introduced, but the stacks remain relatively deep with the average above 100 big blinds at the moment. That said, there's more poker being...more

EPT Deauville web exclusive

What? You missed the EPT Live broadcast? What? You want to watch everything that happened condensed to one exciting hour? As it happens, we have just that. Let's celebrate with a high kick! That's Joseph Carlino, one of the final table players at the 2015 EPT Deauville Main Event. He...more

LAPT8 Chile: Rodrigo Garrido gathering (again)

Just a few weeks ago I was almost 4,800 miles (about 7,800 km) from where I am today. I was sitting behind my computer, watching the Sunday Million play out and a player named "rportaleoni" top a field of 6,658 to win the tournament and a $166,746.41 first prize. With...more

LAPT8 Chile: Lots of choices for players in Chile

Cards are in the air and players are still arriving as the first level of Day 1A of the LAPT8 Chile Main Event gets started. Among those already taking hands are several familiar faces, including last year's LAPT7 Peru champion Oscar Alache, 2014 WSOP Main Event November Niner and eighth-place...more

LAPT8 Chile: It's almost time! Day 1A awaits

It's March. The sun is out. The flowers are growing. And we've returned once again to la Ciudad Jardín -- the Garden City -- a.k.a. beautiful Viña del Mar, Chile, where Season 8 of the Latin American Poker Tour continues today. Time for poker! The LAPT got a head start...more

MPC22: Firing up for more Red Dragon records

Each and every year the team at PokerStars LIVE Macau make bold claims about it being the 'biggest year yet' or say things like 'this next Red Dragon will feature the largest field in the event's history'. It's easy to think this is simply the rhetoric a company doing the...more

Bonus Cut: Selbst vs. Shak (rinse, and repeat)

Over the past few years Dan Shak and Vanessa Selbst have been involved in some classic confrontations. As Selbst herself put it, the pair of them have a history of playing big pots against each other, and in the latest Bonus Cut from, you can watch a couple of...more

LAPT and Estrellas Poker Tours return to action this weekend

The weeks fly by. Just as you begin to chew on the anguish you felt after last week's Sunday Majors (I mean, how could he call?!) another schedule of events comes along to make you think big again. We wouldn't have it any other way. What's more this weekend is...more

5 March

Team Online and your part in the Ninth Anniversary Sunday Million

If you were on twitter earlier you might have noticed something a bit weird. Members of Team Online were all over it, racing each other to give away large chunks of their winnings--albeit notional winnings. They were apparently unable to restrain themselves, promising to give away anything they won in...more

Dazzling the pros with my bluffing skills

Today wasn't the first time I'd sat down at a poker table with KidPoker, Liv Boeree, Moneymaker, ElkY and Jason Mercier. Despite that, I was only too aware of the slight tremble in my hands and a light film of perspiration forming on my brow. I wondered how on earth...more

Episode 5 of the EPT10 Monaco Main Event


Monster Pot Report: The 10mil/20mil game

It was always going to be a matter of time before one of the Billionaire Club elite Play Money players stepped up to take on the new 10M/20M game, and after a few weeks of quiet we finally saw two brave high stakes warriors take the plunge. There are very...more

Bredthauer and Salter among those featured in episode 5 of EPT Monaco

When we first met Sebastian Bredthauer he was the scruffy haired young man from Germany, in Monaco on Frequent Player Points, reaching the money in his first live poker tournament. A few days later he was in the last 24 players. His girlfriend had flown into town, as had his...more

4 March

Grab your headphones for EPT Not Live podcast

We're here today to recognize something that doesn't get talked about enough in our society: EPT Live Withdrawal Syndrome. Symptoms include staring forlornly at your blank computer screen, singing "Everyone Loves a Chop Pot" in the shower, and buying a monkey with a stubbly beard and naming him "Stapes." It...more

From zero-to-Supernova Elite in 52 days: Quadchrazs on how it's done

On the face of it Martijn "'Quadchrazs" Ardon's record breaking status as a Supernova Elite is spectacular enough. But according to the man himself, it wasn't his plan to set the record on 21 February. No sir. According to Ardon, he was a week late. "I intended to reach it...more

The Teacher: Not just another basement kid story

I remember the day when I got told that Ryan Firpo and his crew would be coming over to my place to start recording my Team Online Short film. It was a very weird feeling, to say the least. Years before I joined Team Pro Online, I watched those little...more

