Dazzling the pros with my bluffing skills

Today wasn't the first time I'd sat down at a poker table with KidPoker, Liv Boeree, Moneymaker, ElkY and Jason Mercier. Despite that, I was only too aware of the slight tremble in my hands and a light film of perspiration forming on my brow. I wondered how on earth I could pull off a bluff or two against fearsome opponents like these. As I nervously peeked at my first hand of the game I murmured to myself, "Give me strength".

I have to confess, the first time I played against these guys was a lot less stressful, for I was curled up under a warm duvet at the time, and my eyes were flickering rapidly while I courageously and cleverly took stack after stack from these poor "suckers." Ah, if life were only as simple as in our dreams...

But today at the table was no dream - I was wide awake, having fun and at the same time discovering weaknesses in my game with the Bluff Poker Challenge at PokerSchoolOnline. I loved how it didn't take very long to complete, and how there was real-time feedback on my chosen plays and that my score was shown immediately along with my ranking for the day. What a joy it would be to reach the top of the all-time top scorers list.


You'll find that fine-tuning your plays, bluffs and semi-bluffs come quickly and you can play the Challenge as many times as you wish. And you're not just learning and enjoying yourself here. If you hit or exceed a score of 8,000 you win a VIP 'School Pass' Ticket, beat 12,000 and you'll win two more. In case you're wondering what you can do with one of these tickets, they allow you to enter satellites that offer prizes totaling over $1,000 each month. Yum yum, gimme some.

Next time I have a few spare minutes I'm going to take a deep breath, close my eyes and try to get into the "zone" before hitting the Play Now button once more and transporting myself into another dramatic confrontation with some of the world's top players.

Play the Bluff Poker Challenge game at PokerSchoolOnline here.

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