April 2015

30 April

FPS Monaco: Frederik Treusch tops huge Day 1B field, carries lead to Day 2

Day 1B is done, and they've bagged and tagged in the France Poker Series Monaco Main Event at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final. An enormous turnout of 728 today caused the total field to balloon to 993. From those who came today 229 made it through to tomorrow's...more

FPS Monaco: Dion, Boeree, Kalfon out; Day 1B nearing close

The Day 1B field has shrunk to less than 300 now in the France Poker Series Main Event as they near the end Level 11 -- just one more 45-minute level to go and play will complete. Since dinner we've seen more than 100 more players fall from the ranks...more

EPT11 Grand Final: Million dollar man Igor Kurganov heads biggest field in biggest game

Igor Kurganov: Leading the Super High Rollers There aren't many tournaments in world poker that cost €100,000 to enter. In fact, the Super High Roller event, which now traditionally kicks off the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final, is pretty much alone with that buy-in in that currency. But true...more

EPT11 Grand Final: How things change (or don't)

This is the 11th grand Final festival and much has changed in that time. If you hadn't been here ince season one you'd hardly recognise the place. For one thing the tournament room used to be the smaller hall, where the cash games now take place. Oh, and there are...more

FPS Monaco: The tale of the tally, and Attia still on top

The dinner break has come and gone here on Day 1B of the France Poker Series Monaco Main Event. Official numbers are in regarding registrants -- with 728 playing today added to Day 1A's 265, the total field is 993 players. That's 156 more than the 837 who played FPS...more

EPT11 Grand Final: Anthony Zinno: The man with the momentum

Anthony Zinno: On the heater of a lifetime About 18 months ago, Anthony Zinno was a mid to high stakes tournament grinder still at the beginning of what he hoped would be a profitable poker career. He had studied law and passed the bar exam at Suffolk Law School in...more

EPT11 Grand Final: Mid-day update, beginners luck for George Danzer

We mentioned earlier in a piece about Max Silver that there were a number of players making their EPT Super High Roller débuts today. One of those first timers is Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer. The German isn't exactly a novice when it comes to playing big buy-in events of...more

EPT11 Grand Final: Food for thought in the Super High Roller

It's more of a curiosity than an attraction, but one of the things that stays with you after a trip to the Grand Final if the experience of buying lunch. Specifically the price list, which can convince the first-timer - wrongly - that they're buying a small bakery, rather than...more

FPS Monaco: Who's up, who's down, who's out

They've moved into Level 8 at the France Poker Series Monaco Main Event, meaning they are more than halfway through the 12 scheduled 45-minute levels. While late registration is now closed, the total number of players for Day 1B has now settled at 728 although we still await official numbers....more

EPT11 Grand Final: How many times is too many?

The answer to the question, like most riddles in poker, is it depends. When it comes to any sort of criminal activity (not necessarily poker related) the answer would almost always be one, but Martin Kabrhel's only crime during a big pot he played against Dan Smith was having a...more

FPS Monaco: Ships and chips

From our perch on an upper floor here in the Monte Carlo Bay Resort and Hotel we enjoy a spectacular view of the Mediterranean. In the distance cruise ships pass slowly over the sunkissed waves, easy to track on this gorgeous, clear day. With a modest 265 taking part on...more

How do you start playing poker?

I am sure all of the Team Pro players got that question a lot: how do you start playing poker? Which game to choose, how much money to deposit, how to learn the strategies? Well, one thing I know for sure - it's so, so, so much easier to get...more

FPS Monaco: Midday, and the stars are out

We mentioned how the cash game area has been repurposed for now so as to accommodate the ever swelling France Poker Series Main Event field. A number of familiar faces are among those seated at those tables, including many EPT stars who have come out this afternoon, having chosen this...more

EPT11 Grand Final: #EPTLive - here all week.

For those of you who prefer your coverage to be visual rather than written, or even if you just like a decent mix of the two, then you'll be glad to know that the #EPTLive coverage starts today. No waiting until Day 2 of the Main Event here, no Sir!...more

EPT11 Grand Final: Never say never

The number of people who make up the player pool of the Super High Roller tournaments is fairly compact. This event garnered 62 runners last year (52 unique entries) whilst the equivalent event at this season's PCA attracted 46 unique entries. So when someone new enters the fray those who've...more

FPS Monaco: Already swell group continues to swell

As anticipated, Day 1B of the France Poker Series Monaco Main Event is drawing a bigger group than the 265 who came out for yesterday's Day 1A. Much bigger, making it so we can't reasonably suggest we've taken a "quick" tour around the players anymore, as more and more show...more

EPT11 Grand Final: Phil Ivey is here, early, and ready to play

Whenever Phil Ivey's name appears on a list of tournament attendees, two thoughts flash through reporters' minds. The first is: "Excellent. Our traffic is going to go through the roof." The second is: "Yeah, but will he actually show up?" Ivey's name has duly appeared on the list of players...more

FPS Monaco: Big field, defending champ Nesterenko expected for Day 1B

The tournament room is filling up once more here at the Monte Carlo Bay Resort and Hotel as the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final series rolls forward with another slate of side event action. While the start of the €100,000 Super High Roller grabs much attention, most of those...more

