Bonus Cut: Selbst vs. Shak (rinse, and repeat)

Over the past few years Dan Shak and Vanessa Selbst have been involved in some classic confrontations. As Selbst herself put it, the pair of them have a history of playing big pots against each other, and in the latest Bonus Cut from, you can watch a couple of them yourself.

First up, the Super High Roller event in Barcelona at the start of Season 11, when the flop brought two pairs for Selbst and a set for Shak. Then there was the PCA Super High Roller earlier in the same year. This time Selbst was ahead, and Shak was committing "ICM Suicide". But could Selbst dodge Shak's 11 outs on the river?


Looking even further back there was the North American Poker Tour back in 2011, where Vanessa Selbst was on course to defend her title from the year before. All that stood in her way was a heads-up duel against none other than Shak.

Watch those highlights for yourself at or simply by clicking below. You'll suddenly find you're eager to see what happens the next time these two players clash.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.