August 2015

31 August

WCOOP 2015: Preparing for my first time

I am not a tournament player but sometimes there are events that are too big and exciting not to be part of them. That is the case of the World Championship of Online Poker, the biggest series of online poker tournaments of the year. It starts on September 6th; the...more

MPC23: Xiang Rong wins record Baby Dragon event

'PokerStars LIVE Macau' kicked off Macau Poker Cup 23 this past weekend and completed three of the seventeen Official Asia Player of the Year events on the 17-day schedule. Those three events drew totals of 854 players and awarded HK$2,808,441 in prize money -- the biggest opening weekend since the...more

Watch Jason Somerville hit the jackpot


Weekend Review: Barcelona blow-out ends with Juanda victory

Now, that was a weekend. By now, you've probably heard all about it, but if you were on a no-devices stay-cation with the love of your life, here's what you missed: EPT Barcelona broke just about every record known to the EPT, including becoming the biggest-ever EPT Main Event. Neymar...more

Sunday Million: KKruchitAAs crushes, banks $158k after heads-up deal

This week's Million ended in a showdown between two players who had narrowly missed out on the title once before. Antonis "ENIGMA4U4ME" Poulengeris, a regular on the UKIPT circuit, finished fourth in the Million two years ago for $75,885, while Argentina's KKruchitAAs took third for an even $120,000 back in...more

30 August

Sunday Warm-Up: Amit "AMAK316" Makhija wins $50K, denies NutsErryTime second title (8/30)

The last time Amit "AMAK316" Makhija ended up heads-up in a major PokerStars tournament, it was at the end of a Turbo Zoom event in this year's SCOOP series. He ended up making a deal and taking $147K for second place in that tournament. Tonight he made another deal, but...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Benjamin Pollak blitzes through tough €5K Turbo field

There were 71 events on the original EPT Barcelona festival schedule, the inaugural stop of Season 12. An extra -- in pot-limit razz (!) -- was added along the way to made 72, and alongside the Main Event and High Roller the final five side events played out. Earlier in...more

EPT12 Barcelona: John Juanda negotiates his way to a million and a title

Shrewd negotiator: John Juanda is EPT champion Poker is a game of decision-making, about picking the right choice and forsaking all others, no matter how tempting another path might seem. In mid-afternoon during the final day of this European Poker Tour Main Event in Barcelona, John Juanda was offered the...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Mustapha Kanit wins High Roller and €738,759

After the stress and strains of an event 506 entries long, which some worried could never fit into a three day shaped whole, the High Roller came to an end at around 9.45pm tonight, but not in a way anybody expected. Instead, it was declared "done by deal". After the...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Gavrilovich grabs €2K Deepstack, last events underway

Like you, we're intently following the action on EPT Live, as curious as you are to discover who among the four players left will be the next Main Event champion. The show continues But the side action keeps churning along all about the center stage and the finale of the...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Petrangelo leads (again) as High Rollers reach final eight

Despite there being time when we thought it would never come, we have reached a final table in the €10,000 High Roller event. Here's how the final eight will line up. Seat 1. Aliaksei Boika (Belarus) 4,250,000 Seat 2. Ami Barer (Canada) 2,630,000 Seat 3. Kevin MacPhee (United States) 1,090,000...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Deal or no deal? Tell the banker to stuff it

Deal discussions: Laptop, check. Men hunched, check. Heads shaking, check! Ever since the European Poker Tour decided (very sensibly) to allow final table deals to be made public, we have always had something extra special to look forward to on final table day: a group of men standing hunched around...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Looking good but feeling bad

Matias Jansson (pictured earlier this week and healthy) Matias Jansson is struggling in the High Roller, which might sound odd for a man with one of the larger stacks of the 17 left in play. But it's not his health at the table that is the problem, but his...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Duta, Cazayous, Curcio earn wins; €5K 6-max. draws stars

More of those shiny EPT silver spade trophies were won last night here in Barcelona as the last events of the festival are playing out. As the Main Event begins its official final table and the High Roller works its way down from a field of 30 returning for today,...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Previously in the 10K High Roller

A record breaking field of 506 entries crams itself into the EPT Barcelona tournament room. With more players than ever competing for a first prize of €947,300 the race is on to get the tournament finished in time. But as the clock ticks on through Day 2, drama... Alex Kravchenko...more

EPT12 Barcelona: The route to the final

The combined Microsoft Excel skills are far lower among the staff of PokerStars Blog than you would expect from any three random squares. But that has never stopped us attempting to illustrate via a spreadsheet and a graph the route taken to the final table of the last remaining EPT...more

29 August

EPT12 Barcelona: Cocktails! It's going to be a long night.

These are proving long days at EPT Barcelona, and the High Roller just got longer. Tournament staff, doing their best to marshal record breaking fields, are stuck between a rock and a hard place, the rock being the job of keeping players happy, and the hard place the 2am...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Denys Shafikov shows method to the madness, leads into final day

Denys Shafikov: Takes enormous chip lead to final Denys Shafikov has barely uttered a word at the poker table over the past five days, and has stacked his chips in perfect order, with their coloured marks in a neat, straight line. Yet Peter Eichhardt today labelled him a "lunatic". Denys...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Martinez, Fernandez grab two more titles for Spain

We deliver here a quick look-in on a bit of the side action as both the Main Event and High Roller move into their latter stages of play tonight. There were a couple more champions found this evening, both hailing from the host country. A little bit earlier tonight the...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Harig bubbles making Erlandsson the happiest man in town

The drama started before the bubble with the elimination of Jason Mercier. The Team Pro looked set to make the money, even more so when he found aces in a hand against Adrian Mateos, who got his chips in with ace-king. The Spaniard, who won the EPT Grand Final a...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Chasing Urbanovich (again); Season 12 POY race underway

With a new European Poker Tour season comes a new EPT Player of the Year race -- three of them, in fact, as the EPT will again be employing its three-tiered Platinum-Gold-Silver method of determing POYs, with points calculated using the Global Poker Index's formula. Earlier this week we were...more

EPT12 Barcelona: The last supper before the final

Only eight seats around an EPT final table There are nine players left at EPT Barcelona. Some are familiar; some we hope to learn a lot more about. Here's what we already know about most of them: It has been a couple of years since John Juanda last made a...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Who won this event last year? Easy, it was...

Ihar Soika (right?) I have a confession to make. I'm not proud of this, but sometimes I forget player names, or what a player looks like. Sometimes both. A lot of the time actually. The prime example being Ihar Soika*. Actually there's a little more to it with Soika....more

EPT12 Barcelona: A round on the quiet table...

We begin with the elimination of Mario Lopez... The dam that was holding back the masses at EPT Barcelona has finally broken and the rush of eliminations from the Main Event has duly followed. There were 36 players at the start, 24 by the first break and now, at around...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Norwegians take over Saturday Stack event for Vi Menn Open

We were remarking earlier this week about Spaniards winning their fair share of silver spades, the sort of thing one expects the host country of a European Poker Tour stop to do. Spaniards have been well represented in all of the events, although interestingly nearby France put the most players...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Nearly a million for the High Roller winner with numbers confirmed

At least one player will be celebrating tomorrow The final numbers are in for the High Roller event, answering some questions but creating others. There were 401 entries this year, with a further 105 re-entries on top of that, making for a total of 506. That's considerably higher than...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Thumy, Lucha, Primerano, Aloev latest side event champs

Yesterday was another busy one as these final days of the EPT Barcelona festival winds down, with many events in action and several reaching completion as players collect the last of the silver spades. The final day of the multi-flight €1,000 NL (Event #48) finished up yesterday with France's Clement...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Can Eichhardt set a new mark?

Peter Eichhardt: Nearly four thousand days! In our brief profile of Peter Eichhart yesterday, we picked up on the fact that should the Swedish player make it to the final table this week, he would set yet another new EPT record. Eichhardt first made a final table on the European...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Stuart McDonald bedding down in the Main Event

Bagging up chips after a long day is an exhilarating experience. It combines all your achievement and potential in one convenient see-thru plastic bag. Meanwhile you get to take home what's left of your adrenaline, dealt with either with beer or, in Stuart McDonald's case, by talking. I'd never...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Why poker players plan to set an Orphanage ablaze

Steven Warburton describes the route of a cockroach across the wall to Matthias de Meulder There was a rumour a few days ago that Neymar Jr, superstar Brazilian soccer player, was watching some televised poker and enviously said something like: "Look at these guys, travelling the world playing poker. What...more

28 August

EPT12 Barcelona: Wilfried Harig leads to end record €10K High Roller Day 1

Many of the stories emanating from the first day of a tournament revolve around numbers -- namely, the ones representing how many entrants there are, what the prizes will be, and the amount of chips those who survive the day accumulate. While we shared some of the other stories throughout...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Peter Eichhardt no longer the worst, leads Day 4 in record-breaker

Peter Eichhardt: No longer the worst, now the best Well this is awkward. EPT Barcelona has just completed its fourth full day, after which, according to the schedule, 16 players should remain in the hunt for a first prize of €1,420,500. But this festival has torn up the script on...more

EPT12 Barcelona: How to deal with a player like Kassouf

Whatever else happens during Season 12 of the European Poker Tour, yesterday viewers of #EPTLive witnessed a hand that'll live long in the memory. Whilst many players in the UK were already aware of William Kassouf's qualities he took them to an international stage in a hand against Dong Kim....more

EPT12 Barcelona: Hear, hear! Richard Dubini takes down €2K NL; Salter 2nd

The main poker room here at the Casino Barcelona has over 100 tables, and most of the time a lot of those tables -- all of them, sometimes -- have been filled with players. As a result, the noise is constant, a dull roar that tends to obscure the particular...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Vaskaboinikau makes his presence felt

