November 2015

30 November

Introducing our new daily tournament: Bounty Builders

If you're not really a Monday person, let us try and take the sting out of the next 12 hours or so. Because starting today PokerStars is introducing a new promotion: "Bounty Builders". Bounty Builders is a new daily tournament designed for everyone. With buy-ins ranging from $0.55 to...more

Wins for FeriBo and OpenOren, while "theNERDguy" crosses the fourth wall

A look at all the major stories from this past weekend on PokerStars. Weekend highlights --FeriBo wins Sunday Million --OpenOren does the same in the Sunday Warm up --Meanwhile Yuri "theNERDguy" Martins swaps online for live success, winning LAPT Grand Final Round up of latest results When online success translates...more

29 November

Sunday Million: FeriBo fabulous with a wire-to-wire win

With two tables remaining, Fahredin "FeriBo" Mustafov already had the end in sight. With a 17.7 million stack, he held over three times as many chips as second-place dujo123 and only total disaster could cost him a spot at the final table. One by one, those short stacks fell and...more

Sunday Warm-Up: OpenOren closes down final table with $80K win

Quads. Usually the discussion of getting quads is left for players (and bloggers) after a day's work at the tables, having headed over to the nearest casino bar. There lies video poker machines to play and hopefully with the help of a timely four-of-a-kind, pay for the drinks. The $425,000...more

LAPT8 Brazil: A tale of sound and Yuri; "theNERDguy" Martins wins Grand Final

It's all over from São Paulo! What an incredible five days it has been, with a suitably exciting finish. When we last left off, just two were left from the 426-entry field, both from Brazil -- Yuri Martins and Afonse Henrique. And after an up-and-down battle following a two-handed deal,...more

LAPT8 Brazil: A heads-up deal, a couple of doubles, and a big fold

Afonse Henrique had held the chip lead for nearly the entire final table, even at one point half the total chips with there were still eight players left. But Yuri "theNERDguy" Martins grabbed the edge at three-handed, then after knocking out Andrés Herrera in third was well ahead of Henrique...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Chauriye, Herrera out; Martins, Henrique heads-up

Ricardo Chauriye returned from the break to Level 32 (80K/160K/20K) with the shortest stack among the final four players in the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event. And on the first opportunity given to him, the Chilean put that stack at risk. It folded to Chauriye on the...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Alves runs into aces, tens fail Rivero; four remain

Level 30 ended with a couple of uncalled all-ins from Yuri "theNERDguy" Martins, then Alexandre Rivero earned a small double-up through Martins and the final half-dozen players all marched into Level 31 (60K/120K/20K). Early in the new level Rivero doubled again, this time through Andrés Herrera. Rivero's A♦5♦ was behind...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Lopes leaves, Kawauti KO'd; Henrique still ahead with six left

Soon after they resumed play following the first break of the day, the blinds were 50K/100K with a 10K ante when leader Afonse Henrique opened for 250,000 from early position, then Andrés Herrera made a three-bet from the big blind to 680,000 -- more than half his stack. Henrique thought...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Eight still remain, but Henrique has half the chips!

The final table of the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final was due to begin at 1 p.m. today, but final table photos and other prelimaries delayed the start a short while. Finally the eight players took their seats around the feature table situated at the front of the Golden...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Meet the final eight

Welcome to the fourth and final day of the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event from São Paulo, Brazil. From 426 entries just eight players remain, and later today one of them will become the last LAPT Main Event champion of Season 8. Brazil is well represented at...more

28 November

LAPT8 Brazil: Afonse Henrique ends Day 3 on top in Grand Final

The last two eliminations of Day 3 have come in the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event, meaning play has ended and the eight-handed final table has been set. At tomorrow's final table there will be six Brazilians and two Chileans. It's crowded at the very top of...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Four more out, Yuri Martins leads with 10 left

The midnight hour is approaching here in São Paulo. But the bell has already tolled, so to speak, for four more players, the latest to be eliminated from the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final. Just 10 remain now, meaning after two more knockouts they'll be stopping for the night...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Caio Hey's back-to-back quest ends with 15th-place finish

The last one-hour level saw three more eliminations, bringing the total field down to 14 players in the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final in São Paulo. As the knockout-rate suggests, the pace of play has been quite deliberate, although again three of the shorter stacks found themselves in peril...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Celestino, Beláustegui, Liberal out; Difini leading last 17

They've played another hour-long level at the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final in São Paulo, Brazil. Now just 17 remain gathered around three short-handed tables -- still another nine knockouts to go before play concludes on Day 3. Ariel Celestino had about half a million chips coming back from...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Manzano, Rojas sent railward; Hey last champ among final 20

We started today with three LAPT Main Event champions left in the field here on Day 3 of the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event in São Paulo. But now we're down to just one, with the Brazilian Gustavo Lopes having been responsible for knocking out two of...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Apine upended, Richard runs out; 26 remain

When we last left off here at the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event in São Paulo, 28 players remained with defending LAPT Brazil champion Caio Hey the shortest-stacked of all of them. Soon, though, Hey managed a double-up with T♥7♦ versus fellow Brazilian's A♦5♣ following a preflop...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Four fall, Difini first to a million

