October 2015

31 October

EPT12 Malta: Kaverman defeats Pahuja to win High Roller

Byron Kaverman - champion Byron Kaverman is a man who just doesn't know when he's beaten. On the final day of the €10,000 High Roller event at EPT Malta, Kaverman came back from the brink of defeat heads-up against Mukul Pahuja to win the titleand €430,800, capping a great...more

EPT12 Malta: Pahuja and Kaverman remain in quest to become High Roller champ

Pahuja & Kaverman the last two standing Mukul Pahuja and Byron Kaverman, two of the most talented players from North America are the last two men standing in their quest to win the last big, prestigious title of the EPT12 Malta festival. Below is the story of how they...more

The hardest part of the job

As I write this, the EPT Malta event is winding down. Niall Farrell has just won the main event (and about €530k), the confetti gun has covered him, runner-up Alen Bilic (€440k), and a handful of others with metallic chaff, and the camera crew are packing up and tearing down....more

EPT12 Malta: Niall Farrell unstoppable on way to Main Event title

It was said this week that of all players Niall Farrell is the hardest to read. Charlie Carrel said it while playing him on Day 3 (which we wrote about here), and Mickey Petersen pointed it out on Twitter yesterday. The fact that Farrell can find comfort from defeat in...more

EPT12 Malta: The end is near

Davidi Kitai leading the €5K And now, the end is near; We have fixed our final prize pool. With the Main Event now wrapped and the EPT High Roller down to its final three, EPT Malta is very close to its end. Registration for the final tournament is now closed,...more

EPT12 Malta: Invisible Woman finishes fourth; all the rest of the Halloween fun

Heads up in the Frankenstack PokerStars Blog's Stephen Bartley has solved the riddle of the missing chip leader. "It's a very good Halloween costume," he said. "She's come as the Invisible Man." Florence Allera never did show up to take control of her stack in the €200 no limit hold...more

EPT12 Malta: Does a good start really matter?

Would you flip for your tournament life on the first hand of a tournament? It's a question that's been posed in many forms, with many caveats. The most common version is that it's the first hand of the WSOP Main Event and the small blind moves in with ace-king suited...more

EPT12 Malta: Pahuja maintains lead as High Roller final table set

The official final table There were periods of play on Day 2 where not a lot happened. That meant a bigger number of players returned for the final day than was expected. The structure of a poker tournament is generally king in these situations though and you know that...more

EPT12 Malta: Delgado completes the job; Astapau beats bounty

Vicente Delgado: Champion When we last looked in, there were two soaraway leaders in two of the side events that played late into last night. One of them, Vicente Delgado, duly found himself beaming down the lens of Thomas Stacha's camera--the honour afforded event winners--while Jesper Feddersen, who was out...more

EPT12 Malta: Child's play for Giulio Spampinato. Literally.

There's one obvious beneficiary of the departures of Sam Greenwood in sixth and Rainer Kempe in fifth, and that's Giulio Spampinato. The Italian was the short stack at the start of play with 19 big blinds. And guess what, he's still the short stack. But is somehow he's looking at...more

EPT12 Malta: The route to the final

Over two start days a total of 651 players showed up to play the EPT Malta Main Event and now, after six days of poker, just six remain. The all started equal but over the hundreds of hands they've played their stacks and relative routes to this point have all...more

EPT12 Malta: The case of the vanishing chip-leader

Florence Allera's empty chair It is Halloween in Malta, as it is across the world, and we can kick right off today with some dastardly intrigue. Florence Allera, the 2014 France Female Player of the Year, enjoyed a sensational run last night in the €200 no limit hold 'em event,...more

EPT12 Malta: 19 return for Horrifying High Roller final day

Karverman in chase of Pahuja today After nine levels of play on Day 2 of the High Roller, including a long bubble period, the field was reduced to 19 players. The bubble burst with 31 getting in the money and by the end of the day, Mukul Pahuja from...more

30 October

EPT12 Malta: Mukal Pahuja leads High Rollers heading into final day

Mukal Pahuja It was a long day for the High Roller players today. Ten levels were scheduled and only nine were played but, due to a long protracted bubble period, the day still lasted 12.5 hours. The remaining 19 players will return at 12:30pm CET and play this thing...more

EPT12 Malta: Roberts leaves empty handed after long High Roller bubble

Roberts was down to fumes when he busted A frustrating bubble period has finally come to an end in the EPT Malta High Roller event. The unfortunate player to bust was Brian Roberts, out after his lost his final few chips to former EPT Champion Roberto Romanello. In total,...more

EPT12 Malta: Feddersen from Flensburg collecting fines aplenty

Send your bounty chips, and a copy of your driving licence, to Fedderson The list of upcoming events has grown mighty small here in Malta. This is the penultimate day of competition and only tonight's €2,000 hyper-turbo and tomorrow's four one-day events are yet to begin. Since our last side-events...more

EPT12 Malta: Alen Bilic leads Farrell and Greenwood in final six

As the theory goes, it's better to tear the band aid clean off, than pull it off gently. None of which will make Daniel Dvoress feel any better tonight. He busted in seventh place tonight, bringing the day to an end. Short stacked after a long day, he shoved with...more

EPT12 Malta: Main Event final table player profiles

Seat 1: Niall "firaldo87" Farrell, 28, Glasgow, UK, 3,320,000 Affable Scotsman Niall Farrell already has more than $1.3m in live tournament winnings, with his biggest result being runner-up in the 2013 WSOP $3k NLH event for $366,815. He has twice fallen shy of EPT Main Event finals: he was tenth...more

APPT announces Season 10 schedule

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) today announced its schedule for a momentous tenth season. Throughout 2016, the APPT will make multiple visits to each of the leading four poker cities of the Asia-Pacific region: Macau, Melbourne, Seoul and Manila. This will encompass all the major PokerStars festivals in the...more

2015 ACOP: The Ultimate Guide

For the past seven weeks leading up the 2015 Asia Championship of Poker (Oct. 30 - Nov. 15) I've been writing about all thing related to the ACOP. Here's your handy all-in-one guide for what's in store: TOURNAMENT STRUCTURES Everything you need to know about the ACOP tournaments and the...more

EPT12 Malta: The crazy pineapple gets its crazy, aka 'Living on the Esh'

Esh Hadaya: Putting the crazy in the crazy pineapple Rhetorical questions are not meant to be answered, but it turns out I got a response to the query of how crazy can a crazy pineapple tournament be. In the hours since that question featured on the Blog, the €200 Crazy...more

EPT12 Malta: Two very different Finns, one table

What makes Finnish people so good at poker? They only have a population of 5.5 million but can boast some of the best high stakes cash games players in the world. They have a few useful tournament players knocking around as well. Patrik Antonius, Juha Helppi, Jani Sointula, Kimmo Kurko,...more

EPT12 Malta: Farrell leads final ten in the Main Event

The plan today in the Main Event is to play down to the final six players or five full levels, whichever comes first. There are currently 10 players remaining, when the next player is eliminated they'll combine to one table of nine and the official final table will be reached...more

EPT12 Malta: Antonio Chemi alive and kicking

Three things make Antonio Chemi stand out. Firstly, he's been wearing the same Simple Minds sweater since day one. Secondly, he has his name stencilled on it. And third, he stands up and walks around a lot. Actually there's a fourth thing. He's the short stack. But we'll get to...more

EPT12 Malta: PLO ploughs on; Is 'Crazy' Pineapple really that crazy?

The €1K PLO (l-r) Adam Milewski, Lauri Pesonen, Laszlo Bujtas and Peter Charalambous (standing) The €1,000 Pot Limit Omaha event was due to finish last night. But after 64 players showed up the tournament went long and there were still six remaining when they decided to call it a day...more

EPT12 Malta: Fast and Escobar complete late-night casino heist

Dietrich Fast's heater shows no signs of blowing cold We have known about Dietrich Fast for quite a while. He has been an EPT regular for some time, and often distinguishes himself as acting like another pair of eyes for reporters, pointing us in the direction of significant hands happening...more

EPT12 Malta: The remarkable rise of Darrell Goh

Goh has had a great week in Malta Whatever happens today it's been some week for Darrell Goh. The 23-year-old from Northern Ireland won the IPT High Roller on Sunday night and is still in the Main Event with just 16 players left. Not bad for someone who was celebrating...more

EPT12 Malta: Niall Farrell picking up where he left off

By any measure Niall Farrell had a good day yesterday, ending it with 1.9 million chips, or nearly 100 big blinds. One hand seemed to set up the day, a bluff that marked the start of his ascent towards the top of the chip count page. "Yeah pretty much," he...more

EPT12 Malta: Mateos leads the way on Day 2 of the High Roller; €430,800 up top

Can Mateos fly through Day 2? Day 2 of the €10,300 High Roller event got underway today inside the Portomaso Casino with some familiar faces at the top of the counts and some equally familiar faces entering for the first or second time. Adrian Mateos only turned 21 at...more

29 October

EPT12 Malta: Jason Mercier among big stacks as High Roller nears end of Day 1

Jason Mercier: Started brightly in High Roller The life of a tournament player is beset by variance. One minute you can be on top of the world, the next moment: out. To put it another way, you can begin a day tweeting that you've stone bubbled your third event in...more

EPT12 Malta: A small side-event round up

The casino marina They are down to 12 players in the €1,000 no limit hold'em two-day event, and edging nearer the €48,000 first prize. Dietrich Fast, the freshly-minted bracelet winner, continues to roll ever onward and sits with the chip lead of 360,000. Daragh Davey is on Fast's table too,...more

EPT12 Malta: Chadha leads the High Roller at dinner break

The plan for Day 1 of today's High Roller is to play ten one-hours levels. Four more levels will take place after the 75-minute that has just commenced. The total number of entries has risen to 169 (15 re-entries) and players can register up until the start of play on...more

EPT12 Malta: Ivarsson goes deep again; leads final 16 in Main Event

Ivarsson leads the final 16 Seven months is a long time in poker, a long time to think about bluffing off a stack deep in an EPT Main Event. Back in March at this very stage of the EPT11 Malta Main Event Alexander Ivarsson made a bold move, a big...more

EPT12 Malta: Main Event field cut in half in double quick time

The plan for today in the Main Event is to play five 90 minute levels or down to 16 players, whichever comes first. Right now it looks like being the latter as the field of 40 has been reduced to just 20 in a little over two levels of play......more

EPT12 Malta: Dvoress staring day five in the face

With the departure of Mike McDonald earlier today a vacancy opened up for a player prepared to stare down their opponents relentlessly, and to great effect. Applications were received with the position being offered to Daniel Dvoress, who has taken to the role with aplomb. As big names have crashed...more

EPT12 Malta: P.B.W.A.N.G.O.T.S.A.T.T.F.O.W.T.F.I.G.O.