Mikalai Vaskaboinikau: Two million man Mikalai Vaskaboinikau is among the leaders at EPT Barcelona as the tournament enters its final level of the day. He is one of those players with two settings: slow and serene, getting a massage and listening to music through ear-buds; or loud and abrasive, bellowing...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Accounting for the whereabouts of 426 travelling poker players

Is this the face of a man about to cause someone problems? Outside we mean... Barcelona is not a town at peace right now, in more ways than one. It's a city still adapting to the rigours of modern tourism, which has proved both a blessing and a curse...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Alex Trevallion jumps out to early lead in record breaking High Roller

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi We hate to keep banging the same drum here on the PokerStars Blog, but Barcelona has delivered another monster field and another record breaker. We're sorry, it must be getting rather old by now. With long lines and a lengthy alternate list when play...more

EPT12 Barcelona: The threatening check arrives to torment the High Rollers

Isaac Haxton: On the receiving end of some very aggressive checking A few years ago, Vanessa Rousso endured a barrage of abuse when she described an "aggressive call" she made. Yes, yes, it's difficult to be aggressive about a call, we all know that, but the volume of the sneering...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Win the button, win a trophy for Karam Alfonse

In addition to another super satellite to today's €10K High Roller, there are six different new events in action alongside the ones from yesterday also playing out. At 12 noon today two new events got going. The €1,500 PLO 8-handed (Event #56) drew 135 entrants, which adds up to a...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Danzer high, and rolling, in the High Roller

George Danzer is on a high right now. Actually he's on a roll as well. It's nothing to do with the poker, although 2015 has hardly been a disappointment to the Team Pro. It has something to do with his seat instead, or more accurately what he's sitting on....more

Preparing for the WCOOP: PLO Tournaments

Learning PLO tournaments is extremely difficult. It's a completely different game from Omaha cash games. There is no way you can compare it to the difference between Hold'em cash games and tournaments. In a PLO cash game, it's all about pushing edges. If you have a 55% chance to win...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Bubble and Badugi talk with Team Pro Online's Matthias 'Mati312' Brandner

Mati312, a boss at Badugi When we dream about how an upcoming poker tournament is going to go it's safe to say that in no scenario does this dream involve us hugging the bubble and just barely scraping into the money. But that's the exact scenario that confronted Team Pro...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Jude Ainsworth deep again, 'rowdy' final table promised

Jude Ainsworth: Never seen two cards he wouldn't play If you're an action junky, there's really no better player to watch in a poker tournament than Jude Ainsworth. The 36-year-old from Galway, Ireland, may appear to be relatively sedate and composed -- bald head, narrow shoulders, one arm usually stretched...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Big hands, big fields as Stenberg, Akhundov win sides

Welcome back, poker fans, to another full day of action from the Casino Barcelona where besides the Main Event (now under 100 players deep) and the start of the €10K High Roller, the generous helping of sides on the schedule is keeping everyone fully satiated with tournament options. The fields...more

EPT12 Barcelona: High Rollers on course to hit the wall

There could be a big problem in the High Roller event today. Nobody talks about it, and it's almost like we're trying to pretend it's not there. And yet it's as clear to see as a slow-roll. It's called "the wall" and it's at the far end of the...more

EPT12 Barcelona: The re-birth of Peter Eichhardt, more than just a Season 1 throwback

Back to the future with Peter Eichhardt It is Day 4 of the EPT Main Event in Barcelona, and for at least one man in the field, that should mean that he's won it. When Peter Eichhardt first appeared on the European Poker Tour, all the way back in Season...more

2016 PCA to be biggest PokerStars festival in history

If you have ever thought about going to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, this is the year to book your ticket. If you have ever thought about trying to qualify for the PCA Main Event, this is your time. Today, PokerStars announced it will be hosting the biggest poker festival in...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Meet the double WCOOP champion for whom cash is king

Margereson is looking for his first live tournament win It's hard not to warm to Scott 'Aggro Santos' Margereson, the youngster from Chesterfield has a no nonsense approach to talking about poker that befits someone from the north of England. However, to those of you who are prone to pangs...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Last chance for the high rollers

The EPT has come a long way since the first stop here in Barcelona in September 2004. If any proof was needed of that then the lowest of the high rollers at this stop carries a buy-in 10 times the size of the event Alexander Stevic won all those years...more

27 August

EPT12 Barcelona: Make Zhigalov's a double as Russian wins his second €5K side event

As we alluded to earlier, today was another packed day on action at EPT12 Barcelona schedule. Including satellites and a special added €300 pot-limit Razz event there was a total of 11 events outside of the Main Event to keep an eye on. There was a nice mix of events...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Olekseii Khoroshenin heads the hunt for €1.4m

Oleksii Khoreshenin: Leading the way Day 3 of the Main Event on the European Poker Tour is the favourite of pretty much all the people involved. For one thing, it's always when the bubble bursts, guaranteeing heartache and elation in equal measure, and it's also when players begin building the...more

EPT12 Barcelona: How big? Try 500 percent for size

More names on every day's seat draw We all know that this festival in Barcelona has been big, but we all knew that it was big last time as well, so what's the big deal, huh? Well, Rodrigo Gómez, one of our media co-ordinators, put all the key figures from...more

EPT12 Barcelona: William Kassouf talks his way to a win

William Kassouf - speech wizard Move aside Mike Matusow, stand down Tony G, get out of it Daniel Negreanu. There's a new talker in town and his name is William Kassouf. To be honest though the only surprising element is if anyone is surprised. The Londoner has been honing his...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Martin Finger wins EPT €25K High Roller, €865,900

Day 2 of the "Single Day" €25K High Roller was not part of the original plan at EPT12 Barcelona. But while the first day was a marathon, the second added one was a sprint, ending in short order with Martin Finger earning the trophy and €865,900 first prize. Martin Finger,...more

EPT12 Barcelona: The perfect way to be eliminated?

A fully awake Pakinai Lisawad Pakinai Lisawad might just have stumbled upon the perfect way to be eliminated from a poker tournament. It involves fading away in a state of near bliss, surrounded by fellow poker players. It's called a total head massage. Let me be clear, Lisawad has...more

EPT12 Barcelona: The high-flying, free-boarding Felipe Ramos

Preparations under way harbour-side Felipe Ramos is a humble guy. The 32 year old from Brazil joined the ranks of the Red Spade this summer as a Friend of PokerStars and the general outpouring of delight stood testament to the esteem in which he is held among those of us...more

WCOOP: The most wonderful time of the year!

Earlier last week, my employer reminded me that I had promised to let her know what days I could work in September. I told her I would and filed it in my mental 'to do' list. Finally today, while on my lunch break, I opened my daytimer and started to...more

EPT12 Barcelona: What color is your tournament?

We were marveling yesterday at an EPT Barcelona schedule containing seven new events, a satellite, plus another tournament completing from the day before. Today's line-up is even more crowded, if you can believe it. The situation is requiring the ever-resourceful EPT staff to go well beyond the simple traffic light...more

MPC23: Opening Weekend

The 'PokerStars LIVE Macau' poker room is set for the 23rd edition of the Macau Poker Cup which runs from Aug 28 - Sep 13. The previous installment of Asia's popular poker festival had impressive totals of 3,883 players and HK$27,571,268 (USD $3.56m) in prize money. Players can safely expect...more

EPT12 Barcelona: The tanking epidemic

John Juanda and David Yan seek extra protection from the epidemic Everyone wants to make the money in a poker tournament, it might not be the only goal when entering a poker tournament but it's up there as one of the most important if not the most important. It's certainly...more

EPT12 Barcelona: The bubble, through a Team Pro prism

Natalie Hof: Heading for second EPT Main Event cash There's no mistaking the encroachment of the bubble. The most convincing evidence is that people keep saying, "The bubble is coming" but there's also the fact that play slows, players with short stacks keep counting them meticulously, and the ambient tone...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Grapenthien, Zagalo win spades; another 2nd for Urbanovich

Good afternoon, all, from another sunny day in Barcelona. Before we get too deep into this 10th full day of play of the festival, let's talk about what happened at the close of Day 9. When signing off last night the €5K eight-handed PLO (Event #41) had played down from...more

EPT12 Barcelona: We're happy to report that sporting gestures are alive and well

The problem... Poker is not always a game that lends itself to sporting gestures, but Pascal Hartmann just reminded everyone that it's still possible, in a hand that went wrong. The problem came from one of those mistakes that are difficult to put right. When Pascal Hartmann raised in...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Why the writing on the bag is far from set in stone

Andre Akkari chip leader? If you want... In the hour after play finished last night, as reporters were fretting over their keyboards and cursing because "it always f---- does this when I'm in a hurry" the Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari wandered into the press room. It's difficult to wipe...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Headline figures: €1.4 million for the winner

A ceiling, yesterday. The prize pool has gone through it When there are lot of beans, there's a lot of bean-counting to do, and players at EPT Barcelona this week have known for a long time that they are playing for an absolute mountain. Owing to some unfortunate behind-the-scenes issues,...more

26 August

EPT12 Barcelona: Paella and poker in the late night report

We report back tonight following a late dinner at one of the many restaurants in nearby Barceloneta, a neighborhood in the city's Ciutat Vella district. It's a warm night with lots of activity on the beaches, even at this late hour, and the walk to and from the restaurant was...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Big day for Akkari but it's Petrangelo who leads at close

