July 2015

31 July

Charity on the Pro Tour

If you've been following the PokerStars blog, or the appropriate Twitter channels, you know that the PokerStars Pro Tour is barnstorming through California to create grassroots support for legislation that would bring regulated online poker to the state. We're in the central valley (aka "America's Vegetable Garden") this coming weekend,...more

All-in with nanonoko


Use your FPPs for Premier League & Rugby World Cup

Listen, you do what you want with your money. Buy all the watches, cars, and jewelry you want. But for my money, I'll take an experience over a thing any day. You ask me what my favorite things are, they aren't the watch at my bedside, the car in garage,...more

Daniel Negreanu vying for WSOP National Championship

Deep in the hills of Western North Carolina, just a few miles down the road from a little tourist mountain town called Maggie Valley, in the land where a man named Popcorn Sutton used to make the world's best moonshine, Daniel Negreanu is once again on the verge of greatness....more

Eugene Katchalov: Ice cold, warm heart, groom-to-be

Eugene Katchalov is in love. When we met with him in Vegas this year, there was no doubt about that. We asked him what was new, and the first thing he wanted to talk about was his girlfriend, Anna. Now, Anna is a lot more than a girlfriend. Katchalov took...more

30 July

Poker battle ends in the octagon for Canadian player

Some people believe it's impossible to get something from nothing. It's a physics thing, apparently. Canadian Alexandre Quimper learned this month that PokerStars can sometimes break those bonds of physics. Last May, Quimper (known as shaggun on PokerStars) started playing some daily freerolls on PokerStars.net and ended up winning something...more

PokerStars Spin & Gos just got bigger

"The fog is getting thicker...and PokerStars' Spin & Gos are getting laaaaaaaaarger." That's not exactly the quote, but it's close enough for now. Just a little while ago, PokerStars dropped a brand new buy-in level on the Spin & Go tourneys. If you look closely, you will see that there...more

EPT Not Live ropes Kid Poker into doing something else

Daniel Negreanu is sort of busy these days. He did that whole thing with finishing eleventh in the 2015 WSOP Main Event. He went straight to California to promote iPoker in that state. Then went to North Carolina to play in the WSOP National Championship. He's staying in the middle...more

29 July

Follow Neymar Jr to EPT12 Barcelona

This week, you might have seen what happened down in Brazil when footballer Neymar Jr decided to host a charity home game at the BSOP. Things got a little crazy. Now, the living legend is ready to bring that same craziness to Barcelona to kick off Season 12 of the...more

The evolution of the playing card

These days, we know how particular players can be about their cards. If they don't snap back correctly, it's easy to spot the good cards in the deck. If somebody has thumbnails that are a little too long, cards can get marked pretty quickly. That's not even to mention spades...more

Last chance to qualify for UKIPT Bristol

You want to play UKIPT Bristol. I know you do. I can see it right there in your eyes next to the spot where you were hoping for a biscuit. You want it. So, make it happen, cap'n, because if you want to qualify online, you don't have much longer....more

Five minutes to learn, a lifetime to master

It's remarkable how many everyday sayings originated from around the green baize. (Baize - a coarse woollen cloth used to cover games tables). 'To pass the buck', 'When the chips are down', 'Show your hand', 'Poker-face', 'Blue chip', 'Up the ante', 'Wild card', 'Play the hand you're dealt' are just...more

All poker clubs great and small

The PokerStars Pro Tour was in the San Francisco Bay Area this past weekend, and it was a quite a study in contrasts. On Saturday, we were up at the Napa Valley Casino in American Canyon. "We" was, in particular, Daniel Negreanu and Chris Moneymaker - very arguably two of...more

28 July

Jonathan "OMGjonyctt" Concepcion rolls to 7/28/15 Super Tuesday win

Now that the busy summer has finally wound down, the Super Tuesday saw a big jump in the number of participants tonight as players resumed their usual Tuesday night habits with 533 taking part in the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament. The final table featured a number of top players,...more

ACOP Platinum Series X: Tokuho Yoshinaga wins, Celina Lin hits milestone

This past week saw the 'PokerStars LIVE Macau' poker room complete the tenth edition of the ACOP Platinum Series from July 21-28. The eight-day series had 8 Official Asia Player of the Year (APOY) events which, in total, drew 992 players and awarded HK$3,475,588 million in prize money - both...more

2015 PCA to debut on Channel 4 in UK

We saw it happen live in the Bahamas, and it was a sight to behold. People were kicking off their year by plunking down $100,000 to play a poker tournament--some of them several times over. Now, it's coming to television. Tonight at 23:50 on the UK's Channel 4, the PokerStars...more

27 July

PokerStars launches Mega Bonus offering up to $100,000 in cash

Well, well, well. This is not your average deposit bonus, and I'll be frank: I had to read it several times before I fully believed what's happening. But this is the gist: PokerStars is offering a deposit bonus, and if you take advantage of it, you could have up to...more

Neymar Jr brings star power to Charity Home Game

If you want to raise money for charity, there are a lot of ways to go about it. There are bake sales, chili suppers, car washes, and everything else that can pull in a few bucks for your cause. Or, if you want to raise a lot of money really...more

Weekend review: Nolet20 takes Sunday spotlight with MicroMillions Main victory

It took ten days and 100 events, but MicroMillions has come to an end. With it, Canada's Nolet20 pulled in nearly $90,000 after defeating 55,000 other players in the MicroMillions Main Event. The $22 buy-in finale pulled in 8,154 people and paid out more than $1.1 million. It took eleven...more

Win a VIP Lads Night In with Jake Cody

So you don't normally need an excuse on a Friday to have a lads' night in. But if you do, we may have one you can use. What's more you can raise some money for a good cause at the same time. PokerStars has joined forces with Prostate Cancer...more

Sunday Million: Guilherme "VinceVegaMFR" Cheveau captures second SM title

While Team PokerStars Sports Star Neymar Jr's charity home game played out over the PokerStars' Twitch channel Sunday afternoon and evening from Sao Paulo, three Brazilian players made the final table of this week's Sunday Million, with one of them -- Guilherme "VinceVegaMFR" Cheveau -- claiming the victory. Cheveau picked...more