Gregor Abmayr: You don't have to wear a spangly hat to play this event...but it helps Welcome to the mid-afternoon side event update from EPT Malta, the latest in a series of posts that may as well be called "PokerStars Blog Watches a New Game on the Schedule and Tries...more

2015 ACOP: The Epic 2015 APOY race and the heroes

The word 'epic' is an abused and overused term in the world of poker commentary. However, as we approach the 2015 Asia Championship of Poker (Oct. 30 - Nov. 15) it's clearly the most appropriate description for APPT Season 9's furious battle for the Asia Player of the Year (APOY)...more

EPT12 Malta: Does success breed success?

It's hard to quantify the actual affect that success has on future endeavours but it's thought by many that success can breed success. "We often see people experience strings of success, one after the other, while we see other, seemingly similar individuals fail to experience even a single success," says...more

EPT12 Malta: The Big Game goes Italian

The Big Game returns at EPT Malta Anybody really new to poker might not have encountered The Big Game, a made-for-television poker show that first aired in 2010. It was attractive for its format, which was appealing to recreational amateurs and professionals alike, and is still remembered fondly by its...more

EPT12 Malta: I can't speak now, I'm in the Main Event

It's hard to imagine what sort of phone call you could receive while playing the main event that meant you had to apologise. But Jens Lakemeier just got it. "I'm sorry, but I'm still in the Main Event," said Lakemeier. Everyone listened, maybe even trying to work out for themselves...more

EPT12 Malta: A Mexican stare off

I've just witnessed something that in all my years of reporting for the PokerStars Blog I'd never seen before. Never before had I seen the clock called on the flop because the pre-flop caller (not the aggressor) had taken too long to act. More specifically when that player was first...more

EPT12 Malta: Niko Soininen makes a name for himself

Niko Soininen: Has been bubbling under for a while When we last dipped into the side events at EPT Malta, Justin Bonomo and Anthony Zinno were celebrating victories while players in the €5,000 Hyper Turbo and the €500 Limit Stud Hi/Lo & Omaha Hi/Lo were edging into the late stages....more

EPT12 Malta: David Peters back to defend his High Roller title

A happy champion One of the most popular events in recent times on EPT has been the €10k NL Single Re-Entry event. Less than 50 names are registered so far but that number, with new and re-entries, will grow considerably as the day progresses. Registration stays open until the...more

28 October

EPT12 Malta: Anthony Zinno wins €5,000 pot-limit Omaha title; Bonomo claims €2K NLHE win

A super happy Anthony Zinno Whilst it might not be a Triple Crown, tonight Anthony Zinno added an EPT side event title (and trophy) to go with his three WPT titles and WSOP bracelet. His bracelet, won this past summer, was in the $25,000 pot-limit Omaha High Roller event. He's...more

EPT12 Malta: Jaroslaw Sikora leads. Jaka and Greenwood in pursuit

We're into the interesting bit. Sure, those early stages can produce some important moments, flagging up the early signs of a player in form. But Day 3 is where things are turned up a notch, for there is money involved now, and that's ball game. But not everyone was entitled...more

EPT12 Malta: New cash record for Johnny Lodden

Johhny Lodden happy with his 21st cash today We love breaking records and reaching milestones on the EPT, whether they are our own or someone else's. Today, Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden broke a long-standing record and reached a new milestone when he reached the money in the Main...more

EPT12 Malta: The happiest players in the room

Atkinson literally had a chip and chair when the bubble burst When the bubble bursts everyone left in the tournament is happy, but the collective happiness isn't distributed equally. The majority of the happiness quotient goes to those shortest on chips, those who've been 'hugging' the bubble so to speak....more

EPT12 Malta: Andler and Gelich just miss the money

Christopher Andler If Day 2 of an EPT is moving day then Day 3 is bubble day, and today was no different. Normally hand for hand play begins when on the direct bubble but the tournament director's hand was forced to bring that forward one hand due to the...more

EPT12 Malta: The Pain of Four

Count them: one, two, three, four blinds On the face of it, there is nothing massively complicated about the four blind tournament. It's simply that instead of one player posting a small blind and one player posting a big blind, two people post each of them. Clockwise around the table...more

EPT12 Malta: Comfort, nuts and nails. Three players on the bubble

You'll have noticed that it was a long bubble, somehow made longer by the almost ninja like dexterity of at least one player who managed to nurse a stack of less than a blind, and steer it into the money. Not everyone approaches the bubble in the same way. But...more

Six millionaires in a week? What are the odds?

One week. That's all it took for PokerStars to make six brand new millionaires. That's six changed lives. Six million dollars entering the poker economy. Six million in first prizes in the span of seven days. We'll be frank: there isn't anyone around here who expected it to happen like...more

First look: See what TCOOP 2016 could look like

As you may know, the planning for the major Championships of Online Poker (WCOOP, SCOOP, TCOOP) goes on all year long at the direction of our tournament series wizard Bryan Slick. What you may not know is that Slick doesn't work in a vacuum. In fact, he works aloud. After...more

EPT12 Malta: Four tournaments, four blinds, plenty of action

There's a mouse clinging on to life in the €2K The shrinking of the EPT Malta Main Event means more space available in the tournament room. And when EPT tournament directors see empty tables, they endeavour to fill them as soon as possible. Today in Malta, there are opportunities to...more

EPT12 Malta: Kenney makes a better start today

Bryn Kenney started Day 2 with 91,100 and ended it with 95,000. Not ideal, but a profit is a profit, right? On paper it looks like he had a pretty boring day but those 4,900 chips can tell a story. The PokerStars Blog featured Kenney and his table during the...more

EPT12 Malta: At last! An EPT title for a wine-fuelled Jorgensen

Theo Jorgensen, winner. (Wine bottle not pictured) Poor old Theo Jorgensen. He's been coming to EPT events since the very first season, sitting himself down in main events and side events for week after week after week but never once emerging with a trophy. He's done all right on the...more

EPT12 Malta: Holz leads at restart of €2k side

Fedor Holz: WCOOP champion leading the way The €2,000 hold'em side event--event #47 in the schedule--is going to play to a winner today. And to glance at the names of the 61 players remaining from the starting 235 suggests that this will be a star-studded affair to its bitter end....more

27 October

cmontopdeck comes out on top in 10/27/15 Super Tuesday, wins $81K

The $1,050 Super Tuesday was back in action tonight on PokerStars, sporting a fancy new (bigger) $425K guarantee, and once again the turnout was impressive as 493 took part to create a guarantee-exceeding $493,000 prize pool. It would take the better part of 11 hours for those 493 to play...more

EPT12 Malta: Alexander Ivarsson seals end of Day 2 lead

Alexander Ivarsson leads the way Sometimes the best things come in small packages. Take Day 2 of an EPT Main Event for example. It may only be 75 percent of the length of its Day 1 brethren (six levels rather than eight) but it sure does pack a punch. After...more

Millionaire electrician wires his own spotlight

Pete Dolloway was supposed to get up at 4:30 Monday morning. He had a job to go on. He's an electrician by trade, something that has paid the bills for the working class guy from Sheldon, Birmingham. It had been a tough year. Thieves had broken into his van twice....more

EPT12 Malta: Benjamin Lebor, living the dream after winning the biggest gamble of his life

Benjamin 'Benji' Lebor For most people in this poker tournament hitting a 1% shot means they've got incredibly lucky and have a few more chips. For Benjamin Lebor winning his 1% shot meant he could speak fluently. The 48-year-old Brit was born with a severe nerve injury in his ears,...more

EPT12 Malta: A full constellation for the €2K

The €2,000 NLHE field The €2,000 no limit hold'em event is approaching level four and 196 players are registered. Although field sizes are slightly down across the festival, the quality of players ensures everywhere one turns, in any event, there are familiar faces and intriguing battles. Ole Schemion is in...more

EPT12 Malta: Niall Farrell's trick for being impossible to read

If you worry that you give too much information away at the poker table, then take a leaf from Niall Farrell's book. The Scot seems to have this part of his game cracked. To watch Farrell play a hand, even a hand in which his tournament life is at stake,...more

EPT12 Malta: Trialling the four-colour deck

Four colour decks have been around for a few years now. The two-colour version is still used almost exclusively in the live arena but one can choose to have the four-colour version in the table display options on PokerStars.com. Neil Johnson (Head of Live Poker Operations Europe) sent out this...more

EPT12 Malta: Hop, jump or a skip to the 10 Game

Jason Mercier: Hopping between events For about a long as poker tournaments have existed, players have responded to elimination by "jumping in" something else: the sea (from the top of a cliff) was a popular choice, or a gallon of whiskey at least. These days, thanks to the fact that...more

