All-in with Nanonoko

Think of a play you made at the poker table recently. You were in one of those spots where you had several options on how to handle it. You gathered the available information, weighed it all up, made your decision and played the hand. Let's say it produced the desired result - you probably won't remember that particular hand for very long. But if it was one of those 'I wonder...' hands, where perhaps you found yourself with pocket rockets but won only a tiny pot , or if your semi-bluff with a flush draw didn't send your opponents running for the hills, then it's likely that hand will stick around in your mind. That's what I mean by 'I wonder...' hands.

And I wonder what a PokerStars Pro would make of those 'I wonder...' hands of yours? But how do you contact and pin down a busy poker pro and find out what he thinks of your hand and your play? Well it just so happens that at PokerSchoolOnline all this week PokerStars Team Pro Online player Randy 'Nanonoko' Lew is available to do just that. Yes, you can give him your questions and queries directly and discover what the expert has to say! And your questions can be about any poker-related topic, not just on playing strategy. You can also benefit from seeing how Randy answers your fellow members' queries.


Randy receives and responds to your questions in two ways. All this week you can post your questions in this dedicated area of our poker forum.

And as we all know Sunday is our special day in the online poker world, so there'll be a special LIVE Q&A session on Twitch at 3pm Eastern USA time/8pm UK time when you will be able to send your queries in real time via Twitter using #AskNanonoko and, if Randy picks yours out, he will answer it live and in person right there on Twitch!

What a great opportunity to pick one of the greatest poker minds! You probably don't need any further encouragement to get involved, but as an extra sweetener PokerSchoolOnline are offering tournament tickets for the very best questions so check out how to get those and all the other info here.

Now I wonder, I wonder, I wonder... what YOUR question will be?

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