26 July

Sunday Warm-Up: Avtor(RUS) soars to victory worth $74K

Reunions can give people who are great friends to catch up for a weekend around a bonfire once life starts dealing you busy schedules full of youth soccer games, work deadlines, and never-ending yard work. In poker some reunions take place with thousands of dollars on the line, not exactly...more

23 July

PokerStars policy change regarding live event VPPs

From August 1st, 2015 going forward, players will no longer receive VIP Player Points (VPPs) for participation in PokerStars Live Events. Note that this policy does not impact how players earn FPPs for online play, only the VIP Player Points given for live event play. We are committed to making...more

Felipe Ramos becomes official Friend of PokerStars

We have known Felipe Ramos for so long that it's sort of hard to imagine poker without him. The man people call "Mojave" seems to show up at all the important PokerStars events he can. He never turns down an interview with the PokerStars Blog. When we're in his home...more

22 July

APPT9 Manila: A New Beginning

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour has come to the Philippines annually since 2007 and, in some cases, more than once in a calendar year. Despite the familiarity, Season 9's arrival in Manila feels distinctly different - like the nervous excitement and anxiousness of a first date. The tradition of the...more

Set your sights for the Barcelona Paintball Challenge

You ever take a bad beat for some joker sitting across the table and think, "I could just shoot that guy!" Now, if you qualify for EPT or Estrellas Barcelona, you can! This year at the Barcelona festival, PokerStars will be hosting an all-out battle of very colorful proportions. Everyone...more

Highlight of my first year? Easy.

My year wasn't this bad... A year ago yesterday I joined the PokerStars Blog full time after years working for the blog as a freelancer. It was one of my better decisions. I have what I would call the perfect job. I get to travel to different countries writing...more

21 July

Rafael "zugzwang16" Porzecanski chops heads-up, wins $87K in Super Tuesday (7/21/15)

This week's Super Tuesday was the first since the end of this summer's World Series in Las Vegas. With everyone's attention turned back away from last Tuesday's drama of the Main Event, the largest field in more than a month turned out for the July 21st Super Tuesday. With that...more

LAPT8 Peru: Chilean Claudio Moya collects Main Event title

We've found a champion, a 51-year-old businessman from Chile who hasn't stopped laughing along with his supporters for the half-hour since the last hand of the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event was dealt. Meet Claudio Moya, newest LAPT champion -- winner of the tournament, and with a winner...more

LAPT8 Peru: Holding pattern at heads-up

We've been watching Claudio Moya and Chadi Moustapha play heads-up poker for nearly three hours now, with the conversation on media row having predictably edged away from the small pots being exchanged by the final pair into various topics all with "longest ever" headings. Heads-up play continues at the LAPT...more

LAPT8 Peru: Moustapha moves ahead of Moya after heads-up deal

Shortly after heads-up play began, they moved to Level 27 (25,000/50,000/5,000) at which point Chadi Moustapha began steadily chipping up versus Claudio Moya, claiming several small pots to close the gap somewhat on Moya's huge lead to start their duel. Moya then won a decent-sized pot after raising the river...more

LAPT8 Peru: Moya knocks out Ramirez in third; takes lead to heads-up

Level 26 (20,000/40,000/5,000) started quietly. Then came a couple of hands that added a bit more noise to the proceedings. In the first Claudio Moya got Daniel Ramirez to call a river value bet after having made a straight versus Ramirez's top pair, and Moya gave a little fist bump...more

LAPT8 Peru: Ruiz run out in fourth; Moya, Ramirez, Moustapha battle on

We counted up the fiches during the day's first break at the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event, and here's how the stacks looked among the final four: Claudio Moya (Chile) -- 3,233,000 Daniel Ramirez (Colombia) -- 1,740,000 Chadi Moustapha (Lebanon) -- 1,700,000 Cristian Aceiton Ruiz (Chile) -- 413,000...more

LAPT8 Peru: Moya mows down Martinez, leads final four

Not long after his countryman Helio Neves, was ousted in sixth, Brazil's Marcus Martinez followed him to the rail in fifth ($45,540) following an unsuccessful confrontation with chip leader Claudio Moya. Marcus Martinez - 5th place With the blinds 12,000/24,000 and a 3,000 ante, the hand began with a Moya...more

LAPT8 Peru: Neves no more; five remain

Before Level 23 could conclude, Helio Neves -- the new short stack with six left -- was in push-fold mode. And it went well for him, for a while, anyway, Once the Brazilian was called after reraising all in over Colombian Daniel Ramirez's middle position open, turning over A♠Q♥ versus...more

LAPT8 Peru: The cards play the players as kings-vs.-aces ends Ili's run

"Classic." So said someone from the rail after having witnessed preflop action resulting in Chilean Jose Ile putting his entire stack at risk. The hand had begun quietly with a standard raise from Claudio Moya, Ile's fellow countryman sitting to his right. Ile checked his hand, then announced he was...more

LAPT8 Peru: Ramirez takes last of Chauriye's chips, moves in front

Play at today's final table began where it concluded a day ago, halfway through Level 22, with the blinds at 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante. The very first hand saw fireworks after Cristian Aceiton Ruiz opened from the cutoff, Helio Neves three-bet from the button, Ruiz called, and the pair...more

Neymar Jr to host Charity Home Game

A good home game is a cherished thing no matter who you are. It's relaxed, it's rake-free, and it's fun. But you know what would make it a little better? How about if living football legend Neymar Jr hosted the game and invited you to come and hang out with...more

LAPT8 Peru: Meet the final eight

Welcome back to today's last day of play in the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event, where just eight players will be returning from a 366-entry field, each looking to follow the footsteps of LAPT Bahamas winner Josh Key, LAPT Chile winner Oscar Alache, and LAPT Panama winner Shakeeb...more