Day 3 of the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final in São Paulo began with most of Level 20 left to go, and by the end of that the 32-player field who had started the day had been lessened by three. Day 3 begins Ricardo Chauriye knocked out a couple...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Finding a final table; Day 3 of the Grand Final awaits

Just 32 remain from the big 426-entry field that began the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event. That means just four of the 151 available tables in the Golden Hall at the World Trade Center São Paulo complex will be needed for the tournament today -- a good...more

27 November

LAPT8 Brazil: Alisson Piekazewicz leads final 32 to end Grand Final Day 2

After all of Level 19 and just the first part of Level 20, the Day 2 field in the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final at São Paulo was cut down to 32 players and play was halted for the night. At the conclusion of play Brazil's Alisson Piekazewicz had...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Caio says tchau, Ben busts, Henrique hits half-million

Eighteen one-hour levels are in the books in the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event in São Paulo. Since the bubble burst an hour-and-a-half ago, 20 more players have cashed the event to leave 43 to continue their pursuit of the last Main Event title of LAPT Season...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Ruin for Reis as the bubble bursts

Caio Pessagno was talking rapidly, his words tumbling through a huge grin as he waved his hand toward the empty chair next to him. His tablemates laughed and nodded in response. The jovial scene continued even after the next round of cards had been dealt before finally settling back into...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Ariel Celestino's star is rising

The field gradually continues to shrink in the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event in São Paulo, Brazil. There were 109 players who returned from the dinner break not too long ago, and now as they cross into Level 16 just 84 remain gathered around 11 tables. They're...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Games people play

Afternoon is turning to evening in São Paulo. Day 2 the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event has now pushed through its first four one-hour levels and with 109 players remaining the Argentinian Maximiliano Gallardo has increased his stack up close to the 300,000-chip mark, the likely leader...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Getting real (prize pool and payouts)

Time for some real talk. As the third level of Day 2 continues here at the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event, we have prize pool and payout information to pass along. Last year's LAPT Brazil Main Event -- with a lower buy-in and larger field -- set...more

LAPT8 Brazil: The thumbs up signal doesn't always mean what you think

It was clear something had gone wrong. You didn't have to speak Portuguese to understand the usual order of things had been upset somehow. The first level of Day 2 of the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final in São Paulo was nearing its end, with 190 players still vying...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Random draws, random deals; A-K spells end for Akkari

Just as the randomness of a hold'em hand being dealt can produce interesting juxtapositions and curious results, so, too, can the randomness of a start-of-day seat draw produce some interesting consquences. Looking over today's chart before play began, Table 97 here in the "azul" (blue) section where the Latin American...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Sunny skies, eyes on the prize for Grand Final Day 2

We're approaching mid-afternoon once again here in São Paulo, where the skies have been much less cloudy than usual with patches of blue peeking through all about. The question of who will be the next Latin American Poker Tour Main Event champion has begun to clear up a little as...more

Weekend majors, skydiving, and jackpots. A textbook weekend ahead

Looking ahead to the weekend on PokerStars. To play In a world which is at times unpredictable, at least there are the weekend majors. It's an immovable feast bringing continuity and maybe a profit to the poker player's life. And long may it continue. You'll find everything you want, just...more

Right To Play (and go sky diving) at EPT Prague

Let me ask you two questions. Have you qualified for EPT Prague? And do you like Sky diving? Well then we have the tournament for you. I never thought I'd have to ask a question like that, but our friends working behind the scenes at next month's EPT Prague festival...more

26 November

LAPT8 Brazil: Leo Henrique Liberal bags big stack to conclude Grand Final Day 1B

A wild, fun Day 1B has come to a close at the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final in São Paulo, Brazil, and while there were a number of big stacks jockeying back and forth as the final hands of the night were dealt, Leo Henrique Liberal of Brazil managed...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Super Mario collecting all the coins

We spoke yesterday about the Latin American Poker Tour Season 8 Player of the Year race, currently led by the Chilean Oscar Alache thanks to his LAPT8 Chile Main Event title (his second overall), two more side event wins on the tour this year, plus numerous final tables. Alache has...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Rojas rolling, Backmann building, and thousands in Millions

We're starting to sort the big stacks from the small ones. And we're starting to say Tchau! to the post-dinner bustouts here on Day 1B of the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event in São Paulo now that late registration and the reentry period is no more. With...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Reentry door about to close; total field 400-plus

We were saying at the start of today's second and final Day 1 flight of the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event how after the 132-entry turnout yesterday, today's field would certainly be bigger, perhaps even doubling that total. Well, they've reached the dinner break, after which late...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Back in Brazil, Rast again running well

On the last hand before the first break of Day 1B of the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final in São Paulo, Brian Rast sat leaning forward, nearing the end of a lengthy massage. Reaching showdown he tabled his cards -- two black aces, fitting neatly with the red one...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Grand Final field growing even grander

There were about 80 players in their seats to start the day's first level, but by the time they edged toward the end of hour number two more than 200 had entered today's Day 1B of the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final Main Event in São Paulo. As expected...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Poker in the classroom -- a course in "Poker Basics"