EPT11 Grand Final: The richest game in the richest town

It is not yet the end of April, but for anyone involved in the world of poker, summer always begins at around this time. This morning, a large number of poker players, followers, staff and reporters woke up to the sound of waves crashing on to beaches and sun spearing...more

29 April

FPS Monaco: Valeriu Coca races to lead Day 1A; Deadman, MacPhee contending

They have bagged and tagged after a whirlwind Day 1A at the France Poker Series Monaco Main Event, one of several events helping kick off today's first full day of action of the EPT Season 11 concluding PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final series. A total of 265 came out...more

FPS Monaco: Brito, Camitsis, and Deadman charge ahead

Players are back from tonight's dinner break and back in their seats for the final three 45-minute levels of Day 1A of the France Poker Series Main Event. A total of 265 began play today, from which less than 150 are left Joao Brito returns from dinner as the apparent...more

Monster Pot Report: Small ball? What's small ball?

We kick off this week with another Monster Pot Record - the biggest ever hand played at the 2.5M/5M stakes. The hand was played heads-up between hippie Ibiza and, predictably for regular readers, viziato1991. Looking at the hand in isolation it seems clear that the two players had been playing...more

FPS Monaco: Racing from scene to scene

They're down to 166 from the France Poker Series Main Event Day 1A starting field of 265 as the dinner break approaches at the end of Level 9. As we've been noting there's a lot else happening here at the Monte Carlo Bay Resort and Hotel as the PokerStars and...more

FPS Monaco: Chasing chips from China

While most of the 265 who registered for Day 1A of the France Poker Series unsurprisingly hail from European countries, players from all over the globe are helping make up today's field. They've come from Latvia and Lebanon, from Ukraine and Uruguay, and all points in between. They've now reached...more

FPS Monaco: A promenade of players

Day 1A of the France Poker Series Monaco Main Event proceeds apace, along with a lot of other activity here at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final series. The FPS Main Event just reached the end of Level 4 and immediately careened into Level 5, marking the end of...more

FPS Monaco: Early calm disrupted by thunderously genius call

We're in scene-setting mode here at the France Poker Series Monaco Main Event, the highlight of this first full day of play for the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final series. We pass through the cash game room on our way to where the tournaments will be playing out this...more

FPS Monaco: EPT11 Grand Final kicks off with France Poker Series Main Event

Bonjour and welcome to the beginning of the end... the start of the finish... le début de la fin. The PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final series is here, the final destination of Season 11 of the European Poker Tour! It's a packed festival, with no less than 78 events...more

28 April

Bernardo "bedias" Dias tops stacked final for $95K Super Tuesday win

Stacked final tables aren't particularly rare in the Super Tuesday. Thanks to its $1,050 buy-in and $400,000 guaranteed prize pool, it always attracts a robust field of skilled players from around the world. Those conditions don't necessarily guarantee heavyweight showdowns at the final table, but they certainly do create the...more

Man takes minutes to become mobile millionaire

So, you've got a few minutes before the laundry will be dry. Maybe you're killing some time while your dinner heats up. Maybe you're like Poland's "bladsonpoker" who logged on to his PokerStars Mobile app to play a $4.40 tournament and decided to have a go at a Spin &...more

How far can Panka go? Watch highlights of EPT11 Barcelona

Four days in and the money bubble has burst, but having gone from the central pre-occupation of those trying to survive it, it is now a distant memory. For who really cares about a min-cash when an EPT final table is edging closer and closer. That's the theme of this...more

Help the people of Nepal now

The people of Nepal are in trouble and we want your help. On behalf of PokerStars, Full Tilt and Amaya, the Helping Hands corporate giving programme is calling out to the poker community to support the relief operations. We will double your donation. Give a dollar and we'll make it...more

27 April

3Double3D goes back-to-back in the Sunday Billion

If you run the numbers then it would happen roughly once every 40 years. With an average of 900 players per week, and the winner returning to defend the title 40 per cent of the time, that's how long it ought to take for a player to win the Sunday...more

Weekend Review: Headliner Aggro Santos making it look easy

I don't have a favourite poker player as such, but I do like it when the good ones win something. So this morning it was a great moment to see that Aggro Santos had taken down the Sunday Million, and a bulging first prize of $194,000. I last spoke to...more

The Bonus Cut - Stand-up Stapes


ACOP Platinum Series VIII

The 'PokerStars LIVE Macau' poker room was established back in 2008 yet no local player has managed to win a Main Event in six-plus years. That all changed this past weekend when Macau's Sam Cheong became the official winner of the ACOP Platinum Series VIII Main Event. The 32-year old...more

26 April

Two-time WCOOP champ Scott "Aggro Santos" Margereson conquers the Million, banks $194k

Last fall, Scott "Aggro Santos" Margereson managed quite a feat in winning two WCOOP bracelets inside of a three-day period. As Stephen Bartley reported then, Margereson was only a few years removed from washing dishes in a restaurant when the combined $351,000 score jumpstarted his online MTT career and threw...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Top cat, tom0202 takes down title after three-way chop

Nearly an hour and a half before the final hand of the $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up one card would have changed the title of this recap. A small stack that was about to perish before the spotlights of the final table but instead became Sunday Major champion. After a three-way...more