Randy Lew: Vlogging the hell out of a life he loves

We had intended to publish this interview during the latter stages of the World Series of Poker Main Event. Then Daniel Negreanu set about giving us a roller coaster ride all the way through to the closing stages, which seemed only right to focus our attention on. But it...more

20 July

LAPT8 Peru: Chile's Claudio Moya grabs lead at day's end for final table

There were 32 players left from a 366-entry field to start today's Day 3 of the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event. Then we blinked, and 24 of them were gone. In just four-and-a-half hours -- essentially four one-hour levels -- a final table was reached, the day punctuated...more

LAPT8 Peru: Rojas bubbles as final table set

We're resisting a temptation to insert the "Well, that escalted quickly" from Anchorman meme here. Because in just four-and-a-half hours on Day 3 of the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event, they were able to play down from 32 players to just eight. The last four of the day's...more

LAPT8 Peru: From 21 to 12 as Ramirez surges to the top

We've reached the end of Level 21, with many more knockouts to pass along as the field in the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event has swiftly been reduced from 21 players to just 12. We had lost one LAPT champion already today, two-time winner Fabian Ortiz (in 25th)....more

LAPT8 Peru: Who's the leader of the club? 21 remain

Play has reached the end of Level 19 in the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event, and with a little over an hour-and-a-half done the field has been whittled from 32 to 21. Things are starting to getting serious around here, and quickly. In another words, this isn't just...more

LAPT8 Peru: Vamplew vanquished as five fall in early going

Five of the final 32 -- all short stacks to start the day -- have been sent railward in the early going here at the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event, with the day's shortest stack to start, EPT/UKIPT champion David Vamplew, the first to go. David Vamplew It...more

LAPT8 Peru: Fishing for a final table as 32 return for Day 3

We were talking about sharks over breakfast this morning. Wasn't everyone? Our intrepid photographer Carlos Monti, also a gifted fisherman, provided what seemed the most insightful commentary on the subject, including the sage observation that "nature does not need man, but man needs nature." Deep, that. Like the ocean. Having...more

The All-In Kitchen lands in Bristol ahead of UKIPT

Shuffle up and eat Let's face it you can't really go wrong when you combine poker with food, which is why PokerStars are bringing back the All-In Kitchen ahead of the UKIPT's return to Bristol later this month. To celebrate the arrival of the 2015 UKIPT, PokerStars is teaming...more

Weekend Review: Back to normal for the weekend majors?

Are things now back to normal after the hectic summer? Well they might be getting there. The World Series of Poker Main Event is now on hiatus until November and players from around the world are returning to their computer screens, ready to pick up where they left off....more

Team PokerStars Pros in San Diego

When we first put the PokerStars Pro Tour together, we really didn't know what kind of turnout we'd get. We knew we wanted to create grassroots support for online poker ("iPoker" as the legislators call it) in California. We were pretty sure that bringing some of our top Team Pros...more

Jason Somerville takes on Chris Moorman


Sunday Million: gringenkov grabs first place, $169k, apestyles third again

Is it just me, or is the Sunday Million inspiring record feelings of deja vu as of late? Two weeks ago, Bernardo Dias fell just short of his third final table in the last 16 months. Earlier this year, Rob Tinnion won the Million for the second time in five...more

19 July

LAPT8 Peru: Andres "gmcrafter" Herrera leads final 32 to conclude Day 2

A whirlwind level-and-a-half after the dinner break quickly reduced the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event down to 32 players, and having reached Day 2's scheduled stopping point play was accordingly halted a little over halfway through Level 18. Bagging the most of those left was Chile's Andres Herrera...more

LAPT8 Peru: Braga busts, 36 remain

We'd barely shared news of the first after-dinner eliminations when another huge rush of knockouts followed. By the time the tourney clock tripped over into Level 18, no less than 18 players had been sent to the rail to reduce the field to just 36. Shortly after our last post,...more

LAPT8 Peru: The parade begins

Fifty-four well fed poker players returned to their seats a little after eight o'clock local time, ready to begin the business of working out how the payouts will ultimately be delivered here in the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event. The counts at the dinner break showed Ramiro Patrone...more

Sunday Warm-Up: No10Nostr8 needed no straight to win $70K

There's a show on cable called "How It's Made" showing how everything from a grand piano to a baseball mitt starting with leather, string, and wood ending as a finished product for catching a fly ball or playing Mozart. As you can read through the archives on the PokerStarsBlog, many...more

LAPT8 Peru: Mubarak wrecks a spot shy of the cash

When the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event crossed into Level 16, just 58 players were left -- that is, three away from the cash. With the burbuja about to burst, a couple of Argentinians had raced out ahead of everyone to sit atop the counts as the short...more

LAPT8 Peru: Watch out for your chips!

"Cuidado con las fichas!" For a just a moment it was dark, then quickly light again. A mistakenly twisted dimmer had darkened the tournament floor for a second or two during Day 2 of the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event, enough time for someone to call out jokingly...more

LAPT8 Peru: Doubling up with WSOP APAC champ Scott Davies

We were just observing how players from around the world -- 33 different countries, in fact -- together form this year's Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event field. One who is still among the less than 90 players currently vying for the trophy is last year's World Series of...more

LAPT8 Peru: The card-and-chip carousel

As always happens on the Latin American Poker Tour, players from all over the globe have wound their way here to take part in the LAPT Peru Main Event. They've come by practically every means of transportation imaginable, although most arrived via the Jorge Chávez International Airport, from which the...more

LAPT8 Peru: Opening gambit

There are 15 tables' worth of players presently pushing their chips back and forth, all engaging in the usual negotations, provocations, challenges, dares, and games of chicken caused by the cards being dealt to each. This marks the fourth of six Latin American Poker Tour stops for Season 8, following...more

LAPT8 Peru: Celebration time (come on); Day 2 set to start

Later this month will come the last of the annual Fiestas Patrias in Peru -- that is, the Peruvian National Holidays highlighted by the celebration of Peru's independence on July 28. All of the area businesses accordingly fly the red-and-white Pervian flag outside their doors or in their windows for...more