Today was almost proof that Brazilians would dominate the festival headlines. It's not just for SEO purposes that we once more mention Neymar Jr. Anyone doubting the sincerity of his enthusiasm need only examine his schedule today - it started with training, continued with a €500 Turbo and will finish...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Spaniards collecting silver spades

Host countries for every European Poker Tour stop tend to be well represented in the festivals they stage. Indeed, for the larger countries they almost invariably tend to have the highest percentage of players in every field, and for that reason alone -- and perhaps the less tangible edge provided...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Mixing it up with Adam Owen

It has been a great summer for Owen "He called me the worst fu@#ing player he'd ever seen." When you get that kind of 'respect' from Phil Hellmuth you know you've made it. The Poker Brat's outburst came during Day 2 of the 2015 WSOP $10,000 Razz Championship event and...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Neymar Jr takes another shot from corner

Relatively speaking, one would not suspect the far corner of the Marquee Room to be where much of the day's excitement would be occurring on this especially full day of poker at EPT Barcelona. It's about as far from the main poker room as one can get and still be...more

EPT Live Barcelona

Ready to sign up for PokerStars? Click here to get an account....more

EPT12 Barcelona: Back for more after success in 2014

Hossein Ensan: Another fine start Although he was missing for much of the two opening flights, Andre Lettau did eventually show up late last night in a bid to defend his EPT Barcelona crown. It was unsuccessful. He was eliminated before the end of play, and the same fate befell...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Wake up! There's poker to play

We knew poker players were not typical of the breed. They're equipped with a unique ability to survive on bar food and massages, and have a knack for staying awake when the rest of us are either asleep on the couch, or hitting the snooze button for a fourth time....more

EPT12 Barcelona: Two hands, two EPT11 POY trophies for Urbanovich

Dzmitry Urbanovich returns to this 12th season of the European Poker Tour having become an EPT star during the previous go-round. The Polish player made 15 final tables and collected six trophies over the course of Season 11, including a record four at a single stop in Malta. Following the...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Head-spinning schedule features action on all sides

Welcome to Day 437 of the EPT12 Barcelona Festival. Check that. Counting back to the first satellites and the Neymar Jr Charity Home Game, we're in fact witnessing the start of Day 9 of the 71-event series, although with so much happening at once, each day does feel like it...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Irimia's nightshift lands €2 qualifier in Barcelona

Marius Irimia: Well worth the €2 investment Anybody who lives near Marius Irimia in Bucharest, Romania, might be suspicious of some strange nocturnal habits. Several times over the past few months, the light has been on in his home long, long into the night. But today we can reveal what...more

EPT12 Barcelona: A concentrated pool of late-arriving talent

Dzmitry Urbanovich: Another late reg There are many methods by which one can measure the scale of this festival, including (but not limited to) opening the Excel spreadsheet bearing all the names and then wearing your index finger to the bone while scrolling through it. Another way is to simply...more

EPT12 Barcelona: #EPTLive is back!

The boys are back in the booth! Whilst the PokerStars Blog has been keeping you entertained for a week already with coverage of the Estrellas Main event, the EPT Super High Roller and the opening flights of the EPT Main Event, from today you've got the option to add moving...more

25 August

Super Tuesday: touchmynuts1 chops, bests Toby Lewis heads-up for $73K (8/25/15)

This week's Super Tuesday was a bit of a sleeper compared to its usual self, what with EPT Barcelona in full swing. A crowd of 394 turned out for the tournament, which took the payouts down a bit from where they've been recently but didn't begin to touch the quality...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Stalemate, but Liv Boeree among final three High Rollers

Liv Boeree set to return It was a day that started amid flashbulbs, and the arrival of one of football's most recognisable stars. Neymar Jr's entrance was certainly one of the most memorable, and his performance one unashamedly followed by fans, media, and fellow players alike. Nearly 17 hours...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Join us for the nightshift on the PokerStars Blog

Welcome to the night shift on the PokerStars Blog, that time in between the main event of the day concluding (see our report on Day 1B of the EPT Main Event here), and the last of the side events, in this case the single day high roller. In the...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Samuel Bernabeu, so good they named a stadium after him

Samuel Bernabeu: Fitting name on a football dominated day If we forget about Neymar Jr for a moment -- we're reluctant, but we'll do it -- the other significant news from EPT Barcelona today was the size of the Main Event field. The odd thing was, however, that this didn't...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Bubbles popping up in €25K High Roller and Razz

A quick late night round-up of all the side action for you -- literally happening on all sides of the Main Event at the moment. The €25K High Roller is edging ever closer to the money bubble, just a couple of spots away -- close enough for the tournament staff...more

EPT12 Barcelona: There are more Brazilian players than just Neymar. Ask Wikipedia

Alexandre Gomes: Back in Europe for another crack Neymar Jr dominated headlines today--and he's not done yet. Rumour has it that he'll maybe dip into a few side events and have another crack at a title. It was easy to think he was the only Brazilian in the room, such...more

EPT12 Barcelona: The cerveza level

"Ladies and gentleman the blinds are now 300/600 with a running ante of 75," boomed out over the PA system in the main tournament room. Not a significant announcement on its own but when put into the context of Day 1B it assumes more importance. That missive signalled the start...more

EPT12 Barcelona: An orbit with Mikhail 'innerpsy' Shalamov and Marc-Andre 'FrenchDawg' Ladouceur

The random seat draw today conspired to throw together two of Team Pro Online's finest. You may not know their faces but you most likely know their names, or more pertinently their screenames. Whilst both Mikhail 'innerpsy' Shalamov and Marc-Andre 'FrenchDawg' Ladouceur, are Supernova Elites on PokerStars they don't spend...more

EPT12 Barcelona: A small pre-dinner skirmish and a triple for Marc-Andre Ladouceur

Team Online's Marc-Andre Ladouceur. Make mine a triple David Lappin knows a good story. He originates from the home of some fine literary stock and has more than just dabbled in a little screenwriting and journalism over the years. "You looking for a story?" he said, watching an aimless tournament...more

EPT12 Barcelona: News flash - Neymar no more in €25K

If you've been following coverage of the single-day €25K High Roller, you may have heard mention here and there and, well, just about everywhere. Most recently we shared news of Neymar delivering a series of headers to successive opponents, scoring several knockouts and collecting enough chips to enjoy the lead...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Luca Pagano is back

Luca Pagano: It's like he was never away As interviews go, it was neither the most exhaustive, incisive or illustrative, but the key message came across. "I'm back," Luca Pagano said. "I'm back." This occurred over the breakfast buffet in the Pullman Skipper Hotel. That's the place just around the...more

EPT12 Barcelona: What do you have? That's the 15 minute question

Fatima Moreira de Melo I thought I was finally going to see it, a hand that involved a decision lasting so long it went in the break at one end and came out at the other. There were still a few minutes on the board when Moreira de Melo...more

EPT12 Barcelona: The most important last longer

We were remarking earlier about the long, winding path to victory presented by any poker tournament, even a fast-structured affair like the single-day €25K High Roller, now approaching the dinner break. Like your typical high buy-in contests, side bets have been the order of the day, including several early on...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Jake Cody on Lads Night In, his WSOP run and an African adventure

Jake Cody - doing his bit for charity next month Jake Cody was having a bad summer. He'd gone the entire WSOP schedule without a single cash and was digging himself a large hole to get out of. He still had one hail mary left though, otherwise known as the...more

EPT12 Barcelona: The victims of Main Event success

You might have noticed that things are getting busy here today, and it's not just the additional security around the single day high roller. Barcelona has never been this popular, something that's now official thanks to the 1,046 players who have taken seats, who added to the 459 of...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Where have all the champions gone?

Tom Middleton: The only former champ having another crack A victory at the poker tables of Barcelona clearly offers the chance for a player to carry out what so many threaten to do: hit a big score and instantly vanish, only to be seen again in the background of a...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Neymar: Eats steak, and talks

Neymar at the table "All Neymar. All of the time." That's the new PokerStars Blog motto as we get ourselves overexcited about the arrival to the live tournament poker scene of this footballing genius. In case you hadn't noticed, Neymar is in the house today. Sergio Prado, our correspondent from...more

EPT12 Barcelona: A long way to go and a short time to get there

The second and last Day 1 flight of the Main Event occupies most of main poker room thanks to its still-expanding field. There's other side action today, too, including a €500 buy-in razz event this afternoon and a €2,000 NLHE turbo happening tonight. As has already been communicated, however, the...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Neymar takes thousands from the pros!

No, not Manchester. Neymar is at EPT Barcelona I've been in a few press scrums through the years, usually scampering amid jutting elbows and heavy shoulder-burdened equipment, often in search of a story that nobody really cares about or in the attempt to massage a fragile ego. But despite seeing...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Waiting for another record to break

Whilst a media scrum was breaking out around the €25,000 buy-in, single day High Roller, the Main Event was playing out in a more sedate atmosphere. About 10 seconds prior to the entrance of Neymar Jr, Jake Cody strode into the tournament room to take his seat in the Main...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Enter Neymar Jr

Poker is not a natural spectator sport, which is a shame, because today more than ever there is something people are going to want to watch. It's Day 1B of the Main Event, a day that typically attracts the larger share of the players the bigger share of the stars....more

24 August

EPT12 Barcelona: Loosli wins Super High Roller as Urbanovich finishes second again

Sylvain Loosli - Super High Roller winner With 17 players left in this tournament Dzmitry Urbanovich was the recipient of a full double up with kings against the queens of Jason Les. That cooler gave him the chip lead and although his stack at that point only amounted to what...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Thumbs up! Imad Derwiche rolls on from Monaco to lead

Imad Derwiche: The universal sign for a good day The 12th season of the European Poker Tour is officially one day old. After an awful lot of very high volume preliminaries, which comprised the bulk of the Estrellas Poker Festival, Edgar Stuchly took to the microphone around noon today and...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Beer, bets and football at the Barcelona home game

Some beer. It features heavily You may have noticed recently that PokerStars, in association with Jake Cody, is running a "Lads Night In" promotion to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. The idea is to get everyone playing poker and giving at least some of the prize pool to the...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Could we ever play poker without our phones?