24 April

Change of venue for LAPT Panama

The third stop of LAPT Season 8 will be held at the Sortis Hotel Spa & Casino in Panama City, Panama, from May 8 to May 12, PokerStars, an Amaya Inc. (TSX: AYA) company, announced today. The event will be held at the highly regarded Sortis Hotel, which is just...more

Thanks for 10 years of the PokerStars Blog

On this very day in 2005, I hit publish on the very first PokerStars Blog post, an introduction of the idea that an online poker site could cover poker news every day and that PokerStars would be the first to do it. It could've failed miserably, and it might have...more

All-in with Nanonoko

Think of a play you made at the poker table recently. You were in one of those spots where you had several options on how to handle it. You gathered the available information, weighed it all up, made your decision and played the hand. Let's say it produced the desired...more

Still shaking, CccpVodka on his Spin & Go million

This week PokerStars made someone a millionaire. Needless to say they made that same man a very happy millionaire. Actually, he's still shaking. CccpVodka, or Alexander as he's known in the real world, thought he was sitting down to a regular Spin & Go on Wednesday, playing one last game...more

What's next for the PokerStars Blog?

This week, we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the PokerStars Blog with a series of articles looking back on the blog's history and the people who make it what it has become. It's a curious thing. When you're working at an EPT for the PokerStars Blog you don't often...more

23 April

Confessions, deleted scenes, & the stories we couldn't tell

This week, we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the PokerStars Blog with a series of articles looking back on the blog's history and the people who make it what it has become. I had forgotten to pack socks. And underwear.1 So, on Day 1 of the event in Nuevo...more

The posts you never got to read

Editor's note: This week, we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the PokerStars Blog with a series of articles looking back on the blog's history and the people who make it what it has become. In this case, Howard Swains looks into the articles we wrote but never published. One...more

All in the family

This week, we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the PokerStars Blog with a series of articles looking back on the blog's history and the people who make it what it has become. In November 2011, I was in a smoky card room in Macau when I learned my dad...more

Russian player CccpVodka hits the jackpot in $1 Million Spin & Go

If you were reading the Blog yesterday you might have read of a handful of players who are within touching distance of becoming millionaires, thanks to the "PokerStars Makes Millionaires" promotion. Well, it seems overnight one player from Russia leap-frogged all of them, hitting the jackpot by winning a $1...more

Monster Pot Report: All the week's biggest Play Money hands

Before we get started, a quick hat tip should go to Lucky_Bet888 from Sweden, who entered the fray of the Billionaire Club World Rankings at #1 this week. There were good weeks for the chasing pack as both uhjustmint and Dash_Lane crossed the 18 billion barrier, but both will have...more

22 April

The day Ruthenberg ruled the world

Editor's note: Robin Scherr was among the first bloggers PokerStars hired to write for non-English-speaking audiences. He has remained Germany's chief blogger ever since. He was among the first to witness and write about the national pride that went along with winning a major event. Early in 2007 I finished...more

PokerStars Making Millionaires

They're usernames you might not know now, but thanks to PokerStars Makes Millionaires, they could become a whole lot more memorable in the coming weeks. We refer to the gorwing list of players getting closer to a possible seven figure payday, all part of our campaign to turn at least...more

Book your ticket to the PokerStars VIP Club

You might have noticed that our PokerStars VIP Club events are not exactly run-of-the-mill things., and wherever they are held they're a celebration of the poker community, using the traditional devices of indulgence and fun, from start to finish. We don't really do ordinary. And so we have another VIP...more

Ripples: Taking the PokerStars Blog to points unknown

This week, we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the PokerStars Blog with a series of articles looking back on the blog's history and the people who make it what it has become. On a pleasant day not too many years ago, we deplaned in Buenos Aires and found a...more

Sergio "trujustrus" Cabrera snags second Super Tuesday win, $103K (4/21/15)

We're used to seeing familiar usernames among those at the end of the Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament at PokerStars that routinely draws online poker's best and brightest. Winners often tend to reappear at final tables, with some managing to capture multiple titles. This week saw just...more

21 April


Editor's note: One of the most tricky parts of working for the PokerStars Blog is walking the delicate line between reporting the news and maintaining the site that serves as PokerStars' voice to the world. Our goal here has always been to be the best of both of those thing....more

Dmitri Nobles and the accidental rabbit's foot

Editor's note: Over the ten years we have spent watching lives change, we have developed relationships and friendships with a great many players. All along, we have done our very best to remain objective and never, ever become part of the story. Sometimes, however, it was both involuntary and unavoidable....more

Standing on the fault line

This week, we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the PokerStars Blog with a series of articles looking back on the blog's history and the people who make it what it has become. Tim Fiorvanti's dice--and make no mistake, the dice may have been the property of the Mohegan Sun,...more

Watch highlights of the latest Sunday Million

Another Sunday and another edition of the Sunday Million, which you can now watch with extended highlights, presented by Joe Stapleton, now available on PokerStars.tv. Typical for the Sunday Million a big field was in place, creating a prize pool of more than $1.3 million. It also included some experienced...more

20 April

It's about the story, stupid

Editor's note: Rick Dacey served as a PokerStars Blog freelance and staff writer for many years before climbing up to a seat in the corporate office. Having now seen the PokerStars Blog's efforts through the eyes of a freelancer, staff grunt, and corporate suit, Dacey seemed well-suited to consider the...more