EPT12 Malta: Ivarsson leads as field shrinks

Day 2 of the Main Event is the shortest scheduled day of the tournament, lasting just six levels. That's because levels 1-14 last 75 minutes, but from level 15 onwards they increase to 90 minutes. The third level of the day has just finished and this is how things are...more

EPT12 Malta: Main Event field confirmed, with €602,400 for the winner

The numbers are in. A total of 651 players entered the EPT Malta Main Event (including one player who decided not to show up). That was split between a field of 184 on Day 1A, with a further 460 players on Day 1B. The extra six? They bought in prior...more

PokerStars Spin & Go Anniversary makes fifth millionaire

This time last year, PokerStars announced the new quick three-player Spin & Go events. The conceit was simple: you buy in for a normal event, but the prize pool could spin up to crazy amounts. In some rare cases, those jackpots would turn into million-dollar first prizes. Between then and...more

EPT12 Malta: Table of potential uncomfortable situations

The start of Day 2 is always an interesting time. If you read the seat draw before you sit down, all your opponents are there to see, unlike the unknown table element of a start of Day 1. The table dynamics are also interesting. No history (unless they've played each...more

EPT12 Malta: Panka picking up where he left off

Panka survived a run in with a bunk triangle Dominik Panka is so good he can overcome the disadvantage of the 'bunk triangle'! The legend of the bunk triangle is a bit of an #EPTLive in joke (that's back by the way you can watch here). Essentially anyone who moved...more

From one festival to another: Next up EPT Prague

As is becoming customary, we like to talk about the next EPT festival from the middle of the current one. It's our way of acknowledging the circle of life: while one festival is in its' prime we realise that it will one day fade into history. But then a new...more

26 October

EPT12 Malta: Another check on the achievements list for the irrepressible Steve O'Dwyer

Steve O'Dwyer: Champion again In the idle moments between playing poker for tens of millions of dollars, there's a chance the top players draw two columns on a piece of paper and produce a check-list of achievements and remaining goals. If this is so, then the card belonging to Steve...more

EPT12 Malta: O'Dwyer leads at late night again proves success of one-day format

Steve O'Dwyer leads the final six The one-day high roller is a recent addition to EPT festivals and it owes its appearance on the schedule to player power. In long discussions with many of the top players the one tournament they said they all wanted was a high buy-in event...more

EPT12 Malta: Jaroslaw Sikora takes top spot at the end of Day 1B

Let's cut to the chase. All we can really say about Day 1B is that it is now over, and that the great crowd of players that played it still resemble a great crowd of players eight levels later. Day 1B big stack: Ludovic Riehl There were stories within it,...more

EPT12 Malta: The stalling debate once again, high roller edition

Dan Smith: Reigniting the stalling debate There's a really important addition to this--Dan Smith's comments--so please make sure you read the bit at the bottom too. This is reported as it was seen, and Smith added his side afterwards. I think we may have reached a watershed moment in live...more

EPT12 Malta: Ari Engel grinds his way to the dinner break chip lead

Ari Engel might be one of the most ultimate live grinders on the poker circuit today. The American pro made his name online during the early to mid part of the century but since Black Friday, his focus shifted to live tournaments. His nomadic lifestyle (he's spent the last three...more

It happened so quick! Spin & Go anniversary makes another millionaire

There's this wonderful scene in the film Casino in which a slot jackpot gets paid out three times in the matter of twenty minutes. Ace Rothstein, played to a tee by Robert De Niro, loses his mind when a cowboy slots manager doesn't call him to let him know. "Well,...more

EPT12 Malta: Paddling and hitting rivers with Lucas Greenwood

Just looking at Lucas Greenwood makes you think you should maybe hike more, or climb a mountain from time to time. Or at the very least stop eating chocolate biscuits for lunch and get something made from fruit at the Juice stall downstairs. You sense from Greenwood, twin brother of...more

EPT12 Malta: Show the bluff

I think it's fair to say that the general perception of poker, from those that don't play it, is that a) they think there's a lot more bluffing in poker than there actually is and b) bluffing is the most important skill/part of poker. Well, if they (the outsiders) knew...more

Weekend Review: Timex wins again; more Spin & Go millionaires

As EPT Malta kicked off this weekend, we made a tiny, forgivable, and not-really-our fault mistake after reporting the results to the €25,000 High Roller. Mike "Timex" McDonald had to correct us after we checked our records and reported that he'd won a fifth big event in the last four...more

EPT12 Malta: Chatty times in the High Roller

One of the many things to admire about Dzmitry Urbanovich is his near-perfect grasp of selective English. By that, I mean his ability to speak English when he fancies having a conversation, coupled with his blithe willingness to claim he doesn't speak the language when he doesn't want to be...more

The Harrington Factor

One would guess it's safe to say that if a poker players' accomplishments include winning the World Series of Poker Main Event, having one World Poker Tour and two WSOP bracelets to his name, not to mention over six million dollars in lifetime tournament cashes, that this player knows a...more

EPT12 Malta: Staying level headed during a long poker festival

If you visited an EPT 'back in the day' (technical term for Seasons 1-5) there was the option of playing the Main Event and a handful of side events. We'd be in and out of a city within a week, including travel days. The EPT is a very different tour...more

EPT12 Malta: Split the difference

As far as arguments over antes and blinds go the one that just took place between Steven van Zadelhoff and Patrick Leonard is hardly going to rival the infamous Friedman vs Lisandro incident from the 2006 World Series. In fact it wasn't even an argument, which is no bad thing....more

EPT12 Malta: Live Spin & Go hits its first jackpot!

Roll up, roll up for the Spin and Go wheel We've had some alerts through the years on the European Poker Tour: the occasional fire alarm, a tsunami warning in the Bahamas and that afternoon in Berlin. But an alarm just sounded around Casino Portomaso in Malta that was unlike...more

Spin & Gos make third millionaire of the week

The late American comic Bill Hicks once said, "It's all about money, not freedom, y'all, okay? Nothing to do with (expletive) freedom. If you think you're free, try going somewhere without (expletive) money, okay?" While perhaps not the cheeriest sentiment for a Monday, it's an apropos quote. Why? Because a...more

EPT12 Malta: Another title for Poker Mama

Jackie Cachia: Champion on home soil There's no denying it, the EPT Malta festival is now in full swing, with more than 30 tournaments completed and another 40 or so to come. The Main Event, of course, is hogging most of the attention today, alongside the one-day €10,000 High Roller,...more

Sunday Million: ARTtimeSHOW sketches out a win, banks over $150k after three-way deal

Adding up the collective MTT earnings at this week's Sunday Million final table will (a) give you a headache and (b) cause serious bankroll envy. Two of them (GadMO and dennishtm) already made the final table of the Million within the last 18 months. Another (krasark) won the Sunday Rebuy...more

EPT12 Malta: Too early to go crazy

The early levels of an EPT are, for the most part, sedate, calm and peaceful. It's not that nothing happens, it's just with 300 big blinds to start with and no antes in play big pots are as rare as a poker player telling the truth at the table. The...more

EPT12 Malta: Moreira de Melo receives travel advice from poker players

Poker may be the American game in origin but it's truly the world's game these days. Think of it as the mental game version of football (soccer), kind of. Even though, here in Malta, we're at a European Poker Tour stop, players have come from all over the world to...more

EPT12 Malta: Roll up, roll up for the one day 10k

Another day, another high roller. This time it's a €10,000 buy-in, with one optional re-entry and to make sure there's plenty of room at the table play will never be more than eight handed. Unlike the other high roller events at this festival this one will be done and dusted...more

EPT12 Malta: Darrell Goh seals IPT high roller victory

Darrell Goh: Champion before the sun came up We may have hit upon something significant in Malta late last night: a way to ensure poker tournaments that seem certain to run until at least breakfast get finished at a (relatively) decent hour. After all the agonising over what to do...more

25 October

Sunday Warm-Up: Profitable calling earns MuckCallOk $72K

Two players walk into the Sunday Warm-Up final table with the same avatar but only one could possibly win. The final table of the $425,000 guarantee Sunday Major was highlighted by a three-time Major champ "all in 2526" and a pair of Germans (r0ckyd0nky and Bunkervogel8) who were looking to...more

EPT12 Malta: Irish diplomacy brings early resolution to €2K issues

Nick O'Hara, left, holds court among the tournament staff Nick "Big Nick" O'Hara has carved himself a reputation on the European Poker Tour as the very definition of safe pair of hands. In case you don't know who Nick "Big Nick" O'Hara is, he's the softly spoken Irishman in the...more

EPT12 Malta: Newcomer Carmelo Crucitti takes early lead in Main Event

Day 1As often just tick along. This felt like a text book version of it. The eight levels of the Main Event's opening day passed while surrounded by other events today, the preamble to a story that will get interesting later this week, but which today was all about bedding...more

EPT12 Malta: Late night in store for IPT High Rollers

IPT High Roller final nine It's just gone 11pm and it's time for a packed side event round-up. We have a champion in the Malta Cup; we're at a final in the IPT €2,000 High Roller; there are three tables left in the seniors and the Dealer's Choice is on...more

EPT12 Malta: The MVP returns

Cast your mind back to March of this year and the EPTs first visit to Malta. It'd been some time since a brand new stop had been added to the tour and the EPT wasn't the only event in town that week. As well as the EPT festival there was...more

Natan Chauskin wins IPT7 Malta2 Main Event from the front

Natan Chauskin - the winner A total of 947 players turned up a few days ago to play the IPT Main Event, and here on a Sunday evening, just one man was left standing. Natan Chauskin defeated Govert Metaal in a relatively short heads up battle to claim the...more

EPT12 Malta: Mike McDonald back at the top of the podium

Mike McDonald, €25K High Roller Champion Towards the beginning of this festival, when the €25,000 High Roller event was just getting started, a reporter in the press room at EPT Malta was writing about Mike McDonald. The reporter noticed that for all the myths, legends and glories of Timex, McDonald...more