To play poker is to enter into situations full of unknowns -- willingly. The game is like a series of puzzles that require constant attention and challenge players' analytical abilities over and again. And if played mindfully, the game is always going to be a learning experience, even for the...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Obrigado! And welcome to Day 1B of the Grand Final

As an American many thousand miles from home this Thanksgiving, your humble scribbler finds himself slightly disoriented today while readying for the start of Day 1B of the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final here in uncharacteristically sunny São Paulo. The adjective "humble" is accurate, to be sure, given your...more

High stakes poker strategy with Randy "Nanonoko" Lew


25 November

LAPT8 Brazil: Armando Sbrissa snares Day 1A lead in Grand Final

Just after the clock struck three a.m., the first day of the last Main Event of Season 8 of the Latin American Poker Tour came to a close here in São Paulo. From a Day 1A field of 132 entrants, less than half that number remain. After picking up a...more

LAPT8 Brazil: The stars are out tonight for poker's challenge

It's been a successful and busy day here in the Golden Hall, site of the simultaneous start of both the LAPT Grand Final and BSOP Millions. While the Grand Final winds down toward the close of its Day 1A, the first side event of the BSOP Millions -- a R$460...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Post-dinner poker for a hungry hundred

They're back from dinner on Day 1A of the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final. Most of them, anyway. Unofficially speaking, there were 132 total entries before the reentry door closed tight for the day, with just about 100 of them returning to their seats a short while ago with...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Thumbs up for chip leaders, finger food for celebs

We've got something of a contrast developing on this side of the Golden Hall here at the WTC São Paulo, site of the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final where Day 1A continues to march along. Preparations have been made for the celebrity tournament near the front of the room,...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Grand Final part of another BSOP big show

We've been talking about how today's first Day 1 flight of the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final is also helping kickoff of the culminating stop of this year's Brazilian Series of Poker. Once again the BSOP has spent a year traveling all over South America's largest country, going to...more

LAPT8 Brazil: Players making their points at season's last stop

Every poker hand is like an argument. Players make a case for their hands via their bets. Sometimes they force opponents to concede by folding. Other times they make their points heard by showing down better cards. That's one way poker hands are not like arguments -- in a poker,...more

LAPT8 Brazil: It's poker o'clock in São Paulo! Day 1A is underway

The first hands of the last Main Event of the eighth season of the Latin American Poker Tour are being dealt here in one corner of the Golden Hall at the WTC São Paulo, the tournament clock signaling the start of what will be a multi-day journey until the next...more

Tournament Leader Board cooking up a great year end finale

Here we are in November, only five weeks away from the New Year. Where exactly did the time go? One minute we were in the Bahamas, then, after TCOOP and SCOOP, the EPT Grand Final wrapped up in Monaco. Before we knew it the World Series gave way to the...more

LAPT8 Brazil: The clouds and the crowds -- the Grand Final starts today!

We're back! The Latin American Poker Tour has touched down yet again, this time landing in São Paulo, Brazil for the last stop of Season 8 -- the Grand Final which promises to be grand indeed. Here's a look at how Brazil's largest and most populous city greeted us as...more

24 November

Seth Davies wins 11/24/15 Super Tuesday, beats Chris Hunichen heads-up for $87k

It was a cowboy victory for Seth "Setherson2" Davies. Davies eliminated three players at the final table with pocket kings and when his heads-up opponent picked up a pair of kings, Davies woke up with aces. Seth Davies While Davies got a good run of cards at the final table,...more

2015 World Cup of Poker opens with big action

The opening weekend of the 2015 World Cup Poker saw some very interesting matchups, and some shock results to boot. Like last year the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and all the Scandinavian countries failed to make it out of the starting gates, while the Kiwi's and the Kazakhs showed their...more

PokerStars releases New VIP Bash satellites

Looking for some extra value this week? Don't have the time to go searching for it? Look no further. In advance of this weekend's $55 Daily Double Christmas Festival tournaments, PokerStars just launched a bunch of seats-added VIP Bash satellites. If you're looking for value, that's where to look. We've...more

23 November

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...Millions! Sats now available

Think of January in the northern hemisphere. Think of ice-crusted curbs, dirty oil-slicked slush on the roads, and suns that seems to set within minutes of rising. It...well, unless that's your thing, it gets pretty depressing pretty fast. But you have a plan. You will go to the PokerStars Caribbean...more

Wins for dccnesquick and festivuss, with jackpots for the rest of us

A look at all the major stories from this past weekend on PokerStars. Weekend highlights --A win for dccnesquick in the Sunday Million --Meanwhile in the Sunday Warm-up Festivuss won a first prize of $81,022. --At the UKIPT in Edinburgh, David Gomez triumphed in the main event, with last season's...more

Koovoon becomes Spin & Go millionaire number seven

We're not entirely sure if the news that someone has won a million dollars on PokerStars will ever get boring, but in case it does we should warn you that it happened again this weekend. We've said this seven times in the past month now, but it took place in...more