The best story the PokerStars Blog ever published

This week, we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the PokerStars Blog with a series of articles looking back on the blog's history and the people who make it what it has become. July 17, 2010 was a Saturday, and we knew it was going to be a long one....more

The PokerStars Blog's eyes

This week, we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the PokerStars Blog with a series of articles looking back on the blog's history and the people who make it what it has become. The best of them are ninjas, clad in black, skulking on the perimeter waiting to shoot you....more

Weekend Review: CaptainGant bosses Million while Sunday Storm turns 4

It must be an odd sensation to win a Sunday Million, not just for the sense of achievement, and the rapture that comes with it, but doing so at an hour of the morning usually endured after a night's sleep, not a night of playing online. Is victory followed by...more

Episode 4 of EPT11 Barcelona Main Event


Sunday Million: CaptainGant steers way to victory, nearly $138K after four-way deal

Germany was well represented at the final table of this week's Sunday Million with three players, while Russia also had two among the final nine. Near the end, however, it appeared Ukraine's **Geka**555 might be the one earning the victory in the $215 no-limit hold'em event. But late-night chip swings...more

19 April

Sunday Warm-Up: OtB_RedBaron flies through field winning $89K

For a while during this week's Sunday Warm-Up, it looked like Joe Cada would dominate the headlines adding a Sunday Major win to his impressive list of accomplishments including a second World Series of Poker bracelet just last year. However, OtB_RedBaron could do no wrong taking out Cada and outlasting...more

PokerStars Qualifier Sam Mitten-Laurence wins UKIPT5 Nottingham and £182,000

UKIPT Nottingham Champion Sam Mitten-Laurence When the final 37 players returned to play to a winner at noon today at Dusk Till Dawn the title could've been won by a former UKIPT winner, a UKIPT leader board winner, three players who had previously final tabled a UKIPT or any of...more

UKIPT5 Nottingham Day 3: Level 28-31 updates (100,000/200,000 ante 30,000)

12:45am: It's all over - Sam Mitten-Laurence wins UKIPT5 Nottingham for £182,000 After a very short heads up battle, we have a winner: PokerStars Qualifier Sam Mitten-Laurence. The final hand played out as follows: Mitten-Laurence raised to 700,000 and it was three-bet by Trevor Pearson to 1,200,000. Mitten-Laurence quickly announced...more

UKIPT5 Nottingham: Final table profiles

Seat 1: Krzysztof Jacyk, Poland, PokerStars Qualifier - 2,830,000 Krzysztof Jacyk Krzysztof Jacyk, 28, has been playing poker for about five years, professionally for the last two. He plays mostly online tournaments, specialising in satellites, and it's no surprise that his entry into the UKIPT Nottingham Main Event came with...more

UKIPT5 Nottingham Day 3: Level 22-27 updates (40,000/80,000 ante 10,000)

What are you doing here? All the cool kids are following the final table updates here. 8:10pm: Adam Kossew eliminated in 9th place (£13,540) The official final table of eight is now set and its Adam Kossew who's gone in ninth place. Luke Perrott opened from under-the-gun, Kossew shoved for...more

18 April

UKIPT5 Nottingham: David Clarkson shifts into top gear to lead final 37

David Clarkson has the overnight chip lead We often refer to Day 2 of a UKIPT as moving day and the reasons for this can be summed up in one word - maths. Depending on how many levels you play on Day 1 around 45-55% of the field will advance...more

UKIPT5 Nottingham Day 2: level 17-21 updates (8,000/16,000 ante 2,000)

12:45am: Day 2 is done It's all over here on Day 2 and chips are being bagged as we speak. We'll be back shortly with a full round-up of all the day's action, including the chip leaders going into the third and final day tomorrow. --JS 12:38am: Last three hands...more

UKIPT5 Nottingham Day 2: Level 11-16 updates (2,500/5,000 ante 500)

6:25pm: Dinner break The remaining players are now taking a well-earned dinner break. We'll be back in an hour with a new post covering updates from Level 17-21. 6:20pm: What a way to survive A very entertaining hand just took place over on Charlie Combes' table. Kestutis Kristapaitis made a...more

17 April

Remi Wyrzykiewicz reigns on Day 1D of UKIPT5 Nottingham

Remi 'ctrl+c' Wyrzykiewicz finished top of the chip charts Whilst no poker day is alike their pattern is somewhat formulaic and set in stone. The blinds rise, players depart and someone ends the day as chip leader having accumulated significantly more than what they started with. But whilst today was...more

UKIPT5 Nottingham: Day 1D level 7-10 updates (600/1,200 ante 200)

8:40pm: After four long Day 1s, it's time for Day 2 Day 1D is now in the books. 214 players survived the ten-levels of play and will return tomorrow for Day 2 of the UKIPT5 Nottingham main event. We'll be back with a full round-up of the day's events shortly,...more

Dominik Panka explains an ill-timed bluff

No one is going to say Dominik Panka is a bad player (and for those who might say such a thing, please tell me about that seaside real estate you have for sale just outside Las Vegas). That doesn't mean Panka doesn't make mistakes. Back during EPT Barcelona, he sat...more

As far as Storms go, there's a good one this weekend

The weekend is upon us, which means it's time to open the enormous ledger to see what we can offer you this weekend by way of encouragement. For some, simple vengeance is all it takes to get motivated, revenge on the Gods who, for whatever reason decided last Sunday was...more