18 July

LAPT8 Peru: Chadi Moustapha grabs overall chip lead to end Day 1B

Day 1B is done here in Lima at the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event. As the day's final level closed several players pushed ahead to challenge for the overnight chip lead, but in the end Lebanon's Chadi Moustapha had collected the most chips of anyone, bagging 174,600 after...more

LAPT8 Peru: Eyes on the prize

We've got some números finales to pass along as players return from the last break of the day here on Day 1B of the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event. We'd been eyeballing those 229 entries being reported on the tournament clock for a while, and after tallying up...more

LAPT8 Peru: No more entries, only exits

The dinner hour has passed, and with it the last opportunity for entering -- or re-entering -- the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event. We await final word on LAPT Peru numbers now, the news of which we'll pass along as soon as it arrives. The big board's entry...more

LAPT8 Peru: An orbit each with globetrotting Nitsche and Luca

Still more players are showing up as the afternoon starts to wane and the evening approaches here on Day 1B of the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event. Rodrigo Quezada, Emanuel Marso, and Jorge "Baalim" Limon of Team PokertStars Pro Online have all joined the throng, which is big...more

LAPT8 Peru: More comings and goings (and returnings, too)

Players continue to arrive as the day's third level concludes and the fourth begins, with the Day 1B's entries already well over the 134 of yesterday. The comings -- and in some cases, the goings and returnings -- is happening quickly. For example, during the day's first level we spotted...more

LAPT8 Peru: Cautella's satellite story still spinning

Read about how satellites work -- the space kind, that is -- and you learn all about rockets and propulsion, gravity and orbits, signals and sensors. "Spinning" is a word used a lot in such discussions, describing both the circular path taken by the satellite as it travels about the...more

LAPT8 Peru: Soft opening

"I've got the softest table in the room. Way better than yesterday." That was Shakeeb Kazemipur a short while ago after having taken his seat at Table 3 here on the far end of the ballroom on the second floor of the Atlantic City casino. Across from Kazemipur quietly sat...more

LAPT8 Peru: Day 1B is here, and we've got you covered

It's a new day here in Lima, with preparations are already in place for another full day of poker in the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event. It's Day 1B, the second and last of the two Day 1 flights, and all are poised for a big crowd to...more

17 July

LAPT8 Peru: Raul Alvarez bags Day 1A lead; David Vamplew finishes strong

The first Day 1 flight of the LAPT Peru Main Event has reached its conclusion, and following 10 one-hour levels of play Peru's own Raul Alvarez was the one bagging the most chips out of the 52 players making it through, collecting a total of 127,100 by the end of...more

LAPT8 Peru: Into the night

It's a longish walk from the back of the brightly-lit second-floor ballroom, out onto the main floor then down the spiral staircase, past whirring slots and casino clamor, and through the glass doors onto Avenue Alfredo Benavides below. Darkness falls over the Atlantic City That's the path several players have...more

LAPT8 Peru: On Nitsche and Akkari arriving, and Kogler collecting

Players have returned from the dinner break on this Day 1A, meaning the re-entry period for the day is over, although those busting from this point forward can still come back for tomorrow's second Day 1 flight. Such a description indicates the course to be pursued by LAPT8 Panama champion...more

LAPT8 Peru: Vamoooo Vamplew

The many poker tours criss-crossing the globe can sometimes carry players far from home for the purpose of playing cards. Case in point, a glance at the entry list from last season's Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event reveals players from 35 different countries participated, including those from as...more

LAPT8 Peru: Perusing the players

Seats are filling, and in a few cases emptying already here during the afternoon of Day 1A of the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event. It wasn't long after our chat with LAPT8 Panama champ Shakeeb Kazemipur during the day's first break that the amiable Canadian was felted. But...more

LAPT8 Peru: Panama winner Kazemipur keeping it fun

"What's the next one... Uruguay?" The question was directed to Fernando Obando, one of the TDs roaming the tables here on the second floor of the Atlantic City casino today. It had come from a grinning Shakeeb Kazemipur, and Obando nodded, affirming that the tour would next be visiting Punta...more

LAPT8 Peru: Hand histories; or, we meet again

We mentioned at the start today how the last time we were here, Chile's Oscar Alache was the one hoisting the trophy following the final hand of the LAPT7 Peru Main Event. Then in the spring came some déjà vu when Alache earned himself a second LAPT Main Event trophy...more

LAPT8 Peru: The cards keep coming! Day 1A awaits

Like most of the poker world, we here at the PokerStars Blog are still reliving the mesmering conclusion of play in Las Vegas earlier this week, including the sight of that river queen that dramatically ended the remarkable World Series of Poker Main Event run of Team PokerStars Pro Daniel...more

Hit up the Hippodrome for PokerStars Live Summer Classic

You're in London or close enough you can be there in an hour or two. You have such an incredible jones for live poker that you are ready to ask random people on the street if they'd be up for a game. You have a clear case of Summer Poker...more

Let California Play

There are two kinds of people reading this blog post, and I suspect you know immediately which one you are in. Group 1 can play on PokerStars for real money; in fact, you might be reading this in one window while happily playing a $5 Spin & Go in another....more

16 July

WCOOP to host its first $51,000 Super High Roller

Well, that escalated quickly. Today PokerStars announced that this year's World Championship of Online Poker will host online poker's biggest ever buy-in event. How much? Just a cool $51,000. Several years back, WCOOP pulled off some $25,000 events, but now WCOOP is going for the biggest ever, and in the...more

MicroMillions starts today!