Sunday Million: At a table of rookies, happiness is as easy as dccnesquick

This week's Sunday Million final table was one for the rookies. So often do we see familiar faces in the late stages of the Million, this week represented a bit of a departure, with two-thirds of the final table simultaneously making their first major final table and their first five...more

22 November

Sunday Warm-Up: Festive time for Festivuss winning $81K, Staples fifth

"Guys! We're deep in the Sunday Warm-Up 5th out of 47 people left" - @jaimestaples on Twitter. Yes, that would be Friend of PokerStars, Jaime Staples as his good fortune continued with three tables remaining and ratcheting his stack to the top two positions. Watching Jaime through his Twitch channel...more

Superb performance from David Gomez sees Spaniard win UKIPT5 Edinburgh and £49,660

The Spaniard put on a superb show of poker and was a worthy winner I think we can put the myth of the 'curse of the chip leader' well and truly to bed. In this tournament David Gomez was the Day 1B chip leader, was still top at the end...more

UKIPT5 Edinburgh Final Day: Level 27 - 28 updates (40,000/80,000 ante 10,000)

You want chip counts? We've got chip counts and you'll find them here. 7pm: David Gomez wins UKIPT Edinburgh after an amazing three-way all in David Gomez - winner! The UKIPT Edinburgh Main Event has come to an end in spectacular style after a three-way all in handed the title...more

UKIPT5 Edinburgh: Final table player profiles

Seat 1: Ben Burnhill, United Kingdom (PokerStars Qualifier) Ben Burnhill Ben Burnhill, 29, is a local player who fits poker around his job as a business analyst for an investment bank here in Edinburgh. He's played since university (12 years ago), starting off in the Edinburgh Poker Society, then graduating...more

UKIPT5 Edinburgh Day Final Day: Level 23 -26 updates (25,000/50,000 ante 5,000)

You'll find level 27 updates (and beyond) in a new post here. You want chip counts? We've got chip counts and you'll find them here. 4:45pm: Gomez enters break happy after doubling up David Gomez has gone off on break with the other players a happy man after doubling to...more

21 November

David Gomez leads final 11 heading into UKIPT5 Edinburgh final day

Gomez likes to lead from the front That's Day 2 of UKIPT Edinburgh in the books. It was a long one with ten one-hour levels and by the time the journey ended, 11 remained, ever so close to the final table. As the day rolled on a couple of great...more

UKIPT5 Edinburgh Day 2: Level 19 -22 updates (10,000/20,000 ante 3,000)

12:20am: Day 2 is done The 11 remaining players will return at noon to play for the title the trophy and a first prize of £49,660. David Gomez is the overnight chip leader and a wrap of the day's play will follow shortly. -- NW 12:05am: Race for the chip...more

UKIPT5 Edinburgh Day 2: Level 13-18 updates (4,000/8,000 ante 1,000)

If you're wanting to read updates from level 19 and beyond you'll want to click here. 6:47pm: Dinner break The players are on a 60-minute dinner break. There are 26 players still in and they are led by Mike McGee on 770,000. Benjamin Burnhillis is the only other player over...more

20 November

David Gomez off to fast start at UKIPT Edinburgh as he tops Day 1B field

David Gomez - Day 1B chip leader If Day 1A was the amuse-bouche, Day 1B was definitely a much anticipated starter as 260 poker players hungry for a UKIPT title rocked up to the Genting Club casino in Edinburgh for 12 levels of spicy action. Between them, the two...more

UKIPT5 Edinburgh Day 1B: Level 8-12 updates (1,000/2,000, ante 300)

11:45pm: Play ends for Day 1B That's Day 1B in the books. A full wrap of the day's play will be up on the blog shortly. David Gomez ended the day as chip leader on 262,700. -- MC 11:25pm: Last three hands Each table will play three more hands before...more

Something for the weekend on PokerStars

It's the weekend again, complete with your PokerStars to do list... To play The weekend promises are the usual distractions. The weekend majors will play on in the same way. Last weekend Russian player Arten "veeea" Vezhenkov" won the Sunday Million, collecting $183,675. You can do this same yourself this...more

UKIPT5 Edinburgh Day 1B: Level 1-7 updates (300/600, ante 75)

6:15pm: Busted by dinner The players are on a 75-minute dinner break. Updates for the rest of the day will appear in a new post, found here. The following players have busted so far today: Kristria Nagaraju, Michael Jones, Thomas Dunwoodie, Jamie Caira, Jonathan Barr, Chuc Khuu, Mike Finan, John...more

19 November

Kevin Whelan on top after UKIPT5 Edinburgh Day 1A

Whelan might be a little bit happy about his day Spying the tartan carpet in the restaurant area where we, the media, are camped out for the week, reminded us it's been too long since we were here last. It wasn't the tartan, or the carpet specifically, but the...more

Soccer stars really do make Natural Born Poker Players

You notice even a short time after you become a poker player. They're the moments that show you your strengths, the situations in which you thrive at the table, the attributes that make you the player you are. It might be your courage during key moments, your capacity to pull...more

UKIPT5 Edinburgh Day 1A: Level 8-12 updates (1,000/2,000 ante 300)

