Weekend Review: Big wins for MissBroke and Elio Fox


Given that we were thinking that all the regular headline grabbers were off limits over in Las Vegas right now, the weekend's Major events involved names we knew and faces we recognised.

The Sunday Million got its fair share. Out in ninth was the story laden name of Dario Minieri, a former pocket sized whizz kid of the game and former Team Pro. Then there was the runner up, Paul "padjes" Berende, hardly a figure from the old days but one of those players regularly featuring in the results spreadsheets we churn out in the early hours of the working week. Actually he would appear twice on that, having won the Weekly 8-Game.

But it was a relatively new name who took the title. As Martin Harris reported, MissBroke from Israel to the title, and a first place money of 160314 after a deal with Berende.

In the Sunday Warm-Up it was smokrokflock finishing best, known in the high stakes poker world as Elio Fox. Fox's performance was good for $68,000 after a two-way deal. Read the report of his victory here.

Here are those two results in full:

PokerStars Sunday Million
Entrants: 5,508
Prize pool: $1,101,600.00
Places paid: 810

1. MissBroke (Israel) $160,314.67*
2. Paul "padjes" Berende (Netherlands) $140,314.67*
3. FlipMaster08 (Brazil) $90,716.76
4. mick_allin (Australia) $62,240.40
5. murvl (Sweden) $46,818.00
6. macker888 (Ireland) $35,802.00
7. Turko_man (Finland) $24,786.00
8. leplato (Malta) $13,770.00
9. Dario "Dariominieri" Minieri (Malta) $8,812.80
* reflects the results of a two-way deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up
Entrants: 2,210
Places paid: 324
Prize pool: $442,000.00

1. Elio "smokrokflock" Fox (Canada) *$68,000.00
2. Akameo (Hungary) *$55,649.50
3. SBGstyle (Russia) $37,570.00
4. BrPe (Portugal) $26,250.00
5. HIGHlanderJC (Denmark) $19,890.00
6. Berthadog (Denmark) $15,249.00
7. POKERL0C0 (Germany) $10,829.00
8. crossthervr (Russia) $6,409.00
9. Rui "sousinha23" Sousa (Portugal) $3,978.00
* denotes part of two-way deal

It was not all about the two big events of the weekend. Scanning through the results (which you can find by following the link further down this page), you'll find wins for LR-President, Dzmitry "Colisea" Urbanovich and Ben "Jenbizzle" Jones,and Dan "DatWillDoPig" Rankin among others. Meanwhile Dutch players Onmybicycle scored two wins over the weekend.

Find all the weekend's tournament results on PokerStars for the weekend June 27-28, 2015.

MissBroke was obviously the weekend's big winner, but here are the top ten winners by prize money.

$215 Sunday Million: MissBroke (Israel) $160,314.67
$215 Sunday Warm-Up: smokrokflock (Canada) $68,000.00
$530 Sunday 500: fel_iv (Brazil) $54,562.50
$215 Sunday Supersonic [6-Max]: diegosrj (Brazil) $39,793.82
$109+R Sunday Rebuy: jenbizzle (United Kingdom) $35,344.00
$215 Sunday 2nd Chance: capt'nclaudy (Switzerland) $34,390.00
$11 Sunday Storm: DatWillDoPig (Ireland) $28,054.77
$109 Sunday Kick-off: bparis (Canada) $25,862.00
$162 Sunday 6-Max: stpauli111 (Mexico) $20,091.00
$320 Saturday Super-Knockout: rosas22 (Lebanon) $18,323.43

That's another weekend wrapped up. Congratulations not only to the winners, but all those who got a return on their efforts. To everyone else we'll see you next weekend for some redemption.
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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.