You've got the fever, don't you? I know I do. I've just watched Daniel Negreanu play poker for two weeks, and, honestly, I'd love to spend the next few weeks just playing poker tournaments. Unfortunately, I don't have a Negreanu-sized roll. You either, huh? Well, guess what, buddy? MicroMillions starts...more

15 July

WSOP 2015: The 2015 November Nine

After a long 11 days, and an even longer summer, the World Series of Poker is at an end, for now at least. The four month hiatus between the last hand of the Summer and the start of the November Nine starts now. The names of those players are...more

WSOP 2015: Daniel Negreanu just misses November Nine

I have seen crowd favorites. I have seen them all over the world. I have seen hometown heroes, superstars, and Cinderella stories. I have seen crowds rally around a person for no reason other than it felt like the right thing to do at the time. I thought I had...more

14 July

WSOP 2015: Negreanu not done yet

There has been a sense of momentum to Daniel Negreanu's progress today. Not like that of Joe McKeehen, who seems unstoppable. Instead Negreanu looks and plays like a man who doesn't need the most chips, he just needs enough. Shortly before the dinner break those watching found themselves wondering whether...more

Cashcid Linc binks 7/14/15 Super Tuesday, collects nearly $78K

While much of the poker world was enthralled with "play down" day on Tuesday -- that is, the day the World Series of Poker Main Event played down to a final nine players -- the Super Tuesday went on as usual on PokerStars, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament that...more

WSOP 2015: Negreanu goes old school on way to November Nine

It was perhaps the most dramatic hand of the tournament so far. Just before the last break, Matt Guan raised to 400,000 and got three-bet by Joe McKeehen. Negreanu, sitting with ace-king, made it 2.6 million. Guan got out of the way, but McKeehen moved all-in for 9.8 million. Negreanu...more

WSOP 2015: Don't count Kid Poker out yet

I was prepared to let Daniel Negreanu go to his trailer and steam during the last break. We had scheduled this interview last night, but by the time the first full break happened today, Negreanu's stack had dwindled down below the six million mark, far below the 40 million he...more

ACOP Platinum Series X: Milestone Celebration

The tenth edition of the ACOP Platinum Series is just around the corner and the 'PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams, Macau' poker room has decided to celebrate the milestone with a super-sized schedule and HK$1.3 million in guaranteed prize money! Platinum Series X takes place from July...more

13 July

WSOP 2015: Daniel Negreanu daring to think November Nine

There was a moment today when we thought we were counting time until Daniel Negreanu, graciously, and gracefully, bowed out of the World Series of Poker Main Event. Coming back today he was below average stacked, surrounded by bigger stacks, and apparently dependent on good fortune to rescue his...more

WSOP 2015: What are 1,000 FPPs worth? A career.

If you went to the PokerStars VIP Store right now with 1,000 Frequent Player Points, it would buy you two small foam stress toys in the shape of sharks. Don't get me wrong. It's a good buy. You can throw those sharks against a computer screen all day and never...more

WSOP 2015: A coda and a cull

I'm standing in the middle of the Rio's Amazon Room, and I'm thinking about dead people. I'm thinking of a dead couple in a pink Cadillac. I'm thinking of a body falling out of the back of a trash truck. I'm thinking of a frozen corpse in a meat truck....more

WSOP 2015: Daniel Negreanu headed to Day 6 of Main Event

This just got officially interesting. Yes, the WSOP is always interesting, and yes, there has been many a good story come out of the Main Event, but it's been a long, long damned time since anyone has seen Daniel Negreanu on Day 6 of the WSOP. Tomorrow we'll see that...more

12 July

Sunday Million: Mantas "bagoch" Bagočius bags better than $168K with win

Sunday night saw the World Series of Poker Main Event dwindle down to less than 100 players in Las Vegas, with Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody falling just shy of making it to that group (finishing 113th) while his teammate Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu continued to battle as the field shrunk...more

WSOP 2015: Negreanu & Agarwal march toward final 100

Somewhere right now, Daniel Negreanu is eating tofu, and if we're to believe him, it tastes especially good tonight. Kid Poker came into Day 5 with an average chip stack, but within a few hours, it had dwindled to less than half of what it had been. At once, it...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Remi Lebo_10 wins $60K after two-way deal

While there were no potential million dollar flips like the one Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu had at the Main Event, the $400,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up would have its share of online excitement. After ten hours and down to heads-up play between Remi Lebo_10 and AngleZero the final two chopped...more

WSOP 2015: Negreanu on the edge of his seat

Daniel Negreanu stood form his seat and leaned forward. His face sowed he was not happy, or at the best he was resigned. His tournament life looked poised on a knife edge. Play up to this point had gone without much incident for the Team Pro, save the gradual decline...more

WSOP 2015: Now THAT is a railbird

Brazil's Felipe Ramos is a rock star. There's just no two ways about it. To watch him move through his home country is nothing short of amazing. The last time we were there, Ramos had his driver ferry us about through Sao Paulo on late-night rides to some of the...more

WSOP 2015: How deep can they go?

This seems like it can't be real, but apparently it is: it's been four years since Daniel Negreanu cashed in the $10,000 WSOP Main Event. The last time he banked any cash in the Main was 2012 when he finished 160th for $52,718. Since that time he cashed in nearly...more

WSOP 2015: Mikhail Semin back in front of the cameras

In front of camera: Mikhail Semin It's about this stage of the World Series of Poker Main Event when you start to get an idea of who is still in, and who isn't. Faces you saw a few days ago deep in the Pavilion Room, or in some corner...more

WSOP 2015: Negreanu leads Team Pro to Day 5

When it began a week ago, 6,420 people thought they could make it to the final table of the 2015 WSOP Main Event. Now, only 237 people remain. Among them sits arguably the most popular poker player in the world, Daniel Negreanu. Sitting with 1,335,000 in chips, Negreanu is poised...more

11 July

WSOP 2015: Seeing clearly with Matthias de Meulder

It was exactly this day last year that Team PokerStars Pro Matthias de Meulder busted out of the 2014 WSOP Main Event. He was the last Team PokerStars Pro left in the Main Event. "I remember reading that somewhere," he said. (Again, he read it here...) "It wasn't that much...more

WSOP 2015: The reign of Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz

I've walked by Fedor Holz's table often this week, each time he's had chips. I don't mean just a few chips I mean a lot of chips, the type of stack that looks photo-shopped rather than real. But it is real. But then this is Fedor Holz. This is...more