11pm: End of play That's it for Day 1A. Around 31 players have advanced to Day 2 with Kevin Whelan leading the way. A wrap of the day's play will follow shortly. -- NW 10:51pm: Final four The clock has been paused and they'll be four more hands before play...more

UKIPT5 Edinburgh Day 1A: Level 1-7 updates (300/600, ante 75)

5:55pm: Dinner break The players are now on a one-hour dinner break. 5:45pm:Davey amongst the departed Daragh Davey had fallen along with a fair few players in the last two levels. Around 80 players remain as the dinner break looms. Davey informed Dara O'Kearney that he lost most of...more

18 November

The UKIPT reaches Edinburgh

We'll let our players decide which their favourite PokerStars events are. But few would doubt how magnificent a place Edinburgh is to play. It's with that back drop of culture and architecture which the UKIPT rolled into the Scottish capital today, with the festival opening with an undercard featuring a...more

17 November

Re8uZ reigns over 11/17/15 Super Tuesday; Niall "Firaldo87" Farrell sixth

For a while leading up to the final table of tonight's Super Tuesday -- the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em event that consistently brings out poker's best and brightest -- it looked as though the most recent European Poker Tour Main Event champion, Niall "Firaldo87" Farrell, might be adding another title...more

16 November

Lost for Words - an amazing opportunity

We're speechless, completely at a loss for what to say. Poker coaching, as many experienced poker players know, usually comes at a hefty price. But what if we told you that you could get it for FREE, and from a PokerStars Team Pro Online player! Flabbergasted? That's right, you could...more

Weekend Review: veeea and Van Zadelhoff make for a familiar one-two

A look at all the major stories on PokerStars this past weekend. Weekend highlights -- Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov wins the Sunday Million and $183,675 -- Stephen van Zadelhoff wins the Sunday Warm Up collecting $80,769 -- The Asia Championship of Poker comes to a close in Macau with new Main...more

15 November

Sunday Million: Victory for Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov valued $183,675

We've gotten used to seeing Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov's username high on the leaderboards in big events on PokerStars. Before this week the he had collected a WCOOP title in 2013 (in a $320 Stud event) and a SCOOP win this past spring ($109+R NLH, Big Antes). He'd also won multiple...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Van Zadelhoff vanquishes field, banks $80k

Let's take a little journey back in time, poker fans. It was April, 2007. Jamie Gold was the reigning WSOP Main Event champion, the European Poker Tour was just just finding its legs, and Dutchman Steven Van Zadelhoff was a wide-eyed amateur player eyeing a pro career in a booming...more

2015 ACOP Super High Roller: Andrejevic reigns supreme

Andy Andrejevic just took down the ACOP Super High Roller and a monumental HK$8,725,000 (~US$1,125,000)! This HK$500,000 buy in event was expected to attract a swarm of sharks and it delivered with a notable field of 34 taking part. The tournament offered the choice of up to two rebuys at...more

2015 ACOP: Alan King Lun Lau wins Asia Player of the Year

The 2015 Asia Player of the Year race was one of the most hotly contested in history. It came right down to the wire this week with the ACOP finishing up as the last chance for players to earn themselves points. Now that all is said and done and the...more

2015 ACOP Super High Roller: Three fall, three fight on

Bang. Bang. Bang. Just like that we've already lost half of the six final tablists in the first two hours here. It was poker legend Erik Seidel who would hit the rail first this afternoon. Seidel shoved all in three hands in a row, and while the first two got...more

14 November

2015 ACOP Super High Roller: Six to play on final day

Now that the Main Event has wrapped up it's time for the final table of the HK$500,000 Super High Roller! As predicted the tournament attracted a stellar field and six of those players return this afternoon to chase a HK$8,725,000 (~$1,125,000) first place prize. Those back among the action have...more

2015 ACOP final table: Jimmy Zhou take a bow

Congratulations to our new ACOP Main Event champion Jimmy Zhou! It's been an action-packed week here at PokerStars LIVE Macau and after five days of play another Main Event is in the books. The Chinese American overcame New Zealand's Thomas Ward in a back and forth heads up match to...more

2015 ACOP final table: Tu gone, two to go

It took some time this afternoon for the first three final table eliminations but almost as soon as Connor Drinan was sent to the exit in fifth place, Hsien Yuan Yang followed suit. Yang opened the action to 125,000 from the button and Thomas Ward had a look from the...more

2015 ACOP Final table: Three fall, four remain

It took around 90 minutes to see our first final table casualty here this afternoon. Xixiang Luo started as one of our shorter stacks and found the exit when his opponent Thomas Ward woke up with the best preflop hand possible. Ward: A♠A♥ Luo: T♠9♠ Luo would need help after...more

13 November

2015 ACOP final table: The magnificent seven

After four days of play here at PokerStars LIVE Macau the ACOP Main Event final table is now set! The remaining seven will be chasing the HK$5,885,000 (~$759,000) first place prize and the prestigious ACOP title. When it all began we saw 260 entrants pull up seats to generate the...more

2015 ACOP: Final table player profiles

Seat 1: Thomas Ward, 25 (Wellington, New Zealand) - 1,335,000 in chips New Zealander Thomas Ward considers his occupation a professional Counter Strike and poker player, the latter of which he has played for six years. He says his biggest poker influence is Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang, and looks...more