It is as common in poker as the hoodie, as familiar as chips, and to some almost as important. Without them many players would be driven insane. Others would even cease to exist, or at least would be unable to prove it. For a phone, or a tablet of some...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Mario Lopez tops 3,292, wins record-breaking Estrellas

Before this week, Mario Lopez had well proven himself at the poker table already over recent years. The Argentinian traveled to the Spanish coastal city having previously amassed nearly $1 million in tournament earnings with an LAPT Main Event title in Chile last year and a runner-up in a WSOP...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Urbanovich in charge as super high rollers head to dinner

Can anyone stop him? Earlier today one of the large food and drink trolleys that waiting staff wheel around the vast tournament area finally pitched up in the area where the Super High Roller final table was taking place. Steve O'Dwyer had requested a coffee some 20 minutes ago and...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Spain has its champ, but others underachieve still

Mateos ended the Spanish jinx in May When Adrian Mateos won the EPT Grand Final last season, one of the European Poker Tour's long-standing hoodoos was broken. Despite countless near misses, and despite hosting an EPT tournament during every season, Spain had somehow never produced a winner--until that moment in...more

Weekend review: Barcelona goes bonkers, Neymar goes royal, & more

Listen, this is normally the time of the week where we focus on the big weekend action at PokerStars. It's what's Mondays are meant to be. I mean, just look at all these PokerStars results from the weekend of August 22-23. From Mike "StrungOut1" Wasserman winning the Sunday Million to...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Luca and Loosli tangle as Newey and O'Dwyer depart

When we last checked in with the €50,000 Super High Roller the final table had just been set, Dzmitry Urbanovich was leading the elite eight whilst Paul Newey and Sylvain Loosli were in need of help. Since then there's been multiple all-ins, a few changes of the chip lead and...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Congratu-dolences to Lodden; Jorgensen ready for battle

Theo Jorgensen prepares to take everybody down Nuance can sometimes be lost in translation, but there's often no mistaking when a Team PokerStars Pro puts a tongue in cheek. Both Johnny Lodden and Theo Jorgensen hit up social media this afternoon with a couple of wry photographs/comments, and it doesn't...more

Reasons to love a PokerStars VIP Club Live party

I just love a good PokerStars VIP Club Live party. And come to think of it, all of them are good. More than good, they're awesome! Like the party in Sofia, Bulgaria for instance. As soon as you walked in you realized that this was not going to be an...more

EPT12 Barcelona: A place for making history, glitz and glamour

Edgar Stuchly welcomes all to EPT Season 12 The new season of the European Poker Tour is now upon us. We know this for certain because Edgar Stuchly, President of the EPT, recently picked up a microphone and stood in front of the early arrivals to the tournament room and...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Seeing in the New Season in style

We want you to be in the best possible condition when you arrive to play an EPT Main Event. Mentally alert, physically prepared, and eager to give maximum focus and concentration to the task at hand. After all, to some players, this might well be the biggest event they've...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Super High Roller final table set; Kaverman bubbles

Look who's made another Super High Roller final table So the most likely result occurred, the player with the shortest stack of the nine who returned to play the third and final day of the €50,000 Super High Roller ended up bubbling the final table. Where's the story you might...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Final table updates

7:07 p.m.: Mario Lopez wins ESPT Barcelona (€408,000); Jonn Forst runner-up (€338,000) Mario Lopez opened from the button with a min-raise to 1,600,000, and Jonn Forst didn't hesitate long before announcing he was all in. Lopez didn't even wait for a count of Forst's stack -- about 16 million --...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Meet the final eight

From a huge, record-smashing turnout of 3,292 players, just eight players remain in the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event, with the final table set to play out this afternoon and evening. The huge field for this €1,000 + €100 tournament added up to a €3,193,240 prize pool, and almost €1.39 million...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Enough of all that, time for the Main Event

The race begins to depose Andre Lettau When you look into the weary eyes of the waiting staff at the hotel breakfast buffet, or the security guards directing patrons through the labyrinth of the casino, this next sentence sounds especially ridiculous: Today is the start of EPT12 Barcelona! I think...more

Sunday Million: Mike "StrungOut1" Wasserman banks $145k after four-way deal

American poker exile Mike "StrungOut1" Wasserman, a self-declared "professional nit" by way of his Twitter bio, claimed the top prize in this week's Sunday Million after a four-way deal. Wasserman has earned over $3.4 million in multi-table tournaments on Stars and has multiple final table finishes in the Sunday 500...more

23 August

Sunday Warm-Up: hhecklen overcomes heads-up deficit earning $64K victory

In a little more than 13 days all eyes at PokerStars will be on becoming the next World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) bracelet winner. All 70 WCOOP events will be covered of course right here at the PokerStarsBlog as players vie for $45 million in guaranteed tournaments. Speaking of...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Jonn Forst in first position for tomorrow's final table

"I haven't even looked at the payouts, to be honest." So said Austria's Jonn Forst to us following the conclusion of today's lengthy, hard fought Day 3 of the Estrellas Barcelona Poker Tour Main Event. Forst did well for himself on this day, playing some gutsy poker in order to...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Newcomer Michael Egan leads Super High Rollers into final day

Chip leader Michael Egan At one point yesterday this Super High Roller was all about the new guys. New players, bidding for elite status, walked up to the registration desk to enter the first big one of the year. But as things closed on day 2, it was not...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Meanwhile in another High Roller

Another good day for Lodden (pictured at the EPT11 Grand Final) By now you know the drill, there's lots of tournaments taking place here in Barcelona and in most of them the numbers are off the charts and subsequently the prize pools are too. So we're going to skip all...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Level 31-33 updates

1:13 a.m.: Slav Sariyski eliminated in ninth Shortly after Level 33 began, Slav Sariyski open-raised all in for 1,680,000 from middle position, and it folded to Jose Carlos Garcia on the button who asked for a count, then after a short bit of thought called the raise. The blinds folded,...more

EPT12 Barcelona: It's a skill game but luck doesn't hurt

A familiar face sits at the top of the chip counts Over the past few years - and you suspect in the next few as well - countless hours have been spent in numerous offices, taverns and court rooms debating whether poker is a skill game or a game of...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Normal service resumed as Germans rise to the summit. Late

Fedor Holz: Familiar face at the top of the leader board If you wanted to make a joke about German efficiency -- as, apparently, is de rigueur when there isn't a sun-lounger and a towel in sight -- you would have had a field day at the start of this...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Advice if forced to pick a SHR to babysit your kids

Help yourself to whatever's in the fridge Alright we admit it, this scenario is not likely to crop up any time soon. But in the interests of always being prepared, if there ever comes a time when you have to pick a poker player to babysit your kids, you'd...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Life's good for Lynn Gilmartin; Aussie wins Women's event

Lynn Gilmartin winner of the Women's event We apologise for sounding like a broken record but it seems the B in Barcelona stands for bigger. Events have been off the charts so far with attendance records getting smashed. A case in point is the Woman's event, which has just wrapped...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Room at the inn? No, no there isn't

Very, very busy at the Barcelona Cup It's busy today in Barcelona as the festival prepares for the Main Event, which starts tomorrow at noon. Before that, the organisers somehow have to compress both the Estrellas main event and the Barcelona Cup down to a manageable size to leave sufficient...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Level 27-30 updates

Click here for Level 31 updates. 9:29 p.m.: Dinner break The remaining 11 players are now taking a 75-minute dinner break, with Jose Carlos Garcia having built back up to 16 million to move back in front. Here are the updated chip counts for the remaining players: Jose Carlos Garcia...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Trying not to stand out from the crowd

Start here and walk to where the crowds are Not far from Casino Barcelona, as you head out from the Port Olympic and walk towards the Harbour, is the Passeig Maritim. I'd guess there's an equivalent in most towns, including your own. It's a long pedestrian boulevard where people...more

EPT12 Barcelona: A chip and a chair, but no comeback

Who doesn't love a good underdog story? Here at the PokerStars Blog we think they're great and the poker landscape is littered with remarkable feats that have made their way into poker folklore. Long before Chris Moneymaker wrote his name into poker history Jack Strauss penned his own chapter when...more

Neymar Jr goes royal in Spain

We knew Neymar Jr was football royalty, but we didn't know he was ready for another crown. As you might have heard, there are a lot of poker players in Barcelona this week. The PokerStars Blog has already been reporting for the better part of the last week as the...more

EPT12 Barcelona: A form of chemical madness, aka the young get younger

Dzmitry Urbanovich: The innocence of youth No one was flat-out shocked when Erik Seidel won the €100,000 Super High Roller event at the EPT Grand Final this year. How could they be? Seidel has been around for decades, amassing tournament earnings of more than $25 million and winning eight World...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Dominik Nitsche, the poker nomad who's right at home in Super High Rollers

Dominik Nitsche is playing his first Super High Roller Yesterday we wrote a piece in which we highlighted a number of players who were playing their first Super High Roller. Many of those on the list had won their way in through a €5,000 satellite that was held on Friday...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Spinning it up through the hyper-turbo

Another €50,000 by Connor Drinan in the super-sat Yesterday afternoon, we heard for the first time about the €5,000 hyper-turbo super satellite to Day 2 of the €50,000 Super High Roller. Not only is that a lot of "super"s for one event, but also there were also a lot of...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Level 23-26 updates