EPT12 Malta: The most predictable news of the week: Urbanovich wins in Malta

Dzmitry Urbanovich: Five time The furthest end of the tournament room is presently occupied by three final tables--in the €25,000 High Roller, the Malta Cup and the €500 Turbo--as well as the last two tables in the €2,000 IPT High Roller. It's the kind of place you'd expect to see...more

EPT12 Malta: Farrell fastest out the blocks in the Main Event

Farrell has made a fast start The opening flight of the EPT12 Malta Main Event follows a similar pattern to the others: eight 75 minute levels, 20 minute breaks after levels two and four, and a 75 minute dinner break at the end of level six. Late registration is open...more

EPT12 Malta: Tricks and treats at the festival welcome party

In the queue at the Dr Juice pop up juice bar in the tournament area this morning, I thought I sensed a slight surge in demand for the "Raw Detox" juice they sell. It's a complex mixture of apple, carrot, celery, spinach, and avocado, designed to lift you out of...more

EPT Malta: The Maltese Curiosity Shop

Final five in the Malta Cup I didn't know until reading it this month that Charles Dickens's The Old Curiosity Shop is a novel about gambling addiction. It really is. Little Nell and her grandfather are required to flee the titular emporium because of gambling debts, and the novel has...more

IPT7 Malta2 Main Event Final table: Levels 31 & 32 (100,000/200,000, ante 20,000)

7:50pm: Natan Chauskin wins IPT Malta (€149,560); Govert Metaal comes runner-up (€124,080) Natan Chauskin - champion Natan Chauskin came into today as overwhelming favourite and he didn't upset the odds as he took down the title and €149,560. The final hand came about when Chauskin raised his button and called...more

P1 Million: Local player David Erquiaga claims the Main Event title

The PokerStars Live Manila poker room at City of Dreams Manila held its final day of the P1 Million Guaranteed Main Event with 66 players returning to the felt. After seven hours of play, Filipino player David Erquiaga bested them all to claim the championship trophy. Prior to today's...more

EPT12 Malta: The return of Mad Marvin

Rettenmaier - back in Malta and back on the EPT Marvin Rettenmaier is back! Not that he ever went away of course but a glance at his results indicates a North American bias to his recent tournament exploits. Indeed this is Rettenmaier's first EPT since the last time the tour...more

EPT12 Malta: Salloum's vanishing trick, and Margets' expletive-strewn departure

Leo Margets and Fatima Moreira de Melo, pictured in Marbella It's a profoundly bitter experience to bubble a major poker tournament, particularly after more than two days' work. And so few people could blame Charbel Salloum for scooting out the door the minute he learned he had been eliminated during...more

EPT12 Malta: Stammen heads monster IPT High Roller into final day

Keven Stammen, pictured in Sanremo, leads IPT High Roller in Malta, As Day 1A of the Main Event commences, there is fervent activity elsewhere as two of the festival's most popular events will play to their conclusions. The €2,000 IPT High Roller resumed at 1pm with Keven Stammen in a...more

IPT7 Malta2 Main Event Final table: Levels 27 - 30 (60,000/120,000, ante 20,000)

5:50pm: Aces beats Chinese aces After a period where chips moved around the table, Natan Chauskin's lead increased on the last hand of the level when his aces beat the eights of Govert Metaal. He opened to 275,000 from the button with A♥A♦ and just called when Metaal three-bet to...more

EPT12 Malta: For the glory (and 500k), the happy few high roller finalists return

As the Main Event prepares to start today, the High Rollers, now three days in to their Malta adventure, take centre stage one last time to seek the honour and glory of an EPT win. It's a good day to speak of such things, it being St Crispin's Day, the...more

EPT12 Malta: Time for the main course

Jean Montury celebrates his victory earlier this year So here we are, back in Malta for a second time in a calendar year. Or more accurately back for the start of the second EPT Main Event here in a calendar year. The fact that the flagship event is tournament #32...more

24 October

P1 Million: Final Day Updates

The final day of the P1M Guarantee Main Event has started with 66 hopefuls looking to go deep to claim the first place purse of P357,300. Only 36 players will make a profit which means, nearly half the field will have to fall before the money is guaranteed. We will...more

P1 Million: Final Day Begins

Cards are flying at the PokerStars Live Manila poker room for the final day of the P1M Guarantee Main Event. A total of 66 qualifiers from the combined results of the day one flights are batting it out for the first place purse of P357,300 plus the added value of...more

EPT12 Malta: Sam Greenwood leads final table of €25,000 High Roller

Greenwood grabbed the most chips For much of today it looked like it was a case of different day same chip leader as Quan Zhou became the first to eclipse the one million and two million chip marks. It would've been somewhat of a surprise had he led wire to...more

EPT12 Malta: Mikita Badziakouski swings and misses on the bubble

The bubble burst with an "oh, shhhh..." The bubble would not belong to Nick Petrangelo, who outran Ben Pollack's queen-seven with ace-eight, neither would it be Andrew Chen, for some time one of the short stacks, who was made to choose all in or fold by Byron Kaverman. Instead it...more

EPT12 Malta: Late night side event update

Sabina Hiatullah: Leading the way in the women's event It is just edging past 11pm in Malta but the two tournament floors are still abuzz with activity. While the €25,000 High Roller plays on either to the end of level 16 or until eight players remain (whichever is sooner), the...more

EPT12 Malta: A familiar name heads the sweet sixteen in the €25K High Roller

Look who' s got the chip lead! One of the many certainties in the big events on the EPT is the redraws that take place with 24, 16 and 9 players remaining. Talk to any tournament director and the primary reason given is to 'even out the luck'. The...more

EPT12 Malta: All the fun of the Flipouts, a player's-eye view

A player's eye view of the Flipout spectacular Dara O'Kearney had time to kill before the Malta Cup got restarted this evening. In the spirit of any poker player with some time to kill before a poker tournament gets restarted, O'Kearney played some more poker--specifically a few of the €100...more

EPT12 Malta: What do you say to the man who just bluffed off his chips?

What exactly do you say to the player you just busted in what was likely the biggest hand of the high roller event so far? All that Byron Kaverman could manage was "good game." To back up a little, this one had been huge. It was started by Charlie Carrel,...more

IPT7 Malta2 Main Event final table set: Natan Chauskin clear leader

Chauskin leading the way Every so often at one of PokerStars' festivals you get a day in a Main Event where the stars align so that the action is played at a crazy pace and, if it happens, it's normally on the penultimate day. Today was one of those...more

P1 Million: Final Day Information

PokerStars Live Manila saw a combined total of 368 entries for the P1M Guarantee Main Event. The prize pool well exceeded the guarantee but the break down is yet to be announced (so stand by for that). At the end of each day one flight, only 66 players advanced with...more

EPT12 Malta: Why bother with the first eight levels?

Jason Wheeler: Bounced back from four bigs All of us here have covered poker tournaments for quite some time, both before and since registration periods were routinely extended until the start of the second day. In that more recent period--the era in which players typically have more than ten hours...more

P1Million: Kim is the chip leader for Day 1b

The PokerStars Live Manila poker room at City of Dreams Manila was in full swing with both cash tables and tournament tables filled up. Quite a number of alternates were in line waiting for their chance to get in the P1M Guarantee Main Event. By the end of late registration,...more

EPT12 Malta: High Rollers reach half-time on Day 2

The plan today in the High Roller is to play ten levels or until the final table of eight is reached, whichever comes first. With five of those ten levels completed lets take a look at how things stand... Mid-day update Different day, same chip leader. Without sounding like a...more

EPT12 Malta: Quintuple stud brings out the champion

Jean Montury: Champion playing the stud The "quintuple stud" tournament is under way in Malta, which represents a unique challenge to players, reporters and the people who write the festival tournament schedule brochure alike. Let's start with the latter: They have only a tiny on with which to describe a...more

EPT12 Malta: The mysterious leader of the pack

Zhou still leads on Day 2 We've a confession to make. We don't know a great deal about the chip leader of this event - although we're learning more level by level. Quan Zhou held the lead at the end of Day 1 and almost 40% of the way through...more

EPT12 Malta: How Zhou could lead again tonight

Quan Zhou ended the day yesterday as chip leader. Right now he seems intent on doing the same today. Dressed in a three-piece suit, albeit without the third piece, he has on a pressed white shirt, polished leather shoes, a grey scarf, and a rather nice wrist watch that's not...more

EPT12 Malta: Cut adrift in a world of bubbles

The world of bubbles Back in Barcelona in August, I was in the middle of fixation with bubbles. It was nothing so decadent as an addiction to champagne, rather a childish obsession with an online game named Agar.io. As with all the best viral hits, Agar.io is devilishly simple but...more

EPT12 Malta: The champion of champions table

So what have you won lately? There are many ways to keep score in poker but the most traditional one is winnings. Money talks after all. So imagine having accumulated over $1,100,000 in live tournament earnings and being the pauper of the bunch as everyone else at your table...more

EPT12 Malta: Dietrich on high roller Fast track

If it's possible to know you're playing badly, it must follow that you know when you're playing well. It's not that Dietrich Fast said as much, he just implied it, both in the stack he bagged-up last night and something he said before he did so. I was standing alongside...more

EPT12 Malta: The major side events kick off

The hordes arrive for side event season As the €25,000 High Roller event enters its second day, players have arrived in Malta from far and wide to get warmed up for the Main Event in slightly smaller buy-in tournaments. It's a good schedule of side events today--of which the pick...more

IPT7 Malta2 Day 3: Level 23 -27 (30,000/60,000, ante 10,000)