ElkY joins Team Liquid

Before there was ElkY the poker star, there was ElkY the video game rock star. Now, they are one in the same. Today, Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier became the newest member of Team Liquid, the eSports professional gaming sponsor. This is the first time PokerStars has had one...more

2015 ACOP Day 4: Drinan does it again

Plans change. And that was the case as the Main Event action transgressed into the early hours of the morning. When play began the plan was to play down to our final six but things dragged on and a decision was made to cut the day short. We almost made...more

2015 ACOP Day 4: Time to shine for the final nine

Why have three events running simultaneously when you can have four? That's the idea here at PokerStars LIVE Macau tonight. The latest tournament to kick off was the Turbo Championship which attracted a field of 121 and generated a HK$308,063. They're into Level 12 at this point with nearly half...more

Christmas Festival to pay out more than $10 million

Yes, yes, we know. It's barely November. Christmas and all the high holidays are still weeks away. But, listen...even if you're not ready to hear holiday songs, even if you don't already have tinsel hanging from your tree, even if you're not roasting chestnuts over an open like money,...more

2015 ACOP Day 4: Super High Rolling

The tournament floor here is absolutely bustling now with three events running simultaneously. The Main Event is fast-approaching the final table bubble, the HK$15,000 NLH has just reached the money and the HK$500,000 Super High Roller is now underway! The latter already has 29 official entrants with 21 taking their...more

Your weekend to do list on PokerStars

Looking for something to do this weekend? Start here... To play All the weekend majors are on the card this weekend, culminating in the Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million. Merin09 and swonnny won them last weekend, taking a share of combined prize pools worth more than $1.6 million. The weekend...more

The UKIPT returns to Edinburgh later this month

Perhaps the sign of a true Champion is that they have no clue what the city they're in has going for it? It could be a place of cultural and architectural gems, but to the winner of a poker tournament it simply provides the scenery viewed from the taxi window...more

Shark Cage Season 2, Episode 5


2015 ACOP Day 4: Fighting fatigue

It's still early into Day 4 here for the ACOP Main Event, but with the action expected to carry deep into the night, players will be doing what that can to keep their stamina up. Every little edge helps at the poker table and fatigue can play a detrimental role...more

12 November

2015 ACOP Day 4: Hunt for the final table

The final table is almost set! Well, at least it will be by the end of the day. The 23 remaining players have now returned to the poker room and will be cut down to six before play concludes. They've all guaranteed themselves at least a HK$217,000 (~$28,000) payday, but...more

2015 ACOP Day 3: Drinan dominating into penultimate day

We're in the money! And we're drawing close to crowning an ACOP Main Event champion and awarding the HK$5,885,000 (~$759,000) first place prize. The ACOP Players Party was over and it was back to business today at PokerStars LIVE Macau. The day started with a charity tournament in the poker...more

2015 ACOP Day 3: A break for beer pong

The tournament clock has just ticked over to the final level of the night, and while the prospects of a Day 4 appearance lingers, a few of the players here will not only be fighting to make it through but also fighting a hangover. Last night was the ACOP Players...more

Your chance to double down at the PCA

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure has a history of trying out new tournaments. Think back to the Battleships event or that weird one where Chris Moneymaker sat in between tables "multi-tabling" in real life. Well festival organisers have done it again this year with a $100,000 guaranteed blackjack tournament, with cash...more

2015 ACOP Day 3: Chipping up for charity

Before Day 3 of the ACOP Main Event kicked off this afternoon it was a fun-filled tournament for charity that stole the show here at PokerStars LIVE Macau. Ronaldo was back to the felt, as were Team PokerStars Pros Kosei Ichinose and Aditya Agarwal. Also joining them was our Main...more

2015 ACOP Day 3: Things are heating up

It's a comfortable 25 degrees Celsius here in Macau tonight but on the poker tables things are really heating up. Day 3 is underway and while it's still early we've already seen chips flying. One of the biggest beneficiaries of the action so far is American Connor Drinan. He made...more

11 November

2015 ACOP Day 3: It's go time

Let's go! Day 3 has just kicked off here at PokerStars LIVE Macau for the ACOP Main Event. The 65 returning players will be chasing the HK$5,885,000 (~US$760,000) top prize along with the prestigious title and Asia Player of the Year points. The frontrunner coming into the day is none...more

Poker basks in the success of new champion Joe McKeehen

Once a year the world looks in the direction of the Nevada desert and salutes the winner of the World Series of Poker Main Event. That day is today, and the winner is Joe McKeehen. McKeehen, 24, from Philadelphia, won $7,683,000 last night after the final session of play at...more

2015 ACOP Day 2: Li leads the charge into Day 3

157 made it to Day 2. 92 of them won't be able to say the same for Day 3. Today was host to five 90-minute levels at PokerStars LIVE Macau, finishing up just in time for the ACOP Players Party. Late registration ended after the first level this afternoon as...more

