Eugene Katchalov: Ice cold, warm heart, groom-to-be

Eugene Katchalov is in love. When we met with him in Vegas this year, there was no doubt about that. We asked him what was new, and the first thing he wanted to talk about was his girlfriend, Anna.

Now, Anna is a lot more than a girlfriend.


Katchalov took Anna on a trip to Iceland, and once there, the boarded a helicopter and flew to the top of a volcano. He had a plan. He wrote later:

"After a month of planning and trying to keep my plans secret from my girlfriend Anna (not an easy thing), everything turned out better than I could have imagined! During our weeklong trip to Iceland we took a helicopter tour and landed on top of the famous Eyjafjallajökull mountain that erupted in 2010 and caused multi-day flight cancellations in Europe and the U.S. As far as Anna knew we were just posing for a picture, but I warned our very friendly pilot of my true intentions and he made this wonderful video of this moment that we'll always remember."

Perhaps the sweetest thing about the video is that it at first appears like Anna is miserable in the cold wind. Then Katchalov drops down on one knee, and everything changes.

If you'd like to watch the moment itself, check it out below.

Congrats to the happy couple.

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