5:30pm: Franco Arlotta eliminated in 9th place The official final table of the IPT Malta Main Event has been set after Franco Arlotta suffered a cooler to bubble. Natan Chauskin opened to 135,000 from the cutoff and then four-bet to 675,000 after Arlottathree-bet to 275,000 from the big blind. Arlotta...more

23 October

P1 Million: Day 1b updates

This is the final day one flight of the P1 Million Guarantee Main Event. Play has been underway, and late registration has closed. Here are random updates to give you a glimpse of some of the action at the felt. There were a total of 198 entries today. Good luck...more

P1Million: Up and running here at day 1b

Day 1b of the P1M Guarantee Main Event has just started here at the PokerStars Live Manila poker room inside City of Dreams Manila. This is the last day one flight so for those unable to attend yesterday's kickoff, this is your final chance. For a quick recap of day...more

EPT12 Malta: Zhou far, Zhou good at end of €25K day 1

Quan Zhou: Leads after Day 1 Updated: You would be amazed how anxious the organisers of poker tournaments can become, even though they are almost always on to a good thing. In the run up to EPT Malta, there was a traditional air of apprehension surrounding proceedings when we all...more

EPT12 Malta: The next chapter in the story of Good Time Charlie

If stories have beginnings, middle and ends, it's hard to pinpoint where exactly the Charlie Carrel story currently rests. We don't mean in terms of his poker career - you'd be hard pressed to find anyone to say he's not at the beginning of that long story - but then...more

EPT12 Malta: Fast becoming a firm favourite

Dietrich Fast, pictured at the PCA Dietrich Fast has one of those poker graphs that seems to be curving in the right direction. That is: upward. He first came to our attention at the PCA in January, where he bagged the chip lead at the end of Day 1B. We...more

EPT12 Malta: Urbanovich returns to defend title

Headphones on, ready for action To be fair it was always a case of when, not if, Dzmitry Urbanovich would enter this tournament and, in the process, try and defend the title he won in Season 11. He's one of many players who've arrived here after playing the WSOPE in...more

IPT7 Malta2 Day 2: Level 19 -22 Updates (10,000/20,000, 3,000)

12:45am: Alessio Peciarolo wins biggest pot of the tournament to end another day as chip leader Alessio Peciarolo took on all comers on Day 1A to end as chip leader and he's done the same to lead again today as Day 2 came to and end. As the last three...more

EPT12 Malta: Antonio Buonnano back among the bullies

Grand final champion, Antonio Buonanno No one has ever accused Antonio Buonanno of a reluctance to get involved. Part of the reason he won the EPT Grand Final a couple of years ago was because he was fully prepared to take on the noted bullies at their own game, refusing...more

IPT7 Malta2 Day 2: Matas Cimolas bubbles Main Event

Matas Cimbolas turned up on the live poker scene exactly two years ago but it feels like the Lithuanian had been around a lot longer. He's tricked us into believing that due to the amount of times he goes deep in tournaments and the huge amount of cash (over $700k)...more

EPT12 Malta: Cool, calm, collected, and um, out.

In a world where it's perfectly acceptable to wear a cap with the word "F***" on the front (see the rail in Malta right now), those of a more considered appearance tend to stand out. Players like Rasmus Vogt for instance. Whether it's the solid jaw line, the neat parting,...more

EPT12 Malta: Brian Roberts leads halfway through Day 1 of the €25,000 High Roller

Roberts has raced into the lead Mike McDonald has made his living by making correct decision based (partly) on numbers. Before play started today - and with only 13 players registered - he was asked by Charlie Carrel how many runners he thought this event would get. His 'plucked from...more

P1 Million: Jessie Leonarez bags the most chips in day 1a

It was an action-packed day at PokerStars Live Manila with players flocking in to participate in the P1 Million Guarantee Main Event. By the end of late registration, a total of 170 entries were recorded, and at the end of tournament play, only 30 made the cut for day 2...more

EPT12 Malta: Pushing past the half-century

Quan Zhou: Among a small contingent of Chinese at EPT Malta The €25,000 High Roller field is up to 50 players and it continues to move in that direction. Ivan Luca sat down and one of his new table-mates said, "You're the first one here off that plane." He was...more

EPT12 Malta: The Poker Gods have no memory

The sports lexicon is littered with clichés. Some work only for certain sports, like 'on any given Sunday,' or 'he's got a good touch for a big man'. Others such as 'give 110%' and 'you're only as good as your last game,' transcend multiple sports. Poker is a game that...more

You get a million! You get a million! You...!

I don't how well this will translate in certain places around the world, but ten years or so ago when online poker was still young, entertainment mogul Oprah Winfrey once hosted a show where she surprised every audience member by giving them all cars. The climax (memorialized in this remix)...more

EPT12 Malta: Remember the time?

Scott Seiver: Story-teller The familiar, scornful observation about high buy-in events is that they feature the same handful of players sharing what amounts to the same bundle of money between them. Certainly the concentration of familiar faces is higher than in "normal" tournaments, but the very fact that some of...more

EPT12 Malta: The Malta Poker and Social Club. All welcome

There's a sort of pleasing element to the start of the High Roller event. With only a couple of tables in action, alongside the busier IPT Main Event, it would be easy to miss. For right now it doesn't look like a poker tournament, more like a social club, albeit...more

IPT7 Malta2 Day 2: What brings online players to live events?

Ten years ago the poker landscape was very different from today. Many poker players claimed that online poker players were the "value" and that most of the game's sharks operated in the live arena. Make your own mind up whether or not that was true. Today, the online poker has...more

EPT12 Malta: Everyone always shows up late

With a couple of minutes to go until play was due to start there were five players seated in the €25,000 High Roller. Over on table two Shaun Deeb (seat three), Juha Helppi (seat five) and Berthold Winz (seat seven) sat in glorious silence while on table one Charlie Carrel...more

EPT12: The return to Malta, twice in a year

Dzmitry Urbanovich: Made his big splash this time last season A year is a long time in poker. A lot of things can change, while others can become established. But if there's one thing we can learn from our return to Malta it is that seven months is also a...more

IPT7 Malta2: Bubble looms for players on Day 2

Mr Payne (Dazed and Confused), "Men! Fifty of you are leaving on a mission. Twenty-five of you ain't coming back." Troops going out to battle in the Vietnam war had a 50% of coming back and the same odds await the 270 players that are returning for Day 2 of...more

P1 Million: Day 1a Updates

Cards are in the air for the P1 Million Guarantee Main Event at the PokerStars Live Manila poker room. We will be posting updates right here throughout the day. We have reached the end of late registration. Unofficially, there were 170 entries. Good luck to all the remaining players. 10:00pm:...more

22 October

P1 Million: Third Edition of the P1M Gtd at PokerStars Live Manila

We are back at the PokerStars Live Manila poker room at City of Dreams Manila awaiting the start of day 1a of the P1 Million Guarantee Main Event. This will be the third and last edition of this event for the year. Buy-in for the event is P5,000. This is...more

IPT7 Malta 2: Andreas Chalkiadakis overall leader heading into Day 2

Andreas Chalkiadakis leads overall heading into Day2 Day 1B of IPT Malta Main Event was a bumper day of action as nearly three times as many players turned up to play compared to Day 1A yesterday. After twelve 45-minute levels of play 211 made it through and one man...more

IPT7 Malta2 Day 1B: Checking in with the champion

Zisimopoulos making a good fist of his defence IPT7 Malta back in March was the biggest ever in the tour's season-season history when 1,285 players helped create a €1,246,450 prize pool. Georgios Zisimopoulos beat them all and took away €142,205 for his first place. The Greek player has cashed...more

IPT7 Malta2 Day 1B: Halfway point round up

Day 1B of the IPT Main Event has reached the halfway point and all the final numbers for the event are in. By the close of registration today a massive 723 players had taken their seats (number to be confirmed), and added to yesterday, means the event total is 947...more

IPT7 Malta2 Day1B: David Lappin advises on the importance of satellites

A lot of fans of poker read the coverage from live events or watch the live streams and see all these pros playing in big buy-in events. It would be easy to think that to become a pro one would have to reach that level. Wrong. There is a whole...more

IPT7 Malta2: Busy Day 1B underway

Day 1B has gotten underway in the main and secondary room with things looking up. Around 520 players are already registered, nearly 300 more than yesterday's final number of 224, and that number will continue to grow until the beginning of level five, when registration closes. Day 1A finished with...more

21 October

From $5 to $1 million...happy anniversary, Spin & Gos!