2015 ACOP Day 2: Notable knockouts as registration closes

Late registration is locked out! The field is capped at 260 entrants and with that we can reveal what everyone will be playing for. First place will be an impressive HK$5,885,000 (~US$760,000) from a total prize pool of HK$24,206,000 (~US$3,120,000). On top of this huge chunk of change the eventual...more

2015 ACOP Day 2: Australians firing on all cylinders

The Australian dollar has been on the decline recently. We wouldn't blame you for thinking that'd mean an absence of Aussies at this ACOP series in Macau, but that's evidently not the case as the field here is riddled with players from Down Under. At the start of the day...more

10 November

2015 ACOP Day 2: Chasing glory

Day 2. Where the survivors from the first two opening flights will battle it out in a bid to edge closer to the next ACOP Main Event title. We don't quite yet know what they'll be playing for, with late registration still open for the first 90 minutes. The current...more

clancywigwam wins 11/10/15 Super Tuesday, $92K; Lopez 8th, Carrel 4th

Every Tuesday on PokerStars many of the world's top poker players -- live or online -- get together for the weekly $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament known as the Super Tuesday. And this week featured another super group of competitors, with a final table including EPT High Roller champion Charlie...more

2015 ACOP Day 1B: Ojiri owns the night

It was back to the action at PokerStars LIVE Macau this afternoon, and with seven levels in the books, Day 1B is a wrap. By the time play concluded we had seen 145 new players enter, eclipsing yesterday's 110 and bringing the current total to 255. Registration will still be...more

2015 ACOP Day 1B: Shalamov joins hunt, Wakeman among leaders

We're entering the home stretch of this Day 1 flight now. Before play kicked off we were expecting big things and that's exactly what we saw. It didn't take long for yesterday's field of 100 to be surpassed here this afternoon. At the moment today's count sits at 145 for...more

2015 ACOP Day 1B: Team Pros out in force

One of the added bonuses of buying in to a great tournament like the ACOP Main Event is the chance to play with the Team PokerStars Pros. For those among the field today it's highly likely that they'll face off with at least one player from the PokerStars contingent, with...more

Jen Shahade putting a new spin on a classic game

Poker is not the only game in which a spinning wheel adds some excitement, as PokerStars Mind Sport Ambassador Jen Shahade proved last month at a special event on the Isle of Man. If you don't already know Jen Shahade is a chess master. It means she can humiliate ordinary...more

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2015 ACOP Day 1B: Railing Ronaldo

It's a rare sight that a poker player has their own security on the tournament floor. Today, however, that's exactly what we're witnessing. Football superstar Ronaldo Nazario is among the field here today, with two members of his personal security team posted at each end of the table. It may...more

9 November

2015 ACOP Day 1B: Back to the action

Notable names and bigger numbers. That's what we're expecting here today for Day 1B of the ACOP Main Event. Yesterday saw 110 runners pack the tournament floor here at PokerStars LIVE Macau and that number is predicted to be eclipsed this afternoon. It was an action-packed day, with football legend...more

2015 ACOP Day 1A: Yao, Andrejevic and Seidel round out top three

Seven levels, several notables and 63 remaining. The ACOP Main Event Day 1A is a wrap. Players were fresh from a different sort of tournament last night before football legend Ronaldo Nazario kicked off proceedings this afternoon. The High Roller was winding down across the tournament floor just as the...more

2015 ACOP Day 1A: Li leads late in the day

A field of familiar faces. That's probably the best way to describe Day 1A here at the ACOP Main Event. A walk across the tournament floor here at PokerStars LIVE Macau and any poker fan could see that there is an abundance of notable names in attendance. Where to begin?...more

Weekend Review: Up the swonnny, and down in Macau

A straight forward weekend on PokerStars designed to suit all tastes. Here's how things turned out. Weekend highlights -- swonnny wins the Sunday Million -- Merin09 of Poland wins the Warm-up -- The Asia Championship of Poker gets under way in Macau Round up of latest results Canadian player swonnny...more

2015 ACOP Day 1A: Darts 'til dawn

What better way to celebrate ACOP Main Event Eve than with a different type of tournament? That seemed to be the sentiment last night as poker players packed the Music World Karaoke Bar for some competitive games of darts and dice. The drinks were flowing and the tensions high as...more

2015 ACOP: Sukonthachartnant scoops High Roller

What a whirlwind we just witnessed! It was the final seven who showed up to do battle in the 2015 ACOP High Roller today and after less than three hours of play a champion has emerged. That honour goes to Thailand's Phanlert Sukonthachartnant who just pocketed an impressive HK$4,890,600 (US$652,080)...more

Sunday Million: swonnny sensational in second-chance victory

As the WSOP Main Event final table slogged through its first 72 hands and three eliminations, it took less than an hour to play the 102 hands it took to get us from nine players to this week's Sunday Million champion. Shortly before serial EPT qualifier Pierre Neuville busted from...more

2015 ACOP Day 1A: A sense of stardom

The Asia Championship of Poker Main Event started with a sense of stardom this afternoon. Players pulled up seats for the 3pm start to Day 1A and proceedings began with a few words from none other than football legend Ronaldo Nazario. He announced to shuffle up and deal before the...more

