All in for $1 million, solik1968 wins Dream Team Collection

PokerStars set out to make one player a millionaire this weekend. They did, and it would take only a matter of minutes to decide who would be the lucky winner.

It was the conclusion of the PokerStars Dream Team Collection, a simple game whereby players collected the pieces of three puzzles, each featuring one of our PokerStars Dream Team of Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr and Ronaldo Nazário. More than 277,000 entered, but only 47 of them won Golden Tickets, which meant an invitation to today's finale.

As far as the most exciting seat-of-your-pants tournament go, you'd be hard pressed to find anything to match an all-in shootout, let alone one that guaranteed $1 million to the winner. That's what we saw today.

It was tense, and it was quick. There's not really any other way to play it, with every hand of every heads up encounter played all-in until only one player remains.

When the dust settled - and in an all-in shootout there is dust - solik1968 from Ukraine, emerged as the winner, beating gregior of the UK in a two handed final match (the first hand was a split pot). As the chat box erupted it proved a nailbiter in more ways than one.


It means solik1968, when he stops sreaming and dancing around the house, will find $1 million in his PokerStars account. If you open a window, lean east, and listen carefully, that noise you hear is that celebration.

Commiserations to gregior who had it sewn up until the river, but congratulations to solik1968. Let the celebrations begin.

Want to see how it happened? Team Online's Felix Schneiders has you covered below:

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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