UKIPT5 Nottingham Day 1D: Level 1-6 updates (250/500 ante 50)

5pm: Break time That's the end of level six, players can still re-enter during the break but as soon as level seven starts late registration will close. You'll find updates from level seven (and beyond) in a new post shortly. -- NW 4:55pm: The luck of the Irish Guy just...more

Join us to celebrate ten years of the PokerStars Blog

It's hard to believe it, but our baby blog is all grown up. Next Friday is the tenth anniversary of the PokerStars Blog. If you can believe it, we started way back on April 24, 2005, with a short post by Brad Willis outlining our plans to bring the PokerStars...more

16 April

UKIPT5 Nottingham: Alex Harriman climbs highest; leads after Day 1C

You could tell within 10 seconds of stepping inside the confines of Dusk Till Dawn that today was going to be a busy day. Some 30 minutes before play began the place was already bustling with expectant poker players eager to take their shot at the £1,000,000 guaranteed UKIPT5 Nottingham...more

UKIPT5 Nottingham Day 1C: Level 7-10 updates (600/1,200 ante 200)

8:45pm: That's Day 1C in the bag Play has ended, chips have been bagged, and many players are now enjoying a well-earned pint after ten levels of play. 109 players have survived to make it through to Day 2 on Saturday - a full round up of today's action will...more

Pura Vida

One of my favourite aspects of playing poker for a living is freedom. I can manage my own schedule, set my own goals, and go on vacation whenever I want. Since I became a professional poker player less than two years ago I have traveled more than in my whole...more

UKIPT5 Nottingham Day 1C: Level 1-6 updates (250/500 ante 50)

5pm: Second break Players have gone on a break before we move into level 7. You'll find those updates in a new post here. --JS 4:58pm: Tough table is terminated All good things must come to an end. The talent-filled table we've been covering throughout the past few levels -...more

Attention Shoppers: New additions to the VIP Store

Good morning shoppers. We're happy to announce a few additions to the PokerStars VIP store for those who suddenly notice they have more than a million Frequent Player Points in their account. At PokerStars we like to reward our players when they reach such milestones, and there are few as...more

15 April

UKIPT5 Nottingham: Max Ladbrooke claims Day 1B chip lead

We ramped things up today at Dusk Till Dawn as the second of four starting days in the £1,000,000 Guaranteed Main Event attracted 128 runners, some two and a half times more than Day 1A on Sunday. Those who elected to play today faced the same conditions as those who...more

Easy money: Jason Mercier picks up first trophy of year

There are a few versions of Jason Mercier that a bystander can try to interpret. One has the Florida boy full of laughs and jokes. There is another where Mercier might as well be waiting in line at the DMV, bored, disinterested, fingers idly swiping at his phone. Then there's...more

UKIPT5 Nottingham: Level 7-10 updates (blinds 600/1,200 ante 200)

8:35pm Done for the day That's all folks from Day 1B of the £1,000,000 Guaranteed Main Event, a wrap of the day's play is on the way. -- NW 8:20pm Power poker Kuljinder Sidhu had fired out 4,500 after the 7♦ river completed a A♣3♦T♠7♦ board, before Rhys Jones turned...more

$1 million Storm blowing in on Sunday

Turn your nose to the breeze and breathe in. That's the smell of a storm coming. On any other day, the air would be shot full of ozone, petrichor, and geosmin, enough that you could smell the coming tempest before the first drop of rain. Today, there is no mistaking...more

Monster Pot Report: All the week's biggest Play Money hands

After a week of peaceful sanity, the nosebleed games were rudely awoken this week by the antics of two crazy titans of the Play Money tables. Records weren't just broken - they were obliterated. And while it would be nice to tell you about an epic match of sophisticated deepstack...more

UKIPT5 Nottingham Day 1B: Level 1-6 updates (250/500 ante 50)

4:55pm: Tea time Players have now gone on break as we've reached the end of level 6. You'll find level seven updates in a new post shortly. --JS 4:45pm: Geilich straight back at it As we alluded to below Ludovic Geilich is now playing the Main Event, and in true...more

Watch highlights of njaguar's win in the Sunday Million

Poker is full of players who like to talk, and talk a lot. While in some cases it bears a direct correlation with the number of chips a player has, it's usually part of the game, and those that do it do so to make things pass, well, more pleasantly....more

How to make a million dollars

Let's be honest: unless you hold a winning lottery ticket or have carved a life as a business tycoon, getting your hands on a million dollars is a tough task. For most of us it's little more than a perennial pipe dream. At PokerStars we're offering you the unique chance...more

Highlights of the Sunday Million April 12, 2015


14 April

Luciano "Luciano S.H" Hollanda tops 664 to win 4/14/15 Super Tuesday, $110K

Like a number of Brazilian players who have been making their mark in the poker world of late both in live and online tournaments, Luciano "Luciano S.H" Hollanda had tasted tourney success before this week's Super Tuesday, having won a SCOOP event just under two years ago for a handsome...more

UKIPT5 Nottingham High Roller: Level 1-10 updates (blinds 600/1,200 ante 200)