WSOP 2015: Andre Akkari has a plan

With seconds to go before Brazil's Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari is supposed to be in his seat on Day 4, a man plucks him from the throngs of just-on-time arrivals and wraps Akkari in an embrace. They whisper a couple of words to each other in Portuguese. "Obrigado," Akkari...more

WSOP 2015: For whom the WhatsApp bell tolls

You've heard of the walk of shame, the long journey each player must make when they bust the main event. It takes them along the Rio corridors either to the casino, where they can drown themselves in business and noise, or to the taxi rank, where they can escape...more

WSOP 2015: Playing short with Fatima Moreira de Melo

Fatima Moreira de Melo may be larger than life. A field hockey champion, an Olympian, a poker superstar, a model...there aren't many avenues she's traveled where she hasn't stood taller than everybody else in the room. This is what I'm thinking when I approach De Melo on Day 4 and...more

WSOP 2015: George Denzer, 155,000 chips, from Norway.

The dealer, Joe, was trying to guess where George Danzer was born. He'd remembered his name ("It's something like D-E-N...") and now he was playing "guess the country" to fill in the time before play started. "I got it... it's the one near Switzerland... what's it called... NORWAY!" "Brazil,"...more

WSOP 2015: Dark city dying

There is a man prostrate on a bench in the hallway of the Rio Convention Center. His hands are crossed on his stomach much like a funeral director would lay out his client for a viewing. The man--who might be breathing--has at some point in his long rest lost a...more

WSOP 2015: Team Pro sends eight red spades to Day 4

For 90% of the 6,420 people who started Day 1 of the 2015 WSOP Main Event, the dream is dead. The WSOP became just another lost buy-in, one they'd rather forget than read about today. For the remaining 661, however, this Saturday in Las Vegas is one they are guaranteed...more

WSOP 2015: The other "bubble boy"

When the bubble is on the way, floor staff walk around more quickly. They plan for this moment, and go through their roles meticulously. But these things can't be taken for granted, so the stage is organised, people are in position in good time, and they walk around faster...more

10 July

WSOP 2015: De Melo, the leading lady

There has never been any doubt Fatima Moreira de Melo is a leader. From her field hockey championships to her rise through the poker world, the one-time Olympian knows how to lead. What she has not done, yet, however, is cash in the $10,000 WSOP Main Event. Today, De Melo...more

WSOP 2015: Hair of the dog

We can't always be at the top of our game. We cannot always wake each morning with joie de vivre running through our veins, and a deep yearning to be the best we can be in our hearts. Sometimes we feel lucky that "cure self" is not number one on...more

WSOP 2015: Victor Ramdin becomes first money-winner of Main Event

With 1,251 players left in the 2015 WSOP Main Event, anyone hoping to leave with cash has to survive at least 251 more eliminations. Everybody but one person, that is. Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin has just become the first person to cash in the WSOP Main Event, and he...more

WSOP 2015: World Cup of Poker Soccer?

We know the World Cup. We even know about the one-time PokerStars World Cup of Poker. But the World Cup of Poker Soccer? Yes, it's a thing. This week at the World Series of Poker, PokerStars got together with a bunch of poker players and put their feet (and hearts)...more

WSOP 2015: Celina Lin on the Vegas experience (and that hand)

If you've ever wondered what you'd do in the first level of the World Series Main Event when a player shoves and you look down at aces, the answer is you call. What happens next though comes with no guarantees, except for a little buzz on social media. Just ask...more

WSOP Main Event: Cody leads lucky 13 red spades looking for cash

In another year, this would just be another day at the World Series of Poker. Day 3 was usually much like Day 2, a painful slog through 12 hours of play without making the money. This is year is different. Thanks to a payout structure that pays 1,000 people there...more

9 July

WSOP 2015: Aditya Agarwal debuts Team Pro India patch in Main Event

For a great many westerners, the country of India might as well be on Mars. It's a faraway place of faraway people. When an outsider sets foot in the country, it can be shocking. "The first thing you notice when you get out of the airport is that there tons...more

WSOP 2015: Victor Ramdin on rye

It's never been particularly easy to keep up with Victor Ramdin. He never sat still. Not only had he become a poker champion and secured an enviable spot on Team PokerStars Pro, he had a thriving chain of discount stores. Oh, and he also regularly traveled to his native Guyana...more

WSOP 2015: Who's your Daddy? Negreanu considers personal donation

When you're an internationally famous poker player you have to expect a few things from out of the blue. More so when your name is Daniel Negreanu. Only this week the Team PokerStars Pro played a crucial role in the public betrothal of two people during the lunch break...more

WSOP 2015: Daniel Negreanu kidnapped

MISSING: DANIEL NEGREAU (AKA KID POKER) AGE:40 DIMENSIONS: FLAT We knew Daniel Negreanu was popular, but this is ridiculous. At some point in the last 24 hours, someone went into the PokerStars Playhouse at the Palms and made off with the gigantic Negrenau poster that welcomed everyone in the...more

8 July

WSOP 2015: Who is that new Team Pro?

Here at the PokerStars Blog, our familiarity with Team PokerStars Pro runs pretty deep. Our writing team has experienced earthquakes, floods, raids, robberies, tsunami warnings, joy, and pain with the people of the red spade brigade. We know them all pretty well, all things considered, and (with the exception of...more

WSOP 2015: Recognize the face? Charlie Carrel takes on the World Series

I'd thought I might have been more memorable. But to Charlie Carrel I was just some guy staring at him, and grinning slightly. Nope. No clue. But let me back track a little, and give you time to get a good look at Carrel yourself. Earlier this year Carrel,...more

WSOP 2015: Navigating through Day 2's No Fun Swamp

Fatima Moreira de Melo pushed her chair back from the one-seat of her table and put it back, careful not to bump Todd Brunson's knees as he finished his hand. She looked one more time at her stack, put two finger guns to both temples, and pulled the triggers. It's...more

WSOP 2015: A deer in the headlights. Make that the windshield.

