Common Cents: Pocket change buy-ins, $250,000 in guarantees

Inspired by the latest WCOOP $1.3 million champion? Missing the good old days of the MicroMillions?

Have a penny?

Then you're in luck, because PokerStars is ready to kick off its newest low-roller festival, Common Cents. If you have a PokerStars account and just few cents, you can still compete for $250,000 in prize money.

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It all kicks off Monday October 5 with a one-cent buy-in tournament that boasts a $100,000 guarantee.

No, we're not joking. This is for real. More than 154,000 people have already signed up!

After that, there are 13 more events ranging from 11 cents to 99 cents. You'll never pay more than that while competing for big guarantees.

What's more--just like WCOOP--there is a leader board contest, and you can compete for another $1,000 in prize money.

One very cool thing about this series? You could win free tickets to the Main Event simply by playing one of the other tournaments. For the first hour of each Common Cents tournament, PokerStars will chose a random table every minute to receive free tickets to the $25,000 guaranteed Main Event. More than 500 players will receive a free ticket in each event.

If you'd like more details, visit the Common Cents homepage.

Now, go shake the sofa cushions for your buy-ins!

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