Familiar names return to the top of Yearly TLB

Two months in and there's already drama at the top of the Tournament Leader Board. It's amazing what changes in a few numbers on a spreadsheet will do to illicit excitement. Not to mention a username. Combining both of those this month is ismo who shot back up into first...more

3 March

Sebastian "p0cket00" Sikorski earns third Super Tuesday win, $93K after deal (3/3/15)

"That's a tentpole of the schedule... I'll be in there every week for sure." So reported Jason Somerville yesterday afternoon while referring to the Super Tuesday, PokerStars' weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament that routinely attracts fields of 500-600 or more to create huge prize pools and (often) six-figure scores for...more

Highlights of the Sunday Million March 1, 2015


Watch Highlights of this past weekend's Sunday Million

We already know the results, but it's still fun to watch the final table replay of the Sunday Million to fill in all the gaps and get an idea just how the latter stages of the biggest online event of the week panned out. This week Joe Stapleton took on...more

Another evolutionary step

"He's a one-trick pony - one trick is all that horse can do. He does one trick only - it's the principal source of his revenue." - Paul Simon It can be pretty seductive to have one trick that you do very well. You've got that one trick down, do...more

2 March

Up to $500 prize pool in Retweet Freeroll

Many of you may have noticed that we have a rather costly habit of giving things away via our social media platforms. Well, we're at it again. On the first Saturday of every month we'll be hosting a brand new tournament, and the best news is that it won't cost...more

Weekend Review: Award winners and tournament winners

What with Jason Somerville joining Team PokerStars, and the news out of Beverly Hills that three members of the PokerStars family had won awards at the American Poker Awards, there was already plenty to read about over the weekend even before the Sunday Majors kicked off. But kick off they...more

MPC22: Eric Fung wins Baby Dragon

'PokerStars LIVE Macau' kicked off Macau Poker Cup 22 this past weekend and completed three of the sixteen Official Asia Player of the Year events on the 17-day schedule. Those three events drew totals of 740 players and awarded HK$2,381,108 in prize money. "It's a solid start and the numbers...more

Sunday Million: NHalabardzie nabs title, earns $192,500 for win

As usual, this week's Sunday Million was a marathon of a tournament, lasting more than 12 hours as another huge field of 6,809 worked all of the way down to a single player holding all of the chips at the end. And also as usual, it was punctuated by an...more

1 March

Sunday Warm-Up: Didn't get rivered, dntrvrmplz wins $83K after two-way chop

The wind was stiff and cold but for the first time in two weeks it was tame enough to enjoy a leisurely run outside for your frozen reporter. The last mile made the legs work twice as hard sprinting directly into the gust. But, like the players competing for the...more

Eureka5 Rozvadov: Raphel Wimmer becomes Austria's first tour champion

The first stop of the fifth season of the Eureka Poker Tour came to a conclusion this evening in the King's Casino, Rozvadov. After eight days of poker action, Austria crowned their first Main Event champion on the tour. Raphel Wimmer defeated six opponents on the day to claim the...more

Eureka5 Rozvadov Final Day: Level 33 & 34 (150,0000/300,000, 50,000)

9:40pm: Josef Pavelka eliminated in 2nd place (€50,646); Raphel Wimmer wins Eureka5 Rozvadov (€99,685) Winner Wimmer chicken dinner for Raphel after he eliminated Josef Pavelka to take the title and €99,685. Wimmer opened to 600,000 from the button and quickly called all in after Pavelka shoved for 5.35 million from...more

Jason Somerville begins 70 days of streaming on Twitch

Today, PokerStars' newest Team Pro, Jason Somerville, will begin a campaign unlike most you have ever seen. For the next 70 days, he'll be streaming his play for an average of four hours a day on Twitch. If you noticed a ripple of excitement around these parts, you now know...more

Eureka5 Rozvadov Final Day: Level 29 - 32 (100,0000/200,000, 25,000)

7:15pm: Break time The players are on a 15-minute break. Next level updates will appear in a new post, found here. 7:15pm: Blasko's turn to double Marek Blasko has doubled up to 2.935 million through Ruben Pleijster, who didn't hold on to those newly won chips very long. Blasko moved...more