Unscathed: Jake Cody Jake Cody knows the World Series, but his first trip here in 2010 almost never happened. Cody himself tells the story. "I'm literally at the end of May, start of June and I've got my flight booked. I'm getting a taxi to the airport, and no...more

WSOP 2015: English only at the Twitter, please

All I know about the German language I learned from the Beatles, National Lampoon's European Vacation, and Hogan's Heroes. This is no fault of the Germans. I'm just a pretty bad student and seek instruction in non-traditional venues. My failures have routinely drawn furrowed brows when I announce "My family...more

WSOP 2015: A numbers game

Sometime late yesterday the Main Event numbers were run through the computers and totalled. They were impressive and slightly ridiculous, just as we like them. The Main Event attracted 6,420 entries, making it the eighth biggest field in WSOP history. Think about that for a second. Each of them...more

WSOP 2015: How Jaime Staples got his job

Jaime Staples was still in bed when the phone rang. He was getting ready to set up his Twitch broadcast stream for the day and easing into the morning. The voice on the other end of the line said, "Hello," and Staples knew his life could be about to...more

WSOP 2015: Customs delay produces fire sale

So in preparation for the PokerStars Playhouse at the World Series of Poker, we ordered a bunch of merchandise from the PokerStars VIP Store (based in the Isle of Man) to give and raffle away. We planned to give it out over the nine days that we're in residence...more

7 July

WSOP 2015: Blending into the crowds

All right, so it is a big day today. This last opening day of the World Series Main Event always is, and you only had to look at the line for the bathroom to get an idea of the scale of the field. But, the Rio was ready for it,...more

WSOP 2015: What has happened to Andre Akkari?

Just look at Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari's 2015 record and tell me what you see. Forget it. I'll tell you. I see a guy who has eleven cashes this year, as many as the two previous years combined. Seven of those cashes have come at the WSOP where he...more

Andreas "mrAndreeew" Berggren steamrolls to Super Tuesday win, $78K (7/7/15)

It was one of those nights for Andreas "mrAndreeew" Berggren, one where everything went right and as a result all the chips ended up in front of him. The Swedish player has numerous EPT cashes and is a familiar username and icon at the tourney tables on PokerStars, and tonight...more

WSOP 2015: The poker queen's gambit

It turns out there's a pretty easy way to put Jen Shahade on minor tilt. It's not practical, so it's not going to give you an advantage at the table, but if you happen to pass a chess board when she's in the vicinity of it, jumble up the...more

WSOP 2015: Sun shines after the Fukuburger Flood

When the rushing water started coming under the doors last night, anyone could've been forgiven for thinking the PokerStars Fukuburger dinner fun was going to be a washout. Flash flooding, innertubes in the streets, and floating trash cans marred what was supposed to be a fun night featuring Chris Moneymaker...more

WSOP 2015: Felix Schneiders takes Main Event anxiety head-on

When Felix Schneiders got off the plane in Las Vegas this week his head began to pound. His stomach started to ache. Nothing felt right, despite the fact he was on his way to fulfilling a dream he had been harboring for years. He walked through McCarran airport with...more

WSOP 2015: Players from a different league

It was easy to think, as the crowds rolled into the Rio this morning, that what we were seeing was a convention centre filled to the brim with professional players, complete with a lifetime of achievements, and a pocket full of aggression. But that wouldn't really tell the full...more

6 July

WSOP 2015: The Fukuburger Flood of 2015

All we wanted was a burger. No, that's not quite right. All we wanted was a Fukuburger, a creation of Vegas' famed burger man, a guy who turned his food truck into an enterprise, a guy who was kind enough to get together with PokerStars for a little promotion. The...more

WSOP 2015: Jason Mercier on a bad summer turned good

There was a time earlier this summer when Jason Mercier thought things couldn't get any worse. It didn't last long, but at the time he was 100 per cent serious when he said it was a terrible summer. You might think this was odd coming from a man who...more

WSOP 2015: What's real in a time of love in a time of war

Eugene Katchalov was supposed to be The Bachelor. Not a bachelor. He was supposed to be The Bachelor on the Ukranian version of the popular TV show. A native of Ukraine, Katchalov's poker superstardom made him a bit of a national hero. And, well, he was single. It was...more

WSOP 2015: Words and pictures by George Danzer

George Danzer had a few things on his mind before play started today, but the main one concerned a picture. You see, part of the reward for winning WSOP Player of the Year, as Danzer did in 2014, is having your picture hung in the tournament room for eternity, or...more

WSOP 2015: Chris Moneymaker's guaranteed full day

Chris Moneymaker It's one o'clock on a Sunday afternoon, and it looks like Chris Moneymaker is limping with both legs. He groans every few steps he takes. He's been up for hours, and he feels lucky to even be standing. When he woke, he called his wife at home. "I...more

WSOP 2015: Telling the story of a good bluff

Jan Heitman in action today At times of great political crisis the media often turn to the language of poker to colour up their stories. Take "Grexit" for example, the portmanteau that has come to signify the political front line in Europe. Will they, won't they? Have they, can...more

Remembering Chad Brown: When we lose the badges

If you work in a competitive industry, it's often a little weird hanging out with employees of the competitor. You have to put a tight filter on what you say to be sure you don't reveal corporate secrets, air dirty laundry, etc. So sometimes such gatherings can be a bit...more

Sunday Million: 1K_a_Day goes wire-to-wire, scores $119k after four-way deal

1K a Day. When it comes to online poker, that's an ambitious, pie-in-the sky kind of goal, but this Dutch grinder had already surpassed that benchmark eight times over when he arrived at the final table of the Sunday Million. Armed with the chip lead, 1K_a_Day turned into somewhat of...more

5 July

WSOP 2015: The relationship will be televised

Jenny No has her feet kicked up on a bed in a posh high-rise Las Vegas suite. In the next room, the cavernous bathtub is surrounded by glass windows looking out over the Vegas strip. It's a place where someone might stand naked before the world, scrubbing off another...more