2am: Felix Stephensen leads 21 survivors in UKIPT5 Nottingham High Roller The UKIPT5 Nottingham festival began in earnest today as the high rollers rolled into town to play the £3,000 + £200 High Roller. It was an eight max tournament with one re-buy allowed and 45 players entered, six of...more

Episode 3 of EPT11 Barcelona (or the Panka vs McDonald show)

This highlights show is billed as being Episode 3 of the EPT11 Barcelona coverage, but really, it should have been called "McDonald vs. Panka" Maybe with "again and again" added somewhere. In this latest episode, which you can watch in full on PokerStars.tv, McDonald and Panka, who last met heads-up...more

13 April

UKIPT5 Nottingham: Fill your boots with Footgolf, Beer pong and more

At the beginning of every EPT stop the President of the EPT - Edgar Stuchly - takes to the stage and gives a brief introduction. Among his key messages he always says: "We wish you a successful time at the tables and a fun time off them." It's an ethos...more

Time to quit?

If you follow me on PokerStars, you might have noticed that I haven't been playing Pot-Limit Omaha lately. I moved back to high stakes sit-n-gos! Why? Let's go back a few weeks on time... As you know, I was sharing an office with Katerina and some of the best Poker...more

Weekend Review: He may be all talk but njåguar's story headlines the weekend online

What a week! We say that a lot on PokerStars. Typically there's something going on somewhere that makes it an extraordinary weekend. So when a relatively ordinary one comes along, you know, one with millions up for grabs and a major event coming to a close in South Korea, it's...more

12 April

Sunday Million: njåguar claws to a $183k score

It was difficult to tell what njåguar was more happy about, making the final table of the Sunday Million, or having his chat temporarily unbanned for the occasion. From the minute the final table hit, the Canadian engaged in a rambling, stream-of-consciousness monologue that walked a very, very fine line...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Credit line increased, Mastercard1 wins $90K

The day brought spectators of sports and action together. If you enjoy golf, you likely watched Jordan Spieth carve up a golf course in Augusta, Georgia and grab a green jacket his way out. If dragons and knights are more your speed, the new Game of Thrones season kicked off...more

Sunil Pancholi leads after Day 1A of UKIPT5 Nottingham

Today was the calm before the storm where we ran a little experiment on the UKIPT by having a start day on a Sunday, allowing those who work during the week the chance to play a UKIPT without having to take any time off work. In all 40 players liked...more

UKIPT5 Nottingham Day 1A: Level 7-10 updates (blinds 600/1,200 ante 200)

11:25pm: Done for the day Day 1A of the £1,000,000 GTD UKIPT5 Nottingham Main Event is over and 15 players from the 50 who entered (40 uniques, 10 re-entries) have survived. They'll be back on Saturday for Day 1B. Before then we have the small matter of the £3,000 High...more

UKIPT5 Nottingham Day 1A: Level 1-6 updates (blinds 250/500 ante 50)

7:50pm: Break time The players are now on a 20 minute break, you'll find level seven updates in a new post shortly. 7:45pm: Sabatini bests Romanello After Frank Romanello opened from the button, Jarbas Sabatini three-bet and Romanello called to create a pre-flop pot of 11,850. Sabatini had exactly 25,000...more

APPT9 Seoul Day 3: Victory for Mo

After only six hours of play here on Day 3 of the APPT9 Seoul Main Event, we've already reached the end. Two hours were cut short from yesterday's structure and today still ended earlier than expected. 13 started the day but after we reached the final table in only 40...more

APPT9 Seoul Day 3: 2 more down, heads up set

We've lost one of our more notable players from this APPT9 Seoul final table. Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin caught a bad beat from Poland's Daniel Demicki to finish in fourth place. It folded to Demicki in the small blind who moved all in with enough to cover Lin, and...more

APPT9 Seoul Day 3: Edging closer

Three more fall by the wayside. USA online cash game phenom Dong Kim came up short of the APPT9 Seoul Main Event today, finishing in seventh place for KRW25,240,000 ($23,750). After a raise from fellow countryman Jason Mo to 35,000, the action folded to Kim who moved all in for...more

11 April

APPT9 Seoul Day 3: And then there were 7

An hour into this APPT final table brought the first elimination. It was Japan's Takuya Suzuki who hit the rail in ninth place, knocked out at the hands of our new chip leader Jason Mo. The action was opened by Mo with an under the gun raise to 28,000. Suzuki...more

APPT9 Seoul Day 3: Final table time

Well we started today with 13 players and after only 40 minutes we've already reached the final table. The four eliminations happened in quick succession and now only nine remain in contention for the APPT9 Seoul Main Event title. The first elimination was administered almost as soon as players sat...more

APPT9 Seoul Day 3: Lucky thirteen

It has arrived. The final day of the APPT9 Seoul Main Event. With only 13 left in the running, we're four spots away from a final table, and 12 from another APPT title. Play kicks off at midday here as players chase the KRW165,590,200 ($151,384) first place prize. Leading the...more

APPT9 Seoul Day 2: Mo rises to the top

Another competitive day at the felt. At midday, 89 took their seats for Day 2 of the APPT9 Seoul Main Event. Now only 13 remain. After a late change of plans cut today two levels short, we finished up tonight just shy of the final table. Some who weren't so...more

APPT9 Seoul Day 2: The bubble bursts

The bubble. One of the tensest times in any tournament. The moment players aim to hang on through another knockout and see a return on their investment and their hours at the table. For one though, it's always heartbreak, as they come up just shy of a payday and walk...more