Click here to continue with Level 27 updates. 4:26 p.m.: Break time Players have reached the second 20-minute break of the day. There are 37 left. 4:12 p.m.: Garcia, Lopez, Selles lead final 40 They are now down to 40 players in the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event, gathered around five...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: There's no stopping now; Garcia leads final 98 into Day 3

We call them EPT "stops," but in truth there is barely any stopping going on at all at these festivals. Case in point, Day 2 of the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event ended just a handful of hours ago, and now we're watching Day 3 get underway, with the 98 survivors...more

22 August

ESPT6: Jose Carlos Garcia captures lead to conclude Day 2 of Estrellas Main

A long Day 2 has come to a close in the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event, a day that saw the 984 returners play all of the way down to 98 players. Jose Carlos Garcia, who has been collecting deep finishes all over the tour this year, grabbed the chip lead...more

ESPT6: Reviewing the nightlife

It's quarter past 11 o'clock on a Saturday night in Barcelona. The sidewalks and streets are alive with life on all sides of the casino, and up above our location the floors are similarly full of light and sound and elation. Down below where we are located the scene is...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Stephen Chidwick starts as he left off, and means to go on

Stephen Chidwick: Our early leader The European Poker Tour is back, and it has started in typical fashion. That means, in case you haven't been paying attention for the past 12 years, that we're in Barcelona and that we're breaking records. We won't dwell on the latter issue at least...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Tracking the big stacks; Garcia grabs lead with 240 left

Dinner break has come and gone for players here on Day 2 of the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event. And many who came to play today's Day 2 have gone as well, as the 984 who started the day have now been whittled down to just 240. We've got counts to...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Jacobson and the about-face

Martin Jacobson You're up against the reigning world champion Martin Jacobson, a man who, while his reign might have just weeks left to run, is a player of formidable talent and reputation. What's more, with a lot of your chips in the pot and a board now dealt to...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Bursting out at all sides

With the Estrellas Main Event finally reaching the money, the fast pace from earlier in the day has slowed somewhat as afternoon turns into evening, although the field is continuing to shrink at a heady clip. About 350 players remain with the dinner break about a level-and-a-half away. Meanwhile other...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Reg on Reg violence

The significant pots in these Super High Rollers can often take longer to play out than they perhaps would in events with a lower buy-in. We're not suggesting the size of the buy-in should dictate how long the average decision should take but it's safe to say there's often more...more

EPT12 Barcelona: What's behind this Mercier (ahem) downswing?

Jason Mercier with Sarah Herring It has, by all accounts, been a terrible year for Jason Mercier. Well, in Europe*. A look at his results for this year shows an astonishing dip in form (in Europe); with an extended slump that has earned him a meager return of $33,552...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Trendspotting, from Kanit's shirt to Fedor Holz

The beginning of a new season on the European Poker Tour gives us a chance to figure out that our old friends have been getting up to over the past few months--most particularly in the wardrobe department. Things can change quickly. Who can forget, for instance, that summer when Ole...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Money time

They say time is money. Waiting through a lengthy bubble period in a tournament -- especially a protracted one -- gives a person plenty of opportunity to think about both. We report back from the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event shortly after having emerged from about an hour's worth of "bubble...more

EPT12 Barcelona: One season doesn't make a superstar

A terrifying triumvirate The table doesn't lie they say and if that's indeed the truth then it's hard to argue that Dzmitry Urbanovich's EPT11 Player of the Year Award was undeserved. What's remarkable though is that the Pole's run didn't begin in earnest until 2015, when a win at the...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Ever played a reverse freeroll?

Redemption is available for any of the Super High Rollers What if, when you're mid-way through a poker tournament, you decide you don't really fancy it anymore? Wouldn't it be nice to just be able to pick up your chips, stroll back to the cash desk and get your money...more

EPT12 Barcelona: A question high rollers won't lose sleep over

Wide awake: Isaac Haxton Day one of the Super High Roller will likely be a long one, playing into the early hours of Sunday morning. These hours tend to be unique to poker, with punishing hours. There are other ways in which poker is unique. Isaac Haxton just nailed...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Prize pool info and the nationalities pie (super-sized)

The blitz of bustouts continued through the second hour of Day 2 of the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event. A third of the day's starters have already been knocked out in just two hours of play, as just 664 remain. Where some of the eliminated players' chips went That means the...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Does the success filter upwards?

Oleh Okhotskyi: Among the newcomers to the top echelons If you look at the laptop keys of anyone in the EPT Barcelona media room, the letters "R" "E" "C" "O" and "D" are worn out. The number of times reporters have been reporting on the breaking of records has now...more

EPT12 Barcelona: We're going to need a bigger boat

Whilst the record breaking Estrellas Main Event continues and takes up the vast majority of the main tournament room, if you head to the top left of the cavernous tournament area you'll find eight tables reserved for the €50,000 Super High Roller (don't forget the unlimited re-entries). However, more may...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Constant crises, as is customary

Most of us live our lives avoiding crisis situations, if we can manage it. We seek the familiar, that which brings us contentment. We consciously avoid conflict, prepare for potential hazards, and do whatever we can to preserve our well being. Poker players are a different lot. They must be....more

EPT12 Barcelona: Enter the super high rollers

It's like we never left. The PokerStars Blog is now back deep in EPT territory. Actually it has been since Wednesday, when the Estrellas began to break records. But while Martin Harris has reported diligently from that ever growing Estrellas front line, today we welcome the Super High Rollers,...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Gordillo leads the 984 returning for Day 2

The weekend has arrived, and so, too, have the 984 players who survived to today's Day 2 of the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event. That would be plenty for a starting field of a €1K buy-in event, but in this case the almost one thousand represent those left from an almost...more

21 August

ESPT6 Barcelona: Huge stack for Hugo Pingray at close of historic Day 1C

History was made at European Poker Tour Barcelona at Day 1C of the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event, the final starting day of the €1K buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament that has helped kick off EPT in a Season 12 huge way. Huge as well was the stack of Hugo Pingray when...more

EPT12 Barcelona: The satties and other sundries

As we noted at the start of the day, the schedule on this third full day of play in the European Poker Tour Barcelona festival was relatively light, with most of the side action ramped down a bit to clear the way for the huge final starting flight of the...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Leading us into the night

The huge Day 1C field for the €1K Estrellas Barcelona Main Event is now decidedly less huge. The big board shows 1,565 entrants total for the day -- final confirmation still to come -- and those who made it to the dinner break have now already played down to less...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: The tour returns, the players reunite

We're getting closer to figuring out just how many players came from all over the globe to Casino Barcelona to play Day 1C of the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event. While we can't say just yet how many they are, we know by now who many of them are, including many...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: On those late to the scene

Day 1C of the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event continues, with players continuing to arrive to play this last Day 1 flight before the opportunity to be part of this record-breaking event is no more. OMG this field is huge Most poker tournaments follow a familiar narrative pattern, the leisurely beginning,...more

Back on top

Around two months ago, to say I was disappointed with how the summer had started would have been an understatement. Coming off a great SCOOP series on PokerStars in which I won three events and the Player of the Series, I was motivated and excited to play a full schedule...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: November Nine just part of poker plan for Pierre Neuville

"It's just a paradise." A smiling Pierre Neuville waves a hand as he speaks, indicating the throng of people -- hundreds -- filing out of the tournament area alongside of us. We walk toward the food station, a quick bowl of soup during the break being Neuville's immediate goal. The...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Zhou Wei wins €5K 8-game; Roberto Morra wins Hyperturbo

A couple more silver spades were claimed late last night in side events at the European Poker Tour Barcelona festival, with the winners of both surviving tough final tables to earn the hardware. The €5K 8-game (Event #13) had our attention throughout the day yesterday, thanks to a 29-player field...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: The bandwagon gets bigger as Day 1C of Estrellas begins

Yesterday afternoon PokerStars Blog was musing aloud about the possibility of 3,000 players entering the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event, the €1K no-limit hold'em freezeout tournament highlighting the early part of this year's European Poker Tour Barcelona schedule. There had been 592 runners for Day 1A on Wednesday, and another 1,122...more

20 August

ESPT6 Barcelona: Pablo Gordillo tops Day 1B, grabs lead in Estrellas Main

As afternoon turned to evening during Day 1B of the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event -- about halfway through the day's play -- we first noticed Spain's Pablo Gordillo already sitting behind growing columns of chips. He's only 22 (having a birthday last week), he's made two EPT Main Event final...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Sorting through the sides

They've played the first nine 45-minute levels of Day 1B of the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event, and having now returned from the dinner break for Level 10, there are 559 players left from the 1,122 who began the day. The young Spaniard Pablo Gordillo (whom we were looking in on...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Gordillo from the get-go

While on the lookout for an Estrellas Barcelona Main Event Day 1B chip leader, Pablo Gordillo caught our eye. We remember Gordillo well from the France Poker Series Monaco Main Event, the analogue event to this one that kicked off the EPT Grand Final last spring. From a 993-entry field,...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Sounding like a broken record, looks like a record-breaker

Bryn Kenney just flew into Barcelona today, the timing of his arrival somewhat narrowing his options this Thursday afternoon. He needed food. That wasn't really an option, actually, but a necessity. But when it came to poker, he did have a choice. Eyeing the EPT Barcelona 71-event schedule, he knew...more

RolfO on finding a 100K Mega Bonus in his account

Yesterday we reported on three PokerStars players who had received life changing Mega Bonuses. What did they have to do? Nothing much. All it took was a deposit of $25 into their PokerStars accounts. We tried to summarise how it must have felt - somewhere between shock and euphoria...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Poker's best gather in Marquee Room for €5K 8-game

For the second day running here at the start of the 71-event European Poker Tour Barcelona festival, the day's highest buy-in event is of the non-hold'em variety. These events doubly appeal to a certain, significant category of poker players, namely those who prefer less trafficked variants and also putting a...more

Travels with Garry

It's time to paint a picture. CA-99 runs top to bottom through the middle. This is not the California of movie opening scenes, surfers and Rodeo Drive in the south or the Golden Gate and Chinatown in the north. But it is a crucially important California - a demi-nation of...more

Daniel Negreanu's Summer Party


Let the good times roll!