WSOP 2015: Welcome Main Event first timers

ElkY with Salvador and Cynthia Cruz It's easy to take all the weirdness and wonder for granted on a trip to Las Vegas. It's also easy to forget that it's not the same story for everyone. To a lot of people, first timers to this crazy place in the...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Nec Arg claims $60K and weekly title, Dobson fourth

One break is all some people need to make it in any pursuit. A jazz singer at a dive bar that a major recording manager just happens to be ordering a beer at due to a flat tire. Later notches a multi-million dollar contract from chance meeting. A mail clerk...more

WSOP 2015: Get your free Fukuburger from Chef Moneymaker

This is not a sentence I ever thought I would type at the World Series of Poker. Check that. This is not a sentence expected to type at any point in my career. But here goes. 2003 WSOP champion Chris Moneymaker has designed a signature hamburger with the help of...more

P1M Guarantee: A Highly-Deserved Victory for Wally Sombero

Thumbnail image for Champion Wally Sombero What a fantastic run for Wally Sombero, aka Asia's Godfather of Poker, at the recently concluded PokerStars Live Manila P1M Guarantee Main Event! Sombero entered the final day as the chip leader, a status he kept for a majority of the tournament, to eventually...more

WSOP 2015: Everything you need

There is a whiteboard sign just outside the Rio Convention Center's Amazon Room. At the top of it, someone with fluid, happy handwriting has written the words "Everything You Need to Succeed." Parenthetically, the Great Promiser has added, "Seriously. Just ask us." Whoever this Great Promiser is, she knows her...more

P1M Guaranteed Main Event Final Table

After 4.5 hours of tournament play, we have reached the final table of the P1M Guarantee Main Event. Sitting on top is the day's chip leader, Wally Sombero, with 905k. Sombero dominated his table throughout the day, entering a majority of the hands, often raising, and eliminating at least five...more

4 July

P1M Guarantee Update: Ups and Downs

After the bubble burst, big-stacked Wally Sombero found himself in a pre flop raise war against another big stack, John King. This eventually lead to an all in shove on both ends and it was a showdown. Sombero had pocket kings against King's pocket aces. With the board running blanks...more

P1M Guarantee Update: Eliminations and Bubble Bursts

The first hour of the P1M Guarantee was full of all in action with many short stacks trying to double up however for most of them, they would be denied, and eventually one would be the bubble. First bust out was Soo Ghee Lim whose A♥T♥ could not survive against...more

P1M Guarantee: Final Day Qualifiers and More

We are at the final day of the P1M Guarantee Main Event at City of Dreams Manila, Philippines with the 45 qualifiers of the combined day one flights returning to the tables for one final battle at the felt. A total of 311 whopping entries were recorded bringing the prize...more

P1M Guarantee Main Event: Sombero rules Day 1b

Day 1b of the P1M Guarantee Main Event at City of Dreams, Manila Philippines had an impressive turnout of 183 entries and at the end of tournament play 25 of them survived with Wally Sombero aka Asia's Godfather of Poker amassing 270,500 chips to claim the chip leader's seat. In...more

P1M Guarantee Update: Day 1b Freeze Out Action

Day 1b is in the books with 21 players out of the 183 entries making the cut into the final day. Unlike day 1a where only one player made it into the 200K chip mark, there were three today. Chip leader is Wally Sombero with 270,500 chips. He will enter...more

P1M Guarantee Updates: Ups and Downs, Re-Entries and Alternates

We are in full swing here at PokerStars Live Manila with lots of action left and right and lots of late entry players idly standing by eager to get seated. At the time of writing, there are 148 entries recorded on the screen and no doubt climbing with registration still...more

3 July

P1M Guarantee Main Event: Seats filling up at Day 1b

We are back at PokerStars Live Manila for day 1b of the P1M Guarantee Main Event at City of Dreams Manila, Philippines. This is a multiple re-entry tournament with late registration available until the end of the fourth hour. This is also the last day one flight. For those still...more

P1M Guarantee Main Event: Pangan Leads Day 1a; Winners Up in the Ranks

Day 1a of the P1M Guarantee Main Event saw a total of 128 entries and at the end of tournament play only 21 were left in the field. Amongst those were the winners of the past two events of this series, Christopher Mateo and Michael Kim Enriquez, both of whom...more

P1M Guarantee Update: Freeze Out Stage Action

We have reached the end of late registration and have now entered the freeze out stage. A total of 128 entries were recorded with over half the field already gone. Among those casualties was local pro Mike Takayama who did not re-enter. On the flipside, two locals, Luke Pangan and...more

P1M Guarantee Update: Numbers Climbing

After two hours of play, we have surpassed the 100 mark with two more hours of late registration still open. Among those latecomers were a high contingent of locals namely Brian Sombero, Ian Brion, Jesse Leonarez, Anthony Gabitan, and previous P1M Guarantee champion, Rey Concepcion. Checking out some of the...more

Back at the WSOP

If you've been around the online poker world for a while, you may remember the days when PokerStars was a powerful presence at the WSOP. Of course, there was the magical year of 2003, when Chris Moneymaker shocked the other poker players, the pundits, and likely himself by winning the...more

P1M Guarantee Main Event is Underway

Day 1a of the PokerStars Live Manila P1 Million Guarantee Main Event has kicked off here at City of Dreams Manila, Philippines. This is a multiple entry tournament with a P5000 buy-in, with late registration closing at the end of level 8. This is certainly going to be one of...more

1 July

WSOP 2015: A legacy of what?

Bill Klein on his way to winning $2.5 million When I first read a tweet about Bill Klein, I assumed it was a mistake. A misprint. An internet troll having us all on at the expense of the part of us that truly needs something good to happen. After all,...more

Remembering Chad Brown one year on

It was about a year ago this week that we went to downtown Las Vegas for Chad Brown's memorial service. It took place upstairs at Binions; a casino that before the internet came along was home to the WSOP and the beating heart of world poker. Like many others...more

Watch highlights of the 2014 MicroMillions Main Event final table