A Short Shelf Life

There I was right in my comfort zone and safely through the first few levels of my favourite deep-stacked tournament. I had steered myself clear of one or two potentially dangerous situations, and my coolly-delivered semi-bluff on the turn with a King high flush draw did the trick and my opponents reluctantly backed down. I was sitting with a healthy above-average stack going into level four when, out of nowhere: "KUTHUDD!" A huge, deep resounding noise and vibration that filled the room made me jump out of my chair. "What on Earth was that?" I wondered out loud as I clicked on the 'Sit out Next Hand' button and gingerly crept out to investigate.

I started outside as that's where the strange noise had appeared to come from. No smoking craters in the front garden CHECK, roof and walls still intact CHECK, no sign of panic in the neighbourhood CHECK. After a lap of the house I stepped back inside and continued my search for a clue. I finally reached the bedroom door upstairs and tried to open it. Something was blocking it. Gulp. I pushed it harder and there in front of me found the unexpected solution to this strange mystery. All over the wooden floor were books and things that I had carefully arranged on my shelf the day before. The shiny new shelf, the one that had just been put up, by me, and evidently not very well. Although it sounded like a meteorite hitting the roof, that's all it was. Puzzle solved, now back to my tourney. And phew, just made it back in time for my blinds, and then doubled up after my pocket twos turned into trips on the flop and I took out a pair of aces!


Relaxing with my now-impressive stack my mind wandered a little. My thoughts were naturally of online poker and sudden loud noises. Then it came to me; that the tournament I was playing was called the 'Big Bang' tournament so it was quite fitting that I had this experience while playing this tournament. This is a monthly tournament offered by PokerSchoolOnline with $5,000 guaranteed each and every month. You too can get your hands on a ticket to this explosive tournament. For me, I'm just glad that my poker skills are better than my comprehension for DIY apparently. See you at the tables!

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