In the beginning most new poker players will have very little knowledge of the game to start off with. Most will have little to no bankroll to get started with and this can make their first steps into the World of Poker a little intimidating for some, but don't despair....more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Standing out in a crowd

When you are one of more than 1,000, the challenge to distinguish yourself can be daunting. Then again, when the crowd to which you belong is comprised of players in a poker tournament, standing out might not be all that desirable, especially during the first few levels. As they say,...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Jack Salter among early side event winners

The main poker room here at the Casino Barcelona being employed for the European Poker Tour Barcelona festival has 105 tables, and right now every single one of them is filled with players, all part of the ever-expanding Estrellas Main Event field. Day 1B now already has more than 1,000...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Numbers grow, words fail as Estrellas Day 1B begins

Poker is a game that uniquely involves both narratives populated with characters and plots and all sorts of statistics and data. Words generally work best when it comes to conveying the former, while numbers dominate the latter. As we contemplate the coming day of poker today and think specifically about...more

Isle of Man to become Isle of Men?

You likely already know PokerStars calls the Isle of Man home. Now, PokerStars HQ will soon be sitting on the Isle of Men. On September 25, PokerStars will join forces with Prostate Cancer UK for a special Lads Night In that will happen all over Great Britain and the Isle...more

19 August

ESPT6 Barcelona: Spain's Fernando Heredia Estrellas Day 1A leader

The last hands of Day 1A of the Estrellas Main Event have been dealt here at the Casino Barcelona, and among the 166 survivors from the 592 who began the day Spain's own Fernando Heredia has bagged the most chips of anyone with 336,200. Fernando Heredia Incidentally, that total of...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: A walk through the poker chip buffet

We're back from dinner, a splendid buffet. It's a fine way to dine, especially if you happen to spend a lot of time in hotels and/or casinos like some of us do. It's also great if you happen to be at all selective about both what dishes you prefer and...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: The rational vs. the irrational; or, how groups behave

An astute observer of human interaction and cultural mores once remarked that the most common conflict affecting practically every group of people there has ever been has been between the irrational and the rational. In other words, while it is easy enough to find other ways to divide ourselves into...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: A festival for frequent fliers

Conversations among those of us already here for the kickoff festival of Season 12 of the European Poker Tour confirm once more there are many ways to get to Barcelona. Some of us flew from the States through Miami or Philadelphia. Others had journeys from South America or elsewhere in...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Razz appreciation

"Credit to the Hendon Mob guys!" So declared Neil Johnson, Head of Live Poker Operations for PokerStars Europe, while entering the media room just a short while ago. Along with Johnson, we'd all been occasionally eyeing the far right corner of the poker room where a few tables had been...more

Jason Mercier wins SHRPO High Roller & $517,000

There's a poker rule that doesn't appear in every book, but it's one you should heed at every opportunity: Don't mess with Mercier on his home turf. That's Jason Mericer, Team PokerStars Pro and resident of the USA's Sunshine State (also known as Florida) who just last night banked more...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: The more the merrier

The Day 1a field for the Estrellas Main Event continues to grow as they move into Level 4. The big board shows a total of 573 have taken their seats thus far, with not quite 30 of those having already been felted in the early going. Along with FPS Monaco...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: FPS Monaco champ Supper hungry for another EPT win

Nearly four months ago, 993 entered the France Poker Series Monaco Main Event PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final -- the analogue to today's €1K Estrellas Main Event here in Barcelona. After several days just three players remained, with one of them -- the German student, Sebastian Supper -- down...more

Three Mega Bonus winners so far. Will you be the fourth?

A few weeks ago we asked how $100,000 added to your account might feel. Seeking to test this (okay, this might not be the official reason) we launched a Mega Bonus promotion that, for a deposit of $25, had the potential to earn you a six figure bonus. That...more

ESPT6 Barcelona: Estrellas Main Event lights up first full day

The lights are on. The dealers are in place. Players are starting to arrive. The mood is bright. Poker is happening, people. The 12th season of the European Poker Tour has begun! Shine on! There are eight different events on today's schedule, the first full one of this year's EPT...more

18 August

Super Tuesday: Second title, $71K in three-way deal for Run dat Game (8/18/15)

The Super Tuesday field was down tonight for the first time in weeks as Season 12 of the EPT got underway in Barcelona with Neymar Jr's charity home game. The 467 runners made this the smallest Super Tuesday since the end of the World Series in Vegas last month, but...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Top prize to Steve O'Dwyer in Neymar Jr Charity Home Game

"I was just coming in to see how things were set up this year," explained Steve O'Dwyer, alluding to this first day of Season 12 of the European Poker Tour. Turns out things here at the EPT were set up quite nicely, at least from his perspective. Again. The EPT9...more

EPT12 Barcelona: Neymar Jr Charity Home Game kicks off new season

It's here! We're here! The 12th season of the European Poker Tour is officially underway, the ball dropping with a few events here on the first day of action at the Casino Barcelona. Comparatively speaking, today's schedule is a light one -- just three events, two of which are satellites....more

VIP Club: Live - Daniel's Summer Party rocks Toronto!

So it turns out that Daniel Negreanu banked another win to start August. That deep run in the WSOP Main Event turned out to be a good warm up. It came in an exclusive party at the Real Sports Bar and Grill in Toronto last weekend, a Celebrity Charity tournament...more

Trust yourself and ignore the rest

A few days ago I overheard a conversation between two of my neighbors and to my surprise they were talking about me. They found intriguing the fact that I rarely leave my house and they had also noticed that I sometimes stay awake until 5 or 6 in the...more

17 August

Win a million in the PokerStars Dream Team Collection

How does a million dollars sound? Well, now we have your attention let us tell you about a brand new promotion that could earn you life changing amounts of money. It's called The PokerStars Dream Team Collection, and it gets started today. Taking part is simple. From today, until...more

Keiruja wins the Sunday Million while Spinks binks the warm-up

If an entire nation took pride in its players, like they would a sports team, it would be a great weekend for British poker. Reality might make things a little different - one player's success is usually at the expense of another - but still, there's enough bonhomie to...more

16 August

Sunday Million: Keiruja carries the day, tops 5,611 to win $175K

For much of the latter stages of this week's Sunday Million, Israel's agnaton was the pace-setter, enjoying the chip lead as the final table began and having an edge all of the way to heads-up play. But in the end it was the U.K.'s Keiruja managing to come from behind...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Jon "LUFCBas" Spinks earns second title and $63K after deal

Usually during "let's make a deal" time at the Sunday Warm-Up there are players who have been here before with several -COOP wins/final tables and those who are looking to make the most of their first Sunday Major final table. The ending of this Sunday Major held a threesome of...more

14 August

What in the hell was Niall Farrell thinking?

Niall Farrell is no donkey. He's just not. He's better than at least 98% of the people I know who play poker. That's what makes something he did at last year's EPT Barcelona feature table on bubble day all the more confounding. Watching with the cards up, you almost want...more

Looking forward to a good Weekend(er)

It's Friday again, and memories of what could have been once more turn to thoughts of what might be. The weekend is upon us, with a full slate of Sunday Majors, albeit with a "plus one". We'll get to that. First a look back on the week. In some...more

Tune in for the latest edition of #EPTNotLive

Before they disappear to Spain for the first stop of EPT Season 12, James and Joe bring you 'The Barcelona Preview Show'. It's a slightly misleading monicker, as they spend more time talking about James's fan edit of 'Superman II' than the EPT festival, but there is a rundown...more

13 August

The Chris Moneymaker Story

The basics of the Chris Moneymaker story are almost universal to poker players, and his tale of turning his life as an accountant in Tennessee into that of an international poker player, and World Champion, is still perhaps the most enduring story of the modern game. More than 15 years...more

PokerStars introduces The Weekender

Have you ever bagged chips at the end of a tournament day? If done right, the feeling is hard to match. It comes with a sense of validation. It comes with a sense of accomplishment. It comes with an opportunity to come back and fight again. Now you have that...more

12 August

The welcome return of the European Poker Tour

New cities, new tournaments, new tables, new chips, and some creative new ideas highlight the 12th Season of the PokerStars European Poker Tour. While we say goodbye to old friends in Deauville and London, we will reunite with Dublin and welcome a new city to our family next spring...more

The A to Z of EPT Barcelona

We're now officially a week away from the start of the new European Poker Tour season, which kicks off in Barcelona next Wednesday with an undercard of the Estrellas Poker Tour Main Event. It got us thinking of every Barcelona event we've covered, it being the only stop to...more

11 August

Christopher "NigDawG" Brammer finishes strong, wins 8/11/15 Super Tuesday

The Super Tuesday fields are getting bigger -- 562 came out tonight for the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em event. And they're remaining tough, too, with this week's final table featuring the likes of Rasmus "RasA86" Agerskov, Keith "Kungfumonk" Johnson, and Jason "jakoon1985" Koon among other talented combatants. In the end,...more