8 November

Sunday Warm-Up: Late surge boosts Merin09 to $80K win

The best thing about coming to a final table with a big stack is the number of options it gives you. You can go on the offensive, or you can take the occasional pot and hold your ground while you wait for a big opening. Merin09 took the latter of...more

2015 ACOP: Move over for the Main Event

There's no denying that poker in Macau is flourishing. Once an emerging market, the poker landscape here has shown us steady and impressive growth. A driving force behind that popularity is the Asia Championship of Poker. The prestigious flagship event has returned to PokerStars LIVE Macau for a 17-day festival...more

6 November

Majors and the Mega satellite top the PokerStars weekend to-do list

It's the weekend with plenty going on in the world of PokerStars. Here's your to-do list... To play A full card of weekend majors ahead, topped off as usual by the Sunday Warm-up and Sunday Million, which will take the edge of at least one player's Monday morning. You'll find...more

Shark Cage Season 2, Episode 4


5 November

This Sunday, win one of 25 mega satellite seats to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Do you like air conditioning? Then you're going to love the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Quite frankly we've devised a 104 event schedule that should mean you'll never step foot outside the luxury Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. No need to feel the sand in your toes, the sea at your...more

4 November

$ickFlop wins $700 PCA Mega Satellite contest

Sometimes reading the PokerStars Blog can put you in a place you'd never expect yourself to be. For PokerStars' $ickFLop, that place will be this weekend's $700 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Mega Satellite. We told you about this event on Monday, but click that clink if you missed it. In short,...more

The Gamer of Life

Albert Einstein once said that 'Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in School', while Mahatma Gandhi has been quoted as saying we should 'Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever'. Learning is something that every...more

Ronaldo on his way to Asia Championship of Poker

There are people you expect to see on the Asia Pacific Poker Tour. The regs, if you will. Then there are people who you're not surprised to see, like ElkY, Randy Lew, or Steve O'Dwyer. And then there are those people who make you say, "Wait, really?" This time, it's...more

How to improve your Spin & Go strategy with Team Online's Andre Coimbra

At the EPT Malta festival last week an interesting side event took place, small enough not to make the official list of events, but big enough to get more than a little attention from passers-by. In the year since they began the Spin & Go concept has been hugely successful...more

EPT12 Prague - Preview


3 November

$88K for "Sephirot88" as Rocco Palumbo prevails in 11/3/15 Super Tuesday

Rocco Palumbo of Italy is no stranger to tournament success, having amassed more than $1.5 million in live earnings including wins in events on the European Poker Tour, the World Poker Tour, and at the World Series of Poker. Palumbo has won a similarly impressive amount online as well at...more

How to win a $700 PCA Mega Satellite ticket

It's PCA Week here on the PokerStars Blog, and as we pointed out yesterday, there may be no better time to try to win your seat to the 2016 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. One of those ways is this weekend's $700 25-package guaranteed PCA Mega Satellite. And it just so happens,...more

Helping Hands and Right to Play staying together

Helping Hands, the corporate giving programme at PokerStars and Full Tilt, Amaya Inc. brands have announced they will be extending their partnership with Right To Play for a second consecutive year. Right To Play is a global organisation that uses the educational power of sports, games and play to provide...more

2 November

Win your seat to PCA this week!

If you live in many parts the Northern Hemisphere, you might have noticed things aren't quite what they were a few weeks ago. The sun is setting earlier. The rain is falling colder. Winter is, in fact, coming. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere...well, good on you. Congratulations on...more

2015 ACOP: Kania and Zhao win opening weekend Spadies

The 2015 Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) is in full swing after launching the 17-day poker festival this past Friday at the PokerStars LIVE Macau poker room. The opening weekend had five cash tournaments which totalled 548 players and HK$3,228,335 in prize money. "The first few days have been a...more

Weekend Review: Farrell wins in Malta while nerd2121 does same online

After a busy weekend, we look back at all the results both live and online. Weekend highlights --Niall Farrell wins the EPT Malta Main Event and €534,330. --Byron Kaverman wins the EPT Malta High Roller event €480,300. --Nerd2121 wins the Sunday Million after a six-way deal $97,087.10 Round up of...more

1 November

Sunday Million: Heard the word? Hand it to nerd2121, wins after 6-way deal

It's November already, and as the month kicked off on a Sunday that meant another round of big Sunday tournaments on PokerStars, highlighted as always by the marquee event, the $215 buy-in Sunday Million. This week's Milly drew another huge turnout of 5,573, thus building a prize pool of $1,114,600...more

Sunday Warm-Up: Belgium rules the day, donalddrik claims win and $79K

As the November Nine starts play at the end of this week a familiar face will be vying for that World Series of Poker Main Event title. Pierre Neuville, former Team PokerStars Pro from Belgium, will start fourth in chips. Perhaps his run to a possible bracelet spurred Belgium's run...more

Comprehensive Plan for Enhanced PokerStars Experience

PokerStars today unveiled a comprehensive plan to enhance the playing experience and to re-emphasize the fun and social aspects of online poker while attracting and retaining more players to the game. Poker is a fun game that we love and our responsibility is to make sure that every player at...more