EPT Not Live: The Barcelona Detox

There is a movie from the early 1990s (those of you born after that will have to trust me on this one) called Rush. In it, Jason Patric plays a hardened undercover narc who takes Jennifer Jason Leigh straight from the academy into the dark underworld of the Texas drug scene. Patric's character reveals he sometimes uses drugs to keep his cover, and that the detox is little more than "kicking the sheets for a couple of weeks."

I won't spoil the rest (I mean, how often do you get to see Gregg Allman play a drug kingpin?!), but the point is...right now, I imagine Joe Stapleton to be kicking at his sheets after a rough-and-tumble EPT Barcelona. EPT Not Live is how he comes down.


His partner (who looks nothing like Jennifer Jason Leigh, except maybe in the eyes), James Hartigan, offered this brief recap of what this week's podcast has to offer. He also speaks about himself in the third person.

"James and Joe are back from their brief, but intense trip to Barcelona. They look back at the opening leg of Season 12: a record-breaking festival, with the biggest Main Event in EPT history. There's a review of the penultimate PCA 2015 TV show, which features more words of wisdom from Maurice Hawkins (the American William Kassouf). Maurice joins the boys on air, re-living some of his emotional highs and lows from the PCA, including THAT spat with Shyam Srinivasan. You can also hear the trailer for his forthcoming film, 'Hawk Like a Man'. Plus, there's a treat in store for fans of 80s cinema, as John Berry competes in a movie quotation contest in this week's edition of 'Superfan vs Stapes'."

Want to get in on the action and listen as the partners in podcasting kick at the sheets? Here are all the links you need.


Brad Willis
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