FPS Lille: How Bart Lybaert kicked off a great week for Belgium

With a win in the UKIPT Bristol this week, the Belgian poker community was celebrating a second win in the space of about a week. Pierrick Tallon was merely carrying on where Bart Lybaert had started in Lille a few days earlier. Belgian pro Lybaert won the France Poker...more

10 August

Weekend Review: Magarden the big winner

There's a period in the early hours of the day during which it's never wise to be awake. If I had to say exactly when I'd put it at around 4am. You lie there, awake, and start thinking about serious things, like how old you are, the meaning of...more

Two winners in a week for new Spin & Go $300K

In the old days it might have been called a gold rush. Someone would discover riches from out of nowhere prompting thousands of people around the world to drop everything, form a wagon train, and head in whatever direction the news came from. Those days have gone, at least...more

All aboard for EPT Malta

Portomaso Casino, Malta And all of a sudden the poker world starts get busy again. Less than two weeks away from the new season of the EPT in Barcelona, we're already looking ahead to what will come after. In this case EPT Malta. That's right. You haven't even felt...more

9 August

Sunday Million: Magardan magnificant, tops 5,680 to win $177K

It was a little over two years ago that Germany's Magardan topped a tough field to earn a coveted Super Tuesday title, ultimately defeating last year's WCOOP Main Event champion Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz at the end after the pair had made a heads-up deal. Tonight Magardan adds another much sought...more

Sunday Warm-Up: yarik1903 holds on to win title and $73K

Most people have that friend noting a Facebook or Twitter update "Just finished ten mile run, felt a slow and may go another ten" or "Reached my 100th mountain summit of over 10,000 feet!". But, how did they get in such physical shape when running to the chip cage from...more

Pierrick Tallon wins UKIPT Bristol and £53,000

Pierrick Tallon - UKIPT champion After four fantastic days of poker it's Pierrick Tallon who's emerged victorious to win UKIPT Bristol and £53,000 whilst Chris Brice's second place finish is worth £42,000 after the two players struck a deal heads-up.The 23-year-old becomes the second Belgian to win a UKIPT Main...more

APPT9 Manila: Aaron Lim wins to become first two-time APPT champ!

The Season 9 APPT Manila title has been decided with Australia's Aaron Lim making history to become the first-ever two-time APPT champion with a scintillating victory! Lim had to work for it against opponent Douglas Olsson as he entered heads-up play with a near four-to-one chip advantage. The heads-up battle...more

APPT9 Manila: And then there were two!

Our fantastic four has gone from three to two with the eliminations of former Macau Poker Cup champion Terry Fan and local hope Jessie Leonarez. It was an interesting road for Fan today. He started out the day in blazing fashion with his pocket kings spiking a set to crack...more

UKIPT5 Bristol: Day 3: Level 27-30 updates (60,000/120,000 ante 20,000)

9:30pm: Pierrick Tallon wins UKIPT Bristol for £53,000; Chris Brice wins £42,300 for second place There was a period of raises and folds before the final confrontation took place. Chris Brice moved all in for 1.5 million and Pierrick Tallon looked at his cards and made the call. Brice: K♥4♥...more

APPT9 Manila: A couple of rockets destroy Lee

We have been idle at five players for over two hours and Canadian player Thomas Lee has dominated the table with non-stop grinding, most often up against Australian player Aaron Lim. As the chip leader with around 4.6M, Lee was about to feel the shifting of the tides. Everything began...more

APPT9 Manila: Japan and Germany next on the chopping block

Eliminations were slow to come by so we were stuck at 7 players for some time. That didn't mean there was no action at the felt, actually, quite the contrary with lots of chips shuffling around to different sections. In one hand, Filipino player Jesse Leonarez found himself losing over...more

APPT9 Manila: Chua and Yu eliminated

Down to nine players, it was time to show each other the stuff they were made of and clearly everyone at the final table was a heavy hitter. So it is no surprise that when the cards were in the air, out came a lot of muscle. It began with...more

APPT9 Manila: Final table is set!

The players are off to take a quick dinner break as the final table of nine has been formed here at the APPT Manila Main Event. It didn't take long for three more eliminations to go down as our dozen remaining players were reduced to just nine. Fubo Fu Bang...more

UKIPT5 Bristol Day 3: Level 23-26 Updates (25,000/50,000, ante 5,000)

4:45pm: Winsor bluffs to Tallon as break ticks by Level 26 had come to an end and all but two players - who were still locked in battle - went off on a 15-minute break. Ben Winsor opened to 115,000 from under the gun and was called by Pierrick Tallon...more

UKIPT5 Bristol: Final table player profiles

Seat 1: Chris Brice, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,813,000 Chris Brice Although he says his poker is mainly played "socially," Chris Brice, 37, has been playing the game for 15 years and has been a regular attendee at the WSOP and the UK circuit, finalling UKIPT Coventry in 2010 for...more

APPT9 Manila: Falling to the wayside, 12 remain

Busting out of a big tournament when you've gotten quite deep always sends a bit of a stab to the heart. There's that constant review of should I have done this or that but in the end, a bust is a bust and it will be your story at least...more

APPT9 Manila: Down to 18

The final day of the APPT Manila Main Event has started off at a cracking pace, especially when compared to late last night. The final level of yesterday was a bit of a yawn...literally. Players were tired after a long day on the felt, and there was little action as...more

8 August

APPT9 Manila: Final Day Begins

After ten days of festivities at City of Dreams Manila, we have reached the final day of the APPT9 Manila, and inside the Grand Ballroom, not only have we witnessed a fantastic turnout of players, but we will also be witness to the crowning of the first champion of the...more

Chi Zhang leads last 11 heading into the final day of UKIPT Bristol

Chi Zhang on top The remaining 126 players returned for Day 2 today, ripped open their bags and went about their business of trying to (first) make the money and (second) make the final table, if the ten one-hour allotted levels would allow. By the end of those levels, 11...more

APPT9 Manila: Finkenrath leads final 23

It is common knowledge that Day 2 of any Main Event is usually the longest with survivors of day one flights merging and playing down to a final table. With 175 players entering the Grand Ballroom of the City of Dreams today, there was no doubt it would be a...more

APPT9 Manila: No time to stop

Manila is a city that never stops. There are always cars on the roads. People in the streets. Things are happening, no matter if it's day or night. And that seems to have caught on this evening at the APPT Manila Main Event. Since the bubble burst on our final...more

UKIPT5 Bristol Day 2: Level 17-22 updates (10,000/20,000 ante 3,000)

12:10am: Shola Akindele Deadman eliminated in 12th place (£3,970) On the very last hand of the night Shola Akindele Deadman busted at the hands of Joseph Lalor in a big pot. She raised from the button to 40,000 and Lalor smooth called from the small blind. The two of them...more

APPT9 Manila: Just a little bit of history repeating

It took ten seasons of the European Poker Tour before it crowned a two-time EPT champion. The person who did it was a Team PokerStars Pro. It was also a female with British starlet Vicky Coren becoming the first in history to achieve the incredible EPT double. We might be...more

APPT9 Manila: Bust outs, Double ups, and Bubble Time

From a massive field of 585 entries we dwindled down to a point where short stacks got very tense and premium cards were prayed for to avoid elimination- the bubble stage. And the tournament directors didn't make it easy on their emotions either as the game ritually got slow-mo'd down...more

UKIPT5 Bristol Day 2: Level 13-16 updates (2,500/5,000 ante 500)

4:25pm: Break time A happy bunch on players are on their second break of the day. Updates will continue in a new post. -- MC 4:20pm: Shola trips up Nik Shola Akindele Deadman has a stack approaching 300,000 after making trips versus Nik Persaud. She bet 17,500 from mid position...more

APPT9 Manila: The Dragon is coming

As Day 2 of the APPT Manila Main Event hits a bit of a lull approaching the money bubble, we thought it would be a good opportunity to look ahead at the poker calendar to see what was coming up on the Asia Pacific Poker Tour. The next major event...more

APPT9 Manila: Big guns running deep

Most poker players, if not all, will say that their dream is to win a major international championship event such as an APPT title or coveted bracelet. With movies such as Rounders exposing players to the likes of Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan and Erick Seidel, and with Chris Moneymaker inspiring...more

APPT9 Manila: We like to party

If there a few weary players, staff and media floating around the tournament floor today, then they probably have good reason. The Asia Pacific Poker Tour has always been more than just a poker tournament. It's a poker experience. Playing a game of cards is only part of the reason...more

7 August

APPT9 Manila: Another big day ahead

For the last two days we've been talking about how big the APPT Manila tournament has been. Big fields, big prize pools and big excitement for those who have walked into the City of Dreams this week. Today is also big, but for a different reason. It's big for the...more

Van Der Merwe is clear leader heading into Day 2 of UKIPT Bristol

An almost perfect day for Van Der Merwe If B stands for Big then Day 1"B" of UKIPT 5 delivered on that front. A total of 306 players rocked up to the Rainbow Casino today, more than double the 140 that entered yesterday. By the end of 12 levels...more

UKIPT5 Bristol Day 1B: Level 6-12 updates (1,000/2,000, ante 300)

10:55pm: Done for the day That's it for Day 1B of the UKIPT5 Bristol Main Event. Day 2 starts at noon, a full wrap of today's action is coming right up. --NW 10:42pm: Last four hands y'all Each table will play four more hands apiece before play concludes for the...more

APPT9 Manila: Dong Il Kim flushes them on Day 1b

The last cards have been dealt, the bags have been tagged and the players are off to celebrate a successful day on the felt as Day 1b of the APPT Manila Main Event has drawn to a close. Anticipation was high before play kicked off on Friday afternoon and we...more