Well, that didn't take very long. Just two days ago, we told you PokerStars would be celebrating the first anniversary of its Spin & Go tourneys by opening up the million-dollar floodgates. For as little as 50 cents, Spin & Go players could spin it up to a $1 million...more

IPT7 Malta2 Day Main Event: Alessio Peciarolo leads Day 1A field

No doubting Peciarolo's stack The IPT/EPT festival visited Malta earlier this year and, while the poker action was hot, the weather didn't always live up to the expectations everyone had in mind for a Mediterranean island. The PokerStars festival bandwagon couldn't wait to get back here though for what...more

IPT7 Malta 2: Emotional state after a big hand

One often hears players around a poker tournament discussing hands. Actually, you hear them all the time: hotel breakfast buffets, on breaks, at the urinals and anywhere where there's a spare few minutes to be had. To some it's tiresome, to others it's a vital way of getting feedback while...more

EPT12 Malta: First two trophies awarded to Carrel & Chattha

Charlie Carrel first champion of the festival Tournament #6 of the day was actually the first to conclude today, and that might have been due to the fact that only five players took part. The €5,000 Win the Button tourney might have only attracted a small number but it meant...more

IPT7 Malta2 Day 1A: Danes make up some of the numbers

Denmark has been a hotbed of European poker talent as long as the game of poker has been around in Europe. The TV exploits of Gus Hansen helped inspire a younger generation to pick up the game. Two of that generation - Mickey Petersen and Morten Mortensen - are regulars...more

In search of a Spadie

I am used to traveling but this year has been particularly busy for me and so I haven't found the time to blog. It's the end of the year now and I will be just playing two more live tournaments. I'll first be heading to PokerStars LIVE Macau in November...more

IPT7 Malta2 Day 1A: Luca Pagano - more than a poker player

As we wrote in our introduction post, the Italian Poker Tour is in its seventh season and still going strong. The online Italian market isn't as buoyant as it used to be but the Italians, maybe more than any other European nation, love live poker for its social aspect. There...more

IPT7 Malta2: Italian Poker Tour kicks off another bumper festival

The PokerStars festival liner has sailed back into Saint Julian's Bay, Malta for a second time this year. The stop proved so popular back in March that there was very little chance of leaving it off the schedule, this time around. The European Poker Tour Main Event kicks off in...more

20 October

Cashcid Linc collects second Super Tuesday win in three months (10/20/15)

It was in mid-July when Cashcid Linc of Germany took away a hard-to-secure Super Tuesday title, winning the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars for a handsome payday of nearly $78K. Now just about three months later Cashcid Linc has done it again, winning this week's installment of the...more

Brush up on your mixed games with Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome

So we're agreed, we all know how to play hold'em (ahem). But hold'em is not the only variation of the game to make us scratch our heads from time to time. The mark of a good player is often their ability to master games beyond those in our hold'em comfort...more

The man beneath the hood: Valentin Messina on his return to EPT Malta

It turned out to be the defining image of EPT 11 Malta in March, if not the entire season. A man, who had every right to be enjoying perhaps one of the most joyous moments of his life, instead chose to console the man who, by virtue of being beaten,...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne: Oh baby Shi's got it!

What a week it's been here for the ANZPT7 Melbourne Main Event! Records broken, history made and after four days of play at Crown Melbourne a champion has emerged. Ultimately is was Lin Shi who reigned triumphant, overcoming Peter Matusik in a short heads up battle late into Level 29....more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Final table: Three more fall, three remain

And then there were three! It's been five hours since play began today and now we've reached our final three. After the first three players found the rail in quick succession, Erich Stadler was next to go when he was eliminated in sixth place. Stadler moved all in for his...more

19 October

ANZPT7 Melbourne Final table: Three down in quick succession

Well it didn't take too long to see our first final table casualty here. Mile Krstanoski found the rail first in today's proceedings at the hands on Lin Shi. The action began with Shi opening to 65,000 from middle position and when it folded around to Krstanoski on the button,...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Final Table: The stage is set

It's go time here at Crown Melbourne as the final nine take to the felt. They'll have their eyes on snagging the last-ever ANZPT Main Event title and the $261,200 first place prize. We've already seen three days of exciting play in the poker room here. When it all began...more

Making millionaires in our Spin & Go anniversary

If you're not sure what a Spin & Go is, where have you been for the past year? That's how long it's been since the first one cranked into action, turning a few dollars into much, much more on the spin of a wheel. Come to think of it, it's...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne: Final table player profiles

Seat 1: Manny Stavropoulos, 50 (Australia) - 1,570,000 in chips Melbourne local Manny Stavropoulos is the current reigning Aussie Millions Main Event champion and has guaranteed himself another great run with this final table appearance at Crown Melbourne. Stavropoulos has been playing poker for 10 years and can usually be...more

Weekend Review: No missing Vandersmissen in Million

We start the week in the usual way with a look back at all of the weekend's results. Weekend highlights Kevin "Civell" Vandersmissen wins the Sunday Million, collecting $173K. UKIPT Super Series at the Hippodrome in London won by Dale Garrad. Round up of latest results He's a former Irish...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 3: Matusik maintains lead into final nine

The final table is set! While the cash tables were buzzing with players chasing the royal flush jackpot, those on the tournament floor were looking for a huge score of their own. When play began we had 63 poker hopefuls return to the Crown poker room and we were off...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 3: Hitting the jackpot

The ANZPT Main Event has well and truly stolen the attention here at Crown Melbourne this week, but something else that's been the cause for commotion is the cash game royal flush jackpot. The jackpot payout increases with every hand played and to win it a player must flop a...more

18 October

Sunday Million: Kevin "Civell" Vandersmissen victorious, earns nearly $173K

This week's Sunday Million on PokerStars featured a lengthy build-up to the final table, with nearly 10-and-a-half hours needed for the big field of 5,528 participating in the $215 buy-in tournament to play down to just nine. But then things moved quickly, and in less than an hour those nine...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 3: From online anonymity to impressive live runs

"Who is kennl?" That was a common question among the online poker community, with forum posts inquiring about his identity dating back to 2009. No one knew who was behind the infamous online avatar, but he had gained notoriety for crushing MTTs and giving regulars a hard time on the...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 2: Early exits as Matusik moves ahead

It's still very early on Day 3 of this ANZPT Melbourne Main Event but that hasn't stopped players flying out the doors. The action dramatically slowed down last night as the money bubble approached and we're seeing the effects of that here today. We've already lost a third of today's...more

Sunday Warm-Up: EvnomiYa owns the night winning $79K

A little extra sweetness was injected into the Sunday Warm-Up. A guarantee boost from $400,000 to $425,000 encouraged enough players to drive the prize pool to $505,200.00. The game would also last little longer, but that was not a problem for the weekly champ EvnomiYa. With previous final tables in...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 3: Open the floodgates

We've reached that point. The bubble burst with the final hand of last night's action and now it's time for the shortstacks to get it in and gamble. The 63 remaining players have all guaranteed themselves a $3,200 return and will be chasing that $261,200 top prize when the champion...more

Dale Garrad storms to victory at UKIPT5 Super Series for £28,300

The Hippodrome Casino staged the final of the UKIPT5 Super Series today and in just four swift hours Dale Garrad blitzed his way to the title, defeating Frenchman Julien Rouxel heads up to win the plaudits, trophy and £28,300 in prize money. Garrad laughed and joked as he tore up...more

UKIPT5 Super Series London Final Table: Level 23-27(30,000/60,000/5,000)

5.00pm: Dale Garrad wins UKIPT5 Super Series for £28,300! The heads-up may have started with Julien Rouxel in the ascendancy but from the moment it started, it was one way traffic - Dale Garrad blitzing his way to victory. The pair traded a number of smaller pots but three large...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 2: Langcake leads the way

What a day! The plan going into today was to play down to the money but as the action slowed down when the bubble approached, the call was made that we wouldn't play more than eight levels regardless. The bubble was reached with 36 minutes left of that level and...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 2: Bubble looms as Psaros shoots ahead

We're approaching the money now. Today has seen hours of fast paced action with players flying out the doors but as the bubble looms play seems to have slowed down significantly. There are only 63 places paid in this ANZPT Melbourne Main Event and everyone seems desperate to lock up...more

17 October

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 2: Birthdays and battles for Player of the Year

This stop in Melbourne is the last-ever ANZPT event and that means the final chance for players to earn themselves AZNPT Player of the Year points. The frontrunners in the points race were out in force this week with over half of the current leaderboard Top 10 among the field...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 2: Like father like son

If you've played at all on the Australian poker circuit, chances are at some point you've run into Australian Hall of Famer Leo Boxell. 'The Mechanic' as he's also known, Boxell has a poker resume dating back to the nineties. And to say that resume is impressive really wouldn't be...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 2: Back to the action

Records set as players return on the hunt for the biggest prize in ANZPT history. A cool quarter of a million for the one who reaches the top of the podium this week. First place prize is set at $261,200 and it's serious business here as the action gets back...more

UKIPT5 Super Series London Day 2: Dale Garrad heads final table

Day 2 of the UKIPT5 Super Series held the promise of a rich day of poker full of incident and so it proved - a classic day's poker unfolding before our eyes as Dale Garrad, friend of PokerStars LIVE! at The Hippodrome Casino, translated his start of day chip lead...more

UKIPT5 Super Series London Day 2: Level 17-22(10,000/20,000/3,000)

9.30pm: The Final Table After three days of hardcore poker, we have reached the cusp of this tournament's finale. There are just eight men remaining in contention with the trophy just a fingertip away. Here's how they will line-up when they return tomorrow: Dale Garrad - 1,640,000 Rouxel Julien -...more

UKIPT5 Super Series London Day 2: Level 13-16(2,500/5,000/500)

3.55pm: Break Time! Another two levels in the bag and the tension has deflated from the arena like a balloon releasing air as the players stream out for a well-earned 15 minute break. We'll be back shortly with 44 players remaining, just 5 spots from the cash positions. See you...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 1B: Chasing Choi

One for the history books. The ANZPT staff here were quietly confident that the tour's player and prize pool records would be broken this afternoon, and that's exactly what happened before the tournament was locked out earlier today. Ultimately it was a total of 520 players who registered across both...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 1B: A new record to end an era

We did it! Late registration is officially locked out as we approach the closing stages of Day 1B and the ANZPT record has been broken. Today we saw 314 entries and with that added to yesterday's field we have a total of 520 players for a history-making prize pool of...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 1B: Let's Party!

