Common Cents series to kick off with $100K guarantee, penny buy-in

Listen: no one has actually brought this up yet, so I thought I would.

Just a few minutes ago, something popped up in the PokerStars tournament lobby. Within just a few minutes, the tournament had more than 5,000 entries. Why? Well, the buy-in is one penny, and the guarantee is $100,000.

Capped at 200,000 players, this event is more than a little experiment It's going to be the kickoff of a brand new tournament series called Common Cents.

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Not only do you have a chance at a big ROI in this kickoff tournament (first prize is a guaranteed $10,000), but 500 people will be getting Main Event tickets randomly throughout the tourney.

More details on the series are still to come. But for might want to go sign up for this kick-off event before it sells out.

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