EPT Not Live: Somerville and controversy

It's summertime. The EPT is on a two-month hiatus. Those little voices in your head no longer sound like James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton. They sound like something far more menacing (please don't listen when they tell you to cook your spaghetti in the oven at 500° for five hours).

We have the right prescription for you. It's Friday, so that must mean it's time for another version of EPT Not Live!


We asked Hartigan to give us a little preview.

"It's a Twitch special this week, as Joe gets some streaming tips from the ultimate caster: Jason Somerville. The boys talk about a couple of controversies at the World Series of Poker, and 'Activate the HOLPOPE!' to get the expert opinion of Neil Johnson (Head of Live Operations, PokerStars Europe)," Hartigan said. "There's the result of my 'Star Wars' contest, another amusing Kamal Choraria anecdote, a rather maudlin installment of 'Adventures in Online Poker', and Glenn Webber from Canada tries to dispel the myth that 'Nobody remembers second place' in 'Superfan vs Stapes'."

Want to listen. Visit any of these links now.


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