A collective hangover lingers over the room this afternoon. Players are fighting it, but it's clear the ANZPT Melbourne Welcome Party has left a few of them a little worse for wear. The fun kicked off just after the poker action concluded last night. The chips were bagged up and...more

16 October

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 1B: Punting it off

"Where's the TAB?" That's been the question from more than one punter at the registration booth and the reporting desk this afternoon. And it's no surprise with the Caufield Cup taking place not far from Crown Melbourne here. Poker players are renowned for being fond of a bet, and while...more

UKIPT5 Super Series London Day 1B/1C: Dale Garrad Leads Overall Chip Counts

The Hippodrome Casino bore witness to a tsunami of poker activity today as UKIPT5 Super Series Days 1B and 1C both played out to a finish. At the close of play it was Andrey Dimitrov who topped the Day 1B rankings whilst on Day 1C, friend of PokerStars LIVE! at...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 1B: Racing for a record

We're chasing history today. Here for Day 1B of the ANZPT7 Melbourne Main Event there are some watchful eyes on the registration booth. Will Melbourne be able to go back-to-back with another record-breaking ANZPT field? That's the question on everyone's minds as the action gets underway this afternoon. Season 6...more

UKIPT5 Super Series London Day 1C: Level 9-12 Updates(1,000/2,000/300)

2.05pm: End of Day 1C - Dale Garrad leads overall chip Counts! The final level saw a number of circa 150,000 stacks vying for the chip lead, but it was Dale Garrad, friend of Pokerstars LIVE! at The Hippodrome Casino, who stormed ahead. He had a few fortunate hands in...more

UKIPT5 Super Series London Day 1C: Level 1-8 Updates(400/800/100)

11.55pm: Break Time! It's been an epic day and we are 8 levels into the second of the two days being played out today. The players are taking their final 15 minute break of the day before resuming for the last four levels. Who will rise from the pack and...more

UKIPT5 Super Series London Day 1B: Level 9-12 Updates(1000/2000/300)

7.34pm: End of Day 1B - Dimitrov leads Day 1B has drawn to a close and there is a furious exchange now as the remaining 37 (to be confirmed) players bag their chips up while the new tranche of players arrive to play out Day 1C. It looks as though...more

Your weekend to-do list on PokerStars

To play Got a favourite Weekend Major? They're all on offer this week, with an addition or two to console a losing streak, or enhance your run good. By that we mean the finale of Knockout Week . There's a whole lot going on, including ten events spread out...more

Poker is the real game of life

You probably haven't seen me around at the tables much lately. Maybe I would play a little Spin & Go or a small tournament but that's been about it pokerwise. If you are watching Poker streams on Twitch.tv you may also have noticed that my stream hasn't been running at...more

UKIPT5 Super Series London Day 1B: Level 1-8 Updates(400/800/100)

5:20pm: End of level 8; break The end of level eight signals it is time for the players to once more pour out of the card room to recharge batteries with caffeine, nicotine, fun and general frolics. We'll be back in 15 minutes for level 9 which will resume in...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 1A: Park pushes ahead

Every beginning has an end. And we just reached ours here as Day 1A of ANZPT Melbourne concludes. Last year's prize pool record was in the back of everyone's minds this afternoon, with the Melbourne stop of Season 6 the only one to surpass a million dollars. At the close...more

PokerStars Shark Cage, Season 2: Episode 1


ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 1A: Champions and chip leaders

Late registration is now locked out as we move into the closing stages of ANZPT Melbourne Main Event Day 1A. We saw a total of 206 try their luck this afternoon, but already so many have found the rail among this shark-infested field. Today attracted champions with both Manny Stavropoulos...more

15 October

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 1A: He's 'Unique'

It's not often you win a trophy for NOT cashing a tournament. For Tony 'Unique' Tartaglia though, he did exactly that this afternoon. Technically the award was for 'extreme loyalty to the ANZPT' but judging by the sly smile of ANZPT Commissioner Danny McDonagh there was a little more to...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 1A: Play with the pros

One of the best aspects of poker is testing your own abilities. There's no denying that luck can play a big part at the table on any given day, but we all know that in the long run, the skill factor always trumps the variance. What better way to test...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 1A: Start your engines

And we're off! The Crown Poker Room is bustling with an air of excitement this afternoon as the ANZPT Main Event finally gets underway. There are a couple of cash games still running, a few lurkers at the overlooking bar, but of course it's the tournament floor that has most...more

ANZPT7 Day 1A: Start your engines

And we're off! The Crown Poker Room is bustling with an air of excitement this afternoon as the ANZPT Main Event finally gets underway. There are a couple of cash games still running, a few lurkers at the overlooking bar, but of course it's the tournament floor that has most...more

UKIPT5 Super Series: Julien Rouxel heads Day1A Field

Day 1A saw a surprisingly fulsome 88-strong field arrive at the Hippodrome to take their shot at tournament glory and when the day had drawn to a close, it was Frenchman Julien Rouxel who led the 27-remaining players with a mighty stack of 174,200. 12 whip-sharp 30 minute levels ensured...more

UKIPT5 Super Series London Day 1A: Level 9-12 Updates(1,000/2,000/300)

2.05pm: End of Day 1A As anticipated, the final level played out with chips making frequent journeys from one stack to another. The tournament landscape changed dramatically with numerous stories of heartache and corresponding, although diametrically opposite feelings of elation. 29 players made it through with Rouxel Julien the final...more

Lads Night In raises thousands for Prostate Cancer UK

It might not have made the news where you live, but for one day last month an entire Island changed its name in the aid of a great cause. You might already have guessed, but I'll come back to that in a second. That cause was the fight against prostate...more

UKIPT5 Super Series London Day 1A: Levels 1-8 Updates(400/800/75)

11.50pm: Break it down! That's the day 2/3 done with 8 or the slated 12 levels completed! The remaining players have milled out of the tournament arena to enjoy their 15 minute temporary cessation of poker duties. They'll be back shortly - as will we. See you then! 11.30pm: Shattered...more

14 October

ANZPT7 Melbourne Day 1A: A send-off with style

It's official. This edition of ANZPT Melbourne not only marks the end of Season 7 but the last event on the Australian New Zealand Poker Tour ever. It's the end of an era, but that doesn't mean we can't cap off a seven-year legacy with a bang! While many reflect...more

2015 ACOP: Not just fun and games (actually mostly fun and games)

The Asia Championship of Poker is the biggest and richest poker festival in the Far East and kicks off on October 30, 2015. Coming with the glory, fame, and life-changing prize money is an added level of stress you might not feel at other events. Clearly, the players have lots...more

13 October

Narcis "Narcisus90" Nedelcu nabs 2nd Super Tuesday title of year (10/13/15)

Winning a Super Tuesday is a special accomplishment for an online poker player, given how the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars routinely draws the best players from around the world. Winning two of them in the space of less than seven months is even more special, and that's...more

ANZPT7 Melbourne: Final event reflections

The end of an era or the beginning of a new era? The announcement that the upcoming ANZPT Melbourne will be the last-ever event on the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour evoked a mixed bag of emotions. The tour will be greatly missed, but there is still excitement in the...more

Simon Grabenschweiger on a Common Cents record breaking win

If you read the Blog yesterday you might have noticed our interview with Faraz Jaka, who won the Super Tuesday last week. Jaka is an insightful interviewee, and has a fascinating lifestyle that goes well with his nomadic poker career. But while Jaka took away more than $100,000 for his...more

12 October

Faraz Jaka on his Super Tuesday win and the long road to success

The Super Tuesday is widely regarded as one of the toughest online events to win. The reasons are simple. The buy-in is the biggest of any weekly event, which means the best players take part. It's one of the fundamental laws of poker. It also means that the winners pictures...more

Lace up your gloves for Knockout Week

You've made weight. You've stared down your opponent for the pre-fight publicity. You've had your hands taped and checked. Now, all that's left...is winning a lot of money. That's right, fight fans, it is time once again PokerStars Knockout Week. Over the next week, PokerStars is guaranteeing $5 million in...more

China's Lante wins ACOP Platinum Series XI. KC Wong reclaims No. 1 APOY!

Last week, the 'PokerStars LIVE Macau' poker room completed ACOP Platinum Series XI from October 6-11, with totals of 664 players and HK$2,438,214 in prize money. China's Lante Zhang won the HK$5,500 Main Event - his second tournament victory in an Official Asia Player of the Year event this season...more

Weekend Review: Servej and Elay99 are the big winners

We start the week in the usual way with a look back at all of the weekend's results. Weekend highlights --Servej wins the Sunday Million and a first prize of $173k. --Elay99 wins the Sunday Warm up, the second biggest payday of the weekend worth more than $64k. --thnl28 wins...more

PCA 2015 Main Event, Episode 6


11 October

Sunday Million: Servej smashes through final table, collects $173k

Although Servej did not arrive at the final table with a wrecking ball-sized stack, he certainly made the deepest impact. Second in chips to start, Servej took out ZeroG85 on the fourth hand and followed it up with two more rapid-fire knockouts to take a substantial lead over the rest...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Elation for Elay99 winning $64K after three-way chop

As many times before, the players who have been to this or any Major final table at PokerStars tend to show up multiple times and improve with the subsequent tournaments. The $400,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up final table would feature players who have WCOOP bracelets, EPT final tables, and have been...more

9 October

The ultimate PokerStars VIP Club experience

From the peaceful and breath-taking views of the German Alps to the boisterous and celebratory streets of downtown Munich, this trip to Germany has been one for the books. As I was strolling through the PokerStars VIP store, I noticed a new item in the "VIP Club Live" category: a...more

13 skills for winning in poker, business, and life

You've heard of Bill Perkins, right? One day the poker community had never heard of him. The next day he showed up on the scene and started competing in the richest tournaments on the planet. Or maybe you've heard of other top PokerStars players, ones who left poker to...more

The UKIPT Super Series returns to London's Hippodrome

We've said this before but there's no harm in saying it again: the Hippodrome Casino in central London is a great place to play cards. It's not just the quality of the poker room, complete with plush interior and top class dealers, it's the place itself - a former theatre...more

8 October

PokerStars celebrates 10 years on Isle of Man...in 3D

I have been to more than my fair share of rock shows. From dirty punk clubs, to underground southern blues bars (please-visit-the-house-next-door-to-buy-your-beer kinds of places), to performing arts centers, to giant arenas, I've seen just about everything I could hope to see. Oftentimes, the bands I visit bring light operators...more

2015 ACOP: Relishing the Battle Against the Best

Sometimes I visualize poker like video games such as Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) and League of Legends (LOL). My good hands are my heroes; my chips are my weapons; and, my soldiers are used to establish my base, protect my home, and attack the villain's base. Once you enter...more

The poker players behind PokerStars face off

Here's something you need to know about PokerStars' people: they know poker. In the early days of PokerStars, the staff was made up almost exclusively of poker players. The concept was simple: how better to serve your customers than to know and love the game they play? Since those early...more

7 October

What can you get for a $10 deposit on PokerStars?