APPT9 Seoul Day 2: Good sport

While the debate over whether poker is a just a game or a sport often rears its head within the community, there is no debating it's competitive by nature. The APPT is in Seoul this week, a city that has historically hosted some of the biggest competitions in the world....more

APPT9 Seoul Day 2: Seoul mates

There are no friends at the poker table. Any elite player will tell you that no matter how close you are with someone, it's all business when the cards are dealt. Away from the felt though, the game can be the catalyst for great friendships. As is the story for...more

APPT9 Seoul Day 2: Japan starting to blossom

Japan has never been traditionally renowned for taking to the felt, but this week, Korea's neighbour to the East is proving to be a poker powerhouse at APPT Seoul. At the end of Day 1B last night, the top four finishers were from Japan, and six of the biggest top...more

10 April

APPT9 Seoul Day 2: Running good

The players at the tables here for Day 2 of the APPT9 Seoul event will no doubt be looking to run hot, but some players and staff have taken time this week to enjoy a different kind of running. Seoul is a beautiful city, and what better way to see...more

APPT Seoul Day 2: Back to the action

Tables are set. Players are now wandering in to the poker room here in Seoul for Day 2 of the APPT Season 9. They'll take their seats at 12pm local time as we edge closer to another big score and an APPT Main Event title. Runners will have to make...more

Top 5 tips for moving up the Micro Millions leader board

The MicroMillions series is always a lot of fun...100 events, all different formats of poker, massive fields and huge prize pools-what's not to get excited about? Oh yeah, and then there's the tournament leader board where the winner of the series scores 6 months' worth of Sunday Million tickets! Given...more

APPT9 Seoul Day 1B: Nakai leads the way

After the Welcome Party last night it was back to grind mode for the players as Day 1B kicked off this afternoon. The cards have now been retired and chips bagged up for the night after another eight levels of exciting poker action in the APPT9 Seoul Main Event. By...more

APPT9 Seoul Day 1B: Women's intuition

There's no denying that poker is a notoriously male-dominated activity. Since the game's rise to popularity, women have always made up a small percentage of player numbers. While men account for the majority of the field here for APPT9 Seoul, there are a few ladies taking charge on the felt....more

Plenty to look out for on a busy PokerStars weekend

Time flies when you're having fun, or if you're counting down the days until the next weekend when you can avenge yourself, and your premature departure, from the Sunday Majors the week before. It's the great thing about the weekend Majors on PokerStars - however bad things go one week,...more

APPT9 Seoul Day 1B: From albums to all in

A lot of poker superstars have made the journey to South Korea for this leg of the APPT, but it was another kind of superstar that drew our attention today. Chung-Jen Yao, better known as his stage name MC HotDog, pulled up a seat here for Day 1B of the...more

9 April

APPT9 Seoul Day 1B: Play hard, party harder

The hangover is real. There are a few weary faces in the field here for Day 1B of the APPT9 Seoul Main Event after many joined the fun at Focus Lounge for the Welcome Party last night. Braving the chill in the air, players and staff hopped a shuttle bus...more

APPT9 Seoul Day 1B: Fresh faces at the felt

Day 1B - Where a new batch of players will battle it out in search of an APPT Main Event title here in Seoul. Play commences at 12pm local time and those who survive the eight levels today will join the Day 1A qualifiers for the official Day 2 tomorrow....more

Latest numbers from the Tournament Leader Board

Somewhere in PokerStars HQ there's apparently a room where eager young men and women add up numbers all day, working complex algorithms while pouring through an almost endless stream of online tournament results. They're allowed out -- it's not like we lock them in there or anything -- but they...more

France Poker Series returns for new look fifth season

As one tour winds down another is just getting started. That's usually the case with PokerStars, and that story will be no different this spring. While Monaco host the finale of the European Poker Tour later this month, it will also mark the start of the news season of the...more

APPT9 Seoul Day 1A: Ward well ahead

The poker action has come to a close here in Seoul for tonight, after eight hours of play and a horde of eliminations. There were 116 players who pulled up seats for Day 1A, and now that all is said and done, 42 players remained. They'll have tomorrow off to...more

APPT9 Seoul Day 1A: Seoul searching

We arrived in Seoul yesterday weary eyed but excited to experience the culture and follow this week's APPT Main Event. After thirteen hours and a layover in Hong Kong, myself and colleague Mateusz Pater made our way through customs to be greeted by our driver, a friendly local named Kim....more

Highlights of the Sunday Million, April 5, 2015


APPT9 Seoul Day 1A: Quantity of qualifiers

Since Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event for $2,500,000 after qualifying on PokerStars in a $39 satellite, the poker world hasn't been the same. A 28 year-old accountant at the time, Moneymaker represented the average person and proved that anyone could qualify online and become...more

8 April

APPT9 Seoul Day 1A: Tough competition

The poker room is buzzing now here at the Paradise Walkerhill Casino with cards in the air for the APPT9 Seoul Main Event. Poker room operator and World Series of Poker bracelet winner Kevin Song kicked us off as players settled in to begin a day of eight, sixty-minute levels....more

APPT9 Seoul: Set to start

Seoul. The capital of South Korea and home to ten million people. A beautiful city rich in over 2000 years of history. Poker players will be looking to make history themselves in Seoul this week on the next stop of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Season 9. Off the...more

PokerStaples teams up with PokerStars

Hello everyone, thanks for hanging out welcome back to the stream, we're going to be playing some tournaments today...Oh...this isn't Twitch. Welcome to my new blog where I will be writing about my life, poker, being a live-streamer, and how that all fits together. This is probably the first time...more

Team Corgi?