Tune in for Episode 14 of #EPTNotLive

The latest EPT Note Live podcast is now available to download in the usual way. You'll find all the regular features, even though, with Joe and James hosting from either side of an ocean, it's something of a transatlantic session. You can also find out how you can appear...more

APPT9 Manila: The local top dogs

Without a doubt, poker is experiencing another boom in the Philippines. The first one was in 2008 with many poker rooms coming up all over Metro Manila and in various parts of the country. Then the hype slowed down, but not entirely to a full halt. Within the confines of...more

A packed weekend live and online

We've made it through another week, and if you're not in Manila for the Asia Pacific Poker Tour, or in Bristol for the UK and Ireland Poker Tour, then there's plenty taking place online to make this a weekend to look forward to. But first let's look back on...more

APPT9 Manila: Something for the big kid in us all

Believe it or not, there are a few poker players in this world who are socially responsible enough to start a family. However attending a poker tournament isn't exactly thought of as a family outing. Poker tournaments involve long days and late nights stuck inside a casino which isn't really...more

APPT9 Manila: Jump in live qualifiers add to the Main Event field

What a fantastic turnout for the APPT9 Manila Main Event here at City of Dreams Manila! Yesterday's Day 1a saw a total of 260 entries and today, as soon as the cards were in the air, there were already 180 players registered on the screen with the number still increasing....more

UKIPT5 Bristol Day 1B: Level 1-5 updates (200/400, ante 50)

4:10pm: End of the level That's the end of level five and the players are now on a 15 minute break. You'll find updates from level six and beyond in a new post shortly. --NW 4:05pm: More exits Late registration has now close which means the number of players in...more

500 Stones for good

In the previous blog from the Pro Tour on the road in California, we told you that there was a big charity component to the upcoming events. And man, it was awesome. Our first stop of the weekend was at the 500 Club in Clovis, which they tell me is...more

APPT9 Manila: Location, location

With Day 1b ticking into the third level of the day, the big screen in the Grand Ballroom is currently showing 240 entrants so far today. That means we've smashed the previous record for the APPT Manila Main Event with over 500 entrants so far with registration still open until...more

6 August

APPT9 Manila: Getting geared up for Day 1b

Day 1b of the APPT9 Manila Main Event is about to take off here at the luxurious City of Dreams Manila where a big gathering of players are already standing idly by itching for the go signal to enter the room. After a great turnout of 260 entries at yesterday's...more

Javed Ullah leads after Day 1A of UKIPT5 Bristol

Javed Ullah topped them all on Day 1A After a absence of more than two-and-a-half-years the UKIPT packed its bags and headed back to Bristol for the fourth UKIPT stop of Season 5. Fortunately our Sat Nav didn't take us to Bristol, Connecticut and like many poker hopefuls we found...more

APPT9 Manila: Scandinavian success on Day 1a

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour has been visiting the capital of the Philippines ever since Season 1. That was all the way back in in 2007. Now some eight years on and things are a little different in 2015 to what they were back then. Poker now has a home...more

UKIPT5 Bristol Day 1A: Level 6-12 updates (1,000-2,000 ante 200)

10:50pm: Play concludes Day 1A had come to and end with Javed Ullah as the player with the most after he bagged up 212,700. A wrap on the day's play will be up on the blog shortly. Day 1B starts at midday BST. -- MC 10:35pm: Final five The clock...more

APPT9 Manila: Chen and Huang jump up in the leader board

We have just received the official count of 260 entries for day 1a of the Main Event and with three more hours left to play, there certainly is plenty of time to grind for more chips, especially for players looking to climb up the 2015 Asia Player of the Year...more

APPT9 Manila: The unstoppable Somberos

One thing I enjoy most about covering tournaments in the Asian region is the excitement over the growth of the game. In other parts of the world, poker has struggled to overcome various challenges and numbers have plateaued, but in countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Macau and the Philippines, poker...more

APPT9 Manila: Keeping Up with the Team PokerStars Pros

As the room fills up with players, it is quite a thrill to see some well-known pros sit at your table. Having the opportunity to test one's skill and possibly even win a few pots against them makes the game that more exciting. Out there in the field, there are...more

APPT9 Manila: Chasing a dream

Is there a more aptly-named venue for a poker tournament than the City of Dreams? Poker is a game all about making dreams become reality so it's fitting that we find ourselves in the stunning City of Dreams in Manila to watch someone's dreams come true right here at the...more

UKIPT5 Bristol Day 1A: Level 1-5 updates (200/400 ante 50)

4:05pm: Break time The players are taking a 15-minute break. Updates will continue in a new post, once they return. 4pm: Doubling through the ladies Indre Stanaityte and Sheila Palmer were both cruising with big stacks but their good starts have been clipped back a little after both doubled up...more

A Team Online wedding

Naoya, Ike, Alex, Tyler, Greg When you're an online poker player, it's not often that you find yourself in a situation that lends itself to formal attire (or pants, for that matter). But on this day Naoya, Ike, Alex, Greg and I were dressed to the nines - the...more

5 August

Alessandro Adinolfo wins IPT Saint Vincent Main Event

Italian Alessandro Adinolfo beat a field of 390 players to win the IPT Saint Vincent Main event this week, earning a first prize of €80,000. The field amassed a prize pool of €378,300, paying the top 55 players. Adinolfo's defeated Giuseppe Caridi heads-up, with Caridi collecting €45,000 for second...more

One man's journey to (every) VIP Club Live party

You might not have been to one, but you're probably familiar images from a the VIP Club live party. They're a bit like false memories. Full of vivid colour, squiggly lights and an oddly familiar face obscured by a slight blur in the background. But they're happy memories, even...more

APPT9 Manila: A new chapter for Filipino poker

The APPT has returned to the bustling city of Manila for the continuation of Season 9 of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour with the PHP50,000 Main Event set to commence on Thursday. For first-time visitors, Manila is such an eye-opening city. Its streets resemble organized chaos with cars, buses, motorbikes...more

4 August

Govert "montecarlo13" Metaal races to 8/4/15 Super Tuesday title, $102K

He's among the top 10 tournament earners in Netherlands' history with more than $1.9 million in career cashes. He's won European Poker Tour side events and twice final tabled high roller tournaments at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. He has a great rock 'n' roll name and with a cool "montecarlo13"...more

"First is good enough": Keep2p34Ch" on his Super Tuesday win

Keep2p34Ch" has huge plans for the money he won in the Super Tuesday a few weeks ago. He's heading to EPT Barcelona, buying straight into the €50K High Roller, and mounting a heroic campaign to win a million or go broke. Actually, he was kidding about the high roller....more

3 August

Ronaldo and Neymar Jr star in new PokerStars campaign

If you're already one of the combined 157 million people who follow Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. on Facebook you might already be familiar with what we're about to tell you. If you're still in the dark, read on. Both are coming to a screen near in two short films, part...more

Weekend Review: Denmark's DonLinnet dominates

It's August, and while you might think that would mean a little relaxation in the sunshine, on PokerStars things are starting to get busy again. But they'll be time for that - for news of the EPT, or the APPT or UKIPT. First let's talk Sunday Majors, which this...more

Sunday Million: DonLinnet dominates, ships $178k

From the time there were two tables remaining, there was DonLinnet... and there was everyone else. This Danish dynamo maintained a commanding chip lead, at times holding twice or even three times the chips of his closest competitor. Arriving at the final table with double the average stack, DonLinnet scooped...more

2 August

Sunday Warm-Up: 0kshark feeds on final table, wins $59K after four-way chop

Coming close to a Major victory and not finishing it off may deter some players from trying again so soon. Not the champion of the $400,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up. Just two weeks ago 0kshark was heads-up against gringenkov for the Sunday Million title but came up short. This week 0kshark...more

APPT 9 Manila: Alex Lee grinds his way to victory at the Warm-up event

The APPT 9 Manila Warm-Up event saw a total of 570 entries spanning the three day one flights and concluded with Alex Lee from Malaysia proving too tough to beat at the heads up round against Edmil Marcelo of the Philippines. Lee earned himself the first place cash purse of...more

APPT 9 Manila: Warm-Up Final Day Updates

The APPT 9 Manila Warm-Up event concluded with Malaysian player Alex Lee bagging all the chips after eliminating Edmil Marcelo at the heads up round. Read up here on all the action at the final table, including some of the highlights of day 2. The Warm-up event generated 570 entries...more

1 August

APPT 9 Manila: Warm-Up Event Resumes; Top prize over PHP1M

We are back at APPT 9 Manila for the start of Day 2 of side event#1, the Warm-up event (PHP3M guarantee). After three day flights, a total of 97 players out of 570 entries remained with a prize pool that grew to a massive PHP4,976,100. Players will be vying for...more

APPT 9 Manila: Warm-Up Sees 275 for Day 1c

What a big day it was at the APPT 9 Manila with 275 entries closing out the last of the day 1 flights for side event #1, the Warm-up event PHP3M guarantee. At the end of tournament play, many players fell leaving only 49 gunners qualifying into day 2. The...more

APPT 9 Manila: Warm-Up Day 1c Updates

Day 1c of the Warm-Up event saw a total of 275 entries but by the end of the night, only 50 players survived. Sitting on top of day 1c is Julian Hasse with 139,600 chips. Other players who made the cut were Johhnjin Kim, Willima Te, Alex Lee, and Jae...more

APPT 9 Manila: Warm-Up Event

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour 9 Manila kicked off to a very good start with the first side event, the Warm-Up (PHP3M Guaranteed) event, bringing in a combined total of 295 entries for the first two Day 1 flights. With one more flight to finish up today, the prize pool...more