Let's just think about it for a second. You've been considering making a deposit on PokerStars, but you don't have a ton of discretionary cash. What's more, everything you see about poker on TV and, yes, even here tends to be about those $215 and larger buy-in events. Let's be...more

Book your seat as PCA Women's qualifiers begin

It might not be the biggest event at the PCA, nor is it the richest. But there's something about the PCA Women's Event that makes it one of the highlights of the trip, and we're delighted to report that it's back again for 2016. What's more PokerStars is running satellites...more

6 October

Boom shakalaka! Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka collects Super Tuesday win, $101K

With nearly $5 million in live tournament earnings, Faraz Jaka has become a familiar face on all of the major tours. Career highlights include a third-place finish at the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure for $755,000, a runner-up at a World Poker Tour event at the Bellagio in 2009 for $774,780,...more

Join PokerSchoolOnline on Twitch this week

There's no other way to put this: PokerSchoolOnline is getting Twitchy. But that's a good thing, especially if you're one of the nearly five million players who use it to learn, develop and analyse their game. Twitchy, because PSO now has a variety of Twitch streams, each designed to pick...more

UKIPT IoM III: The show that never ends...

Phish has nothing on the Villa Marina and PokerStars. If you're not into jam-band music, you might not be aware of the cult-attracting (and South Park parodied) group that brings trance-dance jams and mind-bending light shows to for-the-moment hippies around the globe. Well, Trey Anastasio, have a look at this:...more

5 October

Austria's DaDumon wins PokerStars' largest-ever tourney

In Austria's wee morning hours, DaDumon made PokerStars history. After buying in for a mere penny, DaDumon beat out more than 253,000 other PokerStars players to win the biggest event in PokerStars history. Doing so meant that single penny buy-in would be returned with $9999.99 in winnings. Ready to sign...more

Common Cents kickoff draws biggest field in PokerStars history

If you heard that sonic boom an hour ago, don't fret. It was just the sound of 253,698 pennies dropping into the prize pool of the Common Cents series kickoff. The one-cent buy-in tourney was bound to draw a crowd. With a $100,000 guarantee and $10,000 first prize, anybody with...more

That's 226,000 players and counting for the Common Cents kick off

In exactly two hours (take a few minutes off that as I type slow) one of the largest tournaments ever on PokerStars will get under way. Quite frankly seeing is believing. I checked the PokerStars lobby a few minutes ago and the number of players registered for the first Common...more

Weekend Review: pcayobh (and some Common Cents) headlines the week

After a busy September dominated by a 70-event WCOOP festival, normal service resumes with the Sunday Million back. Weekend highlights --Pedro "pcayobh" Cayo wins Sunday Million --Nice2MU wins the Sunday Warm-Up --Dan Stacey Wins the UKIPT Main Event in the Isle of Man, winning more than £24,000. --More than 220,000...more

Sunday Million: The Milly returns; Pedro "pcayobh" Cayo wins, earns $177K

They'd been waiting three weeks, all of those Sunday Million players for whom the weekly $215 no-limit hold'em tournament on PokerStars is a must-play event. After going on hiatus during the recently completed World Championship of Online Poker, the Milly was back in action today and a big group of...more

4 October

Sunday Warm-Up: Nice2MU is happy for the $75K win

Everyone recovered from the WCOOP party yet? Nice2MU certainly looked ready for life after the big tournament series claiming the Sunday Warm-Up title this week and earning $75,366.00. Read below for the recap of Nice2MU's victory. Right around the time the Minnesota Vikings conceded their match to the Denver Broncos...more

Dan Stacey wins UKIPT5 Isle of Man and £24,170

Dan Stacey - your champion Today's UKIPT Isle of Man final table was a tale of two halves. The three-and-a-half hours it took to get from eight to two players and the four-and-a-quarter hours from there to crown a winner. When the dust settled 25-year old Dan Stacey was...more

3 October

UKIPT Isle of Man final table: Level 22-29 updates (50,000/100,000, ante 10,000)

7:50pm: Dan Stacey wins UKIPT Isle of Man (£24,170); Paren Arzoomanian second (£19,000) It always felt like it was going to take a cooler to end this four hour heads-up battle and so it proved... In the final hand Paren Arzoomanian opened to 200,000, Dan Stacey three-bet to 530,000 and...more

Paren Arzoomanian leads UKIPT5 Isle of Man Final Table

Paren Arzoomanian leads the elite eight If you've been in the Isle of Man this week you'll know that this tournament has been billed as 'PokerStars Official Home Game.' Tomorrow there's a strong possibility that the UKIPT5 Isle of Man Main Event trophy will not only be staying on the...more

UKIPT Isle of Man Day 2: Level 17-22 updates (10,000/20,000, ante 3,000)

You want chip counts? We've got chip counts! You'll find them here. 11:55pm: Final table chip counts This is how the final eight will stack up when the final table begins at noon local time on Sunday: SeatNameCountryStatusChips 1Christopher SwindenIsle of ManPokerStars Player515,000 2Elliott HayesUnited Kingdom 1,033,000 3John LawsonIsle of Man 1,210,000...more

UKIPT Isle of Man Day 2: Level 13 -16 updates (2,500/5,000, ante 500)

You want chip counts? We've got chip counts! You'll find them here. 4:25pm: Break time The 36 remaining players are now on a 15 minute break, you'll find future updates in a new post shortly. --NW 4:20pm: Worthington-Leese eliminated by Fletcher Leo Worthington-Leese is the latest player to exit the...more

2 October

Chris Swinden soars to the summit on Day 1B of UKIPT5 Isle of Man

A last level surge took Swinden to the top on Day 1B There aren't many hard and fast rules in poker tournaments, but along with the blinds steadily rising and someone ending the tournament with all the chips, it seems to be the law that the second of two starting...more

Normal service resumes this weekend. Well, kind of.

After the excitement of WCOOP, a relatively ordinary weekend ahead. Well, kind of. To play There are the usual bunch of Sunday Majors to contemplate, including a return of the (regular) Sunday Million and Warm-Up. There will also be the regular Weekly events in all shapes and sizes, which you'll...more

UKIPT Isle of Man Day 1B: Level 6-12 updates (1,000/2,000, ante 300)

You can find selected chip counts from Day 1B here. 11:05pm: Play concludes That's all for Day 1B folks. Chris Swinden ended the day as chip leader with 245,200. A full wrap of the day's events will be up on the blog shortly and Day 2 starts at midday tomorrow....more

LukaSteel on the Red Spade Open (and playing heads-up for USBs)

It's that time of the year and Red Spade Open is here again. This time with $1,000,000 prize pool and whooping $500 bounty on all Red Spades at the tables. Five hundred sweet American dollars - that is the single biggest bounty I ever had on my head, which means...more

76 reasons to book your place at EPT Malta

It was one of those events that took people by surprise. Many people suspected that EPT Malta would be a good one, but they didn't really get it until they arrived. Whether it was looking up at the blue skies, left at the Mediterranean sea glittering on the horizon, or...more

UKIPT Isle of Man Day 1B: Level 1-5 updates (200/400, ante 50)

You'll find further updates from Day 1B of this event right here . 4:03pm: Break time Second break of the day for one and all. Updates will appear in a new post for the rest of the day. 3:55pm: Conor flushes some chips away Isle of Man TT star Conor...more

2015 ACOP: Tweet to win a seat!

We're getting closer to the 2015 Asia Championship of Poker and the fine folks at PokerStars are giving you a chance to come to PokerStars LIVE Macau and play for free! How you ask? Simply use your Twitter account between the contest dates of Oct 5-11 and let us know,...more

1 October

UKIPT5 Isle of Man Day 1A: Filiczkowski fills up on chips to lead

Filiczkowski - the chip daddy The UKIPT is in Season 5 and visited "home" for the third time in its history this week - a special week for the island and PokerStars. It was ten years ago that the company decided to call the Isle of Man home and...more

PCA 2015: Main Event Episode 5


UKIPT5 Isle of Man Day 1A: Level 6-12 Updates (1,000/2,000, ante 300)

11:10pm: Day 1A is done That's all she wrote for Day 1A, 32 of the 111 entries made it through to Day 2, with Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker and Team PokerStars SportStars Fatima Moreira de Melo amongst those who'll be back for Day 2 on Saturday. It's Moneymaker who...more

The Red Spade Open is back

It's finally here! The Red Spade Open is back and is bigger than ever. This year the bounties on Team Pro members have doubled to $500... Yes, $500! With a buy-in of $55 you're getting almost 10x your money back if you knock out just one pro. With over 50...more

Some familiar chess compositions with Jen Shahade

While up north to play WCOOPs, I gave a presentation at Pub Chess Toronto and showed the following position. Jen Shahade with a very specific composition This problem is shaped like a poker spade- it's also black to checkmate in two moves by force! This would never occur in a...more

UKIPT5 Isle of Man Day 1A: Level 1-5 Updates (200/400, ante 50)

4:05pm: End of the level Two more levels are in the books and the players are now taking a 15 minute recess. You'll find level six updates in a new post, here. --NW 4pm: Chip counts Plenty of names and notables amongst the 111 unique entries on Day 1A here...more