So, I'm proud to announce the new Mexican Team Pro Online! Ready to see him? No, not really, but still a better player than tourneydonks His name is Dante, like the writer of Divine Comedy. He is a happy three-month-old Welsh Corgi Pembroke who poops all day and bites...more

Monster Pot Report: All the week's biggest Play Money hands

After two weeks of crazy action at the highest of stakes, things calmed down a little at the Play Money nosebleed tables. Although there were no Goliath pots to report, there were still 15 hands that witnessed pots of 2B or more. The top spot for the week went to...more

Flying high with high roller Charlie Carrel

The fearless Charlie Carrel We're on a plane flying back from Malta and somewhere over the middle of France we hit turbulence. The plane rattles, the seat belt signs flick on, I grab the arm rest and begin my usual in-flight panic routine of talking things through as if I'm...more

Episode 2 of EPT11 Barcelona


7 April

Pascal "Päffchen" Hartmann powers through 4/7/15 Super Tuesday field, wins $122K

We first started writing about Pascal "Päffchen" Hartmann here on the PokerStars Blog some five years ago when the young player from Bavaria began winning tournaments on PokerStars, with our German colleagues interviewing him and the European Poker Tour bloggers likewise reporting on him once he began showing up at...more

Tune in with the new Play Along app

You've probably already inked into your diary the next edition of the European Poker Tour on Channel Four. I know we have. But if you didn't already have a reason to tune in tonight at midnight (to those in the UK), the creative people at PokerStars have produced one for...more

A Short Shelf Life

There I was right in my comfort zone and safely through the first few levels of my favourite deep-stacked tournament. I had steered myself clear of one or two potentially dangerous situations, and my coolly-delivered semi-bluff on the turn with a King high flush draw did the trick and my...more

6 April

Weekend Review: As easy as MARCIN123 who grabs headlines in Sunday Million

It sometimes seems that it's when you're looking the other way that you miss a great final table. Like when you're sniffing around the house for the last of the chocolate eggs for example, ignoring events taking place online. Suddenly a final table appears featuring some pretty big hitters. That's...more

5 April

Sunday Million: Marcin "MARCIN123" Milde wins the Milly, earns $230K

With three players left in this week's Sunday Million, the U.K.'s Marcin "MARCIN123" Milde was all in and one card from elimination, looking sure to fall in a hand versus Allan "Sifosis" Baekke of Denmark and likely end the $215 no-limit hold'em tournament a couple of spots shy of claiming...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Sunny side up, Snuup wins $84K after chop

Whether you spent the day hunting down hidden painted eggs or paint on the river, Sundays are always special here. The $500,000 Sunday Warm-Up delivered again with 2,882 players creating a $576,400.00 prize pool and a shade over $90K scheduled for the weekly champ. While it looked like Einhorn 308...more

3 April

PokerStars launches Natural Born Poker Player

So you're on a roof top chasing a guy who moments ago stole a woman's handbag. He's pretty good with the parkour but your sense of justice compels you to follow him. You nearly get hold of him in the car park but he manages to leap off a balcony...more

PokerStars launches Natural Born Poker Player

Are you a Natural Born Poker Player? So you're on a roof top chasing a guy who moments ago stole a woman's handbag. He's pretty good with the parkour but your sense of justice compels you to follow him. You nearly get hold of him in the car park but...more

2 April

APPT9 Seoul: Rankings after Q1

APPT Seoul is just around the corner (April 6-12) and the second of only seven 2015 PokerStars Asia events that count towards both the Asia Player of the Year (APOY) leaderboard and the GPI Asia-Pacific Rankings. We're now a quarter of the way through Season 9 of the Asia Pacific...more

Win your way to the Grand Final Women's event

Last weekend the EPT Malta festival came to an end, with Jean Montury winning in what would best be described as the "late early hours of Sunday morning". But with the end of one festival thoughts turn naturally to the next, and the EPT Grand Final which starts at the...more

1 April

Monster Pot Report: All the week's biggest Play Money hands

First things first, congratulations to Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein for winning the inaugural Billionaire Club Championship. Barry took on a field of 30 other players in the first ever 1B chip entry tournament. He earned the title after defeating fellow pro Chris Moneymaker in an 89-hand heads-up finale. The...more

Time to celebrate as the Sunday Storm turns four

Here's a question for you. Which is PokerStars's most popular weekend tournament? Go on, take a guess. Got it? Of course you have. It's the Sunday Storm, and this month it celebrates its fourth anniversary. I know what you're thinking, and it's not just "yeah, of course I knew it...more

MicroMillion 10: PsychoPol named Player of Series

The Tenth Series of MicroMillions came to an end last Sunday, with the Main Event won by BgsaPnaples, who turned a $22 buy-in into a first prize of $110,743. I think we can all agree that' not a bad investment. But there was another competition open, even as the Main...more